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FIFA 19 for only £35.99 when you have Fifa 18 and EA Access
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
FIFA 19 for only £35.99 when you have Fifa 18 and EA Access Just open FIFA 18 and it's in the main menu
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EA won't change. Why would they? Changing implies that they care on some level. All they care about is the fans that buy packs on ultimate team. It's an absolute joke how inept career mode has become through their neglect. I've stopped playing FIFA now. Not just because of time constraints but because in general they just do not care about the parts of the game that I care. I refuse to give this embarrassment of a company any further money of mine. Given heat for this deal as not everyone feels how I feel about EA.


Yes, it is brilliant, Scotland are ranked 99 out of 100 in every category, and are so good even Johnny " no thumbs" can't loose when selecting them (y)


...can I add a pointer here? If you do have EA access you get a 10 hour trial to see if it feels different enough to FIFA 18. If you don't have EA Access then get it anyway it's class and ultra cheap and you get like 60ish games with it! But if you haven't already had Access AND bought FIFA digitally last year you've had it.


Well.. if you're dying to try the latest transfers out.. personally I'll wait for cyber Monday knowing this deal will likely be beaten by EA Access anyway OR indeed wait until Santa goes back to Lapland when it's usually £20 tops..


Hot deal. Just worked for me.

[Xbox One] FIFA 19 - £29.29 / £25.10 with EA Access @ Microsoft Store Hong-Kong
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
1. Set PayPal account wit Hong-Kong location and confirm by email. (any phone number and location on registration) 2. Link your Revolut card to your new PayPal account. (or any o… Read more

Did you have to change your address on anything?


I bought EA Access with Paypal then when trying to buy Fifa with Paypal I was getting an error and it wouldn't process.


which method did you follow: EA with Paypal? Credit bought from HK ? need a bit more info when it failed and what you tried




Anyone found any other good deals to be had on the Hong Kong store?

Burnout Paradise Remastered [XBox] coming to EA Access 10/10
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Also Battlefield V is coming to 9/11 for 10 hours of trial. Here at EA Access*, October is a month of promises as summer turns into fall and everyone gears up for what is hands-… Read more

Yup, was added last week :D


Also added to ea access of pc for anyone wondering


Worst Burnout of the lot unfortunately but a deals a deal (y) 🏻


EA access subscription required


Probably my least favourite in the Burnout series but still a welcome addition to the EA Vault, especially if it contains all the DLC I didn't bother with before. Nice heads up.

FIFA 18 now available via EA Access - @ Microsoft
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Just been browsing the store and noticed FIFA 18 is now available on EA Access. Great for those who aren't bothered about the newest release :) [ Link to Xbox Store ]
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Will play it just to continue 'The Journey'. Then switch to FIFA19 when the Black Friday sales arrive.


Screw FIFA... I want Burnout! :p


So as FIFA 19 and its much better.


It was never going to be in the vault before the World Cup, and to think it would be is ridiculous, especially with the free WC update. That said, it's appalling that it's been held back for so long after the World Cup. It's not owed to vault subscribers, but it's a kick in the teeth to them.


It's nice, but it's months out of date. This should have been in the Vault in May, June at the latest, not waiting til September.

FIFA 19 10 hour Trial on EA Access Xbox (£19.99 per year subscription)
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Downloading Trial now!

enjoy. I think it's really good this year


Thanks mate. I'll give it a bash prior to cod release.


Yes. The ea access trial lasts all year. I played the fifa 18 one in the summer when the world cup update came out


Is this trial still available? Would like to try before splashing the cash


Not yet will do later though still debating getting the ultimate edition last 4 FIFA's all the free packs are always terrible and makes more sense to save the £30 and buy FIFA credit but as it's only saving £10 it might be worth it. Is it 10 hours from downloading or 10 hours of playing?

EA SPORTS NHL 19 – Play First on EA Access @ Xbox One
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
BREAK THE ICE IN THE NHL 19 PLAY FIRST TRIAL. Members get 10 hours of full game breakaways and goals days before launch. Save 10% if you decide to buy, and your progress c… Read more

Only time I have played these games is to start fights or smash people through the glass


Joke - Head - Clean miss.


