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Atlus sale up to 50% off Nintendo 3DS eShop
03/05/2018Expires on 03/05/2018Found 7 h, 14 m agoFound 7 h, 14 m ago
4 titles on sale for 1 week until Thursday 3rd May 7th Dragon III Code: VFD 50% off £17.49 Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth 50% off £17.49 Radiant Historia: Perfect Ch… Read more

Consoles not linked to an NNID can change region for better prices :) The £17.49 games are ~£13.29 on Russia region (1159 Russian Ruble) Radiant Historia is *£22.99 on Norway :) (256 Norwegian Krone)

Agatha Knife (Nintendo Switch) £7.95 (Or ~£5.30 from Russian eShop)
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Agatha Knife is out next week on Switch and they have 20% off the regular price until then. It's £7.95 here, or 447RUB from the Russian eShop, which is about £5.20 according to xe.… Read more
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Downloads ftom Russian eShop comes with free novichok DLC too!


Revolut is your friend for currency conversion without fees (strong)


Looks good with a wacky story but gameplay seems meh to me. Not sure if I will get it.. Heat for price!!

Nine parchments Nintendo for Switch @ Nintendo eshop - £10.79
01/05/2018Expires on 01/05/2018Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast'em up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte Creators of the Trine series. Also a demo if you want to check it out before you buy.

The US & Canada are relatively easy as I use to buy eshop top-up cards (usually during a discount offer). I've also used the Russian eshop but that's treated like an EU store so my Revolut card works there. The only slightly more convoluted one was the Japanese store, had to set up an Amazon JP account. And I do have different accounts for each store.


Well worth the money. Great game!


It's super difficult to buy from non-EU stores from the UK, unless you create a whole separate account and have a card that works.


On sale until the 1st May, the top three prices being; Mexico $209.99 approx. £8.21 (not sure about any additional taxes) Canada $14.99 approx. £8.38 (plus at least 5% sales tax) United States $14.99 approx. £8.43 (0% sales tax if you choose the right State) Full list HERE.


I was playing the demo the other day and I thought to myself, "when this comes up on sale, I'm going to get it". The rest, as they say, is history.

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Shovel Knight - Treasure Trove [Nintendo Switch] - Norwegian eShop for £14.45
LocalLocalFound 15th AprFound 15th Apr
This method would be buying from a foreign eshop to get it so cheap. On the UK eshop the game is also on sale, but only from £22.49 to £17.99 On eshop-prices, it shows the US, Jap… Read more
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Supposedly on until 19/04/2018 Yes Shows as 186Mb on my switch :)


What's the download size? I already own it on pc but as I never play games on my laptop I've only complete the original version


Is it really that good?


Heat added. How long is the deal on for


One of my favourite games ever, with the final DLC campaign coming out soon - makes the deal even sweeter. Heat.

Robonauts Nintendo switch eshop £2.69
06/05/2018Expires on 06/05/2018Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Jump between planets, fight weird creatures and save the galaxy alone or with a friend! Pretty good game played the demo and enjoyed it seems a bargain at this price.
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Bought this after having a go on the demo. Great little game, definitely worth the price


Great price just got myself a copy !


Well worth that price, I too can't be bothered shifting about countries to save pennies. I want all my content to be mine and on one account in the event Nintendo decide cut down on it or incase I need to put my account onto a new machine and re-download everything say for a hardware fault or something


The backing track for this is great.


The most populated part of Russia is in Europe. Nintendo do include South Africa as part of NoE.

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Owlboy (Russian Nintendo eShop) £14.16
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
"Owlboy is a story-driven platform adventure game, where you can fly and explore a brand new world in the clouds! Pick up your friends, and bring them with you as you explore… Read more
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Well, I look forward to a great Celeste deal being posted by one of the fans in this thread (cheeky)


I'm about halfway through the game after getting this deal and it's honestly not that interesting of a game nor challenging...I think I spoilt myself by going straight from completing Celeste to this (embarrassed)


Price now approx. £14.04 from Russia store


Yeah I am


You still at it???

Oxenfree Nintendo switch eshop £3.99
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
A supernatural thriller about a group of friends who open a ghostly rift
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Loved this game freaked me out playing late night on the switch in bed. Fairly short but worth the money.


I found Firewatch utterly tedious to begin with but I stuck with it... it started to build into something intriguing but the ending was just the worst - it felt like I'd been playing a shaggy dog story and I was bitter for persevering (annoyed) I'm not saying either of us is wrong... it just highlights that taste plays a large part in the enjoyment of games and that no review can ever be fully trusted.


Great. I actually liked Firewatch a lot. To be fair, I could not be bothered to finish this game. Maybe things get interesting towards the end, but I found it sooo boring...


Got it, enjoying it. The smallest of stutters every now and then. I'll cope.


Bought it this time .

Detective Pikachu Free Demo @ Nintendo Website/eShop (3DS)
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Had an email about this from Nintendo. It’s a special demo of the game apparently, so if you aren’t sure about the game then it’s a great way to try it out first. Probably will go… Read more

It's a shame Sony treat the PS Vita like an over glorified PS4 remote. Wasted potential.


