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Goodmans Bluetooth athletic earphones - £1 Instore @ B&M (Oldham)
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th AugLocalLocal
Blue tooth earphones. 5 hours play time. Hi resolution audio. Hands free.

Oldham, says in the title


3 yesterday in that store


Cheers, that narrowed it down (y)


The one with staff discount


Who else saw a set of Padlocks ?

Goodmans Qi Wireless charger phone stand £6 instore @ B&M Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th AugLocalLocal
Wireless charger from B & M

Some are and some aren’t. You mention Scalextric which even today is considered a good product. I don’t know who owns them but the name is still exists along with a good reputation for a good product. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of Goodmans. If it’ll make you feel better I can change my original comment to “Goodmans, making substandard products since 1980“ because I absolutely know they were absolutely rubbish back then. Anyway, We’re way off topic now, so I expect a moderator will be along soon and delete both mine and your posts.


These brand names no longer even relate to one 'electronics manufacturer' they're just labels that are bought, sold or leased to give items, cheaply produced in China or wherever, some (false) credibility. The reason I resent your dissing the Goodmans brand is that it was a respected international speakers makers in the past and a credit to my home town Havant in Hampshire - where Scalextric was also produced for many years!


Agreed, but It matters not. The name is tarnished and is a joke now as an electronics manufacturer. I don’t know when their brand name was sold on, but I used to sell Goodmans products along with other electronics in the 1980s and they were a joke then.


10w max.


Untrue - the original Goodmans company speakers were excellent for their time, ie the 50s and 60s. The issues only started when the brand name was sold on, as has happened to a lot of other once top brands.

Goodmans 10,000mAh Qi Wireless Power Bank for 10p @ B&M Retail
1396° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th JulLocalLocal
Cracking little deal found in B&M in Widnes.

Bet you bought tons of toilet roll too ! Selfish git


Had these in my local store for 10p today in a basket at the front of the shop. Bought them all for eBay.


Overpriced (lol)


Why so hot? XD


still full price at our local store

Goodmans Wireless Plug in Door chime kit 10p @ Greenock B&M Store
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th JulLocalLocal
Seems a deal :D

Packing my bags for Scotland.


These 10p deals are usually at every store I just think staff often get to them first before customers have a chance.


I bought this the other week for a pound thought I'd got a bargain!


I miss my 10p b&m deals. My local used to have them every week. I remember they once had 200g spam at 10p a tin. Now nothing is ever reduced to that level.


B&M again. I wonder if everything is scanning through at 10p... Where's my transit..

Goodmans 60w soundbar - £35 instore @ B&M, Nottingham
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Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulLocalLocal
Website says £39.00 reduced from £49.00 but instore it advertised as £35. It’s an absolute bargain and very loud. Goodmans LED Bluetooth Soundbar. Amplify your television’s sound… Read more

Instore they have 30w and 60w no 20w


Says 20w on the linked product page


Try Terminator Salvation and get back to me lol


After testing it throughout the weekend with 4k films, tv and video games it’s sounds pretty good for the price. It does sound a little compressed, it handles bass very well I tested it with the dark knight, 1917, blade runner 2049 and avengers endgame


Those RGB Lights would be very distracting when watching a film.

Goodmans Qi In-Car Wireless Charger £8 @ B&M Retail
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th JunLocalLocal
Just picked this up from B&M store, admittedly it was the last one in Rawtenstall branch. Link is to the web site. Seems an decent price as cheapest in Amazon is about £10 mor… Read more

I bought this and it didnt even last 6months


This or the xiaomi?


It was the last one sorry, I didn't ask if they had anymore in back as only thought about posting once I was in the car!


Hi op can you grab me 1 please (highfive)


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(Refurb 1 years warranty) Goodmans GDSB04BT60 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Wireless Soundbar 60W, £12.57 delivered at cheapest_electrical/ebay
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
(Refurb 1 years warranty) Goodmans GDSB04BT60 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Wireless Soundbar 60W, £12.57 delivered at cheapest_electrical/ebay
£12.57£1410% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
15% off at checkout, decent sound bar for the money.

I've got mine linked up to either my phone or Echo dot in the office. Amazing for the price. I was intending to use it as speakers for my computer (using the optical) but there isn't really any room on my desk. So I'm yet to find a proper home for it yet! #FirstWorldProblems (lol)


Thanks @Tacavas (y) Made a noticeable difference to my TV. Great for the price.


