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Elite Dangerous Odyssey - PC - £19.99 Pre-Order @ CDKeys
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Currently £29.99 on the steam store, £10 cheaper via cdkeys. thanks to https://www.hotukdeals.com/profile/Strontium00 £2 TCB today only also on this deal. The first major DLC… Read more

I was concerned about getting the pre-order bonus, and from the information, it doesn't look like it includes it, so I went for the £25 on Indie Gala. Edit: Heat for this deal though, of course


I've not really been following this DLC. Is it primarily combat focused while out of the ship or is there other things to do? Kind of tempted as I really like the in ship stuff but not a huge fan of FPS's.


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Ha any time


I just made double elite (need combat for triple) to add to my King and Admiral ranks. Wonder how many more hours this will cost me? Thanks OP!

Elite: Dangerous Steam Key PC (Global) £3.99 @ AAAGaming on Eneba
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Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Use code "HOTUKDEALS" at checkout to take off 3% Buy Elite: Dangerous key and explore the vast cosmos controlling your very own starship! Developed and published by Frontier Dev… Read more

I think if you bought this before 24th April 2019 then you get to link it to the Oculus version for free. I'm not sure if you bought it after that. You might need to purchase it separately. I was an original founder so I had a copy from 2014 or whenever it first came out. I was able to just ask for an Oculus key and then I can play it either through a PC link cable over my Quest 2 or on the flat screen via the PC. Depending what I'm doing in the game sometimes I'll play flat, sometimes VR. There are some things that require a lot of searching the galaxy map and and typing and referring to other websites. Also, if you're doing a lot of jumping or monotonous work, it's better to be able to multitask on your phone or a 2nd screen. Check here https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360011919799-I-already-have-Elite-Dangerous-can-I-get-an-Oculus-activation-key-


The base game can be played with VR, and having tried it you will never want to go back to flat. However with lots of commands that need issuing I strongly suggest getting VoiceAttack too so you can issue them verbally.


I played this and adored it on the NES. Even dug it out and played it in the years since I was little. I bought it for Xbox, looking back through my rose tinted glasses. I have every faith that this is a belting game. But my crusty brain can not comprehend all the buttons, it definitely looks pretty, but I look like a drunk hyperactive teenager trying to pilot my cobra.


Also £4.99 on Steam at the moment if people are wary of buying from an 'unknown' source.


Can this be played as VR, or is that a separate game?

Up To 75% Off Sale e.g Star Wars Battlefront 2 £13.99 / Elite Dangerous £4.99 / The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt £6.99 @ Epic Games
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Upto 75% off epic games including Star wars battlefront 2 £13.99 (60% off) Elite dangerous £4.99 (75% off) Star wars squadrons £20.99 (40% off) The Witcher 3 wild hunt £6.99 (80% o… Read more

Exactly. Then people can buy a £9.99 game and post this picture right after.:


I wouldn't personally call over £20 for two games previously given away for free as "value for money" but each to their own. The "cheapest available right now" argument does stand and I'd agree with you there, however compared to previous offerings it's still very poor overall. Nice to see someone has benefited from some of the lower prices though (y)


Totally disagree, I brought WorldWarZ GOTY edition and it was the cheapest I could find it anywhere, also another game which I think was Just Cause 4 complete edition and again the cheapest I could find it anywhere.


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Last £10 voucher offer Epic reduced a game I wanted by £2 to under the qualifying threshold so wasn't valid. As soon as the voucher scheme stopped it went back up. Like a lot of these things they are rigged (Argos Black Friday for example!) so the discounts are either unavailable or not really the full "£10".

[PC] Elite Dangerous - Free To Keep @ Epic Games
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Posted 12th Nov 2020Posted 12th Nov 2020
[PC] Elite Dangerous - Free To Keep @ Epic GamesFREE£19.99Epic Games Deals
Update 1
Now live.
Elite Dangerous (PC) - free to keep via Epic Games (Available from 19th Nov 4pm) Note: The Elite Dangerous Horizons DLC is now included in the base game. (y) Metacritic - 80%… Read more

Growing up is over rated! 42 year old child here. Talking of medication, Maybe you should invest in a chill pill & try to gain a sense of humour! ;) 😘




😬 ..can get the pills from the pharmacist without prescription now man..


When you are older you will probably think back about your post and will probably find that maybe it was not as amusing as you thought at the time. Thinking ahead some years........ Quite a big download, especially if you do not have fibre which is not in my area ATM. It took a long time to d/l. I am not sure it was a good idea TBH after trying it. I struggled with the training and could not find the damn canisters that needed to be destroyed on the megaship. I searched for ages for them, the scanner was not much help. I searched online for info, which did not help. I did eventually find them. Time that I will not get back TBH. I did not have problems with the original Elite on the Amiga which I completed without too much difficultly. I am not yet convinced about this game, Discovery Freelancer is easier to play and doesn't require the large amount of time that ED seems to require. DF is regularly updated and has quite a few online servers around the world. There is a Freelancer UK server but that is for the original game and not DF. Just a FYI.


Everytime I see ED. I think it stands for Erectile Dysfunction! Lol I have a comedian in my head! Lol

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[PC Steam] Elite Dangerous - £3.99 - Voidu (Horizons DLC free from today)
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Posted 27th Oct 2020Posted 27th Oct 2020
[PC Steam] Elite Dangerous - £3.99 - Voidu (Horizons DLC free from today)£3.99Voidu Deals
Cracking price now that the Horizons DLC is now free of charge :) price is reduced at checkout with discount code hotukdeals 400 Billion Star Systems. Infinite Freedom. B… Read more

Appears to be £3.49 with code VOIDU30


Yeah I can't wait!!


I would say time is key with that game, I have invested around 300 hours and I still haven't experienced quite a lot in the game and earning credits is quite long, but not as long as when I started playing. Very high learning curve, best to take your time with the game. Brilliant buy, this game is very underrated.


Bought, just not sure I have enough time to play it (lol)


If they get it right - they will clean up from NMS and Star Citizen. But if they clutter it up with engineers for everything, gamers will be frustrated and not buy the add-on - it's make or break for Frontier

Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition (PC) - £8 @ Steam Store
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Posted 10th Oct 2020Posted 10th Oct 2020
Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition (PC) - £8 @ Steam Store£8 Free P&P FreeSteam Store Deals
Steam PC Package Details TITLE: Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition GENRE: Action, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation, Strategy DEVELOPER: Frontier Developme… Read more

Yeah, I got done once on a pre order and once buying into something early. Now I don't buy games until they are ~£20, usually only a year later, many times less than a year and a game has half price then a sale. Literally no point in paying for games early now, or indeed to spend money on a promise like you've stated here. Hope you guys get something soon. I paid into it and I've not played for about a year lmao, so jokes on me there. Lessons learnt though :)


I was very tempted to buy this 5 years ago but was overwhelmed by the amount of time others said it would take to progress to even a moderate level, hundreds of hours. Back in the day the original was somewhat of a long slog especially early on, I eventually got to deadly, but this reincarnation seemed to make that look like a walk in the park. But now you say it is a fraction of the time required. If that's the case I'm seriously tempted to bite the bullet and go for it.




I didn't get those... I bought LTP when they released it for a third time for Horizons (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


You already got your reward. It's the Founders decal and an over bearing sense of smugness. (I'm a founder btw!) (y)