Posted 13th Jan 2020
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If anyone is interested in checking this HUKD XBOX Friends List thread out…325
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    Maybe a glitch - Elden Ring PS5 showing £25 online at - worth a cheeky price match with Currys perhaps, as it still shows £47 when added to basket. Not sure how far Currys delve into the pricing…

    Edit to add - Shortly after this post, it popped up as a deal. Can confirm its pricing at £25 now consistently. Meh that this wasn’t credited but I’ll chalk it down to coincidence… (edited)
    Currys will match if you can show them it's in stock locally. I can never get the app to work for me to show local stock. When they had a recent switch game clearance in tesco my mate screen shotted the app for me and I went in to currys and got them all without issue.
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    Apparently, Tom Henderson is reporting that Sony are planning to release a detachable disc drive for PS5 in September 2023, which will connect via an extra USB port on the rear of the console (so basically, all PS5 consoles from that point will be digital consoles). Website isn't working right now but this is the link.…-5/

    So looks like Sony could be beginning to gear up to wiping out physical games by PS6. Hopefully detachable disc drives will still be a thing, but then I can't see discs being mass produced the way they are now if so. (edited)
    Xbox was making the news with something similar back in May. It has been quiet ever since though.

    Microsoft has plans for an Xbox Series S external disc drive…ive

    Microsoft Patent Could Verify Physical Games for Xbox Digital Library…on/
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    In case anyone missed it in deals and anyone is interested - free avatars for PS - multiple use code

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    Well this news sucks.

    Lollipop Chainsaw is getting a remake in 2023.…023

    Now remake Naughty Bear you cowards. (edited)

    Replying to

    There was something that little more special about the 360 games knowing they were yours to keep. Some might turn their nose up at getting Thrillville and Torchlight this month, but it is preservation of games and a little bit of gaming history.
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    BubaMan26/05/2022 20:39

    Someone talk me into playing Cyberpunk...I played about 2 hours of it 3-4 …Someone talk me into playing Cyberpunk...I played about 2 hours of it 3-4 months ago, so I've forgotten the controls & systems and I might have to start it again I thought the new TV might entice me back, but I've just put it on and was reminded of how unengaging it had been so far.I was also reminded of how bad ray tracing mode actually looks & plays!

    Because it has an absolutely amazing main story. I’ve banged on about it for quite some time. I played it in PC a while ago and honestly didn’t notice any major bugs at all. Nothing game breaking. The odd graphical glitch (about the same as any other game).

    The problem with it is (assuming performance is non longer the issue), it’s the wrong type of game for what it is. It simply isn’t a good RPG. It has an overly elaborate menu and upgrade system that’s difficult to read and makes your eyes hurt, things are very poorly explained if at all, you probably won’t even bother looking at half the upgrades, the shooting feels loose, you come across far, far too many of the same gun/item with barely any statistical difference between them, it’s an absolute pain to sort through them all, and you’ll quickly find yourself just dismantling them. Selling them takes ages because of the rubbish menus. The cars cost far too much and you’ll end up just nicking them, and soon enough you won’t need them anyway because of a stupendously good mission later on. You sometimes find yourself carrying an item for ages because you’re not the right level, but by the time you are the right level you’ll find a much better version so you’ve been carrying it about for hours for no good reason.

    But! The world, atmosphere and characters are amazing. There are some great side quests. It has a killer sequence at the end which is such a satisfying pay off. It is a startlingly relevant social commentary. It makes you think about existence. It’s haunting. PLAY IT.

    I just really wish it wasn’t stuck in an RPG. (edited)
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    47845085-NdTWX.jpg47845085-CLSvJ.jpg (edited)
    Review here
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    After resetting my ps5 again to cure a couple of issues with data syncing as it does seem to cure the issues for a couple of months I still get this option on games and for the life of me I can’t fathom out why Sony would give me the option of downloading a ps4 version on my ps5
    You can now tell it to install bc games to install to external and xsx games to internal ssd. I own both but the ps5 just seems lacking in so many functions another one is doing a mass copy from internal ssd to either m.2 or external you have to wait until it’s completed xsx tell it to do it and go play some games. (edited)
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    Finally got emulation running on the Series X...

    Emulates everything up to PS2/Wii/DC quite well and It wasn't as troublesome as I thought it would be

    The PS3 (MultiMan) still runs P3FES a lot smoother and there's no obvious interlacing on PS3 either (interlacing really bugs me) but it was nice to play Mario Galaxy, Zelda Wind Waker, MK Double Dash, Pikmin 1/2, Headhunter, Sega Marine Fishing, Sega Rally, Ready 2 Rumble, MSR & Virtua Tennis on the big screen again (edited)
    I’ll give this a go. Cheers for the info
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    Forza Horizon 5 10th Anniversary update is worth everyones time! So good.
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    "Game Pass Family" being tested in Ireland & Colombia.

