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The latest instalment in Microsoft's Forza Motorsport series is the most realistic yet, with hundreds of historic and contemporary sports cars and an endless array of thrills and spills for racers to experience. Adrenaline junkies and petrolheads alike can buy the title for the lowest possible price by checking out HotUKDeals' Forza 7 listings. Read more

has anyone got there money back yet'm


Us cheap'os got it hard, eh? ;)


Me too, bought one from music magpie turned out to be a dog, the scam from this eBay seller , finally got one from Argos eBay outlet


Once I get my money back it'll be the third XB1X i'll be buying in 2 months xD


Nice one, mate. Making the claim now.

[Refurbished Console Deals] Xbox One X £273.60 / Xbox One X + Forza 7 or Sea of Thieves £277.20  @ Argos eBay (Using Australian code)
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Simple method, and I have tested it and the method definitely works! 1) Create an account on eBay Australia. Add an Australian billing address but use your UK delivery address. 2… Read more
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It's because the voucher is for 10% off up to a maximum of $50, which is £27.65 right now according to Google. OP obviously just assumed it would take 10% off the £303.99 without testing it or checking voucher limits, but that amount is the maximum discount so it's not going to take £30 off £300.


Move to Australia 🇦🇺


All 3 links OOS


How do I get an Australian billing address?



[Refurbished Console Deals] Nintendo Switch £202 / Xbox One X £303 / Xbox One X + Forza 7 or Sea of Thieves £309  @ Argos eBay
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
12 Month guarantee included with all consoles. Xbox One X: Xbox One X + Forza 7: ebay… Read more
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Pleased to hear these are arriving "as new". Looking at the sales history Argos have run this deal a few times - 4th Oct, 17th Oct, 11th Dec, 23rd Jan so might run again for those still hanging on (y)


Switch arrived Friday morning, Was slighty nervous as refurbished however it turned up in all the orignal packaging, Like new


Switch arrived today "as new condition" (y) (y) (y)


Yes it was, bit of hassle signing up to eBay plus but worth it now.


I salute you sir, that really is a best price and surely these will be "as new" condition :{. Was the Oz 15% the Ebay Plus discount?

Xbox One X (Forza Horizon 4/Forza 7 Bundle) - Used, Good - £316.79 - Amazon Warehouse
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Seems a great price, with a bit of luck you get the Forza games included too.
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I got a scorpio edition from the warehouse around black Friday too. Its going back after not turning on at all and showing E105, E106 and E200 start up errors


It was wrapped very well, it looked new. So I assume they figured they hadn't opened it yet and just chucked it in the warehouse. They're a trillion dollar company, I can only assume they just dont care at this stage.


Wow, do they not check what they receive at Amazon?


I bought a "like new" Xbox one S some time ago. It was wrapped up perfectly but the game was missing (Fifa 17..18? edition) box was damaged, however after unwrapping it, there was a crack on the case on top, and the controller had obvious sweat/dirt Mark's in the analog sticks... Clearly someone bought a brand new one off Amazon and simply put their old one into the box and sent it back to Amazon saying they didnt want it anymore, and Amazon didnt check it enough. Serial number was also out of warranty.


My favourite time of the year, is when Amazon has 20% off Warehouse items.

[Refurbished Console Deals] Xbox One X £303 / Xbox One X + Forza 7 or Sea of Thieves £309 / PS4 500GB £160 / Xbox One 1TB £125 @ Argos eBay
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Be very quick, these never normally last for long :) Xbox One (Solo): Press "Get Deal" Xbox One X + Forza 7:… Read more
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MyPetFrog Xbox one S 1TB BACK IN STOCK! £124.99 WOOP.


How often do these come up? How long do they last when they break? Looking for a basic Xbox One S. Cheers


Telll us!!!!!


And I better not mention the deal I got from John Lewis which all in made my OneX about £279, that would just be bragging (highfive)


Well i better not mention the december deal from amazon france for brand new xbox one x for the same price as these refurbs.Now that deal deserved to go supernova...