Because a direct successor came out and it was quite behind the times. The 3DS doesn’t really have the same competition that the Wii did. Only real alternative to it is the switch which is quite expensive in comparison and not as portable as the 3DS


But then why did they stop with the Wii, which was more popular?


Nah I don’t think so, the vita (which I love!) is still getting new games and that was abandoned ages ago, the 3DS has a massive install base so third parties will be still release games for a long time.


Fair play. The cap fits, as they say.

Enter the Gungeon Digital Download [Nintendo Switch] - Russian eShop for £4.31
LocalLocalFound 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Its a very popular game I've never actually played despite being told to by friends, and it's available on the Russian eShop for only £4.31; finally thought I would give it a go (I… Read more
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Heat OP, thanks for the find. :) Because I was too lazy to use the Revolut method, I made a Russian account, linked it to my PayPal, and the total came in around £4.50. Still a steal at this price on the Switch, and looking forward to gunning on the go. :D


Bit of adventure game freak so I plumped for the big box. Like you was all ready to check out. Will be a nice release when it comes. Ty for all the Switch deals you have posted!


Nah, I only got standard... I was one of the first to order mine though as I had set everything up waiting for the exact second to buy So it's not like I missed out on big box, just didn't think it was worth paying the extra for a game I know very little about haha (I've not played it before, but really looking forward to it!)


Enter the Gungeon is a no brainer at this price. I have never completed it because it's so hard but I always enjoy another run at it. 25 hours in and it's still throwing new things at me. The mummy demastered was a good game at release but there was some critism of it being too grindy and frustrating when you died. Apparently they patched this up and changed some of the mechanics, so I am very tempted with this now.


Did you get the big box version of Thimbleweed??

Sega 3D Classics e.g. 3D Streets of Rage ~£1.20 @ 3DS eShop russia
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
3DS / 2DS consoles that do not have a NNID linked can change region in the settings on the console to take advantage of lower prices from other countries eShops :) In the sale at… Read more

Indeed pirates! (pirate)


You mean thieves?


Yeah it's for those running devices with cfw ;)




Love SOR2 <3 worth the price if you don't have freeshop (flirt)

Nintendo Switch eShop Foreign deals!
LocalLocalFound 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
I've made a short list of some of the best Nintendo eShop deals currently in the eShops Easter sale across all regions (As the Switch is region free). If anyone does not know how t… Read more
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Any info on whether or not revolut works in Japan?


I think these have now expired (Easter sale was till yesterday 23:59 local time)


Anyone had any luck buying from the Canadian eshop? Regular Revolut user here but can't find a way to get it working with that.


You mean you’ve tried putting in the virtual card details as they appear on the app? And yeah, you can’t leave a US account with any credit, unlike the other regions. Without contacting Nintendo, anyway.


It's not where the revolut card works, it's what cards Nintendo accept for which region When revolut doesn't work on Mexico for example, that's the eshop declining it It's not revolut not liking, declining Mexicans because that one time the creator ate too many spicy burritos, and followed through with, what he thought, was a fart

Outlast 2 (Nintendo Switch) £14.98 Nintendo South Africa eshop
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Using revolut (no fees) saving a massive £12 from what the UK eshop is selling it for!!

I know its annoying im actually double dipping with sonic mania. How I looked at it was that if outlast 2 is going to get a physical release it will most likley be £30 as its £28 on eshop. If they release a physical Outlast trinity including the first game it will likley be £40-£50, and a chance one of the games might still be a download. So £15 to play now digital swayed it for me.


Well they said Sonic mania would never be released on physical yet its due out this year now :/


Did you apply for a virtual card or a physical card? If virtual you will need to login to the revolut app and select cards and the details are there.


Ive made a account with revolut and added £15 to my revolut account but how do I actually buy the game as there is no account number or sort code for my virtual card otherwise once its sorted this is a utter steal!


Ah thanks for the heads up - was going to wait for the price drop but this is too good top miss. I already have a separate account for the US, but as part of this, managed to setup the Revolut account - seems useful. Thanks for the post :)

ARMS Nintendo Switch eShop - £33.49
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
33% off dropping the price to £33.49 until the 5th April. Seems like a good price if you don't mind digital!
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INSANE DEAL!!! Thanks you legend!


If this was £20 then yeah, over rated imo


This game is nothing without motion controls! I've played the previous demos and thought exactly the same as everyone else. Bored after a few games. I don't think it helps that when you lose its so dramatic. This demo, I played only with motion controls and really started to enjoy it. The game is slower than other fighters so it makes it seem like a turn based strategy game when not using the motion controls. But it needs to be slower for the motion controls to work and they work really well. Am I going to buy it? On the fence, though I am tired of splatoon.


I didn't even get through the tutorial before deleting it. Didn't really feel interested in it when the game first released and after playing it, I can see why. It felt like a rock, paper, scissors sort of game.


