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**STEAM 24 HOUR SALE** BAFTA Nomiated Titles on Sale, XCOM: Enemy Within - £4.99!!!, Bioshock Infinite - £4.99, Brave New World - £4.99 etc. @ Steam
Updated 13th Mar 2014Last updated 13th Mar 2014 by Mattevansc3
**STEAM 24 HOUR SALE** BAFTA Nomiated Titles on Sale, XCOM: Enemy Within - £4.99!!!, Bioshock Infinite - £4.99, Brave New World - £4.99 etc. @ Steam
All sorts of goodies on sale ! ***XCOM: Enemy Within - £4.99*** Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons - £3.99 Tomb Raider (2014) - £4.99 Football Manager 2014 - £11.89 GRiD 2 - £4.99 Assas… Read more
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You might want to try the UFO series of games. Very similar to X:COM, the later two have more RPG elements and there are some really good mods out there for them. Combat is a bit like Baldurs Gate in that its real time but can be set to turn based. They are also quite cheap, each one of the trilogy should set you back no more than a fiver. Fallout Tactics is also a good game to look into if you want a strategy/tactical game with a more RPG flavour. I personally enjoyed a game called Grotesque Tactics but its not to everyone's liking. For straight up RPGs are you wanting sprite based like FF1-6, 3D like FF7 onwards or action RPGs such as Monster Hunter/Daemon Souls?


PS4 is better than a PC...I have a acer athlon x64 & it is true the ps4 is better at gaming


I thought it was pretty clear that I was trolling but still people fall for it? :D I don't even know how I come across on the internet sometimes. People get mad over the littlest of things.


Oh of course, that must be the reason! I already own a PS4, XBox, Nintendo DSXL, Samsung Galaxy tablet and a high end gaming computer. But you go ahead and think what you will. You already seem shallow and self concious to have to argue against one persons opinion and then criticise the persons appearance. Such a nice person you are, go enjoy your high quality gaming..


Ahh the dingus party was it? Think Sips was the reason i didn't go for a third playthrough, saw he'd done it & ended up watching that instead!

Bioshock Infinite 66% off, £11.89 on Steam
Updated 7th Oct 2013Last updated 7th Oct 2013 by nascent
Bioshock Infinite 66% off, £11.89 on Steam
Lowest price I've seen it for on Steam, only £11.89. I think it's even cheaper than it was in the Summer Sale. Great game, great price. Deal ends 6PM tomorrow! (06/10/2013)

You could say the same about Bioshock one, but you wouldn't cause it's awesome.


Cheers for the link!



The racism is bad, the totalitarianism is bad. Well, don't need to play Bioshock Infinite to understand that. Basically it's too convoluted and hide behind fake complexities and obvious twist to trick the player into thinking it's all very intelligent.


Bollucks!!!!! I want to hit myself over the head, saw the offer this morning and didn't notice the 6pm and went to buy now, back up to £23. :(

Sapphire 7850 HD 1GB BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider & FarCry BD + Free Zalman Wireless Optical Mouse £125.97 @ Dabs
Updated 9th Aug 2013Last updated 9th Aug 2013 by Chrrye
Sapphire 7850 HD 1GB BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider & FarCry BD + Free Zalman Wireless Optical Mouse £125.97 @ Dabs
Good price and still including the Never settle bundle as well as a free optical mouse (apparently worth £19.99). Offering excellent performance at an even keener price, SAPPHIRE… Read more

lol X)


so you were comparing them.


Well what other reason is there to link to an alternative if not for comparison? Your link is for a used/refurbished XFX card anyway. You might as well link to an eBay auction.


The card I posted also comes with 3 games. And its a 2gb card..


Also, an extra game & the mouse with the Dabs deal.

MSI AMD Radeon 7790 1GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI OC £97.19 + FREE Bioshock Infinite @ Dabs
Updated 20th Jul 2013Last updated 20th Jul 2013 by naodai_mmx
MSI AMD Radeon 7790 1GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI OC £97.19 + FREE Bioshock Infinite @ Dabs
Available for under £100 now. You can also claim Bioshock infinite for FREE with this purchase.



