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The Forza Horizon series offers an adrenaline-packed blend of pure racing thrills, vehicle customisation, multi-player cooperation, and exploration. And the fourth edition, Forza Horizon 4, could well be the finest yet. Driving fans can experience the ultimate driving challenge for less by making a purchase using the offers and deals from the hotukdeals Forza Horizon 4 listings. Read more
Xbox One S with Forza Horizon 4 & LEGO Speed Champions at Currys for £249
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Play from a selection of over 1300 amazing games with the Xbox One S . From the biggest blockbuster titles and Xbox exclusives, to iconic franchises that everyone's grown up playi… Read more
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This place was selling Xbox One S with "Sea of Nieves" game. I wouldn't risk it. Lol


I’ll pass on that website


What's the warranty and returns process like? Genuine question.


I bought one from there no issue. What was you saying again? Lmao


Argos were selling the 1TB one X for £259 not long ago, and they'll get cheaper as we get closer to the series X launching. This is a pretty poor price

Forza Horizon 4 - 200 FREE "Super Wheelspins" (Xbox One/PC)
2490° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
200 Free of the in-game 'Super Wheelspins' which give you 3 items per spin. Items include Cars, Credits, Car Horns and Avatar Items. The spins should appear in the inbox in game. … Read more
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I didn’t get any


No free spins yesturday but it did turn out I had lots of 20 free spins messages late 2019 so I used all those.


No fudging free spins for me! Gutted 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡


i did


I got the 200 spins, over a hundred cars and 20 million + cash 💰

Xbox One X 1TB – Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions Bundle - £264.03 @ Amazon DE
330° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
You can pay using a fee free card and in Euro to get it for £255 instead. UK prices at the moment are a bit silly so I think it is reasonable saving. You would need a UK plug for i… Read more
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just went through the link (even though it had expired) and saw there was a couple of amazon warehouse offers, apparently only game codes missing (which I am not bothered about) and 245 euro (so £226 with postage) .... took the punt so let's see....what can possibly go wrong ?!


Just got that bundle today. Cost me 349 notes


You check Amazon at least once a day, I've noticed that and drip feed the lower priced consoles.


Brexit hasn't happened yet, so no.


Argos (or be it they have very limited stock depending where you are in the country) have got it new for 199.

Forza Horizon 4: Lego Speed Championship DLC - £8.99 at CDKeys
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayLocalLocal
Available for £15.99 elsewhere and on the store so a great deal. Have been told this is more enjoyable than the other DLC pack which I cannot find on offer.
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At a fiver, I'd buy it (that's what I did), but at this price, as stated above, I'd buy the ultimate pack.


Loved this dlc!!! Was amazing. Heat


I would recommend this route too. Far better value if you like the game already.


This is a great deal, but for an extra tenner you can get the Ultimate bundle, which has both DLC's, the VIP and Car Pack pass.


This DLC is great, I chuckle at the Lego Bugatti's & Ferrari's everytime I play it :D I got it for slightly less, I think around £4.80 but still a great price at £9 (y)

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Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle - £19.99 @ Microsoft Store
382° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Decent price here for the add on bundle to enjoy with the game. The Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle includes the Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass, two expansions, VIP Membershi… Read more
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Log into your account, go to rewards and chose redeem points, pick xbox gift card and pick the denomination you want to claim.


How do u use ur ms rewards plz?


When you click through it says there are two days left so therefore doesn't expire today? Heat added, going to buy this having bought some gift cards from Gamivo (y)


And anyone doing ms rewards can use them to buy this, i had enough ms rewards last time this was 20 quid to get it for £9.99.....,......cracking add on, love the Bond cars, lego island is a lot of fun, and the fortune island is beautiful in all its stormy weather.


