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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection  PC £14.06 @ INSTANT GAMING
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Celebrate Street Fighter’s historic legacy with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. In this massive collection of 12 Street Fighter titles, perfect arcade balance makes… Read more
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Exactly and just because you can play these in a emulator does not mean they are 'free', I believe retro games should be preserved given that original hardware and media will die out and Roms serve that purpose until the industry wakes up and gives us a proper legal channel for this stuff on current platforms, however I also support publishers who allow me to buy said retro content, it is after all their IP at the end of the day and they can do with it what they wish.


I don't think the industry would collapse from people refusing to buy ancient games for relatively high prices. You literally can get SF V for £6 and SF IV for £7. Do we really think a bunch of retro games are worth more than more recent titles?


What emulator would you recommend? I'm going to probably buy this on PS4 but wouldn't mind comparing against the roms on PC


It's a shame they used version 1 ports, instead of the final builds. What was that about? I'm not sure if my madcatz sf V stick for ps4 will work on my PC.


I can remember having to pay £60 for street fighter 2 for the Mega drive. If you told me you could get arcade perfect ports for street fighter 2 and everything else on this collection for £14, I would have been amazed.

Street Fighter V 5 PC £5.99 @ CD KEYS
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
The legendary fighting franchise returns with Street Fighter V! Powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology, stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unpreceden… Read more
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This is the sad reality of games nowadays. They're selling you a bicycle part by part. Until then just roll one of the wheels around.


Think I'll wait for the "Ultra Edition", which will be in another couple of years! Until then I'll buy SF4 Ultra when it's posted on here for around £3.50 again.


Free weekend on Steam is about to end or already ended. It's not bad if you ask me but not anywhere as enjoyable as Injustice 2. Unless you're a street fighter fan. Plus capcom are being scammy again with the different edition, you get the bare minimum with the standard edition, you'd have to go for the arcade one in order to have most of the characters. Angry Joe said that it takes over 900 games to unlock 16 skins as there is in-game money but they expect you to spend real money... I don't think I'll be buying but might change my mind.


Not played myself but I don't think you can go wrong with 6 quid (y)


Has anyone played SF5 (in the deal) and enjoyed it? Is it worth it at this price? I really liked SF4, but heard so many mixed reviews and have been waiting for this to come down. Is it finally worth a punt?

FLASH SALE at PlayStation PSN Store USA - Assassins Creed Rogue £13.85 Street Fighter V £7.69 Sword Art Online £18.47 Tekken 7 £18.47 Yoku's Island Express £11.54 Resident Evil 7 Gold £23.09
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Game Price GBP % Off Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered $17.99 £13.85 40% Bridge Constructor Portal $8.99 £6.92 40% DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ $41.99 £32.33 30% DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ… Read more
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Thanks for confirming that! I couldn't remember if it was right or not and didn't want anyone losing money!


Yeah your 100% right, UK discs and digital games will not work with any dlc apart from the psn Europe, same the other way if you have a USA disc or digital and buy the dlc from the UK store.


Cheers but bought it on the US Store last month for a fiver so the DLC is going with the same region


Might be wrong but don't think dlc will work unless you have the American version of the game, again I could be wrong but think someone here told me that when I said about the season pass for Arkham Knight going cheap


The DLC for SF5 is getting bought due to the nightmare grind fest I’m having unlocking all characters. (annoyed)

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - Includes Ultra Street Fighter IV (Xbox One) £19.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Includes Free digital copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV Celebrate 30 years of the most iconic fighting game series – The hit series with over 39 million units in global sales retur… Read more

Ah yeah, helps if I actually go to the webpage... XD thanks for the heads up, will likely hold out for a PS4 copy around this price though.


They put a big long title and also mentioned it in bold in the description. I see no reason why shouldn't this be included.


Does this defintiely include USF4 download? I heard it was a pre-order bonus and loads of people didnt receive them from various retailers.


Heat and a great game for any street fighter fans. Personally have this on the switch (wanted it on the go) and looking forward to the Nintendo official dpad left controller. Absolutely pain without one. Hopefully we will see some dlc with this over time. Even if its a couple new costumes or little alterations.


