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The Forza Horizon series offers an adrenaline-packed blend of pure racing thrills, vehicle customisation, multi-player cooperation, and exploration. And the fourth edition, Forza Horizon 4, could well be the finest yet. Driving fans can experience the ultimate driving challenge for less by making a purchase using the offers and deals from the hotukdeals Forza Horizon 4 listings. Read more
Bundle Forza Horizon 4 – Ultimate Add Ons - £10.83 [PC - Xbox One & Series X|S] No VPN required @ Microsoft Store Iceland
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
MS Iceland store offer. Forza 4 is XPA [Xbox Play Anywhere] Means playable Xbox One - Series X|S & PC Windows 10. Required base game of course. Standard game is in the Game … Read more

Also it's trying to get me to pay for the James bond pack, but it has downloaded it. It's really odd.


Have fun :)


Which location please? I went to my house and only about 30 cars unlocked. VIP says it is owned, but then I haven't been notified about a new house etc. Seems odd.




Heat! Been playing this game on Gamepass a lot more than I expected. It is incredible on Series X.

Bundle Forza Horizon 4 – Ultimate Add Ons at £11.76 - Xbox One & Series X|S & PC Windows 10 (Microsoft Store Brazil)
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
MS Brazil store offer. Forza 4 is XPA [Xbox Play Anywhere], means playable Xbox One - Series X|S & PC Windows 10. Required base game of course. Standard game is in the Game… Read more

Anyone know of where i could get the rally add-on for horizon 2 for the Xbox one? I know it's an older title but been looking for it for ages


There is no Lego expansion for FH3. If you mean the expansions Hot Wheels and Blizzard Mountain then they're very hard to get hold of cheap and the whole set doesn't seem to be available as a bundle. You can get the base game for £15 and the passes for £25 from CDKeys.


Anyone found keys for Forza Horizon 3 with the Lego expansion? I just got into FH4 and found out they do not sell FH3 any more. I have a Series S so I cannot use a disc.



Worth it just for the Lego

Forza Horizon 4 LEGO® Speed Champions - £7.49 @ Microsoft Store
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Currently half price on the Microsoft store

I went with the Ultimate pass when the game first came on Game Pass (there was a good sale price at the time), it's one of my favourite driving games on the Xbox. I especially love the fact that the AI drive on the correct side of the road too XD (as it's set in the UK) I really need to start playing on the Xbox again :(


Same price for the Fortune Island pass - If interested in buying both, I would suggest getting the Ultimate Addon bundle which is currently £20 (ignore the "with gamepass" price) and includes both expansions plus loads of cars and credit bonuses

Forza Horizon 4 on Steam £35.74 @ Steam
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
A good price for the Steam version (I don't know if there are differences in game, but this one is on the steam platform)

Yes if you look at the headline monthly prices it can seem a lot, but know there are ways (mostly posted on this site!) about how to get GPU for much longer cheaply. When it was first announced almost two years ago, it was seen an upgrade over Xbox Live and Game Pass - combine the two services and one monthly fee. But for a lot of Xbox gamers they already had months/years of Xbox Live on their account, so MS offered an upgrade path. Pay £1 and convert all your existing months of Xbox Live into Game Pass Ultimate. Not £1 per month, just a flat one time £1. Note you can have a max of 36 months worth of Xbox Live on your account before doing this. So what quite a few people here did was search for cheap Xbox Live subscriptions. A quick google shows them available now for about £35. Up to the individual if you choose to buy 1,2,3 years worth, then a one time conversion of £1 and you have that length of Game Pass Ultimate. I was of a similar mindset - I'd rather own a game than "rent" them, but then I realised that in addition to the range of current games on the scheme, I'm getting brand new games from MS studios, on launch day, for no extra cost. When the new Forza Motorsport or Horizon game comes out, I get it day 1, no extra cost. For what amounts to the cost of one new game per year. Even if you don't own an Xbox there is a lot of content for PC on it, and with these kind of deals (rather than full price monthly) I think it still offers great value.


Because game pass will also enable you to play a load of other games during your membership period. Either that or find a cheaper Xbox code as it’s a play anywhere game.


Personally, I'd try it out with GamePass with the 3 months for £1 deal if you are a new subscriber. I tried it and found that I didn't like Forza Horizon 4 at all (too arcadey handling and cringeworthy dudebro presentation).


Why? If I buy the game on Steam it's about the same price as playing it with game pass for about 5 months (if game pass is £8/month) I'd rather buy and keep the game rather than pay a subscription fee every month to play the game


Look it’s a good game but seriously get game pass for pc instead of buying it

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Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) for £19.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Seems quite popular for a physical copy as Currys have limited this game to 1 per customer. (skeptical) Discover Britain like you've never seen it before in Forza Horizon 4.… Read more

Yeah, there is that aspect. I’ve played SuperHot, Snake Pass, Jurassic World Evolution, and other games that otherwise I would not have tried. BUT for now I’m focusing on reducing my physical pile of shame (lol)


Fair enough. I don't play that much either but for the price of 2-3 new games a year I think it's worth it. Also gives me an opportunity to play games I wouldn't consider buying otherwise.


I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but personally: I don’t get much time to play games, so I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a subscription I can’t fully utilise, Plus, I have a backlog of games already, so it’s financially more sensical to play the games I own first, before I consider subscribing to expand my pile of shame. Especially when my drive is almost full as it is. (y)


Why are people not just paying for game pass ultimate? I just went from ps4 to series x and I'm so impressed with the game pass ultimate I don't think I'll be buying a game for a long time.


Yeah thats what I paid for it, from pc world currys too

Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition - £17.99 - CDKEYS
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd MarShipping from United StatesShipping from United States
I remember the game being lower during Black Friday on Amazon. Although this is a great price! Get your instant download of Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One/PC with The top… Read more

Haha same! Thank you (y)


Probably my favourite racer. Have some heat!