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Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018

Meh, sold out anyway


Game made me wait for 15 mins to get on their website only to offer this?! My Money went to shopto!


Which is £20 in Smyths. Unless you are a regular person who doesn't buy anything in game in fortnite (ninja)


well it is the deep freeze bundle


Game "deals" really poor so far

Battleborn PS4 Game (NEW) £2.68 free delivery @ 365games
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
From the creators of the award-winning Borderlands franchise "Gearbox Software", comes the new next generation, first person shooter game, "Battleborn". In the Distant future, the … Read more
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Us anyone still playing this? I thought is was fun but overwatch had a larger player base.


Was this free at some point with ps plus monthly games?


Ah battleborn.. Overwatch forced me to never play you, sorry I didn't give you a chance.


Good price, average game. Found it a little difficult to get involved in but only spent about £3 on it so this is also a good deal


The game is currently available as an indefinite free trial on all platforms

Battleborn on xbox one 1.99 on its own or the get buy two get two free deal @ Music Magpie
Found 7th Jun 2018Found 7th Jun 2018
Battleborn on xbox one 1.99 on its own or the get buy two get two free deal @ Music Magpie
Saw this was tempted to try it for 1.99 then saw it was in the buy 2 get 2 free which includes other gsmes dvds blurays or cds bargin 3 films and a game for 3.98 and free dleivery
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Good game but pointless now it’s dead


They literally can't give this game away!:) Not a bad game tbh but overwatch killed it!


I don't see any games buy 2 get 2 free? Sorry ignore me. I see it now on the home page.


I picked this up earlier, it'll make a nice coaster for my Overwatch mug ;)


Dead game which is a shame because I really enjoyed it. There is a free version on the store if you want to try it.

Fallout 4 + Star Wars Battlefront + Battleborn (PS4 / All preowned) £8 delivered @ Game
Found 6th Jun 2018Found 6th Jun 2018
Fallout 4 + Star Wars Battlefront + Battleborn (PS4 / All preowned) £8 delivered @ Game
Good price for 3 games delivered. Fallout: Star Wars: Battleborn: https:… Read more
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Battlefront useful for the PSVR mission but can get second hand for under £4. Heat as you’re effectively getting fallout and battleborn for the other £4 (highfive)


Battleborn was DOA. Battlefront stats here. Quiet but not dead - think you’ll be able to get a game quiet easily on PS4/XO - especially the 8v8 matches like Cargo (CTF). Heat added but I wouldn’t bother on ordering this for Battlefront/Battleborn, I’d just buy Fallout 4 for £5 preowned (or cheaper if I could find it) and save £3. But that’s just me (embarrassed)


Fallout is of course excellent, but are Battlefront 1 and Battleborn even alive nowadays?


Dirt cheap. Heat!

Battleborn Xbox / PS4 for £3.00 @ Game
Found 21st Mar 2018Found 21st Mar 2018
Battleborn Xbox / PS4 for £3.00 @ Game

I'd say for £3 it's still worth it for the single-player.


Worth it for the campaign. Great host of characters, especially Oscar Mike :D


Actually a decent game, despite the mockery it gets for not being Overwatch. Sadly, the devs aren't supporting it anymore and the community is pretty much dead.


£3 on ebay too


Does anybody still play this game?

Battleborn + DLC @ £2.99 @ CDKeys
Found 14th Jan 2018Found 14th Jan 2018
Battleborn + DLC @ £2.99 @ CDKeys
Not a bad price for DLC too?

Is a shame :( It is for games like this I feel PC, Xbox and PlayStation players should be able to play together to keep these games alive.


They've given up on it


With the recent news Paladins is to create a battle royale mode, I was surprised Battleborn didn't jump at the chance of doing this to try and bring their game back from the dead.


World wide!? (shock)


65 people playing:

Battleborn (Xbox One) - £3.76 prime / £5.75 non-prime @ Sold by GAME_Outlet and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Battleborn (Xbox One) - £3.76 prime / £5.75 non-prime @ Sold by GAME_Outlet and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Also showing as £4.43 for PS4. Best really as part of an order with free delivery, as it would make a great stocking filler for someone with an Xbox One that doesn't already have … Read more
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Still a fun game solo I still play it with friends and solo but if you got friends to pick it up I'd say go for it and the Xbox looking for group usually has some people to join


As above, it's not worth it. It's an online game with nobody playing it. I got it for PS4 last month for the same price and regret it, just a waste of money.