Also, same price from their sister company, Boss Deals on eBay.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection- Nintendo Switch £24.85 @ Simplygames
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Still more expensive than the PS4/Xbox One version, but much closer to their £21.99 price now. (y)

Ok buddy. You keep up the keyboard warrioring. Just while you're giving out advice and telling people how to spend their money, I'm off food shopping later. Can you tell me what I should buy for dinner? I wouldn't want to look an idiot to you now. (lol)


You take that as aggressive, perhaps leaving this deal alone is wisdom, you need to leave the gaming alone for a while! XD


'Blame the Switch tax". It was meant to be a joke, sorry I didn't clarify it.


I see digital games a bit like alcohol - it is dual-priced, to make deals seem more bargainous. Nintendo are admittedly worse for it, with fewer titles seeing permanent discounted values (say, compared to PS store or XB store).


And then the digital price is held hostage because they can't under cut the physical price. Of course those games that are only digital and more expensive on switch have no real argument other than them being chancers and trying to capitalise on it being new hardware...trouble is the eshop is now flooded with games...which is why we're seeing more and more titles go on sale, or start being priced the same as other platforms day 1. Nothing to do with 'blame switch tax'.

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[PS4] Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - £15.95 - Coolshop
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Cheapest price I've seen since Shopto had their moment of madness just after release. The listing from Coolshop shows English across the board (language and covers). Wh… Read more
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Great stuff! Thanks!


I was a tournament player for SF4 and I darn loved the game. Played it everyday, took it seriously and came 5th at EGX tournament 2016. Everything about the mechanics of the game was just perfect for me. It had a real connection with users. Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing with SF5, it's ok and can be fun but I can almost guarantee you there will be more rages and more quitting in this game. It just looks a bit rushed by Capcom. I just wished they would have continued the SF4 mechanics and polished it's flaws by listening to it's user... but hey it's Capcom, I'm use to getting shit on by them with there addons, buying characters and no sense of fulfilment when you grind. I hope that helps (y)


Cheers. I played at friends and enjoyed it, was wondering about the season pass stuff


SFV is very good. Fighting wise it doesnt get much better. The issues the game had was too much dlc and releasing with little content at launch. There was no real arcade mode or even story mode. Afew characters etc. The arcade edition comes with season pass 1 and 2 alongside many other new updates. Its a very good value game now. Glad its made its way. :D


That's why I was asking. Seems a good price. I have a tendency to buy fighting games and not play them, so I think I'll pass. It didn't seem casual enough for me either.

[Steam/Capcom Sale] Resident Evil 4 HD - £2.55 / Resident Evil 5 - £2.37 (Gold - £3.91) / Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection - £13.66 / Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - £5.44 / Ultra Street Fighter IV - £3.91 and More - Voidu
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
Some cracking prices on Capcom games at Voidu. SF 30th Anniversary is about £5 cheaper than anywhere else, although the reviews aren't favourable on Steam :( Great prices on Res… Read more

Im guessing you'd be covered if using PayPal.


Picked up RE4, Ducktails and Capcom vs Marvel 3. Many thanks for sharing OP :)


Is it easy to set up RE5 for split screen co-op? Ive seen a few instructions online how to do it, but wondered if anyone has any experience with it? Are there any downsides to running the GFWL beta version?


DuckTales : Remastered - £2.69 (y)


Shenmue I & II is €21.44. Hot!

Street fighter 30th anniversary collection instore at Game for £14.99
LocalLocalFound 20th JulFound 20th Jul
I managed to pick up this game in store for £14.99 in the sale new @Game Its not advertised yet online but is in store!
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It'll be £15 fo sho on BF.


i tried to buy a random japanese game that was £1 for xb360 years ago at game. the guy went and put the wrong japanese game in the box, it was a brand new game and cost about £39.99 at the time! I only noticed on the way home so decided to keep it...! And to date, its still in the pile of games yet to play!!!I I googled: resonance of fate - March 2010!!!


yeah people would try this virtually every shift i ever worked. you were likely served by a new memeber of staff...or just an incompetant one. dummy's don't normally have barcodes on them.most inexperianced staff will blindly scan the case you bring up only noticing an issue if it doesn't scan (thus alerting them that it's not a real case, & that they need a real case/new copy). so the staff member would've just tried to scan it and not paid attention as to wether it was the right item sku. personally i'd have noticed that this was the wrong price, as it stands out. nice bit of luck on your end though.


