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EA Access - 12 Month Subscription - £16.61 - CDKeys
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Price with Facebook code or Apple pay. £17.49 without :) Included in the vault - Battlefield 1 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield: Bad Company Battlefield: Bad Compa… Read more
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Maybe April. FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 was added in April.


I wouldn't bother they never work


Think they only know if something is expired if someone flags it up with the expired button, don't think anyone just goes round all the deals to make sure they are still active. :/ Really sad I missed this as I just recently got a One X and this would have been a fab source of a few more still pretty elusive X enhanced titles. Oh well guess I'll have to wait till next time it goes on offer...


Yes you don't need Xbox Gold to play single player mode.


Lol its clearly been expired for hours yet they're leaving it up. This site is a real head scratcher at times, bizarre goings on here..

EA Access - 12 Month Subscription - £17.09 - CDKeys
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
£17.99 or £17.09 with the Facebook code / Apple Pay :) Included in the vault - Battlefield 1 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield: Bad Company Battlefield: Bad Comp… Read more
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Mine expired 03 March. Have been waiting for an offer but my son hasn't even noticed it's expired!! Do you have to activate immediately or can the start date be deferred?


People in the states pay $10 a month for EA Access. £17 for a year is a steal!


Nice find, thanks!


How much does it cost to buy 2 - 3 decent games a year? Much more than £17 for sure.


I really do not see the value in this EA access? Mostly old, average games padded out with stuff like Feeding Frenzy? Seems like you are just renting two or three decent games for a year?

[Xbox One] Burnout Paradise Remastered 10 Hour Play First - EA Access (9th March)
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Little heads up for the excited amongst us (me!) that the EA Access 10 hour Play First trial starts tomorrow for Burnout Paradise Remastered. Plenty of time in my opinion (I still … Read more
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Remember Burnout, the original, where you had to drive carefully so as NOT to crash?!


I have this BP via xbox 360 BC, but i only have the legend cars dlc, so i will wait till this drops in price and grab it say around under the £15 mark.


General consensus being you and new_lizard compared to all the positive comments? I've only seen you saying bad things about Paradise in general and only a few comments about the remaster (as opposed to the game) from elsewhere. Everyone else has been very positive. Burnout Paradise (the original) was a great game but divided people based on the open map idea, which was fairly new at the time). Many of my friends back in the day enjoyed the challenge of getting fastest times on each road and trying to find all the billboards and gates first. The online leaderboard was also a fairly new idea for its time. Now whether the remaster is good value for money is another point entirely. The game currently costs £15 or so (for some reason I can't see it available on the 360 store) and each of the DLC packs are between £3.39 and £4.69, so getting them all costs a fair bit. This adds 4K and HDR and streamlines the online stuff which is an integral part of the game. But then if you don't like the game in the first place, it's not going to be great value for any price. If you're on the fence, the EA Access 10 hour trial is great.


the general concencus on here is that its one of the worst of the series if not the worst but its down to personal opinion im not trying to stop you spending your money on a bad port of an average game


Strange, as it’s also widely regarded as one of the best...

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Black now part of EA access
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
I guess this is playing fast and loose with the term 'deal', more of a freebie if you have EA access. Maybe it makes EA access itself a good deal? Anyhow, I've just noticed the Xbo… Read more

When you can get an actual copy for a fiver; it seems a little less sensible to use it to justify subscription access where goong beyond the first month ends up more expensive. Of course; there's more than just one game, but the vault is for old ones. And I don't have a high regard for EA games or company.


Aha, no worries. I'd not seen it on the list when I signed up not so long ago, thought it was worth a post. I did also do a search for previous deals, but as you can imagine 'black' is quite a common term.


Thanks for posting. I used to own this along with my ps2tv & when I sold that thought it was the end for black. Good to know can still play it via my Xbox. Thanks again!


Yeah, I suppose by HUKD rules it can be posted again but it's pretty old news.


Yeah I'm sure this has been posted in the past as well

EA Access - 1 Year Membership [Xbox One - Download Code] £17.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Update 1
Back down to £17.99
Amazon has dropped the price on EA Access 1 year membership to £17.99 CD Keys have hiked the price back up to £19.99 so looks the best price around Buy EA Access 1 Year Membe… Read more
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EA Access gives you access to a library of games and Xbox gold allows you to play those games online against another players. You don't need Xbox Gold to be able to use EA Access. The games in the EA Access library are usually 6 to 12 months old but it also allows to play up to 10 hours trials of new games. It is a very good value considering that 12 months of membership costs about 1/2 price of a new game.


