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Elite Dangerous (PC) £9 / Horizons £11.99 / CMDR Deluxe Ed. (£21.19) - Frontier
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Not as good as previous deals for Elite, but the current offering from the Frontier store for the PC version of Elite Dangerous is: £9 base game £11.99 Horizons season pass (requi… Read more
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However... Please note: The keys you generate will add your games to any Steam library but WILL NOT GRANT ACCESS TO ELITE: DANGEROUS/HORIZONS. For this reason, please do not give your Steam key away to a friend! They won’t be able to play without having already bought the game from Steam or from the Frontier Store.


So because you don't like it, nobody else will. Okay, got it. And this will come with a Steam key when buying through the Frontier store, follow this https://support.frontier.co.uk/kb/faq.php?id=200


Or you could buy it via Steam (same price currently) and gift it?


Seeing that you need Steam AND a Frontier account to play, there is a chance that the purchase will get linked to your Frontier account. I'm only guessing, but I imagine they then also give you a Steam code for it to appear in Steam.


Will you get a key from them ? Or its some kind of link that is tied with your account ? I want to buy and send this to my family in usa, so would buy it if its a code what you get. Thanks for answer.

[Xbox One] Elite Dangerous - £8.00 / Horizons Season Pass - £11.99 / Commander Deluxe Edition - £20.00 - Xbox Store
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Good price on all three. All prices are subject to an Xbox Live Gold account :) Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass - £11.99 Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition… Read more
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my bad, misread the description :)


I don't think they work on Xbox One :)


this was £5.99 /£16.99 deluxe on steam last week


Or more accurately, later today would be a good time to start - since the servers are down for the upgrade. What's the point of working from home if Elite Dangerous won't run? (I'm on PC - guess it's possible the XBox servers aren't down).


The major update is being deployed today, so now would be a good time to start.

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Elite Dangerous - Steam - PC and Mac OS for £4.99
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Also Deluxe Edition at £15.99

Shame its not as cheap on Xbox :-(


Fair price for the game, sadly it has no more depth than the original Elite games, which at the time where amazing but by modern standards it's not enough to keep me engaged, too much of a grind. Very pretty game tho. A £5 anyone should get good value out of this.


My lad has put hours and hours in on this game in VR and for this price it’s a must !.


Great game recommend you get the commander pack which includes horizons for the extra content. Beware there is a learning curve to new players make sure you play the tutorials. Its the only only game I really play now. See you in the black o


This seems to always be a fiver these days. Still not bought it to test my Thrustmaster.. ;)

Elite Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition [PC] (download code) £15.99 at Amazon
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Good price for this game. Looks particularly good in VR, although VR hardware isn't required to play it.

Thanks the last time i did all the tutorails that was over a year ago will give it another go


The tutorials supplied in game should be played. The launcher also links you to a raft of instructional videos and the manual. Those should get you on your way. You can also have a read of some of my beginners guides: Tips for Beginners


The game changes and gets updated too frequently - the only DVD ever issued was as a "collectors edition" and requires the latest game version to be downloaded. You even have to download the current downloader too! You can play it on a 3G dongle - someone recently reported playing it for two weeks on a tethered phone without issue.


Well if your BB is that poor then you really would not want to play this game as it requires a constant online connection.


Indeed can anyone recommend some youtube guide for this i found the game really hard to play just for the basic controls

Elite Dangerous (PC) £4.99 @ Steam
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narra… Read more
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Showing £19.99 now for me.


dont play if you get motion sickness, played for 15 mins felt like i was going to be sick :D


ED has been my GOTY every year since release.... (i am an Elite fanboy and have been since the 1st game on the speccy so just putting my bias out there). Its funny... there is so much wrong with ED (imo) and compared to the KSer/DDF pitch there is loads missing (and not just the future DLC either, i am talking basics like npc wingmates or crew and basic persistence in the game rather than stuff being magically created and destroyed in your instance which is what we have.) but even so, imo what it does well, it does so so well that it does not really matter imo. for a 5er it is a no brainer..... but that said, you really need horizons too (so may as well get the CMDR deluxe edition) and if you have a VR hmd, then what were you thinking not getting ED at the same time? it is STILL the shining example of VR done well. (small print... ED is not an MMO in the generic sense of the world, so if you are expecting massive space battles with other players all the time then look elsewhere - or at least check out youtube videos.. ED is more a space opera than COD in space)


Game is far too big, literally flying for hours doing nothing at all, kinda boring, too big.


