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Battleborn on xbox one 1.99 on its own or the get buy two get two free deal @ Music Magpie
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Saw this was tempted to try it for 1.99 then saw it was in the buy 2 get 2 free which includes other gsmes dvds blurays or cds bargin 3 films and a game for 3.98 and free dleivery
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Good game but pointless now it’s dead


They literally can't give this game away!:) Not a bad game tbh but overwatch killed it!


I don't see any games buy 2 get 2 free? Sorry ignore me. I see it now on the home page.


I picked this up earlier, it'll make a nice coaster for my Overwatch mug ;)


Dead game which is a shame because I really enjoyed it. There is a free version on the store if you want to try it.

Fallout 4 + Star Wars Battlefront + Battleborn (PS4 / All preowned) £8 delivered @ Game
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Good price for 3 games delivered. Fallout: Star Wars: Battleborn: https:… Read more
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Battlefront useful for the PSVR mission but can get second hand for under £4. Heat as you’re effectively getting fallout and battleborn for the other £4 (highfive)


Battleborn was DOA. Battlefront stats here. Quiet but not dead - think you’ll be able to get a game quiet easily on PS4/XO - especially the 8v8 matches like Cargo (CTF). Heat added but I wouldn’t bother on ordering this for Battlefront/Battleborn, I’d just buy Fallout 4 for £5 preowned (or cheaper if I could find it) and save £3. But that’s just me (embarrassed)


Fallout is of course excellent, but are Battlefront 1 and Battleborn even alive nowadays?


Dirt cheap. Heat!

Battleborn + DLC @ £2.99 @ CDKeys
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Not a bad price for DLC too?

Is a shame :( It is for games like this I feel PC, Xbox and PlayStation players should be able to play together to keep these games alive.


They've given up on it


With the recent news Paladins is to create a battle royale mode, I was surprised Battleborn didn't jump at the chance of doing this to try and bring their game back from the dead.


World wide!? (shock)


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Battleborn - PS4 AND XBOX ONE £3 @ Game
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of badass. The universe teeters on the brink of extinction and only the most powerful Battleborn … Read more

Game really need to work out a better way of business than opening factory sealed items, gutting the contents and putting 'empties' on the shelf.


I had same problem from Game recently, albeit different game. Tried passing off used copy as new, their explanation being ex demo store copy. Felt need to reiterate ex demo is not new and sent it back for refund out of principle. I’m not giving a purple stickered copy as a birthday present to someone who likewise knows better.


I think it's only the PVP modes that are free to play and that's with a weekly changing rotation of 5 characters. The paid version gives you instant access to all 30+ characters, the co-op campaign (which is decent) and I assume the co-op content that came with the season pass. It's actually a pretty good game and it wasn't too hard finding players a couple of months back


You also can't unlock achievements in the free version, so this still has some appeal to folk who are into those (like me).


Might be free to play, but people may prefer it on disc to save having to download the entire game

Thief & Final Fantasy Type 0 (Xbox One) £4.85 each delivered @ Shopto
Found 29th Mar 2017Found 29th Mar 2017
£4.85 each delivered, Thief & Final Fantasy dropping £1. Thief - Final Fantasy -… Read more

Thanks OP. Have given Thief a go. Can't really go wrong for £4.85.


Fantastic price considering digitally they are £15.99 and £29.99 8)


I say Thief is well worth a go for £5 of anyone's money. People need to remember reviews are basically saying whether someone should buy a game at say, £35. Once a game like Thief is £5, any small issues with the game or weaknesses in gameplay go out of the window as far as I'm concerned.


Pointless comment before anyone else gets in there THIEF WAS FREE WITH GWG ABOUT 18 YEARS AGO* *slight exaggeration on timescale but pointless all the same


This includes firstborn pack, no idea whether GAME's does or not.

Battleborn Xbox one £5.99 @ Sainsbury's instore (Hastings)
LocalLocalFound 3rd Jan 2017Found 3rd Jan 2017
Just saw this in my local Sainsbury's store not sure what the games like but I might get more for it trade in.

not a patch on overwatch. framerate isn't solid...and 30fps hurts isnt great as it is. Visuals make it look a bit of a cluster f*ck at times. The two big things going against it though, and why overwatch completely over shadowed it, is it has very boring wave based mission structure and you need to grind to unlock the characters. Decent price...but a decent price doesn't make a bad game good. You'll bore of it pretty quickly and wish you'd invested that £6 in something else.


​Cheers man, I paid just less that £4 for each copy for a bit of split screen co op fun as we're a bit fed up of Destiny and she doesn't have Overwatch just yet. Though for £4 I couldn't go wrong... Just not had the time to play yet... Just threw the disk in and found 12gb update so we shall see what it's like tomorrow I think. Probably end up back on Overwatch by the end of the week though :D


​Constructive. It was less than £4.00.