What’s the difference between this and Xbox gold membership?




Is this really worth it nowadays? (skeptical)


I keep them in my bitcoin wallet.

EA Access 12 Month Subscription (XO) £17.99/£17.09 @ CDKeys
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
CDKeys 5% discount code via Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/cdkeyscom/app/393344207416996/ Download and play an evolving collection of EA titles for Xbox One at any time in… Read more
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Thanks used the xbox app on my phone and worked straight off.


How? please explain? its 7.99 per month x 24 ?


How much is this usually. £18 for a year isn't too bad to be fair.


Has apple pay gone?


It was from a promotion on recently where Microsoft were selling a month of game pass for £3. You could purchase multiple months making a year only £36.

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EA Access (Xbox One) 12 Month Subscription gift card (Digital Download) £17.99 - Smyths Toys
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Was looking for a friend and spotted this a couple of quid cheaper than I can find elsewhere.
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Seriously? The answer is about 7 posts above yours (flirt)


Can you stack these ea access subs? Mine runs out in march.


Presumably FIFA 18 will be added shortly.


My thoughts exactly...


Cold because EA

Classic shooter Black added to EA Access vault games
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Can’t see it posted, fairly new addition within the last few days after googling it, came up on my Xbox as I checked the EA Access app, I normally find out about new additions on h… Read more
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Thanks Ben (y) (y)


This is for the Xbox One.


Ben your a star, thanks. Will this work for Xbox one? As from what I’m reading it’s for the 360


either search on the store, or search for the EA Access app Download that on the Xbox Store, then open it and see all the games available to download.


Sorry to be dumb, but how do you actually download the game. I have EA access/account. When I looked via Xbox One couldn’t find the game. So how do I get it onto my Xbox?

EA Access - 1 Year Membership - £17.99 - Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Not bad for a years EA Access, I haven't seen a reduction for some time. Buy EA Access 1 Year Membership Xbox One Download Code and get a growing collection of EA titles. Order… Read more
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Back at £17:99 for those inte


Still a decent price I think at £19.99


Not valid anymore... Just tried it and it's £19.99... ;( ;(


Will the 10% EA Access discount stack with the store sale?


It's not a bad game **people hated it cause of the pay wall** like yes it's not good at all! But put the micro transactions aside the game is still good fun! And still worth it *imo* They will fix it the micro transactions eventually as well Honestly you do u tho and if you're partner thinks they will enjoy it then buy it I don't really listen to people who hate on games cause we all have our own taste right? =]

12 months Xbox Live and EA Access - £44.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
12 months for Xbox live and also EA Access. Digital Download
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expire !!!


Awesome, thanks for the heads up, had my Xbox one X and 4 game deal delivered today, bravo


Yes. I'm now sorted until 'Expires on 06/09/2020'


It's pretty sad that this is perhaps the only decent deal today.

Need for Speed Payback - EA Access / Origin 10 Hour Trial Available
Found 1st Nov 2017Found 1st Nov 2017
Literally nothing more to say.

Enjoying this so far decent story. Tried online today and got into a few races, good fun and enjoyed the road rage of others haha!


NFS comes from Ghost in Gothenburg these days, not Criterion...it hasn't been there in years.


My lad seemed impressed during the 30 mins he played before school this morning. To me it looked no different to the previous release...


Won't be as good as NFS Porsche, but that's to be expected.


https://www.vg247.com/2017/11/01/need-for-speed-payback-feels-like-classic-burnout/ Need for Speed has better marketing appeal than Burnout. Making a burnout game with the NFS label is what's best for them.

12 Months EA Access £20.76 From SCDKEY.com
Found 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
I think this is a great deal! Product Description Expand your gaming library with a growing collection of EA’s best games. Try upcoming EA… Read more

£15.50 from Hungary store.


https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/memberships/ea-access-12-month-subscription - a touch over £18 with the FB code.


Is it really? I almost bought this thinking it was a good deal - Thanks for letting me know.


Its only £19.99 from ea so 77p over priced

Fifa 18 Xbox one £33.59 if you have a gold subscription and EA access! @ Microsoft Store
Found 28th Oct 2017Found 28th Oct 2017
Cheapest price I have seen it so far digitally. I already have EA access and Xbox gold subscription so hot for me. Enjoy Dazz
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This reminds of mario kart on the n64 if anyone used to play that! Man, even if you were miles behind at the back, every mystery thing would be a lightening or a magic star thing and you'd soon be back to the front of the pack! That was so obviously done!