One of my in-laws has a silly money gtx1080 and full VR gear.... going to have to log in on his PC methinks... when he goes on holiday I'll sneak the keys.... (ninja)

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[Steam] Elite Dangerous - £4.99 (or £4.49 if you are a subscriber) @ Humblebundle - (Platforms:  Windows / Mac / Oculus Rift / HTC Hive)
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
It would appear Humblebundle have a sale encore, with Elite Dangerous coming back on sale again. Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gami… Read more

My wife wants to know why she hasn't seen me since this was posted, and why our bank account is £400 lighter (the box marked 'Oculus Rift' might give a clue).


Another game for the collection, thanks jcrider.


Having your throttle in the blue zone gives you the best turning rate, you're not gonna turn well at max throttle.


Only £4.49 if you've bought the monthly Civ VI bundle (including Owlboy).


You're right. I must have played it on the C64 before getting an Amiga because I just looked up footage of the Amiga version and I don't remember it being so colourful. I forgot this was back in the day when every platform got a different version. I first played The Secret of Monkey Island on the Amiga and was a bit confused when I later played it on PC and it didn't look or sound the way I remembered it.

Elite Dangerous PC Humblebundle store £4.99
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Elite Dangerous is provided via Steam key for Windows and Mac. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required. DESCRIPTION Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively mu… Read more

holy crap flying is hard on this !!


Not that I waited up until after 12:30am to ensure that as soon as my wages went in i could jump right on this and pick it up or anything :) Looking forward to giving it a go. I go as far back as being one of the few kids in my class who actually mastered the lenslok on the original spectrum version ..


Nearly bought a Rift today. Amazon had one 'as new' in their warehouse deals section for £335. But when I clicked on 'buy' it had gone. Shame - I could almost have justified spending that much.


Cheers for the explanation (y)


There are exclusive titles on both platforms - Vive uses Steam and Oculus Rift uses Oculus Home, but most if not all VR games that are redeemed on Steam (bar a few exceptions like LA Noire / Fallout 4) are tailored more towards The Vive so while you can get them working, they're a bit of a faff to play. With Oculus-exclusives like Robo Recall you can use a piece of software called ReVive to get that stuff working on Vive (i believe, im an oculus owner myself) Steam uses SteamVR which is usable on both Vive and Oculus, so most stuff that works on that is generally cross compatible.

Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition is provided via Steam key for Windows. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required. DESCRIPTION This bundle includes the foll… Read more

After 2,481 hours I've never been bored. There's always something to do. If you have Horizons, you'll get the coming years content "Beyond" free. Obsidian Ant - a YouTube'r who does a lot of Elite, Kerbal and Star Citizen videos has summarised the latest Beyond announcements here. He has posted a number of informative videos on all these games. The whole "have to fly for 40 minutes" thing is a classic trick played on new commanders. There's a station called Hutton Orbital which is .2ly away and other players tell new players to go there for a free Anaconda. There isn't one, obviously. You can get credits fairly easily. The current game has far more options that Elite had at release. I would recommend a joystick to play. You can use an XBOX controller or you can buy a basic HOTAS for £39.


I kinda lost my patience with this game when I set coordinates to a specific planet, and the estimated travel time was 1.74 lightyears in real time...


Is the season pass time limited in any way? I'm tempted but its likely to be a while before I get around to playing more than a quick look at the game


Dunno, I just use the VR for when I'm doing combat stuff or out exploring planets, like when I have something specific and active to do in game. Go into an asteroid field and shoot stuff up with a co-pilot or something. For hauling stuff around or the slower stuff I do desktop, for those activities it's one of those games where it's good to have the telly on too. It certainly has sim leanings, and sim games tend to have slower more realistic aspects, it's an accurate representation of our galaxy (well as much as technically possible at this time), space is big. Still the best true VR experience out there IMHO, like a legit game rather than one of the many many shooting experiences and similar that VR tends to be.