    Essentially, the sub is GPU but made for sharing with up to 4 people.
    The sub will cost about 66% more than GPU and converts from GPU at 18 days for every 30 days of GPU you have.
    You can already (unofficially) share your GPU with 1 person, by making their console your home console but this goes a fair way beyond that!

    I foresee a lot of discussions getting created on here to create "family" groups, the same as Nintendo Family groups are already...
    If you can get 3 years of Gold for about £60, convert that to 3 years of GPU, then convert that to 21.6 months of GP Family.
    Split 5 ways, that's £12 for just under 2 years of solid gaming!
    Great idea by ms, it works really well for the switch.
  11. Avatar…vr2

    Original PSVR games won't be compatible with PSVR2 according to Sony.

    honestly I’m starting to hate the gaming industry.
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    GT7 patch just released and they have lessened the credits you get from most races, increasing grind and trying to push towards buying them with real money

    Nice of them to introduce all this after the reviews....
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    Goes live at 7pm. They seem to have forgotten we are in BST

    Summer Game Fest: Official Livestream
    "- Street Fighter 6
    - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
    - The Callisto Protocol
    - Gotham Knights
    - Marvel’s Midnight Suns
    - One Piece Odyssey
    - TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge
    And many more!"

    I am personally excited for Callisto and TMNT (edited)
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    Forget games for a minute, what is up with them little black flies that are all over the place. Getting absolutely assaulted by them. Tiny, tiny little things that look like a bit of fluff or a minuscule strand of tobacco. I don’t even know if they’re flying insects, far too small to make head or tail of them. They’re strong buggers though. Can’t even blow them away, have to do a vigorous shake or a sweep with a tissue.
    Thrips (Thunderflies as some call them) and yes, they’re absolute s. Ruined two of my TVs in a row when they got between the panel and the glass and died there. Well good luck to them now. Got an OLED and that thing is sealed shut.

    Even closing your window can’t stop them. They get through the smallest gaps and invade the place. There’s no bug netting invented to stop them either. I normally hang a blue coloured sticky trap in my window now. That stops them as they’re attracted to it.

    Seriously, be careful if these things are around and you have an LCD TV/Monitor. They will ruin it.
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    Heads up for Switch fans… US Nintendo Store briefly re-stocked the N64 controllers. Maybe worth keeping an eye on the UK Store…
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    Soulfood43012/02/2022 07:11

    Probably a really stupid question but can i buy a digital code for an xbox …Probably a really stupid question but can i buy a digital code for an xbox one and use on my wee girls series s? She really wants the lego marvel game. Cdkeys has the xbox one digital game for £7.99.So could i buy that and redeem it on her console?

    Yes - The Series S is fully backwards compatible with Xbox One games
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    Quest 2 and future Meta headsets will no longer require a Facebook account from next month.

    I may grab one now. Hopefully there is a deal on Prime day.
    If you do get one there is an old school space invaders game totally free of charge in vr, you play it through the browser and it is absolutely brilliant, it’s called back to space.
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    If anyone was even remotely interested in the new digimon game which was released today it’s more of a visual novel with strategic battles than a standard RPG. Think along the lines of 13 sentinels.
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    Be careful online with A Plague Tale Requiem. The game seems to be out in the wild already so there will be spoilers around. Good time to mute some words and stuff like that wherever you can
    Thanks for the heads-up! Wonder if my copy will come a day early next week (edited)
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    The Amazon promo (for those eligible) does work for some games. I’ve tried with the Call of Duty MWII pre order…

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    ACG and Skill Up both basically say 'not great, not terrible'

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    BubaMan29/05/2022 10:29

    Well, I had a good, long session on Cyberpunk last night...And I'm getting …Well, I had a good, long session on Cyberpunk last night...And I'm getting into it. It's still really buggy though :(The game crashed on me twice, the clothing layer kept partially disappearing (leaving behind some ugly, angly, partially hairy mannequins), the colours start flashing if you use the scan a lot and the NPCs still jump around and on top of you when you get close.I can't imagine how bad it was at launch, if this is the state after 2½ years! Aside from the bugs, the shooting isn't great and the driving is awful but I am definitely getting into the story this time

    What platform are you playing on? I had relatively few bugs when playing through on PS5 - a few crashes out to the OS, which weren't great, but seemingly far fewer than many have experienced.

    Have you done Delamain's side quests? If not, make those as a priority. There's driving involved, granted, but some *superb* Easter eggs involved... and that quest aside, if you look for them, there are a *huge* amount to find. See here for starters:…gs/
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    Just finished A Plague Tale: Requiem. What an incredible game! Deserves a whole lot of awards. Hate it when great games comes to an end.
    Just finished it earlier tonight too, didn't want it to end. I guess they want to make a third with the way it ended. Some really brutal fighting scenes.
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    BubaMan05/12/2021 18:31

    Ah - thanks... I guess I'll wait for another patch (and the resultant …Ah - thanks... I guess I'll wait for another patch (and the resultant problems that will introduce) instead of reinstalling... Bad timing to showcase the game to 2 separate mates though

    Yeah the latest patch has just caused problems for me. Slow loading times even just crashing straight back to the main Xbox menu. Hopefully gets sorted soon as it was running fine for me before the patch.
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    Just a heads up incase anyone is interested....