To me, this is the most important bit of all. It's not real life, it's not life or death - it's a video game!!! Lost count of the number of times I've had to tell my 11 yr old to calm down when he doesn't win a game on FIFA, or loses a race on Forza. "It's scripted"... Well so are movies, and 9 times out of 10, the good guys come out on top - doesn't stop people paying to go to the cinema though. If someone is spending hundreds of hours playing this game, I suggest they re-evaluate their lives... Oh, and heat for the price, though no good for me as I need to get it for my boy's Xmas present and he already has the EA Access 10 hour trial, so will notice as soon as full version is activated.


lol "scripted to win" accounts (excited) if that's how people want to justify losing (due to bad luck perhaps!) then that's up to them! I've played friends offline and beat them 7 nil etc. four or five times in a row and then lost a flukey 1-1 draw on penalties for example. It's football and it's a game, flukes and bad luck is part and parcel of it


you pay and subscribe to ea access. you have the option to buy the game at the aforementioned price in the microsoft store. you don't pay and subscribe to ea access and you don't have access to the special price. no idea about other games.


So again how does this work? Can you do it on other games?

Mass Effect Andromeda + Dead Space 3 coming to EA Access/Origin!
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Update 1
Now live and available. Download [Link]
As per EA.com it is coming between October-December

Definitely, maybe skip 3. Mass Effect 1 will look fairly aged now but if you can concentrate on the story you'll have a great time. Mass Effect 2 is just incredible, the story, the characters you meet. It's a real spine tingler of a game. If you only have time for one, this is the one you play. Mass Effect 3 is great, but felt empty because of 2 being so good and set the bar, 3 falls short. You need none of them to play Andromeda, their stories don't meet, so you could just miss 3 altogether.


I find the first one is hard work... Could be cause I've played it too much in the past though as it does has the most complete RPG element and is probably needed to give context to the rest.... Second one is a masterpiece... Third one is great too.. but that ending... (you've been warned (shock) ) Currently £5 for all 3 (origin) via CDKeys from a deal on here!


I just finished the 10 hour trial on origin and was going to buy it, so I guess I'll wait. Wouldn't mind origin access for FIFA 17 & Titanfall 2 among others. Hopefully it's coming fairly soon.


I assume the original trilogy is worth checking out, yes? In related news, EA should do a DS and MS trilogy remaster.


27hrs in and every second has been better than the last hour of ME3. It hasn't topped ME2 but I don't get the hate for this game. I am playing 1.10 and most bugs have been ironed out though, including a lot of the facial animations.

FIFA 18 Icon Edition + EA Access = £74.99 @ Microsoft online store
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
Fairly cheap way to get the ultimate FIFA 18 package (Icon Edition) plus a load of free games with EA Access (not that anyone really cares) - if you have FIFA 17. Step 1) Load up … Read more
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Icon edition was 80.99 wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


75!!!!!!! 50 for standard version. Bought every fifa game since launch in 96. Will be the first when I won't be bothering. Get lost you greedy oiks


Absolutely disgusting.


He' iin debt because he is clearly an idiot who needs to take responsibility for his own actions.


Anyone that spends £74.99 on a yearly update needs their head checking :S

NHL 18 digital download for xbox one - 42.50 ILS (£8.96) @ Israel Xbox site
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
Absolute bargain for this! Works out cheaper if you have EA access - approx: £8.06 You can purchase a 50 ILS xbox gift card and use it to purchase the game via the Israel xbox on… Read more
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it was 42.50 in israel currency converted to £8.96 uk sterling but the deal is.no longer available.


How much is the game? 42.50? Or 8.96?? (lol)


This is now expired, much much more expensive now.


Perfect - looks like we have a winner! You're a legend, cheers!


Lol no I meant nhl damn autocorrect, apparently recore is automatically updated to the remastered version to

EA Access 12 months - £16.99 via CD Keys (£16.14 with 5% FB discount code?)
Found 9th Aug 2017Found 9th Aug 2017
EA access 12 months sub, possibly cheaper with FB discount

No. EA Access is, I'm pretty sure, Xbox One only.