Mine arrived, I was expecting it to be a small thing, but no, it's a full sized soundbar - bargain! I just need to make room for it on my computer desk (or use the provided mounts to attach it to the underside of the desk....?) It didn't contain a remote with it, so I sent them a message on eBay. Replacement remotes are £20 on eBay. Then I saw they are only £10 direct from Goodmans! (Well some weird parts outlet that they redirect you to)... So I ordered one. This morning the eBay seller contacted me to say that they are sending me a remote. Whoops (lol)


I missed that one but got the Tesco one for under £11 it’s arrived today and it’s fantastic for the money


Mind arrived today too. Connected to the tv. Definately a considerable increase in sound quality. Had it working in Bluetooth but connected via optical now. Optical needed me to change the output to pcm from dolby digital but it's great! No complaints here at all mate.

Goodmans Bluetooth CD Karaoke System - £20 instore @ B&M, Shropshire
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th FebLocalLocal
Goodmans Bluetooth CD Karaoke System - £20 instore @ B&M, Shropshire
£20£69.9971%B&M Retail Deals
Goodmans karaoke system with light and water effects. Can also be used as a bluetooth speaker. Originally priced at 69.99 but down to 20 in B&M Market Drayton store may be avai… Read more

Goodmans? Wow, they are still a thing?

Goodmans Brompton 1.7L Illuminating Glass kettle £10 B&M
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Posted 12th FebPosted 12th FebLocalLocal
Goodmans Brompton 1.7L Illuminating Glass kettle £10 B&M
1.7 litre illuminating kettle. Started off at £24.99 now £10. Quite a fair few in Oldham store

They were back in the day - my gran used to make them


B&M bought Goldman’s out a bit back


Goodman's were never good speakers


So sad that the once iconic hifi speakers name is now used to sell any downmarket electrical tack


None in my local

Goodmans Samsung Galaxy S9 Clear Protect Case £2 at B&M Bargains Port Talbot
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Posted 29th JanPosted 29th JanLocalLocal
Goodmans Samsung Galaxy S9 Clear Protect Case £2 at B&M Bargains Port Talbot
Good quality clear case for Galaxy 9 phone. Reduced to half price.Should be national.

Thanks. Just been there and bought one. I'm now in that strange HUKD situation where I have more cases than phones (annoyed)



My Missus said to me "Kiss me where it smells" I said "I can't afford the train fare to Port Talbot"


These are in poundland


Would rather spend 10x as much to actually protect my phone with a 360 case

Goodmans iPhone X/XS Case - £1 - B&M (West Bromwich)
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th JanLocalLocal
Goodmans iPhone X/XS Case - £1 - B&M (West Bromwich)
Flashed at -£5.99 on the box. The rack tag shows the deal was £3, now £1. Not sure if storewide. Photo in the comments section.
Get deal*Get deal*

This is an excellent deal - will have to rush. I have got both phones IphoneX and iphone 11pro and for 11pro - i went for the one shown below - that's the cheapest case i have seen


Went in to buy it at £5.99, but as it was reduced, I bought 50. Lies - I went in to buy Elbow Grease.


Naw, the irony is people paying sensible money for a case, then paying silly money for a phone!


Lol, the irony of this post. You buy an expensive iPhone then go to B&M for a £1 case (embarrassed)


Goodmans Wireless Powerbank 10,000mah at Ebay/ThePhoneShopNE for £14.99
-41° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Goodmans Wireless Powerbank 10,000mah at Ebay/ThePhoneShopNE for £14.99
£14.99£19.9925%eBay Deals
Goodmans Wireless Powerbank, 10000mah RRP £19.99 in B&M EBay listing Seller has make an offer. 3 available.

Got it thanks


No. 10,000


They are crap, I have had x3 replacement from b&m. I got my money back in the end. First one lasted 3 weeks. Dont waste you're money B&M own Goodman so at least you get 1 year guarantee.


@jokerdaz, "100000 mAh"???

Goodmans revive turntable only £5 at B & M (Southport)
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Posted 11th Sep 2019Posted 11th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Goodmans revive turntable only £5 at B & M (Southport)
goodmans revive turntable £5 at B & M just got one said £15 on the tag but when I got to the till it was less £10. Bargain for that price. They have limited stock so act fast. … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I have one and it's fine. Never damaged any of my records.


Scratch that.


Yup, does 33.3, 45 and 78rpm. Might need to replace the stylus for a suitable one for shellac discs.


Checked in my local, three different colours including the one in picture in the post, and all are scanning at £35 on the B&M app.