Forza 7 Motorsport Xbox One Game @ Tesco instore - £11
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Just picked up Forza 7 Motorsport (Xbox One X Enhanced) from Tesco (instore nationwide deal). Just ask customer services if not on display in your store.
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I went to the largest store near me and it wasn't on display but as soon as I spoke to customer services the lady disapeared for 5 mins and returned with 2 copies from the back of store.


none in halifax.


Heat given! 2 copies from Peterborough Hampton. As the OP suggests, had to ask at customer services as none on display. Cheers!


Visited 3 stores...not available.


Great deal. This game has amazing graphics, especially on the X!

Forza horizon 4 + forza 7 download £34 Sold by DA TECH PRO and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Forza Horizon 4 Bundle, which includes full-game downloads of Forza Horizon 4 and the 2017 racing game of the year* Forza Motorsport 7 that are Xbox One X Enhanced
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Yes. That's what I'm talking about. They are physical codes sent via post not via email. The courier made a mistake with my delivery and it went back to sender.


I meant from this seller with download codes


Mine went to the wrong distribution office so I got a refund as it was returned by the courier. Would have had it the following day of it didn't end up at the opposite end of the country. I chose refund instead of redelivery though.


How long before you received the codes from the seller?


I've bought for PC. They are both digital play anywhere titles so will work on both PC and XBOX. Only physical copies will not work on both.

Xbox One X White 1TB Console & Forza 7 and Horizon 4 Special Edition Bundle with add to offer: FREE Red Dead Redemption 2 £399.99 @ Argos
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Buy selected Xbox One X and add a selected game free. FREE FAST TRACK CLICK AND COLLECT. 3yrs Breakdown Care - Video Games Systems £54.99
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Yes it is but £200 better? Definitely not


Ok is the X better at showing 1080 games than ye olde Xbox one on a 1080 screen?


Ye a reasonable discount. People seem to be hoping for £300 before biting


I got mine for £370


It’s never gonna be much lower

Forza Motorsport 7: Standard Edition Xbox One/PC - £14.99 (£14.54 w/ FB code) @ CDKeys
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
Forza Motorsport 7: Standard Edition for Xbox One and PC dropped a further £3 to £14.99 or £14.54 with FB code. Digital delivery. Forza Motorsport 7: Standard Edition… Read more
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great game - some great updates recently too


Hit me up if you can :)


Would love it jimbo :)


Got a code for a tenner if anyone wants, the last dude who wanted it went quiet :p


Nice - was always going to buy this for my son for Xmas to go with his new wheel - glad I waited til now :)

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Forza 7 + 6 Months Xbox Live £29.98 (£27 for Student Prime members) @ Microsoft Store
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Great deal, especially for those who have access to a prime student account. Purchase 2 x 3 Month Xbox Live + £10 free bundles from Amazon, this totals £27 if you have Student pr… Read more
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great game - some great updates recently too


Have some Heat, I turned off recurring billing and with each subscription I got a free month so 8 Months box live and Forza (I'm a student) £27


Brilliant, this game was top of my want list. Bought a pair of rechargeable batteries and charger at the weekend which gave me £5 off my first 3 month purchase. So, £40 spent. 2 controller batteries and a charger, 6 months Live, and a game I really wanted.


Yes good deal


Then in that case every post using a code would have to be removed too.

Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 Bundle & Forza Motorsport 7 + Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind + Red Dead Redemption 2 + NOW TV at Game £399.98
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 Bundle and Forza Motorsport 7 + The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind + Red Dead Redemption 2 + NOW TV
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Where are youu


That’s not bad but you’re still getting FM7, PC2 and Tekken which are all £10 games. Xbox live are also reduced everywhere but of the two that ain’t too bad.


How is that better? £30 more and 3 cheap games piggybacked onto the console.


looks good. 8)

4 FREE cars in Forza 7 specialty dealer (in-game) Xbox One/Windows 10
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
4 cars can all be bought for 0 credits in his week's specialty dealer: 2008 Aston Martin DBS 1995 BMW 850CSi Forza Edition 1991 Mazda 787B 2005 TVR Sagaris Expires at the end of T… Read more
View Deal

good spot


I don’t even have Forza but voting hot for the 787b (y)


They can only be claimed in-game.