Or just buy the 7850 with free games for like £10-20 extra..


Cheaper here with a higher core clock speed at stock and is a better overclocker.

2GB Sapphire HD 7850 OC Edition with Bioshock, Tomb Raider & FarCry BD.£136.98 @ ebuyer
Updated 12th Jul 2013Last updated 12th Jul 2013 by chevychase
2GB Sapphire HD 7850 OC Edition with Bioshock, Tomb Raider & FarCry BD.£136.98 @ ebuyer
£136.98Ebuyer Deals
Great price for an overclocked 2GB model with the never settle bundle. Output 2 x Dual-Link DVI 1 x HDMI (with 3D) 1 x DisplayPort DisplayPort 1.2 GPU 920 MHz Core Clock 28 nm… Read more
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shame, i thought you meant it could be back dated. thanks for tip anyways as i'll prob buy a 9 series in oct/nov or whenever they launch and im sure they will still be doing the never settle deal then


To be honest I wouldn't hold out much hope. But it may be worth checking out, simply offering the tip that I continued getting games that were added to the bundle after I purchased the card.


i bought it long before they offered the never settle bundle, are you saying there is a way to register my card and get the games?


It's far from that simple. If you think they can find legal loopholes in the tax system don't you think they'd find loopholes in warranty laws? This would also increase profits for shareholders. The retailer has the right to test or send an item for testing to prove if it really is faulty or if the customer has done something to damage it. Amazon have a "no questions asked" refund policy which is an impossible business model for anyone else. Yes it is the retailers obligation to resolve the problem, but my point is, when it is within the manufacturers warranty period, a retailer will send the item back to the manufacturer for testing, repair, replacement or refund. For time and simplicity they would obviously prefer you to deal direct because it cuts out the middle man. When it comes to the 6 year SOGA it gets very complicated. It starts to come down to interpretation of the law, what is considered reasonable time/use/damage etc. and what you can prove.


Amazon made use of legal loopholes to not pay taxes. They actually have a legal obligation to shareholders to do so if it maximizes profits and is legal. The seller is responsible for up t six years for reasonable costs of an item. That goes far beyond most manufacturers warranties.

XFX AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB Graphics Card  + FREE Crysis 3, Tombraider, Bioshock Infinite Games £155.70 @ CCL
Updated 9th Jul 2013Last updated 9th Jul 2013 by angus123
XFX AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB Graphics Card + FREE Crysis 3, Tombraider, Bioshock Infinite Games £155.70 @ CCL
Saw this in an email..but unsure how good a brand and model it is for the price. Seems cheaper than previous prices from a quick search on hukd. Includes free delivery. Scan has… Read more
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Bear in mind that if you're planning to overclock, these aren't what you want. They are hardware-voltage locked and have a custom, non-reference XFX PCB.


Thanks for replying and for the information. I think I will stick with the GTX 275 for a while longer, as I am not in any rush to play the latest games. I'm only running one 21.5" monitor. The GTX 275 should not be working too hard even though on paper it likes using lots of juice. At the time of purchase I was looking at both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Just ended up winning a GTX 275 auction.


A GTX 660 and a Radeon 7850/7870 are probably around double the performance of your GTX 275. The 660 Ti/760 and Radeon 7870 Tahiti LE / 7950 are around another 20% faster again. You're card isn't bad and you got it at a reasonable price, but it uses a lot of juice and it's age does mean you're missing out on some modern eye candy. Obviously there are performance increases between 7850 and 7870 as with 7870 Tahiti and 7950, but it's just to give you a rough idea.


lol - that website came up when I was checking the manufacturer codes for my reply to gibbo7f. Saw it had 27 reviews which is quite a few. Best to check NewEgg, Amazon US and UK and other popular online computer shops + forums for reviews :)


Is there a massive difference with getting a card like this, or the Tahiti LE edition, or something like a GTX 660/660ti/760 when compared to a GTX 275? I realise the GTX 275 cannot run Direct 11 games. I bought a Zotac GTX 275 from Ebay a few months ago for about £30. I therefore question the performance increase vs cost to justify upgrading to something like one of the cards I have mentioned. Looking on the hierarchy chart on,3107-7.html the GTX 275 is not so far down the table. I had a quick look at benmark comparisons on but wonder what the real world difference is actually like.

