Posted 15th Jun 2022 (Posted 2 h, 27 m ago)
Hi - is it possible to get Spotify Family via a VPN to get a better monthly price? Similar to how you can with Netflix or Disney+.
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    Spotify seems to be impossible now - congrats to those that set it up before Spotify got wise.

    You can always try Tidal,…242.
    I went with Brazil in case Argies charged extra tax,…nts.
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    Yeah I have tidal Argentina and just got yourbe premium Argentina. Could then try and export your playlists if you need or just build a new profile. They learn pretty quickly. Google knows all your thoughts anyhow!
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    Thanks all. Im looking to stay on Spotify as i have the family account with all slots in use, but just curious to know if there was a way to get the monthly price down at all.
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