Sorry I'm confused can I claim these via the MS site or do I need to fire up the game to claim? If I can do it via the MS site do you have link please as I can't seem to find it via the search. Thanks


Got them all thanks. I also ran some races and when leveling up, 2 of the cars that came up as a reward were zero credits also.

Xbox One X + Forza 4 + Motorsport 7 + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Just Cause 4 or Battlefield V + Fallout 4 + 2 month Now TV Pass £429.99 @ Game
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Xbox One X + Forza 4 + Motorsport 7 + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Just Cause 4 + Fallout 4 + 2 months Now TV Pass - £429.99 Xbox One X + Forza 4 + Motorsport 7 + Red Dead Redem… Read more

Have some heat


Nice deal


(lol) (lol) (lol)


Lol anithing else?


you and the wrecker are supreme at these i always vote hot. :)

XBOX ONE X Forza Horizon 4 & Forza 7 & RDR2 & Gears of War 4 & 3 months XBOX LIVE £408.98 - only with Amex at Microsoft for £308.98
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
All the above for £408.98, but if you pay by American Express after activating the £100 off a £400 spend reward, you’ll get £100 straight back onto your card As any further bonus… Read more

I couldn’t even find an email address, if you wouldn’t mind sharing? Thanks!


I sent a snotty email after live chat kept quoting the US terms, they've now sent me a GoW code.


I found it so hard to actually make contact with a human there I gave up, but no I haven’t had mine yet either. Con!


Has anyone received their GOW code or have a screenshot of the offer? Microsoft support are denying such an offer existed in the UK and that it was in the US only. Very annoying being called a liar.


My cashback came other day which is nice. Still not had my GoW 4 code yet - anyone else had theirs?

Xbox One X (White / Black) + Forza Horizon 4 + Forza 7 + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Gears of War 4 £368 @ Microsoft Store (Via CDKeys)
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Excellent price for this bundle. Add Red Dead Redemption 2 at checkout. A Gears of War code is sent 10 days after purchase. Purchase 8 x £50 gift cards from CDKeys - this should… Read more
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Has anyone received their GOW code or have a screenshot of the offer? Microsoft support are denying such an offer existed in the UK and that it was in the US only.


I agree - the X is bound to hit £300 soon (y)


Not very easy gear 4 and forza both free on gamepass if you sub to it but even if you dont forza 4 has been as low as £7 Digital and gears 4 was £4 digital too or les


Just for anyone not feeling confident, I just bought one combing credit from Amazon 3 Months live offer and from CDkeys. Paid the full 400£ using credit.


That’s telling me they either have limited stock of the £50 credits or they’re trying to put people off of doing this.

Forza 7 Xbox One for £16.99 @ Argos (or Amazon)
Refreshed 31st Dec 2018Refreshed 31st Dec 2018
Forza 7 Xbox One for £16.99 @ Argos (or Amazon)
£16.99£19.9915%Argos Deals
Decent price for this fun racing game. Amazon with Prime link Alternative buying option below Experience the thrill of motorsport at the limit with the most comprehensive,… Read more
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No problem. Regards. :)


I guess the majority will prefer a physical game then ;)


Would prefer money sorry


I have a £10 xbox credit if interested?


I have digital download code for this game on Xbox if anyone wants it for £10.00

Xbox One X + Forza Horizon 4 + Forza 7 £338.83 @ Amazon (Read Description)
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Xbox One X + Forza Horizon 4 + Forza 7 £338.83 @ Amazon (Read Description)
£338.83Amazon Deals
This will not work on a mobile browser without forcing the desktop site in your browser settings. Also will not work on the Amazon app. Same as previous deal. Add 3 different £39… Read more

Same happened to me with an Xbox One S I ordered. Caught it just in time. The sticker removal is pretty recent as they made a thing about how the debate over whether to leave it on or off now ends. Try registering the console here and it should give you warranty details too. If it has been used previously, you’ll know here. (y)


Yeah that makes sence ,just wish they give physical disc in bundle rather them opening the box and giving us downloads. I almost dropped my Xbox on the floor when the bottom just opened! My brother Xbox one x he got around feb has the sticker strip near the disc strip so looks like they must of stopped doing that this year. Yeah will contact Microsoft , it there another way of checking if the console has been used or registered?