Can this be used on Xbox 360. It's not for me,I'm wanting to buy it as a gift for my neighbour who helps with shopping, putting bins out etc because I'm disabled.


Well worth it isn't it! Glad you like.


Just finished Titanfall 2, on Master. Best game I've played in a long time. EA Access is worth it for this alone ...


Started playing Titanfall 2 last night ... what a good game! Playing on Master difficulty, and I'm getting right into it. Had a round on multiplayer first, and everything is smooooooooth. This EA Access is going to turn out to be superb value for money. And Battlefield 1 has apparently just been added, too. Nice ...

FIFA 17 Joins EA Access & Origin Access 21st April - Plus more to come!
Found 5th Apr 2017Found 5th Apr 2017
As per title! Plus a few more: 1 Month EA Access membership can be had for £3.49 from CD Keys at the moment We’re excited to announce EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 will be available later t… Read more
Banned Get dealGet deal

This happened to me with Xbox live, luckily I got them from the post office before they sent


I feel for you missing out on Andromeda, one of the best games out this year. People who jump on the band wagon and dont want to play it because of facial animations which have been improved somewhat through the latest patch. Seen as you decdied to even bring in PS4 ill say as much as the games are good that came out recently, they are in my opinion ver yoverated. Generally one time play through games with nothing to do once you complete the story once. Name one recent PS4 game that i can come home to play with my friends that is really fun.... I cant think of any.


bloody hell, I'm surprised they're putting it on so soon, before 18 is even released. Surely this will tempt the majority of people to just carry on playing last years and wait for the game to appear on access. Unless they're thinking of moving fifa to a subscription model, which I think would be a good idea for all yearly sports games. It's practically propped up by a free to play model already.


I own both systems and a PC. PlayStation are on fire of late and MS have pretty much given up on releasing first party games, for now. Yes, Scorpio looks good but Sony will price PS Pro so aggressively at its release along with some mega bundles, it will be hard to ignore. All this should be good for the consumer. Saying all that, EA Access is brilliant. The Andromeda trial saved me £40 so that's two years subs in the bag...



[Xbox One] EA Access 1 Month-£1.70 (CDKeys) (Using 5% Discount)
Found 22nd Feb 2017Found 22nd Feb 2017
Download and play an evolving collection of EA titles for Xbox One at any time in TheVault with this 1-month membership access pass. Play upcoming games before their release date, … Read more
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You definitely aren't the only one! I'm playing more last gen stuff right now cause the catalogue was amazing on 360. That's why they are focusing on BC so much. There aren't many decent exclusives on the Xbox one, where as PS4 is killing it in that department at the moment. I own and love both consoles but some of the Xbox ones games aren't touching the gameplay and story standard of last gen


^^ indeed


£2.99 now :(


If I were to buy this would it work for son in the states ?. Same question for any other UK brought game codes ?.


I screen print them and then delete as I use them, but I can click on the "download here" confirmation email you get from CDKeys and access past purchases, I've just checked with a 2015 order and the code loaded no problem ;)

EA Access [1 Month Subscription] - NOW £1.89 - CDKeys (5% Discount)
Found 15th Jan 2017Found 15th Jan 2017
A few penny's more than it was last time around, but still just over half off of what you would pay EA. Facebook code Vault List: Battlefield 4 FIFA 14 Madden NFL 25 Peggle… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Calm yourself down. What's up with you? Even if the price hadn't have changed, it would still be a re-post, as anything less than a pound always is. I saw the drop on Twitter, adjusted the price to reflect. What's the point in spamming the site of a 13p drop?


Nice, just change the price. Surely that's not allowed. This deal wasn't this price 3 days ago and should of expired. It's really annoying when you post a deal so someone changes their price from days or weeks ago so then yours is then a re post.


Excellent, thank you!


It downloads to the hdd, if your membership expires it will ask you if you own the game to insert the disc. It works on a flagged membership basis and just checks on membership whenever you access it, if that check fails it checks for ownership - it will never remove it from your hdd unless you make the request.


I was going on when the 12 month sub was £17.09, I see there's nothing like that going at the minute though. In fairness I'll probably have paid a much higher cost per month (of actual use) by the time my 12 months are up. I'll probably get no more than 4/5 months true value out of it. One thing though, when the months sub elapses, do you lose (for example) BF4 from your games list or what happens? When you resub do you have to download it again? I'm guessing you just pick up where you left off thanks to the saves going to the hard drive?

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