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[Steam] Tropico 20th Anniversary Bundle e.g. Tropico 3 Gold Edition - 72p @ Humble bundle
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Posted 22nd SepPosted 22nd Sep
Here’s to twenty years as ‘El Presidente’, staying in power, no matter what we had to do to get there! To celebrate 20 years of building the great island nation of Tropico, we’re b… Read more

fabulous!! thanks OP


Great deal. I bought it for Tropico 6. The whole bundle is cheaper than the next best price I could find.


Difficult to get the original and Tropico 2 to play along on modern hardware.


Great bundle, was waiting for 6 to appear as a of the few games series I play. (y)


Heat added, a steal for El Presidente!

Steam PC Tropico 3 Gold Edition £1.49 at CDKeys
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Posted 17th AugPosted 17th Aug
Steam PC Tropico 3 Gold Edition £1.49 at CDKeys£1.49CDKeys Deals
Tropico 3 Gold Edition Includes: Tropico 3 Tropico 3: Absolute Power Engage in a tropical power trip! Become the dictator of a remote island during the Cold War. Cha… Read more

I think I've now played all the Tropico games, love erm. Good stuff!

(Steam PC) All Stars BYO Bundle (Larry 1 to 7/Grip/ Beholder 2/ V-Rally 4/ WRC 7/ AI War/ Tropico 4 + more) 89p Onwards @ Fanatical
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Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
(Steam PC) All Stars BYO Bundle (Larry 1 to 7/Grip/ Beholder 2/ V-Rally 4/ WRC 7/ AI War/ Tropico 4 + more) 89p Onwards @ Fanatical£0.89Fanatical Deals
A decent bundle here at Fanatical with some good games in the choice. Leisure Suit Larry in itself at 89p is a good choice. Tiers 1 game for 89p 5 games for £2.59 10 ga… Read more

I ahve too many recent ones, bought cheaply, that take up too much SSD space.


Just a heads up…Larry is back on the list.


Leisure Suit Larry no longer part of bundle, they must have sold out. I got the first game for like 10p a while back, guess it is better for me to play that one and see if I enjoy it before buying more.


anyone know if any of those racer games are good with VR? I recently got a mixed reality headset from gumtree edit just had a look and think they're all too old.. might be supported by mods but £0.80 for a good VR racer would be nice just to try out!


Agreed, great bundle. Got 5 games just because thanks to that being in this bundle

Xbox Game Pass Additions - UFC 4, Tropico 6, Bloodroots, Farming Simulator 19 & More
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Xbox Game Pass Additions - UFC 4, Tropico 6, Bloodroots, Farming Simulator 19 & Store Deals
Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Cloud) – July 8 Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a block-building RPG set in a fantasy land threatened by an evil cult. Explore, battle, create, and harvest… Read more

Excellent news that The Medium has been added to Game Pass streaming (party) After trading in my XB1X (and waiting for XBSX stock), I'm beginning to think that I don't need an Xbox console!


In fairness, I agree with the shovelware comment. Barring 10 decent games (including Yakuza series), the rest are just noise and don't need to be there. Medium, for example, is yet another interactive movie - I personally find this genre to be played out far too much these days and the number of artsy indie games on there that offer no gameplay whatsoever....definitely looking forwards to Flight Sim and Farming Sim however. On the Road truck Sim is the closest thing to ETS2 on console (I had to buy that though). Now, my comments do not reflect others and I'm more of a job sim gamer who likes games with actual physical gameplay outside of the crazy bullet hell shooters / rogue-likes. And I'm bad at videogames.


"Scumbag pc cheaters in multiplayer" you must play Warzone like me to have that level of anger towards cheating pc players :)


Ain't gonna grow Diddly Squat without them!


Excited to try tropico, not played one since 3, no doubt it'll be incredibly similar (lol)

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Award Winners Bundle (PC/Mac/Linux Games) Dirt Rally/ This War Of Mine/ Orwell/ Tropico 5 and more from 89p Onwards @ Fanatical
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Award Winners Bundle (PC/Mac/Linux Games) Dirt Rally/ This War Of Mine/ Orwell/ Tropico 5 and more from 89p Onwards @ Fanatical£0.89Fanatical Deals
A good bundle just landed at Fanatical where you can pick games from 89p onwards. Roll out the red carpet and experience an incredible line-up of acclaimed Steam PC games with … Read more

Fanatical have been offering tiered bundles, frequently, for years - this is nothing new.


Sorry to see that Fanatical have started these 'tiered' bundles like humble. I loved that fanatical almost always had Pick'n'mix even if it was £17.99. Tiered system mean I end up buying games that I already own. Not voting and I won't be buying out of principle.

Tropico 6 El Prez Edition (PS4) £9.95 at The Game Collection
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Tropico 6 El Prez Edition (PS4) £9.95 at The Game Collection£9.95£12.9923% off Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
Tropico 6 El Prez Edition Includes: 4 Post Cards. The Digital Soundtrack. A Digital Calendar. El Presidente is back. In times of political turmoil and social unrest, the peopl… Read more

Genuine question. Why would it of killed the franchise? I played 4 on PC and 5 on PS4. Whilst I did prefer playing it on PC I didn't feel it was a massive downgrade playing it on PS4, even that could of been that I preferred 4 to 5. Not trying to flame you just interested if I'm missing something?


I've been a fan of the franchise for a while, played a lot of tropico 4 and 5 on Steam and Xbox. Has anyone played this? How does it run? I heard that it's not as good as tropico 5 but maybe it's worth it for less than a tenner.


Porting this to console killed the franchise... dunno why companies try to tap all markets when this clearly needs a pc to play properly


Fantastic game. Kalypso also make Port Royale 4 which is excellent too.