PK is Canadian. Sorry


Never mind the deal, is that player kneeling during the US National Anthem?? The Donald is going to EXPLODE!!!!!!


Hasn’t this been up for about a week? I started it at the weekend, great game, definitely one of the better ones especially with the new 3v3 online modes

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EA Access - 1 Year Membership [Xbox One - Download Code] £19.99 @ amazon
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
EA Access - 1 Year Membership [Xbox One - Download Code] £19.99

Mistakes happen. Easily done.


May have changed but a few years ago you couldn't by ea access with Microsoft credit...caught me out


Ah ok, i know previously you couldn’t purchase xbox live and ea access subs using store credit but they may of changed this recently


I used credit to purchase Game Pass, so it should be possible with EA Access as well.


Im quite sure you cannot purchase subscriptions using xbox credit

[Xbox One] Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Free Weekend 17th - 19th August
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Credit goes to trueachievements.com Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days come in all shapes and sizes; this weekend’s is Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. Xbox Live Gold members can d… Read more
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Great game hot


In the first game you could feel the danger and knew when you were being shot at, not so in the second game. Too many different charachters made it almost impossible to tell whos who. It was a total unbalanced mess at launch and hasnt improved much. The Rose .... dont get me started on the Rose :) The first game is still going strong online in Gardens and Graveyards with some VERY good players on all formats I do like the Herbal Assault idea for the plants to attack but gnomes,goats and cats made the game pretty awful... in my opinion of course. :)


I preferred the simplicity of the multiplayer in the first game compared to this game. Each to their own.


How do extras detract from the core


I’ve got to agree with Budgio. The second one feels like they added too many new features which weren’t needed.

12 months EA Access (Xbox One) £7.92  / 12 months Xbox Live £21.80 (Xbox Store Turkey)
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Xbox Live link: https://www.microsoft.com/tr-tr/p/xbox-live-gold/cfq7ttc0k5dj/000G With the lira value collapsing, certain items on the Turkish Xbox store are becoming increasi… Read more
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https://www.paypal.com/us/gifts/brands/xbox/xbox-giftcard found this which looked interesting


tried to check, seems only xbox arg store is doing them, other outlets dont have.....hmmmm damn, trying to get ufc 3 for less than £41!


so how can you buy a gift card for argentina?


The method with vpn and conectify isn't working tried with laptop ,desktop but can't take the payment . Trying to get ea access from argentina store for 7 odd quid .can someone please add another working method to buy ea access for 12 months . Thanks


I get a message "I already have a subscription from another country" or something similar.

[Xbox One] Dante's Inferno (Now available in the EA Access Vault) - Microsoft Store
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
This one exists, I promise. It's now available in the EA Access Vault to download and play. Hopefully we'll see FIFA at some point soon, in the not too distant future. This game w… Read more
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Respect fellow soldier. Same here. I got a weak point for such games/movies/novels. A real legacy


Great game. Yes it was touted as a God of War copy but this was several degrees darker. Would love a remake or remaster of this.


Ohh, hope you're having a whale of a time my dude :3 same, I have my 360, but haven't used it in like 4 years (embarrassed) If it is a steelbook, it must be one of a kind! (shock) cos I ain't heard Dante's inferno having one.


I think I will crack it open. I just put off doing it when I got an X1 as I’ve literally only touched my 360 (which for som reason I’ve kept) bout twice:o


On hols at the mo. Will check it is what I think it is (steelbook) when I return. Been in the cupboard a long time lol.

[Xbox One] FIFA 18 Heading to EA Access tonight(?) - Microsoft Store *Heads up*
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
I had a feeling when the £15 timer told me the FIFA 18 price was finishing at 9pm, something was a bit suss (well apart from The Ultimate Game Sale starting). Anyway, on a few ref… Read more
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I’m surprised they didn’t make this available before the World Cup, and then make the World Cup dlc payable.


Many people buy EA Access for Fifa. To release it regularly in April, then wait until at least the end of July to release it this year, without informing any of their paying subscribers, is just typical of EA's terrible customer service. Last straw for me. I rarely play FUT anymore, so it will be PES next season.


