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Death Stranding (Steam PC) £10.82 with code @ Gamivo/GameSaloon
Made hot 5th DecMade hot 5th Dec
Good price for the game at Gamivo - use the code GIFT10 . NBP based on CDKeys Make sure to unselect User Protection and Gamivo Smart. Use PayPal for the price mentioned and look … Read more

Also €11.18 on HRK all key shop


It’s not just navigating, there is planning your route, the gear you need for it. Risk vs reward. There is combat too, a fair amount of it actually. Both with Mule’s (normal humans) and also things from the other side. The gear upgrades are well paced so you feel like you’re getting more advanced ways to do things but the challenges are getting tougher too so you constantly need to strategise to overcome whatever the game is asking of you. It’s such a hard game to explain as it’s so unique. The first 5 hours might feel like walking simulator but once you’re absorbed by the rest of the game you can see why it was such a strong follow with people rating it so highly. It’s not a game for everyone. If it is a game for you, then it’ll be one of the most engaging games you’ve ever played. As far as I know there are still lots of people playing. What you find is you see the same names over and over so I’m guessing they have X players in a world with X worlds on a server so as the player base slims down so will the worlds so the player count still remains high enough per instance


Does the multiplayer function still work or if people stop playing does that make the roads etc non existent?


So does the enjoyment come from struggling to hold onto your luggage on your trip? And the satisfaction of navigating through and around tricky terrain?


It’s an amazing game and way more to it than walking from A to B. I haven’t had time to finish it, had a friend want to buy my PS4 as he knew I wasn’t gaming but I won’t sell it till I’ve finished this game. If I could transfer the save to PC I’d buy this again for PC. One of the top games I’ve played in years.

[Steam] Death Stranding (PC) - £10.54 @ Voidu
Made hot 29th NovMade hot 29th Nov
From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience. Stay connected with the "Social Strand System™”. Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transf… Read more

definitely want this but my friend recomended waiting for the directors cut


Game one of a kind, very slow action, some people may find it boring, I didn't :D

DEATH STRANDING PC + DLC ( Steam ) - £10.99 @ CDKeys
Made hot 26th NovMade hot 26th Nov
Base game “Selections From ‘The Art of Death Stranding’” Digital Book (by Titan Books) LUDENS MASK SUNGLASSES (CHIRAL GOLD AND OMNIREFLECTOR) GOLD and SILVER POWER SKELETON GOL… Read more

If you don't want DLC, don't mind Gamivo, can successfully navigate checkout (lol) , and wanted <£10 ...


Better to wait for the PC release of Director's Cut or just buy it anyway?


I enjoyed it but I can see why some wouldn't. I've just lent my ps4 to my sis so she can play it. I'm doubting she will last very long, but I may well be surprised.


So much game here for this price, finished it last year and enjoyed it

Death Stranding Director's Cut [PS5] £27.95 delivered @ Coolshop
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Albeit slightly more expensive than the Rarewaves deal posted below, this presents another option for those with any concerns re: Rarewaves shipping times: https://www.hotukdeal… Read more

I was tempted to trade mine earlier after getting tired of waiting and the devs seemingly more interested in the PC port which was getting cheaper and cheaper. Thankfully GAME where offering too little so I kept it and glad I did. I'm too old and jaded to think anything other than those £5 Tesco copies will be on ebay for £20 buy-it-now bids. (zombie) I'm sure if you keep tabs on listings though you'll be able to snag a deal. £8-10 seems the best atm. Worth checking your local supermarkets (assuming the do games) as I believe ASDA etc have done similar £5 deals in the past. Any trade in places will likely have cheap stock too. I just use CEX in my examples because it's easy to find prices I can reference.