The way they are manufactured has changed. They don’t tend to seal the consoles like they used to now as they slip the code slips into the boxes and cover them with a slipcover when they do these sort of promotions. The sticker strips under the disc drive on new consoles has also stopped recently too. The plastic plug was probably just a manufacturing error. I wouldn’t worry. You can always contact Microsoft to see if the console has been registered before for peace of mind though if you are worried. :)


I finally go round to opening my console and before I cut the seal the bottom of the box opened and notice the seals were already broken and the codes were there , I have also noticed the console itself doesn’t have the sticker strip below the disc slot and the plastic cover you get on new plugs was missing too, anyone else missing those things too?


Haha I think I'm gonna throw in the towel now, effectively less than £310 for an Xbox One X is cracking.

Xbox One X Battlefield Deluxe Bundle or Forza Horizon 4 + Forza 7 £323 @ Microsoft Swiss
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Xbox One X Battlefield Deluxe Bundle or Forza Horizon 4 + Forza 7 £323 @ Microsoft Swiss
Excellent price, use a Swiss billing address at checkout.
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I'm guessing this deal has expired? Showing as 529 CHF / 414 GBP for me.


Cheers mate I pre-order using my debit card and cancelled the PayPal order (y) before the price goes back up (y)


No mate I used card. I wouldn't worry as it's Microsoft so you should be able to cancel/get a refund if any issues. I would order/reserve one from a different site though just incase they don't honour it as prices could go up tomorrow


Hi mate mine is STILL pending, did you use PayPal as payment method?


My order went through in the end too guys. Was stuck at Pending for 12 hours or so though

Argos - xbox one x white + forza 7 + forza horizon 4 + shadow of tomb raider  £395.99 @ Argos
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Argos - xbox one x white + forza 7 + forza horizon 4 + shadow of tomb raider £395.99 @ Argos
£395.99£497.9920%Argos Deals
Also other deals with spyro for just over £400

Don't forget you could trade Fallout and AC in to CEX for £62 cash


Ive got a 6% off through my work buying gift cards but foolishly bought a £20 one to test it so only got £320 in gift cards, but it worked out about £375 for me which sweetened the deal even more!


Was a little disappointed Argos didn’t reduce their prices as much in comparison to Currys but I ended up going with the 2 forzas option for £379.99 and used my colleague discount to bring it down to £341, not bad for the white once either:)


Ordered the bfv bundle but the white is so much sexier (annoyed)


Yeah that's fair I hadn't actually realised that the white had a slightly higher value too.

Xbox One X Bundles from £359.99 at Currys e.g. FH4 + Forza 7 + Project Cars 2 + Tekken 7 £359.99 + More in OP NOW LIVE
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Xbox One X Bundles from £359.99 at Currys e.g. FH4 + Forza 7 + Project Cars 2 + Tekken 7 £359.99 + More in OP NOW LIVE
£359.99£439.9918%Currys PC World Deals
More bundles LIVE Some absolute blinding bundle offers if you had your eyes on an X! I'd say this is just for starters, so keep an eye out for any more dropping! Xbox One … Read more

5% cashback on Quidco too if you manage to get it to track and payout.


If you're bothered about scraping as much as possible, you could sell the Forza horizon code get Game Pass and play it that way. There's deals for it all the time,


Its alright ;) anything is better then nothing and its all going towards red dead...if anything, i can enjoy the Forza's with kids till boxing day offers for red dead :) 335 for all is great imo.


Tekken seems to be going for around 12-13 quid and that's before eBay takes their 10%, PayPal fee and delivery cost


I believe the forza games are download codes but the others are physical copies.

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