No one plays save your money


Is it still £1 in Smyth's?


Was £1 in smyths.

Battleborn first-hand ps4 for £1 instore @ Game
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Battleborn first-hand ps4 for £1 instore @ Game
Went into Game they had Battleborn first-hand ps4 for £1 might be the same in other Game stores cheap Christmas gift.
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Damn that sucks, oh well, worth a thought


I don't think they match them anymore TBH.


So £2.60 at Game...


Also CeX voucher not a lot but £1.60


Yeah it wasn't in store as far as I know and the good thing is it's cheaper than you pre-owned which was £3 and on Xbox One £3.99.

Battleborn - PS4 AND XBOX ONE £3 @ Game
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
Battleborn - PS4 AND XBOX ONE £3 @ Game
From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of badass. The universe teeters on the brink of extinction and only the most powerful Battleborn … Read more

Game really need to work out a better way of business than opening factory sealed items, gutting the contents and putting 'empties' on the shelf.


I had same problem from Game recently, albeit different game. Tried passing off used copy as new, their explanation being ex demo store copy. Felt need to reiterate ex demo is not new and sent it back for refund out of principle. I’m not giving a purple stickered copy as a birthday present to someone who likewise knows better.


I think it's only the PVP modes that are free to play and that's with a weekly changing rotation of 5 characters. The paid version gives you instant access to all 30+ characters, the co-op campaign (which is decent) and I assume the co-op content that came with the season pass. It's actually a pretty good game and it wasn't too hard finding players a couple of months back


You also can't unlock achievements in the free version, so this still has some appeal to folk who are into those (like me).


Might be free to play, but people may prefer it on disc to save having to download the entire game

Tales From The Borderlands PS4/Xbox £2.70 - Moto GP16 Valentino Rossi PS4 £7.50 - Battleborn PS4/Xbox £2.70 @ Game
Found 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
Tales From The Borderlands PS4/Xbox £2.70 - Moto GP16 Valentino Rossi PS4 £7.50 - Battleborn PS4/Xbox £2.70 @ Game
Few decent prices at Game and free delivery. Tales from the Borderlands Xbox One £2.70 with code MVC10 - sold out more
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Got a used copy in the mail today (annoyed) they really need to cut that out. It’s sleezy.


Just had an email to say they are refunding my money due to having no more stock to send me my order


Back to 9.99


No one's online. Don't bother.


Tempted by Battleborn but just know I will never get round to playing it (fierce)

Battleborn PS 4 (Pre owned) £1.50 @ Game + £1.99 P&P
Found 2nd Sep 2017Found 2nd Sep 2017
Battleborn PS 4 (Pre owned) £1.50 @ Game + £1.99 P&P
Also included in the 3 for 2 preowned games at GAME . Probably just something to add to your physical collection of games.

Oh i get you, i do apologise. Next time I'll learn to read! (poo)


Unless i'm wrong and olease correct me if I am but there's literally no point in buying this now? Game is free to play and you don't get the benefits having the physical copy anymore?


Yes, they are the standard postage costs for Game, but their Fareham branch are classed as a 3rd party seller with £1.99 postage fees. Its also worth knowing that Battleborn is pretty much Free to Play now. [Link] With "unlimited competitive multiplayer for FREE"



Ouch! It's free here in the Doncaster -Rotherham zone for standard delivery or collection.

Battleborn now ONLY £1 at Smyths instore - Newry, Northern Ireland
Found 31st Jul 2017Found 31st Jul 2017
Battleborn now ONLY £1 at Smyths instore - Newry, Northern Ireland
Smyths seem to even drop there price's even more on there second hand games. I know that the game has went free to play. But with the disc you get bonuses and a decent single p… Read more
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This should have went free to play ages ago. It's the only thing that could have saved it. Unfortunately even for £1 it's over priced as the player base is so low. Currently on Steam there are 66 people playing. I can't see consoles being much higher. I haven't voted either way.


