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Updated 25th SepLast updated 25th Sep by thefox85
Have PS4 version installed on PS5, but not getting the option for PS5 Upgrade. Where do i find this?

& you still will even after the upgrade.


I didnt realise you have to have the disc in (:I


apparently its hover over your download and press down on controller, click the 3 dots Hope it works

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Updated 24th SepLast updated 24th Sep by EmperorRosko
People who owned the digital version of Death Stranding on PS4 can now upgrade to the PS5 version for only £5. I’ve just upgraded mine this morning through the app. Here are all t… Read more

It’s a very “different” game, but give it your attention and it’s an absolute masterpiece IMO. The acting, the atmosphere, the music, it’s an incredible journey.


Thanks @EmperorRosko - downloading now for the fiver, haven’t actually even started this yet but now got no excuse :)


I saw that in testing fidelity mode mostly maintained 60fps with some drops to low 50s in boss fights/cutscenes and some BT encounters


Ace - thanks for this! I think I clocked in at just under 120 hours and definitely just want to have a wander about and do the new story mission.

lukins1 That's a good guide, enjoy! Absolutely adored the game on my first playthrough so hoping the extras are worth it.

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Updated 21st May 2020Last updated 21st May 2020 by Dave195985
Sony Days of Play 2020 Sale (Possibly) - 30% off PS Plus 12 months / Death Stranding/Spider-Man/Days Gone - from 25/5 - 8/6
A possible leak - Days of Play sale is due to start on May 25th and end on 8th June. According to some leaks (genuine or not) the offers may include: 30% off PS Plus 12 months s… Read more

Spiderman will be for £19 but I cant see the rest being so cheap


When did the exchange rate get less than 1?