Ah you reckon? Fair enough, I didn’t actually notice that on the receipt. Bargain for me then! :)


this is wrong. i'd recon someone took the p/o barcode sticker off the back of a preowned game, then placed it on a dummy sleeve which usually has no barcode and the staff were stupid enough to fall for it. condidition of the case i'd guess it was a dummy sleeve, (used to promote game) and some idiot put the game in this case, rather than grabbing a new sealed copy (or they're down ot the last 2 copies and din't check the barcode was right. just some idiotic staff memeber who doens't pay attention. won't get this in other stores. worked there for years and people always tried this, i was simply never stupid enough to fall for it. also offers start on a thursday at game. so for it not to be active on the website over a day later means it's not an actual offer. so very obviously a pricing error that other stores wouldn't be stupid enough to do. expire it.

Street Fighter V PS4 Vinyl Skin £1.99 @ Game + Free Delivery
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Officially Licensed Street Fighter V premium quality vinyl sticker kit Includes 2 x console skins (1 x horizontal + 1 x vertical) & 2 x controller skins Easy to install, simp… Read more
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It's only £1 more on Amazon if you wanted to buy one:





Thanks, I've expired the deal :)



HORI Super Nintendo Classic Edition Wireless Fighting Commander Controller. Officially Licensed by Nintendo. Was £29.99 reduced to £17.99 @ Argos - free C&C
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Was £29.99 reduced to £17.99 Officially Licensed by Nintendo. Enjoy your Super Nintendo Classic Mini with the modern convenience of a wireless controller! Packed with features, the… Read more
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No, you're right! I tried one of these aswell, (as they just looked so cool) but they're absolutely useless in all the ways you just described. I have been very unimpressed by most things that Hori has brought out for Nintendo products. I'm amazed that Nintendo even gives them a license. For the SNES Mini, the 8-bitdo versions are the best wireless ones that look and behave how a snes controller is supposed to. But on most wireless controllers you are still limited by range. So what I prefer to do for both my NES mini and my SNES mini is just use an extension cable on the original wired controllers. There's some pretty good ones out there which work out much cheaper than buying expensive controllers. When doing that though, it's worth looking out for the ones that let you link up multiple extension leads. (as some will lose signal if you link up more than one, whereas others have been designed with repeaters built into the connectors, so you get zero signal loss). The Orzly ones are a good example of ones that work well for multiple linking. I don't always need to, as they're often loing enough as they are. but depending on what room I'm in, it has been necessary at times. (my friend has a big living room where the couch is far away from the TV, and saved us no end with that method).