:/ EA make loads of money, they aren't a small indie developer who needs supporting and could certainly afford to release FIFA 18 in the EA Access vault earlier. I do agree an April release would have lost sales, but it would also lead to more sales of EA Access subscriptions, and would encourage more micro-transactions as the game was 'free'.


You’re not entitled to it be released in April. This year has been the World Cup, they would have been silly to release it in April and miss out on a lot of sales. With this day in age businesses need as much sales as possible, for them to keep creating games. I am on ea’s side for this one


regarding the late release, I think it's selling well due to the world cup and footy been everywhere so they're raking it in. That said it still seems a while

[Xbox One] The Sims 4 now available in the EA Access Vault - Microsoft
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
As I mentioned recently , it's one of five games to enter the vault before September Xbox One Burnout Paradise Remastered Fe FIFA 18 The Sims 4 Xbox 360 Dante's Infe… Read more
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I'm kind of old fashioned in that I'd sooner own a physical copy that I have for life, like in I can go back to in 10-20 years or hand down than what is in affect a rental system that can see games taken off the shelf or lose access to unless you continue to subscribe. But I can still see this as a deal for those that prefer gaming this way.


Don't believe so but you can build a basement and remove the stairs ;)


I second this, brilliant game which was sadly overshadowed by the likes of DMC, Bayonetta, and of course God of War.


I loled at the price of all the dlc for sims4. The total came to well over £500. Instant gaming have the sims4 at ~£16


Awesome... Might have to get myself an EA Access sub again, been itching to play Burnout Paradise Remastered! Bang for buck EA Access is.

FiFA 18 Free on EA Access (subscription required)! - Free weekend?
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Fifa 18 FREE!!! About time!

World Cup


What's taking so long? They've announced 19 before they've even put 18 in the Vault.


Well I get 5ms ping on speed test to London servers 0 jitter and always get many laggy unplayable games I have no one else using my connection I believe people with great connections who dont have any other devices running get screwd with lag comp v players who have there whole family on the same line. On weekend league it's fine but I don't play FUT. Pro evolution 6 was near perfect and always had 1 half no lag as hosted a half each. That was 512k broadband good old days


No need to wait, clearly here on the Ea site.. Play until the 15th. So no, not in the vault.


It is free to play this weekend as mentioned in the EA e3 press conference. IT'S NOT IN THE VAULT Deal posted with little to no information. Not helpful.

[Xbox One] Need For Speed Payback now available in the EA Access Vault.
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
It's not quite the FIFA 18 people are expecting, but as a bit of a heads up - Need for Speed Payback is available for EA Access subscribers in the Access Vault. Worth a bash so f… Read more
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Well this sucks, I'm a PS person.


Yes. The problem seems to be for me that I already had the trial installed. I had to delete the trial then download the game again via the Microsoft store. It still did not show up in the vault though.


Tried on the Microsoft store online?


Yes you get logged in automatically to EA access on the Xbox and I have logged in on the store as well


You definitely logged in?

[Xbox One] Battlefield 1943 now available in the EA Access vault
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
It's not quite the FIFA 18 people are expecting, but as a bit of a heads up - Battlefield 1943 is now backwards compatible with Xbox One and is available for EA Access subscribers … Read more
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I can't see it myself as I said to you recently. Although you never know, EA may throw a curve ball on Tuesday to get those subscriber numbers up (y) (doubt it)


What?! XD


Yes because this time it look too ridiculous, it was hilarious but sad Also I can tell the game will be full of cutscenes of overtop stuff, there is so many things wrong but I'll keep it short Woman with a Prosthetic Arm in World War 2 gets shot, she managed to survive, than she manages to escape the building from a tank somehow, the playable character survived a plane crashing right next to him and a missile explosion. They slide down while shooting a 'heavy' gunner weapon, they shoot down a plane with a gun, that's the short analysis lol


contacted online chat they said i must have bought it on another gamer tag booooo hissss booooo hissssss lol

Ea access Tesco Direct £19.99
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Not the cheapest but if you have club card points might be worth it

As per other comments. £19.99 is the RRP price. Good if you have CC vouchers but no deal here imo. Don't be discouraged to post though OP.