(lol) (lol) (lol)

Thimbleweed Park (Nintendo Switch) - £7.49 UK eShop
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Seems to be a discount on this game across all platforms. £7.49 on UK eShop, or Canada seems to be the cheapest region (~£6.05)

Amazing game and fully worth its standard price...excellent deal for 7 50...loads of in game jokes pocking fun at itself and the era its based (late 80s, early 90s)...add nice touches to computer languages, and Ada :)


Change you account region @ :) I've bought from Norway eShop before and had 40 gold points (gold points are now region-locked) which gave me 4 Norwegian Krone (nok) discount Paying with a fee-free payment method (I use Revolut) nok66 exchanged to £6.01 :) (nok70 is current sale price)


lul wut


is this better than streets of rage 2?


How do you buy from overseas?

Timbleweed Park - Nintendo Switch - £7.17 ($9.99) @ US eShop
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Available from the US eShop for $9.99 at the moment. Either create a new account or change your accounts region, purchase $10 credit from somewhere like pcgamesupplycurrently £7.17… Read more

I had 40 gold points from previous norway eshop purchases (gold points are now region-locked) so I paid £6.01 using revolut :) and received 33 gold points


Makes sense. Will keep that in mind


My understanding is that non-US accounts can change region by opting to lose any remaining credit. US accounts, however, are stuck - even with just one cent - without some manual intervention from Nintendo.


Oh it says it on the homepage £34.99. And the Big Box Edition is $64.99. Thimbleweed Park is Switch Limited Run #1 :)


$24.99 based on previous LRG releases, or closer to $40 with shipping

Lego worlds on switch £8.17 (after tax, requires £10.95 cad eshop credit purchase but you have $4.25 cad left over) canadian eshop
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
insane price for lego worlds downloadable on switch. create a secondary account (through and have the region set to canada) then link with secondary swi… Read more
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appears the lego offers have ended.


the lego worlds is coming up at $29.99 :(


Okay thanks.


it wont let you use paypal. it'll recognise that its not a us paypal account.


Hi i set up my us account but im wondering if i click pay with paypal will i get charged extra at all. Ive used a non tax zip code. Cheers

Lego City Undercover - Switch (DIGITAL) $15 (US eShop) (£10.61/£14.34)
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
One for people with multiple Switch accounts, the game is $29.99 usually but is currently 50% off so $15. cheapest credit to get is $20 on PCgamesupply for £14.34. mobile.pcgam… Read more
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:( I snoozed so I loosed


switch lego offers have expired on the eshop.


If anyone doesn’t know how multiple accounts work, just make an account tied to a specific region by using a second/third email addresses and have all of them on one system. (USA account is essential IMO) Then when it comes to launching the eShop on the main menu the system asks ‘which account do you wanna use?’ And you pick the relevant country to which eShop you want. Simple. On mine I have my regular UK account which has all my game saves on and numerous purchases, a JAP one (not really bought anything on that) and a US account. I basically redeem eShop codes from PCGameSupply (although some other people on here have suggested alternatives) as and when I need credit for them. Then when the games are downloaded to my Switch you launch the game and, once again, the console asks you to choose an account and I pick my regular UK account. Easy Peasy. I haven’t tried doing the region switching myself, the fact that you lose whatever remaining currency you have on it kinda puts me off. I haven’t tried using PayPal or Revolut on it either, been gift cards only and I have yet to have any trouble doing it. In my opinion it’s a bit more elegant compared to multiple accounts on the other two systems, like PS4 they’re tied to your accounts as opposed to the Xbox One where you can basically use one account and change the region on the fly. There’s pros and cons to each method but I do like how the Switch deals with it.


Interesting... Can you have 2 different PayPal accounts linked to 2 different profiles on one console?


Thanks, in for one. We still get a lot of use out of the WiiU here, my kid loves it.

£50 of UK Nintendo eShop credit for £41.50 @ Zeek
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Hi! I've been looking to pick a few things up in the huge Nintendo eShop sale and saw Zeek had the cheapest eshop. cards £15 card = £13.90 £25 card = £23.20 £50 card = £46.50 Zee… Read more
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slowly I start thinking that I'm the only one who doesn't own a switch...


Heat, still working now! :) Just bought a switch so pleased to get some credit cheap! £41.80 through paypal on my end.


This worked great, cheers OP


Kit found Zeek. Will be using it for all my future eShop purchases


Thanks OP, used and heat added

Steamworld Dig on Nintendo Switch (eShop) £4.49
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Currently the first Steamworld Dig is 50% off on the eShop for the Nintendo Switch

Not played any, I'm still half way though Mario rabbids dunno if I need another turn based game.


Thanks for the advice. Have been leaning towards heist for the same reasons as well.


Heist, definitely. Also if you've already played Dig 2 before Dig 1 you'll struggle going back. Everything Dig 1 done Dig 2 done better.


That's a fair point, it's just Dig 2 is that much better than its predecessor. I guess while Dig 1 is selling for £4.99 it's worth picking up both.


Really enjoyed the second one but now not sure if I should get the first or heist. Any recommendation?

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