Again, I was so excited to play it in VR, but it's the only game I have ever played where I felt I needed to play another game at the same time, say on my mobile phone. Too much flying in a straight line. When I put on my Vive, yeah, it was really amazing to look at while I was flying around a space station, but when it came time for me to fly through space it immediately became dull. I wanted to play something on my phone to keep my mind occupied, but was suddenly painfully aware that I couldn't. All I could do was stare at the blackness. Played many many vr games that I would consider massively superior.

PS4 Elite Dangerous Legendary Edition  £19.88 at Ebay Shopto w/ code
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
Cheapest yet.
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Thanks OP, finally decided to head back into the Elite universe after being a kickstarter contributor for this game


Sorry guys was being sarcastic as the site was loaded with crazy hot deals from this code. Great deal and I voted hot on this at the time.


PNY2018 over £20, you do have until 6pm though so I hope you all read this message in time.


Yes there is one code but it runs out at 6pm


I’d have to setup another account to get this now as already used the code for the PS4 controller earlier 🙄

"Elite Dangerous" £4.99 / "Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition" £15.99 at Store.SteamPowered.com
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
"Elite Dangerous" [ http://store.steampowered.com/app/359320/Elite_Dangerous/ ] £19.99 -75% = £4.99 ...plus... "Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition" [ http://store.steam… Read more

^ Reminder.


Finally ordered horizons. Went to play, shows as dlc on steam, but says I needed to link or redeem my code. Did that but still get the copy and redeem dialogue. Restarted steam and still no difference... Tired and off to bed now.


doh, how did I miss that....thanks :)


As I posted just above your comment...


any idea how long this sale is on for? My son just bought the main game with existing credit. He has some steam gift cards coming for xmas day, so hoping he can get his credit topped up in time to get the horizons pass, then I'll finally have someone to play it with :P (downside I'll have to go from dual flightsticks to 1 each)

Elite Dangerous (Xbox One) £8 @ Xbox (With Gold)(Commander Deluxe Edition £20)
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Take control of your own starship in a cut-throat galaxy. Starting with only a small starship and a few credits, do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and p… Read more
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Please can someone confirm if you need the commander deluxe edition or if basic game is enough? Thanks.


I'd say that if you know it'll run better on the Xbox, plus you have friends who'll also be playing it, then get it for the Xbox. A HOTAS isn't necessary, it plays fine with a controller.


Cheers now i have the dilema.. of.. do i get this for the xbox one (playing on an X) or for my PC in the steam sale?! (only a R9 280 3gb, intel i5 4670K @ 3.4ghz, 8GB RAM. as i believe the pc version has better mods, but i tend to play with friends more on my xbox co op etc.. but i think it might run better on my Xbox than my PC


Top tip is to run data trade missions to begin with (no cargo space required). Also choose a station as your main base, always return to it, run missions in and out of it. This will increase your reputation with the local factions ... which will in turn give you better paying missions. I wouldn’t touch combat until you can buy a kit out a Vulture ... and remember the 10% rebut cost if your ship gets blown up ... so have a Vulture and some cash in the bank first, then go after some wanted craft, smaller craft. But return to trade or mining for more cash per hour ... when you can, get an Asp Explorer, stick a first class cabin in it and do some sight seeing passenger runs - that’s where the real money is :D I currently run passenger missions in one of the top ships, an Anaconda, but it will be a while before you can afford and kit that out. All that said, play it how you want, that’s the beauty of this game. I play other games, but always return to Elite.


Yep, the Horizons update is included with the Commander Deluxe edition. Base game is pretty much crippled, you need the Horizons update so you can land on planets, have the 'Story' missions etc. The only other 'upgrade' that comes with the Commander Deluxe edition is basically some paint jobs for ships.