I wish this was the full game

Xbox One X 1TB with Forza Horizon 4 with Lego Speed Champions Add On, 1 Month Game pass and 1 Month Xbox Live Gold - Black £259
385° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Xbox One X 1TB with Forza Horizon 4 with Lego Speed Champions Add On, 1 Month Game pass and 1 Month Xbox Live Gold - Black
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Sold my Xbox one s and Forza for 185 not a bad upgrade for the price of a new controller


After you have set it up you will go on to the main screen. On there you will see a sign labelled 'MICROSOFT STORE' click on that sign and it will take you to the store. Here you will see a list of boxes one of them will be labelled 'REDEEM A CODE' click on that and it will ask you to enter the code, you will these codes on the backs of the cards that came with the xbox one, you should have a separate card for 1 months xbox live, another card for your forza game and Lego forza add on... Make sure that you take up the offer for the £1 game pass (y)


thanks OP for the deal! mine arrived today but how do you redeem the 1 month live and games? Cannot find the info anywhere...


mine was delivered today , £239 with referral code plus 2% quidco cashback :D


£20 off referral code

MICROSOFT Xbox One X 1TB with Forza Horizon 4 & LEGO Speed Champions - £259 Delivered @ Currys PC World
430° Expired
Refreshed 10th AprRefreshed 10th Apr
Update 1
Update - back in stock and available to order for £259 delivered
Good value Xbox bundle here. Free delivery. Bundle includes: Xbox One X 1TB console, Xbox Wireless Controller, full-game download of Forza Horizon 4 and the LEGO Speed Champio… Read more

Out of stock again


When the guy came out to install my TV package, he seemed to be in a rush as I was his last customer of day he said. I know that my TV was working perfectly fine in the morning without any screen burn... As I had been watching breakfast TV on my virgin media V6 box without any issues at all. I then powered down the virgin V6 TV box and uninstalled the equipment so that it was ready for my new service to be installed. When I called the said company about the screen burn issue after I'd spotted it that evening, they immediately sent out a guy the next day to take away the box that they had just fitted to be taken away for testing, and fitted a brand new box in for me. When I called them back just over two weeks later too find out the results of there tests... They did not admit that they were at fault... But were happy to give me my TV subscription which would have been £50 per month free for the first 6 months... Sort of says it all doesn't it :{ (confused) (y) (y)


How did they cause the screen burn?


Heat for the greatest console


Had it in the basket again and just kept saying to myself, save the money and wait for the X series. Have a One S I really need to unbox from a year ago (HDUK bargain!), so thought it would be ridiculous to put down half the potential cost of the X series machine when I’ve got a pretty capable console already, plus a PS4 Pro too.

Xbox One X 1TB with Forza Horizon 4, Lego Speed Champions Add On, 1 month of Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold - £259 at AO
454° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Great value bundle here, might suit someone. Key Features Superb graphics - 4 times as powerful as an Xbox One S True 4K gaming with 4K upscaling on Full HD games 1TB hard d… Read more

Thanks for this.


Ordered 👌


Really? all you have to do is remove about 5 screws and replace the internal one. :D


Ditto :D


When the new Xbox comes out and this hits £199 soon, i'll be buying ;) maxmix

Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions Bundle (1TB) £279.00 / £249 with new user credit account @ Very (£3.95 P&P)
214° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions Bundle (1TB) One of the last places to have stock on a deal at this price. Get an extra £30 off making is £249.00 Exclusive … Read more

Seeing the same now, cheers


It said on my very account about 3 days ago a refunded of £30 had been processed to my bank account and it arrived at my account today


On your Very account are you seeing the refunded or bank account?


Yes same happened for me, but I have just been on my account and I have been refunded £30 back to my payment card


Total price is showing at £253 but i’ve been debited £283. Will see what happens over the next week but it says they are busy helping people who can’t pay at the moment so will leave it for now. Thanks for replying!

Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 & LEGO Speed Champions Bundle, £269.99 at Smyths Toys
370° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Seems oos in most places, good value bundle and in stock with free delivery. Proper 4K gaming with HDR Want to game in 4K? Look no further than the Xbox One X . The X is i… Read more

I didn’t really want one but they came back into stock so I thought I’d better before they sold out again. Well with toilet roll being back in stock now and all that. Maybe I should have got 2 just in case?