Don't touch these with a ten-foot pole. I returned mine, as did a lot of people, because they're utterly useless as a fighting controller. (mad) Without using swear words it's difficult to do justice to how bad these are. (poo) (poo) They miss diagonals, which means rotations are virtually impossible. Their wireless range is ridiculously hit and miss, even in a small room. HORI should be HORIfied that they put out such an awful piece of junk. Sorry OP, I don't know of a better price so I won't give cold, but seriously, these are absolute junk. Edit: Some feedback from others in the Nintendo Life hardware review comments: -- "I bought this and sadly its VERY bad. Connection problems, misses 9/10 diagonals (making street fighter awful!) Signal easily blocked by small physical objects, occasional noticeable lag, directions hanging as if constantly pressed. Unbelievably poor. Not sure how this has been praised here as I've not used a wireless controller with so many problems since the 90s... so in that way it's at least era accurate. Seeing this mentioned elsewhere too, so either this review is way off or there is a seriously large bad batch... Taking mine back for a refund,and I'd advise anyone thinking about getting this to seriously avoid it. I'd love to see footage of the reviewer playing a single decent round of SF2 with this thing." -- Just want to say I have this and as above it is VERY bad for Street Fighter II. The diagonals don't register so you can't pull off any moves when you need to. 1/10 for Street Fighter and any games that require diagonals. For anything else it's usable. Except the button layout is explicitly set for Street Fighter! So it's worthless. I've put in a preorder for the 8BitDo controller. Hopefully the quality is better. -- I don't know if the reviewer got a special copy or what but it's almost impossible to pull off diagonals and since this controller was made for fighting games hence the name fighting commander it's practically useless for me. I only bought this for street fighter and you can't dodge or pull off combos without diagonal controls so I don't know if the reviewer got paid to just hype this up with fluff, got some reviewer copy that didn't have this defect, or just didn't test it out on street fighter which would be crazy but do NOT buy if you wan't 8 way directional controls. And if you see an 4 or 5 star review on a retailer site chances are that the person didn't use it for street fighter or doesn't care but all the 1 and 2 star reviews out there are deserved, HORI which produces great gaming accessories and excellent peripherals really dropped the ball on this one, seems like they rushed it out of the factory and into the stores too soon.


must be a way to get it to work on PC surely!?


I knew I shouldn't have looked at hotdeals today lol heat added


Out of stock for delivery or collection in Staffordshire.

Street Fighter V for PC for only £5.49 @ CDKeys
Found 30th JunFound 30th Jun
Not a bad price for the game the lowest I've seen it Can be as low £5.22 if you get the 5% discount code from Facebook.
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We joke about it, but the truth is that all of the characters should have been included from the start, and I suspect there are many like me waiting for it. I reckon DLC should have been kept to cosmetics - stages, outfits, etc.


Good price. Been looking at this for a while but finally bit. So far it's just as good as street fighter 4 gameplay wise but I would have liked a few more characters in the base game


i'am waiting for: Hyper Ultra Street Fighter V Turbo Arcade Edition Remix: The New Challengers EX Plus Alpha


Thank you, I’m out of touch with all these versions!


Am I right in saying that all the new characters can be unlocked via in game money? I know it’s kind of like a Siege/For Honor situation where the unlock rate sucks and buying the season pass is better but for a guy who only plays Ryu this is ideal for me.

[Steam] Street Fighter V - £6.01 - Instant Gaming
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Six pounds and one whole penny, bit of a bargain. Currently £20.99 on Steam, £7.99 at CDKeys. £6.19 if paying with PayPal :) The legendary fighting franchise returns with… Read more
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Wha? All the best ports of Streetfighter have been on the PC (of the ones that are released) , Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo had better graphics and music than the arcade (larger more detailed sprites and music remixed) and the actual arcade version of Steer Fighter 4 ran on a Windows PC. Street fighter 5 has the best graphics on PC and you dont have to deal with the terrible playstation network to find an online game.


This definitely seems more at home on a console, but with the PS4 exclusivity the only way I can play it is on PC. Heat for the deal, thanks.


No need for apologies. SF IV was in the 2015 Capcom Humble Bundle (7 years after its release), it was in the £15.00 top tier. Regardless of it happens sometime in the next 4 years I think £6 is decent enough without waiting :)


Sorry, I mean it will come to humble top tier like sf4 last time. Sf5 was never appear on humble yet


When was it first in a Humble Bundle?

PS+ Double Discounts at PSN Store Asia - Titanfall 2 £2.99 or Ultimate Edition £5.17, Mirrors Edge Catalyst £2.99, Battlefield Bundle £3.63, Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle £11.00, Rocket League £7.21, Ultra Street Fighter IV £8.64
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
GAME Non PS+ IRP GBP PS+ IRP GBP Assault Gunners HD Edition Complete Set PS4 146700 £7.78 130400 £6.91 Silence PS4 222750 £11.81 148500 £7.87 Assault Gunners HD Edition PS4… Read more
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Well you can play the games & get the trophies on your UK account..


Cheers mate, more titles have been added.


I've added more titles to the list, realised it was pulling in an incomplete list.


I've since updated the list, a number of games were missing.


