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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Battle Royale for free from January 17th to the 24th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
24/01/2019Expires on 24/01/2019Updated 33 m agoLast updated 33 m ago by CarlHumphreys
Battle Royale Mode will be free for 7 days. Good time to try out and on PS4, XBOX and PC Just announced on Twitter page … Read more
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Anyone else gone on Xbox and says you can but no option to download


It's on battle net


where is it for PC?


Express online saying they contacted activision but anticpate 6pm.


I haven't been able to find it yet.

Call of Duty Black Ops IIII 4 PS4 & XB1 New £29 instore & online @ Tesco
Refreshed 23 h, 46 m agoRefreshed 23 h, 46 m agoUpdated 19 h, 7 m agoLast updated 19 h, 7 m ago by MysterFrugal
Call of Duty Black Ops IIII 4 PS4 & XB1 New £29 instore at Newport S.Wales
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What's wrong with the servers? I haven't had any server issues since I got the game in December.


PS4 version £27.99 on Amazon which also comes with a couple of extras. Same deal as before Christmas but a couple of quid more expensive Here


Got my son the Xbox one steel book version of this for his birthday, he played it once. Said it's rubbish. For sale for £27 if anyone wants it? 😁


Blackout is f2p from 17th till 24th


Contrary to everyone else here, I'm loving Black Ops 4. Blackout is especially good and I wouldn't touch any of the other battle royale games now as Blackout completely trumps them. Multiplayer is decent too minus some of the stupid specialist abilities and zombies is a lot of fun too. My advice is try it yourself as you'll always get the usual cod haters and others just wont enjoy it which is fair enough.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 tee shirt - £3 instore @ Tesco
22/01/2019Expires on 22/01/2019LocalLocalUpdated 13th JanLast updated 13th Jan by Dealio98
All sizes small to xxxl. Was £14.99 now £3 in store only.
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I feel this game has been slated a bit much, it's multiplayer is actually pretty good and is still reminiscent of the previous Black ops games



Or very muscular. And I’m a XXL thanks.


At some point they have to forgo this xxxxx business and just call the size 'Fat'



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MS Xbox One X 1TB – Battlefield (V Deluxe+1+1943)+ GOW4 + (RDR2/COD4/FIFA19/FH4) +Xbox live n Gold +EA access for £399.99 @ Microsoft
Refreshed 11th JanRefreshed 11th JanUpdated 11th JanLast updated 11th Jan by frakison
Topcashback 5% or £8 , potential to make around ££379.99 The world’s most powerful console Games play better on Xbox One X. With 40% more power than any other console, experience… Read more

As a newcomer, im not sure you’re best placed to tell me what this site is for. Your point is silly, if it was true, this site just wouldn’t work. Example, someone posts a deal for a half price iPhone, I then say it’s a rubbish deal because I feel they should be less, I then vote it down and less people see it, it’s really not hard. To explain it for you, if the majority of outlets are offering a new Xbox with 3yr for more than this, it’s a good deal, whether YOU like it or not, or think it should be less is totally irrelevant.... unless you’re some sort of celebrity who can influence the retailers with your abstinence? (y)


no i tdisagree. the point is to comment on whether the price is good or not for you. thats the point of the comment section. its not about just positive commments. and because right after this post , the ebay discount came in after . it pretty much makes your point moot.


The thread title still gave the price, my point stands, but hey, I'm not here to moderate, its just a bit weird (y) I paid about £280 for mine after all the games were traded in etc, very happy with that, looks lovely on the MU8000 I bagged in the Samsung 40% discount fire sale <3


nah i was interested in buying xbox one . but only would buy it for less than 349 gbp , because thats what its worth . people who buy it for more than that are wasting money . its not that good but having bought it for 322 gbp , i would say its alright . people should only get this if they have 4k hdr compliant tv if u still don't belive , add me on xbox live. pm me for id


So you clicked on a link to a product you have no intention of buying just to tell us that you don’t want it, cheers, I’ll sleep tonight (y)

Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 with 2 Hours of 2XP + an Exclusive Calling Card (Exclusive to (PS4) for £27.99 delivered @ Amazon
Updated 10th JanLast updated 10th Jan by Drittz78
Please note that your 2XP will be delivered as a code via email 48 hours after placing your order. The Calling Card will be directly available in game. The Telegraph - "Unquestion… Read more
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No just my opinion


Thanks for posting bought 3 copies.


