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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 Standard Edition on PlayStation 4 for £4.99 Delivered @ Simplygames
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Posted 12th Jan 2019Posted 12th Jan 2019
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 Standard Edition on PlayStation 4 for £4.99 Delivered @ Simplygames£4.99Simply Games Deals
Product description Where Legends Are Made' encapsulates the return of PES, with new features, modes and an unparalleled gameplay experience. This year's edition bring the biggest… Read more

I’ve had a email to say dispatched so hopefully they don’t cancel mine too


Order cancelled. (mad)


I'd prefer to download pes 2019 lite for nothing, and have done..


The superior soccer sim.


Just ordered thanks (y)

PES 2018 legendary edition - 99p instore @ game
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Posted 22nd Dec 2018Posted 22nd Dec 2018LocalLocal
PES 2018 legendary edition - 99p instore @ game£0.99GAME Deals
Now 99p GAME bellevale Liverpool yes I know its 2018 but worth 99p comes with Steele case as well

PES 2018 is great for Fulham fans as they are one of the fully licensed teams, unlike in 2019.


Will have a look for this tomorrow! Belle Vale is my local. 👏




It's about 2 1/2 inches


14.99 on the website?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019) PC £16.48 using FB Code at CDKeys
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019) PC £16.48 using FB Code at CDKeys£16.48CDKeys Deals
Priced at £16.99 without code.

Price dropped to £15.99 (£15.51 with code) :)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Xbox One £23.16 at Xbox Store US
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Posted 15th Nov 2018Posted 15th Nov 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Xbox One £23.16 at Xbox Store US£23.16Microsoft Store Deals
No VPN required. UK Gold Subscription required (You do NOT need a US Gold sub) You’ll need 3 x $10 Xbox gift cards from Offgamers for £7.72 (£23.16 in total)…t… Read more

Thanks, it cost me £24 for some reason but not a bad price!


Cheers mate!


I assume that was a VPN purchase?


Do microsoft allow this? 2 months ago a friend bought several games through the Argentinian store and received a week long ban.


Legend edition is $40 maybe worth if you play MyClub.

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PES 2018 Xbox One - Premium Edition (Pre-owned) £4.95 @ Game Collection
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Posted 30th Oct 2018Posted 30th Oct 2018
PES 2018 Xbox One - Premium Edition (Pre-owned) £4.95 @ Game Collection£4.95The Game Collection Deals
Last years game, but for less than a fiver. Please note this is pre-owned as title states.

Good call (highfive)


No, They’re pony on both games (lol)


Not available anymore


Pes or fifa 18 (free with ea access), as a west ham supporter, is pes worth getting

PES 2018 (PS4) £7.55 @ TheGameCollection
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Posted 1st Sep 2018Posted 1st Sep 2018
PES 2018 (PS4) £7.55 @ TheGameCollection£7.55The Game Collection Deals
Seems a decent price for a physical copy. Extra discount with reward points. Apply code for discount. Quico also available. PES 2018 builds upon the stunning revival of its foo… Read more

There’s definitely a difference in a gameplay between 2018 and 2019. I know it gets mentioned every year but it ‘feels’ different, the physicality of players and physics of the ball. For those who haven’t played PES 2018, I’d buy that cheap and get the kit files. For those that have extensively, I think it’s worth it. But Konami always slack on the off the pitch stuff.


Agreed, I much prefer pes. Sadly my football mates prefer fifa, so we tend to play that more. Try to get them to like pes or at least try it. But they're stuck in their ways. But agreed some will see those little differences which makes the game more realistic and above all.... Fun.


Yeah I agree with that, some parts have stepped back. The edit kit/emblems etc makes a huge difference but it will never compete against the Fifa sadly. The two leagues you mentioned after confusing and I tried that today, only so I could see how you could play as legends. Only stick to offline with friends or play cpu anyway. But I would have liked the legends team (not the rubbish one) in open play..... Maybe I am missing something. Love the day where the football licences were open to any developer. I think football would have to try much harder.


Agreed. There's a big enough difference for me as well and the game feels more physical which I'm happy with as I love playing with a big target man up top. PES is my football game of choice by the way and I do spend a hefty amount of time on it. People who don't play football games as much may not notice the differences


Can't really dispute your comments as I do agree for the most part. I too picked it up for just over £30 but feel that the games offerings i.e master league/become a legend are nothing "new". MyLeague is absolutely abysmal, imo everything is just far too technical for what it needs to be. I can see what Konami were trying to achieve with the whole agent/scouting functions but isn't really pick up & play that a football sim should be. I've sunk a good 20+ hours into it since Thursday night and will be trading it in probably tomorrow once i've got the platinum trophy. The loss of the UEFA licencing has been the nail in the coffin for me & the red carpet treatment for the likes of Liverpool/Barcelona.