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Battleborn (PS4) £2.95 inc free delivery @ The Game Collection
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Made hot 14th Mar 2020Made hot 14th Mar 2020
Battleborn (PS4) £2.95 inc free delivery @ The Game Collection£2.95The Game Collection Deals
Battleborn (PS4) £2.95 inc free delivery @ the game collection



So that's a 1.50 / 1.50 split!


Milk? on a sandwich?! :p


Cheese mayo chicken bacon lettuce black pepper milk bread


What kind?

Battleborn ps4 £2.95 @ The game collection
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Made hot 15th Jan 2020Made hot 15th Jan 2020
Battleborn ps4 £2.95 @ The game collection£2.95£3.9525% offThe Game Collection Deals
Please note servers will be shut down January 2021 DESCRIPTION Internet connection required to play A next-gen shooter from the creators of Borderlands, a tremendous band of b… Read more

I had to double take when I saw this posted! brave post op


Convenience, perhaps even laziness and after you take off fees I don't think there's that much difference.


Why would you trade a game in, surely ebay is a better option


Probably my worst gaming purchase ever. Bought full price on a friends recommendation and traded for a 10 pound loss on same day. ;(


Tried local splitscreen and it was an unplayable mess. Absolutely awful game

Battleborn PS4 99p @ Game
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Made hot 11th Apr 2019Made hot 11th Apr 2019
Battleborn PS4 99p @ Game£0.99£2.9967% offGAME Deals
battleborn ps4 down from £2.99 to £0.99 from game

Seems to be another luck of the draw deal (skeptical)


This is why crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox is really important and to help safe guard the future of online games like this :(


Not in stock (fierce)


Gone already


I think im the only person on earth who really enjoys this game

Battleborn PS4 Game (NEW) £2.68 free delivery @ 365games
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Made hot 4th Sep 2018Made hot 4th Sep 2018
Battleborn PS4 Game (NEW) £2.68 free delivery @ 365games£ Deals
From the creators of the award-winning Borderlands franchise "Gearbox Software", comes the new next generation, first person shooter game, "Battleborn". In the Distant future, the … Read more

Us anyone still playing this? I thought is was fun but overwatch had a larger player base.


Was this free at some point with ps plus monthly games?


Ah battleborn.. Overwatch forced me to never play you, sorry I didn't give you a chance.


Good price, average game. Found it a little difficult to get involved in but only spent about £3 on it so this is also a good deal


The game is currently available as an indefinite free trial on all platforms

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Battleborn on xbox one 1.99 on its own or the get buy two get two free deal @ Music Magpie
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Made hot 8th Jun 2018Made hot 8th Jun 2018
Battleborn on xbox one 1.99 on its own or the get buy two get two free deal @ Music Magpie£1.99Music Magpie Deals
Saw this was tempted to try it for 1.99 then saw it was in the buy 2 get 2 free which includes other gsmes dvds blurays or cds bargin 3 films and a game for 3.98 and free dleivery

Good game but pointless now it’s dead


They literally can't give this game away!:) Not a bad game tbh but overwatch killed it!


I don't see any games buy 2 get 2 free? Sorry ignore me. I see it now on the home page.


I picked this up earlier, it'll make a nice coaster for my Overwatch mug ;)


Dead game which is a shame because I really enjoyed it. There is a free version on the store if you want to try it.

Fallout 4 + Star Wars Battlefront + Battleborn (PS4 / All preowned) £8 delivered @ Game
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Made hot 6th Jun 2018Made hot 6th Jun 2018
Fallout 4 + Star Wars Battlefront + Battleborn (PS4 / All preowned) £8 delivered @ Game£8GAME Deals
Good price for 3 games delivered. Fallout: Star Wars: Battleborn: https:… Read more

Battlefront useful for the PSVR mission but can get second hand for under £4. Heat as you’re effectively getting fallout and battleborn for the other £4 (highfive)


Battleborn was DOA. Battlefront stats here. Quiet but not dead - think you’ll be able to get a game quiet easily on PS4/XO - especially the 8v8 matches like Cargo (CTF). Heat added but I wouldn’t bother on ordering this for Battlefront/Battleborn, I’d just buy Fallout 4 for £5 preowned (or cheaper if I could find it) and save £3. But that’s just me (embarrassed)


Fallout is of course excellent, but are Battlefront 1 and Battleborn even alive nowadays?


Dirt cheap. Heat!