I tried it about 2 weeks ago. It was not bad at all. If It had paid £15 for it I would of bee ok with it. But I paid £3 for it so it's a steal in my opinion. This is getting a PS4 Pro patch soon and that is when ill start playing this again.


on the same theme, i would rather burn myself! :|

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Battleborn Xbox One/PS4 £3.59 @ Game
Found 20th Dec 2016Found 20th Dec 2016
Pre owned copy is £19! Thanks to BuzzDuraband. Use discount code MVC10 with no space at the end. Story Mode Battleborn’s Story Mode is a narrative experience playable in a singl… Read more

That happened the last time it was posted so I hate to break it to you chum but it's the same deal! ;)


Ok. Well the previous discount code doesn't work with this anymore.... so unless I posted this and buzz posted the new code it would be £3.99.. not £3.59 so ye it is.


It's the same game, from the same merchant for the same price that has been previously posted. Therefore it's the same deal.


I'm not bothered about heat, it's nice to get it but if this was the same it would of been removed which it hasn't.


Both codes are doing the exact same job within the time frame of each relevant deal. Chill bro, you wanted easy heat, I get it...

Battleborn Ps4 £3.99 at game online
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
great price, and with the new update announced today and 4k ps4 pro support its a cheap price to show off your pro console :)
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thanks ordered :D


game is quite fun. new update introduces training modes which should better explain the multiplayer to new players.


£2.99 in store, saw some in Caerphilly earlier


Cheers. Had £3.15 game credit I'd forgot about, so only 84p paid. :)


ah **** it...its only £3.99 might as well ;)

Battleborn (with Firstborn Pack & Character Cards) @ GAME instore £3.99 [New]
LocalLocalFound 1st Dec 2016Found 1st Dec 2016
Didn't seem like a bad price at all for a new copy which came with the pre-order DLC and some character cards.
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online aswell


​thats 'basically' wrong 8)


had this on pc but very tempted to rebuy at this price


so tired of seeing this game on here. its basically under a fiver everywhere rendering it pretty much free.


Worth a try, the beauty about ps4 is they have sold so many consoles that always a good chance to find games online on most games. (apart from Secret Ponchos, nobody played that even when it was free on ps+)

Battleborn PS4 Preowned for £2.99 Instore @ Game
Found 30th Nov 2016Found 30th Nov 2016
I popped into the Watford game while i was down there to see if they were selling Battleborn cheap as i missed the online deal yesterday. Spotted it on the shelf for £2.99 pre-owne… Read more
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​You need to be connected to PSN for the game to work and certain features do require a PSN subscription to work


Do you have to have a PSN subscription to play battleborn?


Done ;)


Only 49p for MadWorld? Whoa, that is awesome.


Madworld is the real deal ;)

[Xbox One/PS4] Battleborn - £2.99 (£2.69 with code) - Preowned (Game)
Found 30th Nov 2016Found 30th Nov 2016
£2.69 with code 'VCGAME10'-Thanks BuzzDuraband PS4: From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of… Read more
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​rofl X)


My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who works for Sony told me otherwise.


Games with gold very soon as last ditch effort to gain a player base maybe??


Battleborn will soon be free, as the developers originally intended before Sony and M$ made them change their model.


Just wait till next week. They'll make the game free to play on every platform. My uncle works for Sony and told me this.

Battleborn (Xbox One) £4.99 @ Smyths
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of player. The universe teeters on the brink of extinction and only the most powerful Battleborn c… Read more

instore only deal I was told bt twitter. Got parents to nip to local store and it was £7.99


Paid slightly more than this, got bored after a few matches.


Is that with delivery included?


This has not been on my radar until now. This price is crazy for a newish game (_;)


*insert F2P comment* great find pal, just a shame traffic in Leeds is so bad at 5pm otherwise I might of detoured to crown point :D

Battleborn PS4/XBOX ONE £4.97 (£6.97 with delivery or free delivery over £20) @ Gamestop UK
Found 20th Oct 2016Found 20th Oct 2016
Fantastic price, especially considering it's new condition! Available for PS4 & Xbox One for £4.97 Delivery is £2.00 or free if you spend over £20 at gamestop UK 5.25% cashba… Read more
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great game this too Heat


Back in stock for PS4


great!! cheers!!


wasn't a bad game at all, quite fun when i tried it out, as for the f2p part in sept they said they had no chance of going free to play but on 5th oct this was last news... A source told Kotaku that the hero shooter game "Battleborn" will be a free-to-play game few months from now. As per the publication, it will happen in the middle of November; however, things can also change. Some rumors say that the date has already been postponed for several times. heat added for that great price though


Not played overwatch but did play a few levels of this, just wasn't fluid or intuitive.

Battleborn PS4 £8 Amazon Exclusively for Prime Members
Found 13th Oct 2016Found 13th Oct 2016
It's certainly not 2016's best game, but at £8 it's pretty hard not to give it a try for yourself :)

Wow this is losing value quicker than Halo 5!!!!


it's been rumoured to be going free2play for months now abit like evolve and still no news or confirmation that it is. The mistake 2k made with this is making it a full price release, everything about it feels like a f2p game or a budget release.