Battleborn is a lesson in how a few seemingly little mistakes can cost games developers hugely. The way they built the game heavily banked on having a large player base to sustain it... Then they failed to really court an audience properly prior to release and made the enormous error of not doing enough to separate the game from Overwatch (which is really only a superficially similar game but the word was allowed to spread that it was a poor mans Overwatch and Overwatch was definitely going to be the definitive game in the genre... despite them not really sharing a genre). I think it probably gave Gear Box ego a little bit of a bloody nose... Borderlands 1+2 are not enough to carry their future projects for them in the way millions of people would eat **** and claim it tasted good so long as Blizzard stamped their logo on it.


I'd agree, but it is a symptom of a saturated market where even the selective gamer has so much to choose from I'm certain the bulk of steam accounts have more unplayed than played games in them.


Nah, 20p is my biting point.


That's just crazy. No proper console/pc videogame should ever be that cheap considering the amount of money and hard work involved on creating them. Just not healthy for games development and gaming in the long term. Saying that, great finding. Hopefully at least some more people get to enjoy it this way.

[Xbox One/Steam] Battleborn Trial (Now effectively FREE - PS4 coming 13th)
Found 6th Jun 2017Found 6th Jun 2017
[Xbox One/Steam] Battleborn Trial (Now effectively FREE - PS4 coming 13th)
We knew it was coming, and it now looks like it is here. Battleborn now has a free trial on PC and Xbox One (PS4 coming 13th June) which has ultimately made it the F2P we expected … Read more
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I already new was free online after seeing this post but just picked it up for £3 for the campaign . Looking online campaign looks ok . Anyone else played the campaign. I fought bulletstorm was crap played it a few days ago giving my copy away .Is this better then bulletstorm


​So is overwatch in my opinion but everyone thought it was decent because it had Battleborn to compete with, to me neither had much conent and didn't deserve the price tag, hell Overwatch got GOTY and had about the same amount of content as Batflefront. just my opinion though


Everyone thinks its crap. Anyone who is saying its good is just trolling.


like the last 2 comments, I wanted to try this game but I didn't want to buy it yet as there were quite bad reviews. Just played a few matches, training, etc for like 1 hour, and I don't know why, but I found it pretty bad... I think this might have been a one-off experience :)


I got the disc in Argos when it was popping up on HUKD on a weekly basis around Christmas time. I've played it for like 10-15 minutes before quitting. Will check if I got the Founder pack :)

battleborn £2 instore @ Asda washington & many more
LocalLocalFound 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
battleborn £2 instore @ Asda washington & many more
PS4 Battleborn £2 Until dawn £12 No mans sky £12 Dark souls 3 £7 Assassins creed syndicate £10 Dead island definitive edition Xbox one £8 Far cry primal Xbox one £6 Wii u Splatoo… Read more
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Picked up Uncharted 4 for £15 and PES 16 for £4. Everything else gone in Tunbridge Wells.


Not many good stuff in my local (Pwllheli North Wales) however they had loads of Lego Dimensions starter pack for PS4 priced at £18 which was lower than the X360 and PS3 version at £25.


You didn't happen to notice any PS3/PS4 deals while you were there?


Deadpool Xbox one £6 TrackMania Turbo Xbox one £5 My pickings in Portadown branch Also had most of their ink cartridges for £2, 55 inch polaroid TV £200, 32 inch Panasonic TV £120

battleborn ps4 was £22.99 now £5.99 (NO NEED FOR CREDIT ACCOUNT) @ very
Found 14th May 2017Found 14th May 2017
battleborn ps4 was £22.99 now £5.99 (NO NEED FOR CREDIT ACCOUNT) @ very
A bargain in my opinion Battleborn is an action-packed next-gen hero-shooter from the creators of the award-winning Borderlands franchise. The universe teeters on the brink of e… Read more
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OP you might be getting the message now that very, is expensive and EVERYTHING you posted today is a lot cheaper elsewhere,


This is a crappier Overwatch If you actually don't want to pay for Overwatch then you can just play the new Paladins for free, which is much better and has a lot more people playing it than this


"Was £22.99" that's a pretty crazy price. This game has been £3.99 (brand new) for ages, so this isn't really a good deal.


In argos aswel cheap


Do you work for Very, OP?