Oh no! I'd just sold it :| Let's hope the £5 Tesco editions end up on eBay lol worth a replay over the Christmas period


Director's Edition 'digital deluxe' (hence the extra digital goodies) on ps5 for me. You're getting the full fat ps5 experience (improved graphics performance as well as the additional missions and gear) with the £5 upgrade. PS4 and 5 appear as separate apps and have separate trophies. I upgraded from an original copy I'd kept from launch. Pop the disc in your ps5 and the upgrade should show on the game page/store. Save transfers from the old version are a little more convuluted than needs be but no more than an inconvenience. Well worth the fiver to upgrade if you have a copy already and almost always cheaper than current ps5 branded deals with no time limit on the upgrade offer, and plenty of cheap sources of the PS4 disc (y)


Upgrade to ps5 directors edition? Or just PS5


Do you still have your copy of the game? Heads up everyone, you can upgrade an existing ps4 version to a PS5 for a fiver through the PlayStation store. If you don't have a copy you can pick one up second hand and that'll work and will work out cheaper than the current deals on this. e.g £15 from CEX (add £1.95 p&p if you need) then simply pay 5 to upgrade through the store. If you top your PSN wallet with cheap credit from somewhere like shopto, cdkeys etc you can save a smidge more but make sure to redeem that code before purchasing. Some Tesco stores have been selling the PS4 game for a fiver! Stock will be an issue, though. The ebay sold listings suggest you can grab an ebay copy for between £8-12. If it still works the same as when I did it you should also receive a digital mini album and artbook. Max spend would be £22. likely cheaper, for exactly the same game. (devil)

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Death Stranding Director's Cut [PS5] - £23.74 delivered using Black Friday discount code @ Rarewaves
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Made hot 25th NovMade hot 25th Nov
From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes a genre-defying experience, now expanded and Remastered for the PlayStation 5 console in this definitive Director's Cut. In the futur… Read more

Took weeks for me to get an order of Subnautica from them. They claimed to have sent one out but it didn't come so they claimed to send out a second one which didn't come so they claimed to send out a third one which came after a couple of days. I honestly don't think they sent out the first two, it was pretty weird. Edit: thread here:


This. It took me 3 go's to get into it. Once you're a few hrs in and exoskeleton suits / vehicles open up to you it becomes it becomes less tedious


I have had this game since launch and tried to get into it but it’s so boring and weird I just give up. Decent price if it’s your kind of thing….


Apologies i missed your point completely. Went off on my tangent. Your option does seem better now that I've actually read it properly haha


Happy to help (y)

[Steam] Death Stranding (PC) - £11.85 @ ShopTo
Made hot 25th NovMade hot 25th Nov
From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience. Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the discon… Read more

Thanks. A far more reasoned explanation for a person's appreciation of the developer. And yes, I'm old enough to have played old MGS titles. Perhaps that's the problem. That as a person gets older, the medium also needs to mature. I get the feeling that Kojima was attempting to produce something more mature with Death Stranding (it's mainly about hiking after all). Is just difficult to take a game with characters such as 'Die Hardman' seriously, especially when the core gameplay is a bit tedious, in my opinion. It's a shame, as it is graphically impressive.


I understand why you may dislike this game if it isn't for you (I personally haven't played it yet). I also understand why you may not like Kojima's style, however, to write him off is a bit harsh. I could be wrong but Im assuming you haven't played the MGS series from its 8 bit debut? With each release MGS has done something different; on Playstation it was the clever use of light and resource management to proceed. MGS2 built on this with tighter movement mechanics and had moments of magic like too much brightness when you came indoors from the dark. Object particles (a revolution on PS2) such as glass when it was smashed to rain so detailed it moved when the wind blew all adding to the immersion. Why is this important... well because he was always pushing the boundaries of what the hardware was capable of while incorporating new ideas. Take MGS3 for example, the survival element in the wild is now seen in 1000s of games that have come years after it. Breath of the Wild anyone? Even the Division has a lot of MGS about it. So as a franchise it has given a lot to video game developers to borrow and steal. Yes he's over indulgent and not for everyone but his work (certainly at Konami) shouldn't simply be dismissed just because of personal preference. Sorry for the essay but thought I would give you some tangible reasons as to why he has so much hype.


Such reasoned debate throughout the thread from someone so well read...


It depends if you are speaking of the royal 'we' or you have decided to speak for all readers.


Are we to infer that this is a game for pretentious douches?