Not really a good deal but ok for Prime payers. The whole premise of Prime sucks to be honest.


Game is completely dead. Your literelly buying a dust collector.


Part of a 3 for £20 promotion at the game collection

Battleborn (XBox One & PS4) - £8.00 delivered @ Tesco Direct
Found 7th Oct 2016Found 7th Oct 2016
We all know about this, £8 brand new if interested. The universe teeters on the brink of extinction and only the most powerful Battleborn can stop it. This band of bada***s will s… Read more

So from that video I understand the F2P version will be in a different format to allow for the microtransactions. Personally I'm more interested in offline multiplayer games for my family and friends to play at my home. How does this hold up? Is it worth £8 then or will the F2P version also have offline multiplayer?


His a snake oil salesman. Don't believe a single word he says. He also still refuses to admit that Alien CM is a awful game.


Just to let everyone know the game is going free to play soon not that even that will get people to play this turd. Also word going around is that this game was originally going to release as a free to play game but greedy Take Two wanted people to pay full price for this turd sandwich.


I'm unsure to bite now you guys seem fairly sure it's going free. Me and the mrs are close to exhausting borderlands and was thinking of at least trying this before starting diablo. Anybody heard of this is half decent as a couch co-op?


​ Interested in this point too. Asda have it for £10 in-store. All the negativity surrounding it made me put it straight back. Brought beer instead.

Battleborn XBOX ONE "As New" £7.69 @ Boomerang Rentals
Found 24th Sep 2016Found 24th Sep 2016
From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of badass. Worth a go for 8 quid maybe

In stock on PS4 too I believe


Boring game after hour of play but if u like overwatch u probably like it


God this game fell to the depths of Hell so fast.


no stock..? :-(


£12.50 at Tesco if you fancy a sealed version

Battleborn (PS4) Used as New £7.69 @ Boomerang
Found 14th Sep 2016Found 14th Sep 2016
Price not shown on page but when added to basket will show as £7.69 From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of badass. The universe teete… Read more

Yeah and there's no way to see the stock counts, unfortunately.


That's the problem with posting Boomerang deals though isn't it? They don't last very long!


To be fair, it's been going in and out of stock for the past week or so. Keep an eye on it.


This offer goes OOS pretty often considering no one wants to play it (_;) Keep contemplating nabbing it for this price


Ha! Why do I bother! :)

Battleborn xbone £15 Asda instore
Found 12th Sep 2016Found 12th Sep 2016
Probably nationwide. This was in store in the swanley asda.

Very poor timing with the release of this game, it probably would have done much better if it were not for overwatch.


​The game has alot of hate on this site, even if it was under £10 it would probably go cold. I thought the beta was quite fun but many posts say the finished game is rubbish.


Can someone link to cheaper please?


why cold???

Battleborn (PS4, as-new) £7.69 delivered @ Boomerang rentals
Found 4th Sep 2016Found 4th Sep 2016
Cheapest I've ever seen it. Gotta feel for Gearbox, even if they are the brilliant minds behind Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens Colonial Marines! As-New = pristine disc, new box wi… Read more
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This is back in stock at time of posting.


This is back in stock at time of posting. Heard it's not great but for this price I'm happy to give it a go, especially after reading it has local co-op. Thanks OP :)


I love Borderlands but surely your money is better spent on the very very good Overwatch rather than a dying game




Gearbox flat out LIED about ACM with their marketing. The promos, trailers, interviews all contained footage that did not exist in the game. I supported Gearbox before ACM however they proved themselves not only to be untrustworthy but Pitchford has not even had the balls to apologise or acknowledge the complete debacle of a game they knowingly flogged to fans. I don't care about the qualities of Borderlands, the man behind the company is a con artist and the fact you are suggesting I add "anti Pitchford" comments on deals that expired years ago shows how obsolete your argument is. I really don't understand why it bothers you that I won't buy any Gearbox games. That said, I don't honestly care if it bothers you ether. Nothing wrong with me voicing my feelings on a game, company or person in a relevant topic!

Overwatch PS4/Xbox One £32 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
Finally a drop in price from the £40 it's been stuck at for a long period. Excellent game. Same price at Tesco and 99p more at Sainsburys if it helps.
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Heat added and game purchased for code Amazon UK discount code:20% Off - COHANWP2 does NOT work for this purchase tho.


​its always under £30 LMAO


Correct me if I'm wrong, but so is the Amazon one. It's not the amazon exclusive origins version, but still states it's an origins edition.


£32 on tesco for the Overwatch Origins editon ps4. Includes exclusive dlc and skins. Might as well get that instead.


If you want some inspiration on buying this, just watch these 2. Granted it will mean more once you know the characters a bit. They are amazing imo. Dragons (Hanzo/Genji) The Last Bastion

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