Posted 3rd Jan 2023 (Posted 22 h, 58 m ago)
is there some sort of joy-con famine happening? I literally can't find them anywhere to buy at all. help me short change
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    Would a Wireless controller be an option, plenty of Third party controllers for sale at a fraction of the price of Joy cons.
    Currys have the Official Pro Splatoon controller cheaper than Joy cons. I have both and I much prefer the Pro controller.
    Hope it helps.…tml (edited)
    Yeah its a good offer but just looking to replace basically useless ones I've had since 2019 - wich deffenatly doesn't feel long enough to need replacing looking at other consoles!
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    Looks like they all drifted away
    Its so frustrating chasing around for what are probably the worst controllers I've ever had for reliability
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    Can get red ones direct from Nintendo of you want?

    Other than that yeah,appears to be a shortage so none available anywhere unless they are extortionate prices,I'm waiting for stock as well to get a couple more
    Didn't spot they had those in stock - shame its very much full price but thankyou!
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    Amazon has them, but the price is high

    Actually they are out of stock for delivery in 4-6 weeks (edited)
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    It's all the stick drift and people having to get replacements. Pro controller by far the best imo
    Are they not just as vulnerable to drifting? Exact same joysticks etc?
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    I'm about to start the same joycon hunt, my daughter is looking for her third set since she had it. The worst thing is that I've also replaced the thumb sticks individually, and they just go the same way.

    Mid last year a manufacturer came up with a protoype of hall effect sticks that are direct replacements, but I haven't seen any update on it. If they manage to put them into production they will be the hottest property since the Switch itself came out.
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