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Dirt 5 PS5 help
Just got the physical copy after a post on these pages. Game installs and plays fine but no matter what I do (clearing cache, manually copying to PS5 or allowing game to self inst… Read more

Doesn't work that way so will await developers help


Nah, where you have you list of games along the top, go to the game and option button on the pad to bring up the menu. From there click on check for update. Thats the way i did it for gta.


In game menu itself? Might see if there's an option in the menus. Seems strange as update failed when inserting the disc initially and I assumed it might be because the game wasn't installed at that point to update. Will give it a try and have emailed Codemasters also to see if they can help as no online as a result.


I had an update on GTA 5 which kept coming up with an error and failure to download (can't remember the error code)but i cleared that download notification and error message and went into the game options and checked for updates that way. It downloaded and installed fine that way

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Dirt 5 - free trial PS4/PS5
Not seen this mentioned anywhere. Free trial on PSN. Says Looks like the full game so I’m assuming it’s all free for a limited time. Move to discussions if need be but wanted to me… Read more

🤫 (lol)


still works for me too


Still working now! Did they give us the whole game?!?


Ummm... It's the 6th but its still working fine...


Thanks :)

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Updated 2nd Mar 2021Last updated 2nd Mar 2021 by Haircut_100
PlayStation 5 Console Extra Dualsense Controller MXGP 2020 Ride 4 Dirt 5 Revent Starter Pack - £629.99 @ Simplygames
Stritcly one bundle per customer. Successfully placed orders will be dispatched by Thursday 4th March, 2021. The PS5 console unleashes new gaming possibilities that you never anti… Read more

I’d rather just wait 6 months or a year and buy the console normally than buy a bundle like this.


No bundle for me :/


Is £630 the cheapest bundle? Rip off if it is


If anyone else has a link that they no longer need, I’ll happily take it. (y) Thanks.


What a rip off. They really taking the pee now the retailers with these bundle prices