And the £0.99 red dot sight :/


You can trade it for £30 store credit @ CEX ;) That's what i did with mine.


what a rip off, got this for 45 the other day

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Gold Edition was £25.99 Argos
Updated 9th JanLast updated 9th Jan by AlbinoKittens
Thought this may help someone else out, has the dlc and map.Call of Duty: Black Ops III Gold Edition includes the full base game, DLC 1 Awakening for Black Ops III, plus the Nuk3to… Read more

£13.99 at MyMemory is for the PS4 version only Cheapest Xbox One version I can find is £15.99 at Base (£1 cheaper than OP)


Awesome wish I'd seen that before I'd ordered it! :D


It's £13.99 at MyMemory :)

Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 with 2 Hours of 2XP + an Exclusive Calling Card £45.99 (Exclusive to (PS4)
Updated 5th JanLast updated 5th Jan by Luis85
Call of duty the best game deal
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That's the internet for you


Is there a badge for trying to achieve a really cold deal


Seems a very sad way to look for attention


No idea, maybe its some kind of attention to them, they think its funny to see the reaction from others but its only them who is embarrassing themselves really


I don't get the purpose of a spam account though, what do they expect to gain from it all?

Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox) £26.99 || Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (Xbox) £34.99 Free delivery @ Currys
Updated 4th JanLast updated 4th Jan by ryshaz
Forza Horizon 4 - Standard Edition (Xbox One) £26.99 Free delivery Discover Britain like you've never seen it before in Forza Horizon 4. With ever-changing environments, you'l… Read more

Playing it now...great game


Expired, currently £29.99.


Deal expired


Forza 4 is on Xbox game pass for anyone who’s interested.


Old games are always dropping on price. And to make a game you need money and a lot of work. Some shops sell fifa 16 for 99p. And EA probably spent millions. What a waist!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - Xbox One Game - £29 @ John Lewis & Partners (£2 C&C / £3.50 delivery)
Updated 4th JanLast updated 4th Jan by The_SubFix
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 £29 + £3.50 delivery @ John Lewis & Partners Site Cheapest I could find from a recognised retailer so be kind :) Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the … Read more
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Fair enough. I was talking about online prices though. You could go into John Lewis and pick it up for £29 as well.


My point is that I was IN THE STORE TODAY as many people shop in Tesco.


Google "Black Ops 4 Xbox One" and click on shopping and compare. Typed in nice times Roman serif font it says Tesco Groceries £29 +£6 delivery.


This was posted for the price as I found that the delivery was the cheapest than any other 'recognised retailer' eg. Tesco is £6 delivery. The fact that the game has micro transaction's and paid DLC (like most other games out right now) shouldn't be a contributing factor to dislike this post and shouldn't have anything to do with the fact that this is cheap in comparison to other 'recognised retailers' I think this post went cold because of the people that simply don't like the game. Fair enough but with the game making nearly £400 million in the opening weekend there are plenty of people that do like the game and for the mum's and dad's out there looking to buy the game from a reputable retailer at a good price I posted the cheapest (+delivery) I could find. A lot of people won't agree with me but you know. That's life.


Tesco £29.99 no delivery charge as far as I know when I was in buying lunch today.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, PS4 £29 ( + £2 Click & Collect) @ John Lewis & Partners
Updated 27th Dec 2018Last updated 27th Dec 2018 by RyanTimothyGibbons
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, PS4 £29 (£2 Click & Collect) @ John Lewis & Partners
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Cant say the game is any good because i havnt played it... but good Price! Have some Heat (y)


I think this is definately the best COD to date. The multiplayer games are fantastic.


Thanks for the heads up. Ordered.


Cheaper than this at tesco before Xmas. Not hot


Black Ops 4 on PS4 is £25.99 on Amazon Boxing Day deal right now, ends midnight.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC - £27.99 @ CDKeys
Updated 27th Dec 2018Last updated 27th Dec 2018 by allaboutthetwizzler
Very cheap price and a fun game! Fast and easy way to buy the game 100% safe
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Nope, only ones I can think of are black ops 3 and ww2 with splitscreen on pc


Yes Cdkeys is safe ...


Any split screen for local multiplayer?

Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 with 2 Hours of 2XP + an Exclusive Calling Card (Exclusive to (PS4) £25.99 @ Amazon UK
Refreshed 26th Dec 2018Refreshed 26th Dec 2018Updated 27th Dec 2018Last updated 27th Dec 2018 by Nightmare101
FREE Delivery.
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Only gone up £4


Oh my god, only just saw this and it’s gone back up. Not having much luck with the price of things lately as the Amazon Echo just went back upto full price too. Really need to act upon these deals much earlier in future. :(


When you play online you receive XP after every game the more XP the quicker you level up which unlocks better weapons within the game. By having double XP you’d naturally level up quicker :) I’ve only just bought it myself so currently downloading but this time of year there may be standard Double XP events for everyone so may not make too much of a difference but I am unable to confirm that currently.


Guys what is the 2 hours of 2xp mean ? Sorry I'm not a gamer and my son wants this game , I can buy most places I see now around £30 but the others don't come with this 2xp thing ! Appreciate any info .cheers


damn just saw this too too late :(

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 & other games (Indonesian account) - £24.35 @ PSN
Updated 27th Dec 2018Last updated 27th Dec 2018 by gbaggerz
The Indonesia store has a lot of good sales on games. As well as this they have an additional 15% off individual code when you visit the store (I did it from my PS4). When paid wi… Read more

Just ordered starling account card 😜 how long does it take to come??? I'm missing out on gaming while off over Christmas (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


The only cards that currently work are Starling and N26. Revolut is now blocked. The full sale is here




Nah I've just ordered one for this very reason though! (y)


Do you not have starling?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4 / Xbox One £29 @ Tesco online & instore
Refreshed 25th Dec 2018Refreshed 25th Dec 2018Updated 25th Dec 2018Last updated 25th Dec 2018 by jimbo001
Update 1
Price now confirmed as £29 instore, also showing online
Spotted that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PS4/Xbox has dropped to £29 which is slightly less than Black Friday. Looks to be £10 cheaper than standalone prices elsewhere or if not keen … Read more
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Really disliked this during my first few hours but once I got used to the maps and constant spawn flips, it became enjoyable. Cant say boots on the ground is the best though...


I used to love the multiplayer, before it was running up walls, jumping over buildings and all that kinda crap, that's what Halo is for ha ha


Yeah it will still be £29 in every store. It’s actually not that popular so I would be confident there are still copies in your Tesco. Just pop in to check.


Is this £29 at every store and how do i check if there is still stock left?


Campaign, Shampane......give me muliplayer chaos everyday

PS4 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 + Detroit: Become Human £19.98 using American Express code @ Amazon (Prime / + £2.99 non Prime)
Updated 21st Dec 2018Last updated 21st Dec 2018 by Waks_Trode
Add Black Ops 4 Standard Plus Edition (£31.99) and Detroit: Become Human (£13.99) to your basket. Use code AMEX25OFFSWP to get £25 off a £40 spend using your Amex, and use up £1 w… Read more

An easy mistake to make. Would be a great deal and well worked out. I tried my AmEx card on something else (the Chaplin Blu-ray boxset and another item) but it didn't stick. Thanks for posting though and welcome to the site!


No deal, the deal is the code (if thats even a deal or rather a heads up) and thats been posted.


Doesn't work on all amex cards, only those with reward points.


Well duh


Must you pay by amex as code isnt working?

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 with 2 Hours of 2XP + an Exclusive Calling Card £33.99 (Exclusive to (Xbox One)
Updated 19th Dec 2018Last updated 19th Dec 2018 by mauzz
Found this for £33.99 for ps4 and xbox one comes with double xp for 2 hours and calling card
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Instead of making new deal... PS4 version dropped another 2 pounds to 31.99!


Hey someone else from northwales!


Even maybe be slightly more expensive


Need to game share mate



Call of Duty Black Ops 3 [PC, steam] £7.99
Updated 17th Dec 2018Last updated 17th Dec 2018 by imdurc
First deal went okish (at least not cold!) so here is second. Steam code for CoD blops 3. Not sure if blops 3 is appreciated but for 7.99 cant go wrong for the backlog! Cheers

The player numbers are pretty typical for cod games on PC. Here are the steam numbers -


Yes and (I guess) no, respectively.


is playing online free? is there much people on it?


I'm serious lol, this is amongst my favourite CODs to date. I have this on Xbox but prefer PC. MW2, BO2 and BO3 are my top 3, was hyped for BO4 with Blackout and the major changes but I'm really not a fan. The game feels stale, so I'm going back to BO3.


Not sure if trolling but I’ll take it (embarrassed) pleasure is all mine!

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