Nothing much for me, but for the effort I've added heat

PS Plus Specials at PlayStation PSN Store North America *PayDay 2 £7.59, Steep £11.39, Assassins Creed Rogue £13.67, Battlefield 4 Premium £9.11, Street Fighter V £7.59, The Division £11.39, Mortal Kombat XL £7.59 and more using 2 Day Trick
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
If you don’t have PS Plus on your US account and you haven’t yet used and/or been offered a trial, go to data management settings on your PS4 console and attempt to upload a file t… Read more
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There’s a few PSVR deals on the current Indonesian sale for sure.




Then you’ll need to spend some time researching this one I’m afraid.


I think this one belongs on


Heat added but I'm afraid the cold votes have savaged what I believe is a great deal @joeydeacon Thanks for posting and thanks for the effort; it's appreciated here

Street Fighter V 5 PC @cdkeys - £6.99
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
The legendary fighting franchise returns with Street Fighter V! Powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology, stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unpr… Read more

It’s now 7.99


Wish it is deluxe edition


Is this an unusually low price?


Great price, just in case anyone is wondering this version updates to Arcade Edition (though you won't get the Season 1 & 2 character passes).


Great purchased another one to the never ending steam games

Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Apologies if already posted (did check) been tempted at £21.99 via Prime next day but found it for £19.99 (3rd party seller but fullfilled by Amazon) still free delivery for prime … Read more
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Thanks for that, much appreciated. Will give it a try tonight (highfive)


Quarter circle, starting from down and go towards your opponent and then a punch button.


Defo one for BF.


How do you throw a fireball when you are Ken or Ryu using a PS4 controller? I can't work out how to do any of the moves.


I can remember, virgin megastore, Dixon's, electronic boutique, play, gamestation and computer exchange. There was one more but I cannot recall the name

Hyrule Warriors: Definative Edition [Switch] £31.99 // Monster Hunter World [PS4/XBox]  £27.99 // Far Cry 5 [XBox] £27.99 with code // Street Fighter 30th Anniversary [Switch] £30.39 @ Moster-shop
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Switch £30.39 Far Cry 5 XBox £27.99 Monster Hunter World XBox Monster Hunter PS4 A Way Out XBox £15.99 Use code TOMMYSTAKEOVER f… Read more

Crap, I always miss these.


Just saw on Twitter the code was only valid until 12pm


Same, code won't work on anything else and Hyrule Warriors is OoS now


Was curious to see if this would work on a Mario Tennis Aces Preorder but got a "Coupon "tommystakeover" does not exist!" message.


should have waited to buy zelda damn it

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition PS4 for £16.85 delivered @ Base
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Price drop Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will include everything from the original release of Street Fighter V, along with the addition of brand new gameplay-related content inc… Read more
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This has the base version's characters and the code to download the season pass 1 and 2 characters I think. But not season pass 3


Does this have all the characters unlocked? I have Street fighter 5 and it's an absolute ball ache trying to get even a couple characters unlocked and pretty much ruins the game


SF V is very good, but I suggest getting a fight stick or fight pad... to really enjoy it.


Thanks OP. Ordered

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - Steam - £19.99 / £18.99 with FB code @ CDKeys
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
£19.99 is cheap enough £18.99 with FB like is a bargain Steam activation I bought this on release day and it came with USF4 but didn't want to list in case it doesnt Especially … Read more
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lmao just use fightcade


Never got SV4 from cd keys.. anyone know how I can get it?


No Alpha 3 World Tour mode 😔 gutted.


Which version of 3s is it? Unblockables or no unblockables?


The game has a nice presentation but it's also very rough when you start looking around, each game uses the version 1 US rom so this means some of the bug fixes that arcades saw in the day are not in this version, like balance changes and the stupid hard super turbo computer AI in arcade mode, good luck beating that one. The game also runs on a bunch of save states, selecting rematch will just load up a savestate at the character screen so the game isn't even handling it itself, it's all forced by the overlay. You don't see post match results in 3rd strike for example because of this. It's a good collection of past SF games but someone like me, it's not good enough from the rough edges.

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