Battleborn PS4 (Pre-owned) £2.69 delivered @ Game
Found 9th May 2017Found 9th May 2017
Battleborn PS4 (Pre-owned) £2.69 delivered @ Game
Been this price (pre-owned) at Game a few times according to HUKD history, but all previously expired. Used code: MVC10 to get down to £2.69. Good for new PS4 owners like me. Be… Read more
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Why get this when there's Overwatch? If you don't want to pay then get Paladins which is another game with the same genre and it's FREE with a decent playerbase


You can sell it and get your money back. That's what this price point allows you to do.


still not worth it. bought it for £2 and played 20 mins. now just an emergency game box


You'd think going for so cheap would increase the player base. I'll bite at this price for my Lil bros. Hopefully the split screen will keep them entertained. Edit. Didn't notice it's gone back up. Not worth it for 5£ new lol


Only good thing about this is that it has 2 player splitscreen and some sorta campaign

Battleborn Xbox One (New) + Free Delivery £4.99 @ Game
Found 6th Apr 2017Found 6th Apr 2017
Battleborn Xbox One (New) + Free Delivery £4.99 @ Game
Standard Battleborn game
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Been posted for around half that price before. I didn't bite then. Apparently the game is dead. Invest your money in Overwatch instead.


Posted here


Good deal, but if you have a broadband allowance you have to download a 21GB update before it can be played.


Don't fancy battleborn myself, but great price OP, heat :)


MVC10 brings 10% off

Thief & Final Fantasy Type 0 (Xbox One) £4.85 each delivered @ Shopto
Found 29th Mar 2017Found 29th Mar 2017
Thief & Final Fantasy Type 0 (Xbox One) £4.85 each delivered @ Shopto
£4.85 each delivered, Thief & Final Fantasy dropping £1. Thief - Final Fantasy -… Read more

Thanks OP. Have given Thief a go. Can't really go wrong for £4.85.


Fantastic price considering digitally they are £15.99 and £29.99 8)


I say Thief is well worth a go for £5 of anyone's money. People need to remember reviews are basically saying whether someone should buy a game at say, £35. Once a game like Thief is £5, any small issues with the game or weaknesses in gameplay go out of the window as far as I'm concerned.


Pointless comment before anyone else gets in there THIEF WAS FREE WITH GWG ABOUT 18 YEARS AGO* *slight exaggeration on timescale but pointless all the same


This includes firstborn pack, no idea whether GAME's does or not.

[Xbox One] Battleborn - £2.02 (Preowned) - Game
Found 25th Mar 2017Found 25th Mar 2017
[Xbox One] Battleborn - £2.02 (Preowned) - Game
Use code MVC10. Apologies for the lack of content, posting from mobile. Shall we?
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I think it was Mr Saygoodbyetoyourjob :)


I'll agree with you there tbh but initially they look similar and that's where this game loses appeal. Overwatch looks a lot better for a start. In terms of playing online etc, Battleborn is much more difficult I'll admit. In terms of heroes, I'd actually say Battleborn is more adventurous than Overwatch but that's about it.


It's not even that similar to Overwatch but still, who at 2K thought it was a good idea to release this at the same time as Overwatch and basically directly compete with it. Crazy.


Great deal. Heat! However, I'm not going to lie it's a very below average game. Got it for £3 brand new with a DLC code a few months ago and I've barely touched it. I find it a chore to play and compared to Overwatch it's really bad. Maybe if I didn't have Overwatch I'd enjoy it more? Who knows. Still a great deal for £2 though and the inclusion of a single/ multiplayer campaign is a plus.


Preowned looks to be £5.72 and the code seems to be invalid too.

[Steam] Battleborn - £2.37 (CDKeys) (5% Discount)
Found 12th Mar 2017Found 12th Mar 2017
[Steam] Battleborn - £2.37 (CDKeys) (5% Discount)
From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of badass. The universe teeters on the brink of extinction and only the most powerful Battleborn … Read more
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The main story takes about 8 hours to complete on normal difficulty.


Not at all, I put more time into the beta :).


​is the story that short ??


There is no point in buying this. I have put < 1 hour in it.


This game suffered a fast and painful death thanks to Overwatch.

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