2 for £40 on both PS4\XO NEW Games £40 @ GAME - Including Elite Dangerous LE, Fallout 4 GOTY & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
I was looking to purchase Elite Dangerous on PS4 from Shopto for £25 but was also looking to get Uncharted: The Lost Legacy but the cheapest physical I could find was for £20. Bot… Read more
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Thanks. The full list is sinking the deal potential for sure.


Agree with the comments, most if not all of these games have been under £15 at some point


heat based just on fallout and elite, nice to see the full list even if their is pretty much nothing on it, thanks


Is it though? I do love it when people post these ridiculous things with no proof. You cannot get a new physical copy for £12.99 at the moment and time machines do not exist. They are all around the £20 mark. Sure you can buy a digital copy for a US account at that price point, but not everyone wants to faff around with that. Not to mention the deal you are commenting on its for physical copies... (annoyed)


Feel free to post that. Would get really hot to get it physical for £12.99.

Elite Dangerous Legendary Edition PS4/Xbox One at Shopto £24.85
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Cheapest I've seen it. Also on their ebay page if the cashback is better... Xbox link: https://www.shopto.net/video-games/xbox-one/XB1EL22-elite-dangerous
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Might fire the old spectrum 48k up again


I'm fairly sure that it comes as a redeemable code.


Can anyone confirm if a second hand copy would have Horizons on the disk?


This.....or No Man’s Sky :/


The learning curve is not that bad, you just take it in chunks. Do the first few training missions then start by doing a few simple cargo or courier jobs. Its not for the casual gamer but it's not real rocket science either.

Elite Dangerous (PS4) £11.99 @ PSN (PS+ Members)
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narra… Read more
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It's cheap because it doesn't have the same content as the disc version.


Presumably the controls are easier to master if you have one of the Hotas Thrustmaster controllers or similar?


Is this the cheapest its been? I'm tempted by this one, but have plenty of other games to play, and not as much time as I would like. I'm a bit worried I won't have time to get into this game properly, if its as techy as people claim.


Been waiting for this to get to the £20ish. Invested way too many hours on the pc version. Any advice on where the cheapest Horizons version for the Ps4 can be obtained?


The controls are completely customisable, which includes being able to change them to a 'docking controls' version when deploying the landing gear. So much easier to line up the landing pad when you effectively change the joystick to hovering, give it a Google.

Elite Dangerous £8.99 Humblebundle.com
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
One for VR heads. Don't know much about it but it seems to be popular From ned_ryerson in the comments, "ELITE DANGEROUS: COMMANDER DELUXE EDITION" is also reduced, £39.99 -> £… Read more

Yep .. Sarcastic or Rude responses.. i know my Amy is a right jezzabelle (y)


Ah i see, then you make your own responces up


Google " Ivona AMY " or "Ivona ami" .. thatll get to her.


Read all about it here: https://www.frontier.co.uk/news/latest-news/headlines-frontier-expo-2017 I was at the Frontier Expo in October when all this announced. There's a certain degree of backlash over it from some of the LifeTime pass buyers who think content shouldn't be free, as they paid up front. I can see their point to some degree, but I don't think Frontier have made a bad call.


I'm not doubting you, but do you have the link for that?

Elite Dangerous £10 Horizons £13.39 CMDR edition £23.19
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Elite Dangerous on sale for half price. Also on sale at steam but if you buy direct you get a steam key and an oculus key so great if you picked up a rift and have been waiting for… Read more
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just to make clear... you dont get ALL the up and coming expansions........ (that would be the lifetime pass you need which is not currently available).


its a space game set within a galaxy sim if that makes sense. I love the game and think it is a steal at this price... but it is not a game for everyone!. out of vr i would say its a great, but flawed title in VR, i would say nothing can touch it - if you like the sort of game that ED is!..... which is a long drawn out debate and you are better off looking at obsidian ants videos on youtube for that answer.


There is literally just too much to play :-/ Just started Project Cars in VR. Well, about 6/7 hours in and still on tier 8! Too many sales, too many games, not enough time... might have to start slashing the wishlist...


weathers a bit cold this time of year ;)


Maybe so but nothing wrong with making conversation.

