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Updated 30th JulLast updated 30th Jul by Toon_army
So looking at buying so earbuds for the first time, love the idea but hate the thought of them falling out. Often had that problem in the past with wired earbuds, so does anyone ha… Read more

Maybe just give them a try see how you get on? I've never been one for in ear things, but like I say only use them when cleaning cars to keep me sane


I had the active 65t that keept pushing out,I think just didn't suit me, as others where finw


See this terrifies me haha. I plan to wear them whilst running or walking so kind of don't want it to pop out randomly in the road say.


Don't talk or sing with them in XD I wear mine while cleaning cars and sometimes think I'm on Xfactor... They just seem to fall out when I move my mouth. I've tried different sizes but maybe I have dodgy ears!

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Updated 28th Dec 2020Last updated 28th Dec 2020 by Sprograt
How good is the noise cancelling on the jabra 75t elites? Is it worth it over the 65t?
Just wondering if the noise cancelling is worth nearly double the price? Is it really good noise cancelling or a bit of a marketing gimmick?

I have had the 65T's and now I've got the 75T's in my opinion it's definitely worth the extra for the noise cancelling.


If you want good ANC then go for the 85ts


The 75ts are worth it, even without the noise cancelling. Better case, smaller buds, better sound quality, better battery life

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Updated 16th Dec 2020Last updated 16th Dec 2020 by Amroze0
Bose QuietComfort vs Jabra Elite 85T earbuds
I’m on the verge of buying some active noise cancelling earbuds but I want the best and so after narrowing it down to Bose and jabra for my needs, I wondered if anyone has used eit… Read more
Avatar deleted612711

Let me know how you get on


Good to hear. I was set on the 85t’s too, and had only just found out about the Bose so wanted to see if there was any reason to change my mind. But I’m gonna stick with the Jabras.


I went with them 85t due to them being being very small and compact. They have a big soundstage and anc is excellent!

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Updated 2nd Dec 2020Last updated 2nd Dec 2020 by Sprograt
Jabra Elite 75t vs Samsung Buds Plus
Hi all, Just looking for some user feedback on these wireless earbuds. Main usage would be for music and for team meetings. I've got a Samsung Note 10 plus. Thanks

No problem.


I'll have a play with it. Thanks again


They do sound good once you alter the settings on the app to match your hearing requirements.


Thank you. Was planning to get them from Argos but they upped the price to 169. Ordered from Amazon for 129. Hope I won’t be disappointed. Thanks for your reply.


The Jabra 75T's have very good noise cancelling plus whilst playing music the bass sounds really good they are well worth the £129.00 I paid for them from Amazon UK also on the app you can tune them to your personal hearing requirements.

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Updated 5th Jun 2020Last updated 5th Jun 2020 by harrythefish
Ordered a Jabra Elite Active 75T From Amazon Warehouse
Hello all, I'm wondering if someone would be able to shed some light on this and explain how this would have happened (if it can be explained at all). I ordered a 'Used - Like N… Read more

Are you quite sure OP that it was an Amazon package? The one picture you didn't post is that outer packaging which of course you should keep as evidence. IIRC there's even a barcode somewhere on the outer packaging which will help Amazon analyse the problem.


Although I've had issues with the warehouse items I've always found Amazon quick to sort them out although I've bought a lot less from them recently since their discounts aren't as good as they used to be.


It's a concerning thought. I buy most of my stuff off Amazon Warehouse where possible. It's definitely made me think twice now. I do regret not asking the manager on his opinion about how this would have happened as I'm sure he would have had an idea


[quote]I just don't understand how an item not even sold by Amazon would make it's way into the box? Seeing as it's an Amazon Warehouse item, could it have been that someone returned these items back instead of his/her Jabra earbuds which Amazon didn't check before reselling to me?[/quote] That would be my assumption and I've received a few Warehouse items that certainly weren't checked before dispatch with items either missing or in terrible condition despite being sold as in like new or very good condition.


Hahaha one man's loss is another man's gain and all (y)

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Updated 10th May 2020Last updated 10th May 2020 by belmaljenad
Top five on-ear wireless headphones for less than £50
We are spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying music, playing games or listening to audiobooks, with so many options available you need to have the correct headphones for the j… Read more

I have the house of Marley ones, and the Sony ones. No contest. Sony wins hands down. The actual sound is about the same, but the buzzing noise in the house of Mally ones stinks of cheap cheap cheap... nothing like that in the Sony ones.


Good work OP, I only miss Anker & Tribit Xfree Tune


I got a grade A set from CeX for £22 (embarrassed) but I would have paid £50 for them and probably more. They're really comfortable, well-made (well, I think so despite some durability complaints) and balanced (not bass heavy).


I think you could get some really decent ones for around £100 if you wanted to spend more than £50. The AKG N60NC Wireless are meant to be amazing, you can get them now and again for about £120.


Amazing, I would definitely get some if they come up again. They are clearly the best in this bunch.