I suppose if you look at the normal price for Game Pass Ultimate at £10.99/month, then the Xbox One X is £14/month. If you go for the minimum 18 month term, the actual Xbox part would be around £252, so near enough the current cost of the Xbox One X given the current deals. Obviously the new model will be worth more, say it was £24/month for console end of the equation, that would probably be not far off the retail cost of the console alone. As you've said already, all depends on trade-in cost for the X and what the new model costs. Guess it works on some level as otherwise it wouldn't be a worthwhile scheme. Anyway, Very have stock again of the X on 12 months IFC, so better make my mind up quick before they disappear again. * I have a boxed One S 1Tb that's not been opened. Is it worth getting the X since I already have a PS4 Pro too? *


Has anyone ordered and had good delivery? How long would I expect to wait?


Thanks for explaining this. I’d not really seen much info, and you’ve saved me looking to see what the offer was.


Another way to look at it is you are paying £600 (24 x £24.99) to rent the One X until the Series X releases in November/December then they swap it with the new console (have to pay off 18 months worth to be eligible). Whether it's worth it or not will depend on how much the next gen console will be at launch and what normal trade in prices for the One X are at that point. The "upgrade fee" part is talking about the extra £15 that people upgrading from the all digital version of the One S will have to pay.

Xbox One X with Forza Horizon 4 & LEGO Speed Champions at Currys for £259
367° Expired
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
MICROSOFT Xbox One X with Forza Horizon 4 & LEGO Speed Champions
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I was gonna hold out until the next gen launches however with all this virus business I need something to keep me going. Might even hold out a year after launch now. I have had great love for the Xbox 360 as well as had love towards playstation brand. Would be good to see what each brings to the table of the course of the year. Then there's the issue of next gen getting delayed. I really hope both party's nail it cause that will make both Microsoft and Sony go the extra mile. Win win for the gamers!


This seems a good deal, still on the fence about buying one....


Thanks pal. Appreciate you commenting. Decided to buy one anyway. Seems like an OK deal at the present time!


Probably not much, CEX give £15 for Forza but this is a download code so they are a no go. The Lego part is just DLC for Forza. Someone been trying to sell both codes for £25 for over a month on avforums with no takers.


How much are the games worth?

Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) + 6 months Spotify Premium for £19.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
589° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) + 6 months Spotify Premium for £19.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
£19.99£39.9950% Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Beautiful racing game on half price offer. :) + Free delivery + Free 6 month Spotify Premium subscription for new Premium accounts (valid for redemption until 04/10) Discover… Read more
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Order cancelled


My order has not been cancelled.


Yes, Don't use any Xbox Gamepass offer straight away, if you buy Xbox live Gold first (For up to 3 years worth) you can convert that that to Xbox Ultimate for £1 using the ONE TIME £1 Ultimate offer. This will give you Xbox Gamepass, PC Gamepass, Xbox live Gold and Gold games . There are plenty of posts on here and online how to do it (it's simple) but read them first.


Or get game pass ultimate which will be gold live and game pass into one subscription. There was a 6 month pass on here for I think £32 the other day. Check out the games on game pass before purchase to make an I formed decision. I, and many others think it's great value. :-)


Yeah it's cross platform (y)

Forza Horizon 4 – Standard Edition Including The Eliminator“ Update (Xbox One) £21.13 (£19.50 with fee free card) Delivered @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Forza Horizon 4 – Standard Edition Including The Eliminator“ Update (Xbox One) £21.13 (£19.50 with fee free card) Delivered @ Amazon Germany
£21.13£33.9538%Amazon Germany Deals
Feels like a good price for the game in disc including the eliminitor update coming from Amazon Germany. As always you can use your Amazon UK account to order. Use a fee free card… Read more

Stay on 4K 60 pc then! Can’t wait For series x when 4K 60 is on console as well


Oh I didnt know it will stay free on GP for good! Interesting I love the game and spent countless of hours in it! But yeah this is good price


How long would it take to be delivered to the uk


As it is an Xbox Exclusive game it will stay in GO for good. ;) Yet, if you have no GP or simply prefer to own on disc, then this is a great price!


PC pal. but thank you, ill give it a try too as i got xbox one x too.

Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition XBOX ONE Download Code £24.99 Amazon
228° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition XBOX ONE Download Code £24.99 Amazon
£24.99£34.9929%Amazon Deals
The Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition includes: Forza Horizon 4 game disc SEASONS CHANGE EVERYTHING. For the first time in the racing and driving genre, experience dynamic seasons … Read more

Good deal considering if you order a hard copy it could take ages to arrive due to current pandemic.


Good deal


Still playing it daily and lovving it. I bought the fxx Evo yesterday after trying for so long and now destroying PB's around the map hahah


Love this game, bought it when it was 1st out, maybe should have waited for this deal


You can get the base game and dlc cheaper from shopto:

Xbox One X 1tb console with Forza Horizon 4 £259 @ John Lewis & Partners
439° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Xbox One X 1tb console with Forza Horizon 4 £259 @ John Lewis & Partners
£259 Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis & Partners Deals
Same price as the Game deal but 2 year warranty from John Lewis Good deal, no? Personally I’d rather buy from JL than Game anyway.



I was doing the same. In fact it went out of stock while in my basket twice! Ended up getting 36 mths of Live Gold and converting it to 36 months Ultimate Pass for £1. As Ultimate Pass comes with Forza 4 and Gears 1-5 it made sense to get the Jedi bundle.


I caved (y)


It’s certainly worrying but the writing is on the wall for them I’m afraid. The thing is, we’re all responsible, they wouldn’t be axing shops and staff bonuses if they were in good shape, they need us to use them, but unfortunatelysentiment doesn’t make up for the price difference to say Amazon (annoyed)


You’ll likely get an offer for maybe £1 for a month or something like that on your console dashboard (providing you are a new user/not used a trial before) (y)

Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions Bundle £264.98 delivered at GAME
1142° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions Bundle £264.98 delivered at GAME
£264.98£34924%GAME Deals
1TB Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 LEGO® Speed Champions Bundle (Xbox One)

It just turned up one updated from game via email that it has been shipped


Hi did u ever get royal mail delivery notification or did it just turn up ?


Got mine late Monday, yes it looks like it has been resealed but everything is fine especially for that price and the price they are now.


Cheers mines 24 royal mail so hoping 2day or 2moro


FYI, it was shipped on Thursday and delivered on Monday.

Xbox One X 1TB Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions Bundle £284.99 delivered @ Studio
-63° Expired
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Xbox One X 1TB Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions Bundle £284.99 delivered @ Studio
£284.99Studio Deals
1st deal so sorry if I've done it wrong. Seen as though very have decided to almost double the price of their deal that was on yesterday while the world's facing a pandemic and p… Read more
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Saying all out of stock now in Microsoft strange ...... expect a big increase and more stock tomorrow (lol)


I went for Star Wars as the Gears games are on Game Pass


Available to order on AO currently


Happy to help :)


I was looking at the site myself earlier and they're all out of stock... good timing your comment (y) I've just ordered the Gears of War one (party)

Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions DLC (Xbox One / PC) £22.85 @ Shopto
555° Expired
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions DLC (Xbox One / PC) £22.85 @ Shopto
£22.85£32.9931% Free P&P FreeShopTo Deals
Great price for the game and the DLC included. Forza Horizon 4 is the latest addition to this iconic game franchise. Race on historic British tracks and experience the thrill of t… Read more

It is cross play for both PC and Xbox One. Once you redeem it on your MS account, you can download and play both PC and XBox versions.


Sorry for my beginer question, this says for PC, how it work been for Xbox? Can install it straight away in my pc? Thanks guys


Thats what im waiting for too


This includes the base game. You don't need xbox live to play single player. Hope this helps.


Does this require x box live or a base game?

Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions Bundle (1TB) + Optional Extras £269.99 @ Very
218° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 + Lego Speed Champions Bundle (1TB) + Optional Extras £269.99 @ Very
£269.99£40033% Free P&P FreeVery Deals
This bundle includes an Xbox One X console, a full-game download of Forza Horizon 4 with the LEGO Speed Champions add-on.
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Llanelli... For some reason they deleted my post for using blacklisted words and profanities........erm lol


Profiteering scumbags


Wow, rocketed to £449.99 now (shock) owing to what appears to be a shortage, even Amazon are £354 now too for the same bundle!




Where are you based ?

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