Elite Dangerous PS4 £11.49 from the Playstation Store
Found 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
First Deal - Elite Dangerous is showing as £11.49 on the Playstation Store until 23 October. The Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition is also on sale at £24.99 and looks a bet… Read more
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I found that mapping on the PS4 really helped me when landing. As somebody online suggested I changed the triggers so that when the landing gear is down they work the side thrusters. It makes it easier to leave the station too.


Thanks will have a look


Thanks will check out as I'm a floating dead duck due to the inability to turn around fast enough!


Have a read of my "Beginners Guides" here: http://www.elite-dangerous-blog.co.uk/category/Beginners-Guides That should help.


You can get a You can use a joystick with the PS4 - Thrustmaster make a HOTAS setup that is compatible.

Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition [PS4] £27.85 @ Base
Found 8th Sep 2017Found 8th Sep 2017
Take control of your own starship in a cutthroat galaxy. Elite Dangerous brings gaming's original open world adventure into the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving … Read more

it is a steep learning curve, partly due to rubbish in game help. however there is a "fan" made manual online as well as get a lot of help off the forums. I do not claim to understand everything in the game (even after >1500 hrs) the intricacies of the background sim still elude me ... but it does not take long to get a basic feel for the game, and you can learn enough to do the basics within a few hrs. once you get used to it, most of the game is fairly easy... to be honest i think the game is lacking in complexity in many areas. i would much rather more complex stuff in the game BUT with better in game explanations on how things work and WHY they work. for speccing ships it can be kind of clunky. If you are happy to get online "help i suggest bookmarking and having to hand on a tablet... of course some if you use ALL their features may be considered cheating, that is up to you. you probably wont need all of them, but have a look and see which work for you inara essentially does it all, but you may find it daunting.. do explore it however. inara https://inara.cz/galaxy/ and edshipyard http://www.edshipyard.com/ eddb https://eddb.io/ thrudds elite trading tool http://www.elitetradingtool.co.uk/




I have this game on PC, amazing, but wow what a steep learning curve, with very little hand holding or help. I must of spent around 40 hours playing the game and I'm still baffled at the majority of options and things to do.


Thanks for the post. Just purchased. I have been waiting for this game to drop below £30.


Playing it at the minute. And I've got to say its climbing up there in my favourite ps4 games too.

Elite Dangerous Legendary Edition PS4 £28.99 365games.co.uk
Found 7th Sep 2017Found 7th Sep 2017
Cheapest price I've seen for a physical copy of Elite Dangerous Legendary Edition Includes: Elite Dangerous Elite Dangerous: Horizons 1000 Frontier Points to choose your own DLC T… Read more

I bought it in the sale too. I have since bought the physical version with the dlc but I've only landed on one planet so far. It really depends how much you like the game I guess. I'm sure a lot more opens up with the dlc I just haven't stumbled across it yet.


Bought the base game when it was on sale for about £13 on PSN. Great game but I am a long time fan as I played it on Amiga years ago and still remember all the ships. Quick question for anybody who has horizons. Is it worth me paying the extra?. I also have No Man's Sky so is it worth buying just to land on a few planets.


NMS has atospheric planets and a lot more life it has base building ED has a FAR better "flight" model and is set in a fairly scientific sound recreation of our milkyway. (hover above your home town above earth and look up and you will recognise the star constelations, and these are accurate and change correctly as you jump from system to system. for "geek value" alone ED is worth it imo. its far from perfect, i could list everything i dislike about the game (and if you read the design decision archives (https://forums.frontier.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=36 ) and see what is missing its enough to make a grown man cry but even so, its a fantastic game and is getting better with every update. I would say both games scratch a different itch.. for me, its ED all the way because i play in VR (PC).... for you, you may have a different conclusion.... imo this is one of those examples where no one can tell you, you need to do a bit of homework. obsidian ant does a lot of short videos on youtube on both games, and maybe can help.


I haven't played no man's sky. But this game is so good. I have however looked up a lot comparing the two and this wins by miles every time.


I cannot decide between this or No Man's Sky. Any recommendations? Thank you

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