Nope £19.99 is standard price.


This is a deal site, anything posted here is meant to be a deal. I get the OPs rationale but this site would get annoying fast if every rrp item is posted from every retailer who offers a loyalty scheme.


Agree, not sure where I said this was a deal though? I’ve not voted either way; just explained the OPs rationale. If something is the same price as everywhere else and you can either get it with points you already have or build extra points from a purchase then it may help someone out.


Well anything on Tesco's site could be considered good if you have points to use, doesn't make them deals.

EA Access - 12 Month Subscription (Xbox One) £17.09 (With Apple Pay / Facebook like) @ CDKeys
Refreshed 10th MayRefreshed 10th May
Decent price for the subscription. How do i use Apple Pay? Press the Buy with Apple Pay / Apple Pay button / Choose Apple Pay as payment Check all payment, billing … Read more
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Great price, thanks! Mine had expired!


Will burnout paradise city be added soon, does anyone know?


Great deal heat added!


Back down to this price :)


Oh Wow! Thanx, much appreciated (y)

EA Access - 12 Month Subscription - £16.61 - CDKeys
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Price with Facebook code or Apple pay. £17.49 without :) Included in the vault - Battlefield 1 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield: Bad Company Battlefield: Bad Compa… Read more
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Maybe April. FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 was added in April.


I wouldn't bother they never work


Think they only know if something is expired if someone flags it up with the expired button, don't think anyone just goes round all the deals to make sure they are still active. :/ Really sad I missed this as I just recently got a One X and this would have been a fab source of a few more still pretty elusive X enhanced titles. Oh well guess I'll have to wait till next time it goes on offer...


Yes you don't need Xbox Gold to play single player mode.


Lol its clearly been expired for hours yet they're leaving it up. This site is a real head scratcher at times, bizarre goings on here..

EA Access - 12 Month Subscription - £17.09 - CDKeys
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
£17.99 or £17.09 with the Facebook code / Apple Pay :) Included in the vault - Battlefield 1 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield: Bad Company Battlefield: Bad Comp… Read more
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Mine expired 03 March. Have been waiting for an offer but my son hasn't even noticed it's expired!! Do you have to activate immediately or can the start date be deferred?


People in the states pay $10 a month for EA Access. £17 for a year is a steal!


Nice find, thanks!


How much does it cost to buy 2 - 3 decent games a year? Much more than £17 for sure.


I really do not see the value in this EA access? Mostly old, average games padded out with stuff like Feeding Frenzy? Seems like you are just renting two or three decent games for a year?

[Xbox One] Burnout Paradise Remastered 10 Hour Play First - EA Access (9th March)
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Little heads up for the excited amongst us (me!) that the EA Access 10 hour Play First trial starts tomorrow for Burnout Paradise Remastered. Plenty of time in my opinion (I still … Read more
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Remember Burnout, the original, where you had to drive carefully so as NOT to crash?!


I have this BP via xbox 360 BC, but i only have the legend cars dlc, so i will wait till this drops in price and grab it say around under the £15 mark.


General consensus being you and new_lizard compared to all the positive comments? I've only seen you saying bad things about Paradise in general and only a few comments about the remaster (as opposed to the game) from elsewhere. Everyone else has been very positive. Burnout Paradise (the original) was a great game but divided people based on the open map idea, which was fairly new at the time). Many of my friends back in the day enjoyed the challenge of getting fastest times on each road and trying to find all the billboards and gates first. The online leaderboard was also a fairly new idea for its time. Now whether the remaster is good value for money is another point entirely. The game currently costs £15 or so (for some reason I can't see it available on the 360 store) and each of the DLC packs are between £3.39 and £4.69, so getting them all costs a fair bit. This adds 4K and HDR and streamlines the online stuff which is an integral part of the game. But then if you don't like the game in the first place, it's not going to be great value for any price. If you're on the fence, the EA Access 10 hour trial is great.


the general concencus on here is that its one of the worst of the series if not the worst but its down to personal opinion im not trying to stop you spending your money on a bad port of an average game


Strange, as it’s also widely regarded as one of the best...

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