    If you subscribe to retro gamer right now - @ 28 quid for 6 months - you get a c64 mini for free. It says new subs only but i already had a sub and subbed again but delayed first issue until after my current sub and I got the c64 in the post.

    I only subbed last time coz i was after the wireless controller they were giving away and it saved me a fiver. You can cancel renewal online. would have paid £28 for the c64 and the magazine for 6 months is a nice bonus
    Quite fancy a game of uridium, that’s when games were games.
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    Been waiting for AoE to come to console!

    Age of Empires is Coming to Xbox Consoles

    Age of Empires Mobile - Announce Teaser

    Age of Mythology Retold - Announce Trailer

    Age of Empires IV - Anniversary Edition Launch Trailer

    Age of Empires IV Season Three: Anniversary

    Age of Empires - 25th Anniversary Idle Villagers Musical Performance
    Been waiting for this for ages( no pun intended)
  28. Avatar…99/

    • PlayStation VR2
      • $549.99 / €599.99 / £529.99 / ¥74,980 recommended retail price (including tax for GBP, EUR, and JPY)
      • Includes PS VR2 headset, PS VR2 Sense controllers and stereo headphones

    • PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle
      • $599.99 / €649.99 / £569.99 / ¥79,980 recommended retail price (including tax for GBP, EUR, and JPY)
      • Includes PlayStation Store voucher code for Horizon Call of the Mountain, PS VR2 headset, PS VR2 Sense controllers, and stereo headphones

    LOL (edited)
    £529.99? Are they insane?! Jesus wept.
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    Digital Foundary have done a video on Gotham Knights. In it, they compare the PS4 version of Arkham Knight and Gotham Knights, both running on PS5. Brace yourselves.

    I think these devs have bigger problems than the Series S. No excuse for this not having a 60fps mode. (edited)
    Rocksteady are awesome
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    Goes live at 6pm

    Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022
    I hope you are a fan of persona dancing games (edited)
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    Someone's car alarm kindly decided to wake me early .
    I was looking at alternatives to the Edge controller, and just realised it doesn't even have 4 back paddles!
    So considerably more expensive than the Elite series 2 (which itself is overpriced IMO), yet it has less paddles? Maybe the other 2 will be gifted later to use against Jim Ryan.

    It'd be cheaper to get a modified Aim controller that also has 4 back paddles and a lifetime warranty.…er/

    Or I could get 2 backup Dualsenses and two of these back paddles mods for less.…sc=

    Sony desperately need to be humbled again like the PS3 days.
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    I've been mucking about with emulators again... this time XBSX2 (Xbox fork of PCSX2) on the Series X...
    Capable of running PS2 games at 4K@60Hz and capable of loading HD texture packs.

    Check out some of the footage and comparisons to Retroarch here:

    Instructions here (ignore the Dev mode bits - can be done without, via retail announcements link on gamr13's github):

    Here's a short clip of Persona 3 on my XSX, running at 4K, with the HD texture pack:…2SH (edited)
    It's fantastic, isn't it? So easy to set up as well.

    I've been playing The Getaway a lot on mine recently. Just hoping that I can get the Transformers Armada game running well on it at some point.
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    BubaMan27/04/2022 21:42

    It's not an error …It's not an error :( get their reasons but blocking the redemption of prepaid cards without warning is unacceptable - many key sellers are going to refuse refunds, especially marketplace resellers (G2A, Eneba, etc)...If they don't reverse their decision, it could turn into an Internet storm!

    Someone on Resetera got the same reply.

    They deserve a storm for this. No warnings and they’re still selling the subscriptions everywhere. Even places like Shopto/Game will be difficult to get a refund from.

    Worse still, if someone’s subscription runs out a week or so after the swap, they’re going to get screwed out of the chance of having at least a year’s worth of PS Premium.

    They’re definitely going to have to reverse it.
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    Down in sunny Dorset on holiday with the good lady and grandson when this pops up

    Replying to

    Tbh with her needing 121 care at school and how rampant it is we knew it was a possibility. We waited for a vaccine to make her safe so hopefully we have seen the worst. I’m feeling rougher and rougher. I’d imagine she is feeling rough she is making a bit of a grumble and fuss but she doesn’t talk so it’s hard to know. Just keeping her safe as possible and keeping an eye. I’ve text her specialist so he knows but he is on holiday but he’d wanna know anyway. I think we will be ok. Just gonna be a rough few days. People have had worse.
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    For anyone interested, SEGA-Mania are giving away the first 5 issues of their digital magazine away today for free -…13b.

    They're only free for a day so be quick! (edited)
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    Hurrah! Let the deal hunting commence!
    TGC and Base have had this on preorder for a while. I just think the current price might not be right for the HUKD’s liking. Defo keeping an eye though, personally. (edited)
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