HIS HD 7790 iCooler 1GB GDDR5 with free Bioshock Infinite £94.29 delivered @ ebuyer
Updated 14th Jun 2013Last updated 14th Jun 2013 by karakiran
HIS HD 7790 iCooler 1GB GDDR5 with free Bioshock Infinite £94.29 delivered @ ebuyer
Was in the market for a GPU for a friend and came across this deal and bought it instantly. Not sure if it's been under £100 before but I personally have not seen it for under £100… Read more
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@datalossfs similar cards, but will perform significantly better in consoles, as they work in closed architecture and developers work closer to metal. John Carmack once said that consoles are approximately two times as powerful as same pc hardware.


But Microsoft have already been charging for online for many many years anyway so it's even now.


Also with a move to charging for online play an initial higher RRP is less important as they will recoup more money in the long term.


Because Microsoft want to make profit and bank people will pay whereas Sony will probably work much closer to cost price and bank that this move will kill off Microsoft.


That makes the now-known difference in price all the more impressive. Have you also seen how much smaller the PS4 is? Providing overheating isn't an issue, things are looking great!

Bioshock 2 free for PS+ MEMBERS
Updated 8th Jan 2013Last updated 8th Jan 2013 by dontasciime
Bioshock 2 free for PS+ MEMBERS
Bioshock 2 is now free to download if you are a PS+ member, which at the moment, cost £29.99 for a year, oh and Guardians of Middle Earth is free too.

Yup they are quite careful but let it slip somewhere on PS+


In all honesty people should stop being pedantic and trying to 'catch out' the big corporation It's clearly a subscription service and the T&Cs are laid out to read before you agree to subscribe. No-one is forced to sign up or duped into signing up in any way Those who do have PS+ for the most part love the service, especially how it's improved over the past 6-8 months. Those who don't have it and (unfairly) criticise it are just being petty and should go do something more constructive with their spare time


I have an appointment there tomorrow as it happens! They really should list it as £0.00 on the store rather than say "Free" to avoid this confusion, as I said they are always really careful about this on the homepage/blog.


Should have gone to Specsavers :p


On the store it says "Free" where the price would normally be along with the PS+ logo. It should really say "Free so long as you remain a member" but that would be a bit clunky. That said, I think the "rental" nature of the downloads is clearly explained before you sign up.

Bioshock 2 - PS3 & Xbox 360 - £2 @ Wilkinsons
Updated 1st Jun 2012Last updated 1st Jun 2012 by stormfuel
Bioshock 2 - PS3 & Xbox 360 - £2 @ Wilkinsons
Went into Wilkinsons in Bedminster, Bristol today and they had a stand that said all CDs, DVDs and Games on this stand are £2 no matter what the price sticker says. Amongst the dro… Read more
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An okay game but at 2 quid well worth it. Hot from me.


I'm waiting for the Non-Bioshock version _ much more Eco friendly


Does anyone know if the Manchester Arndale store has any PS3/360 games in? I was meaning to check last night but forgot. EDIT: Nobody replied and the weather was nice so I had a wander down there this evening and had a look and didn't see any games there unfortunately.


oh and the game is good as well although i found it well harder to kill the splicers in this than the first for some reason !!!


hotter than a fattys **** in a sauna lol

Bioshock for Xbox 360 £9.93@The Hut
Updated 12th Feb 2010Last updated 12th Feb 2010 by ScRiVs
Bioshock for Xbox 360 £9.93@The Hut
seems an alright price

I've just completed it today mate, and it's great :thumbsup:


Cheers :thumbsup: Heat + rep


That seems to be the general consensus although I actually cant see any real difference, I completed it on PS3 first because it has the harder difficulty setting and now Im replaying it on Xbox 360 and its the same experience. One of the best games ever made without a doubt, im cautious about the second one because I know it wont live up to the first ones greatness.


Best game ever...... Just started the sequel and its great as well, some people panning it because it is so similair to the original, UHM, thats not a bad thing!!!


love this game, just got the new one and not even completed this yet!

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