Totally agree - Think even a **** MP3 player would sound better than this thing.

Goodmans 4 port usb charger £1 instore @ B&M (Reedswood )
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Posted 9th Sep 2019Posted 9th Sep 2019
Goodmans 4 port usb charger £1 instore @ B&M (Reedswood )
Goodmans 4 port charger 2.4amp and fast charge ( the bronze/ rosegold colour Only) scanning through at £1 down from £12 .99 Item codw 321092

Good price but slow charger


just watch out anyone trying to charge there iphone and ipad as this isnt beefy enough, i charged an iphone 7 on after on its own and it got very warm. Be nice to see if someone could actually put a meter of some kind on it to see what the true output max amp is as i do wonder if some of these cheap brand ones are not what they say they are.


How many was left?



I had this in Reedswood but nationwide as scanning this price on app . Just depends were has stock . Only the bronzy colour though

Goodmans portable DVD player instore at B&M for £29
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Posted 22nd Aug 2019Posted 22nd Aug 2019LocalLocal
Goodmans portable DVD player instore at B&M for £29
7inch screen. 270 degree swivel. Built in speaker and headphone socket. Built in rechargeable battery

Does anyone still use these things? :D


Neither model in Belfast Cityside or Newtownabbey stores :( Heat added for the heads up though! (y)


The larger one is reduced to £39 in my local


Voted hot but it's a pity the larger 10in screen one isn't reduced

Goodmans Revive Bluetooth Turntable @ B&M Instore (Newcastle) £20
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Posted 17th Aug 2019Posted 17th Aug 2019
Goodmans Revive Bluetooth Turntable @ B&M Instore (Newcastle) £20
£20£27.9929%B&M Retail Deals
Well, it's a brimful of Asha on the 45 Brimful of Asha on the 45 Well, it's a brimful of Asha on the 45 Also plays LPs &78s... Found in Byker, Newcastle...

Saw someone buy one today at the Reedswood branch in Walsall, where there seems to be a few left. Now scanning at £15 for those that still want one.


Of the 2 the turntable components are no way near as blasphemous as the Bluetooth compression.


Sending your music through low grade analogue components and then highly compressing it via Bluetooth, there's a recipe for good sound... The worst of both worlds.


Thanks for that, been wondering what to do with my spare £19k


I'd avoid those Ion decks,I know a few people who have bought and returned them...I'd guess Richer Sounds would be the best place to get something half decent or at least see/ hear one working.

Goodmans Fabric Series Speaker - Grey £5 instore @ B&M Ashton
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Goodmans Fabric Series Speaker - Grey £5 instore @ B&M Ashton
Just found this bargain in B&M Ashton Goodmans Fabric series bluetooth, wireless speaker. Reduced from £19.99 to £5 Good purchase for xmas Still £19.99 online 8 hours playbac… Read more
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Goodmans Bluetooth LED Boombox in B&M - £10 (Sheffield)
191° Expired
Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Goodmans Bluetooth LED Boombox in B&M - £10 (Sheffield)
£10£1533%B&M Retail Deals
Goodmans led Bluetooth boombox was £30 then £15 now £10. Quite sizeable not one of the tiny pocket speakers. online Here From b&m drakehouse Sheffield but I took the last o… Read more

None in new Huntingdon store earlier today :(


:D Heat added, mate - nice find.

Goodmans Fabric Bluetooth speaker - £8 @ B&M
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Posted 12th Aug 2019Posted 12th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Goodmans Fabric Bluetooth speaker - £8 @ B&M
Cheap blue tooth speaker some have it nearly 40 quid today b and m 8 quid it's ok
Get deal*Get deal*

It does me just for shower and shaving time ... ok for money .. but no good for parties


Bought one at £8 Looked nice but but took it back for a refund due to low volume and annoying voice announcements.


Great speaker for the price heat added


Never posted before needed cheap one for bathroom for shaving works ok decent sound

Goodmans Bluetooth Boom Box £15 at B&M park road Liverpool
237° Expired
Posted 3rd Aug 2019Posted 3rd Aug 2019LocalLocal
Goodmans Bluetooth Boom Box £15 at B&M park road Liverpool
Now reduced to £15
Get deal*Get deal*

Yes I see now from the map above (few posts up) I don't get out much!


LOL I did say correct me if I'm wrong! I don't get out much..


LOL, can't get much less north then Penzance!


With a name like boombox you would think this would be loud and bassy.


6 watts????? More like a tweetbox

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