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The latest instalment in Microsoft's Forza Motorsport series is the most realistic yet, with hundreds of historic and contemporary sports cars and an endless array of thrills and spills for racers to experience. Adrenaline junkies and petrolheads alike can buy the title for the lowest possible price by checking out HotUKDeals' Forza 7 listings. Read more
Forza 7 Ultimate Edition Xbox/ Windows 10 £39.99 microsoft
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Forza 7 Ultimate Edition now available for £39.99 instead of the usual £79.99. Standard edition is down to £24.99 as well! Reviews are great for this game and its the first time I… Read more

It's more than that on PC, keeps going up past 100gb!


Did I not say that though?!? I'm not telling people NOT to do it, but if you think the fact that "you've been doing it for years" means that they wont suddenly decide to ban you, you're deluded. Lets face it, you KNOW you're circumventing the system and exploiting a loophole as you have to enter a false address and use a VPN to do it, all it takes is for MS to see the rise of this and the lowering of their profits and boom, your whole account and all the games you acquired are gone!! If its worth the risk to you, then great, but all these people telling everyone its OK and it wont get them banned are wrong as they cannot back that up. Can they ban you? of course they can, its THEIR system and you are intentionally doing them out of money, will they?? Who knows... roll the dice and see but don't come whinging if they do ban your account, that's all I'm saying (y)


I ordered this the other week and am loving it. Seriously the best racing game I've ever played. It's a simulation but feels so arcadey at the same time, and the sense of speed is like nothing I've felt in any other Forza or GT game.


98.33GB That'll take bloody forever! (horror)


Lots of people have been doing it for years, myself included. If they were worried about it they would have banned people long ago. I think they’re more worried about people circumventing the region locking which subscriptions do have, games however do not have this problem.

Prime Day Flash Deal - Xbox One X + Forza 7 + PUBG + Elite Controller £499.99 - Amazon
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Flash deal for Xbox One X bundle, including Elite controller and 2x games.
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Sorry, my understanding was that it was now bundled with all Xbox One X consoles. If AO aren't advertising this though, then perhaps their stock is from before this was introduced (or I just got it wrong). CD Keys do often have it cheap though if you find it's missing.


How do you get PUBG for free? I've ordered the AO deal. Wouldn't mind PUBG as a little bonus.


Took you down to -200 - you're welcome!


Good deal this! I paid £450 from Argos just 4 months ago and it came with Fifa 18 and Assassins Creed Origins only. The Xbox One Elite controller is worth £100 on its own, I have two of them :{ I would have loved this deal! Heat added.


Freezing here £360 on ebay at the moment, even if you add in the elite controller at full price and pubg you'd still be saving a few quid going with the ebay deal

Pepper Festival - Generic
Xbox One X + Forza 7 £359.20 (With code / from 10am) @ AO eBay
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Good price for the Xbox One X + a a game. Thanks to Gooner for the code.

Back in stock! Don't know if I should have posted it as a new deal or not but there are 4 left at the time of ordering. Finally bit after considering it all week. (excited) It seems that the other 4 have now gone. Congrats to anyone who wanted one and managed to get it.


Got a nuisance phone call from AO since ordering this, pestering me to subscribe to their breakdown cover. Once I said full stop no he started taking the ****, joking, asking me if the console needs carrying up a flight of stairs. Puts me off ordering from AO


I can’t comment on screen retention as of yet, but I can assure u a bright room is not an issue... when the HDR material kick in it’s really is a treat for your eyes... and yes, it was me in AVForums! :D .


LOL at the warmth comment! I swear it keeps our front room toasty in winter as well ;) It's a furnace. 10 years for me. Love how the picture quality got better over time as well. But yeah defo need to upgrade soon.


I finally ordered one! Gave the Prime Day Deals a chance to materialise late last night, but this is defo the best deal ATM! thanks again OP! BTW I too have a Kuro , love that TV! It's still going strong after 11 years, now in my bedroom (keeps me warm in the winter) lol I upgraded to the LG OLEDB6V in 2016....Like you both's the right time....we can really enjoy our X's now ! (excited)

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Xbox One 1TB + Extra controller + Sea of Thieves + Fifa 18 + Forza 7 + Minecraft + Super Luckys Tale £200 @ Microsoft Czech
Refreshed 11th JunRefreshed 11th Jun
Seems like a fantastic deal, including an extra controller too!
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Am waiting for black Friday. lol


Terrible site, lets you go all the way through checkout before telling you that you can't order because Minecraft out of stock. Messaged them and they couldn't say when Minecraft would be back in stock and wouldn't let me order without Minecraft......


Don't worry everything is in and out of stock constantly just keep checking.


Has anyone tried to order today? Error at checkout looks like Minecraft is out of stock :(


So I have the European plug adaptor, It came with a 13A fuse. My dads a retired electrician and he suggested I put a 5A in there as 13 is way to high. The UK xbox has a 10A in it's plug, anyone got experience in this sort of thing?

Forza 7 xbox one -  £11 in tesco instore (Stirling)
LocalLocalFound 24th MayFound 24th May
As title says, I got last one in Stirling, may the goose chase commence

Does this help? Edit... Sorry didn't realise it would be upside down


Does anyone have the barcode for this as I can't read it


Nothing in my local, not even a shelf label.


Honestly such a great game. Worth double the price in my opinion, so an absolute bargain at £11. Heat added mate, great spot :)


They have these in Ledbury, Herefordshire too if that's any use to anyone!

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Forza 7 PC half price, other editions also, be quick! £24.99 @ Microsoft Store
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Been watching this for a while and it's been £50 at the MS store, £35+ at other online code re-sellers (most which people will question). £25 is a good price direct from the MS st… Read more

Downloaded fine first time for me, took a good number of hours naturally but seemed to happily max out my 50mb line without any issues. Not had time to play yet. V surprised for the cold votes! People must be mixing the xbox only version with this one, which is the one you need for a PC.


Wow I thought you were having a laugh but it does say "approximate size: 97.35 GB". That's a huge amount of space for a game! The largest I've seen are like 60GB and they're huge open-world games. I guess it's all the 4K textures, though you'd think they wouldn't be a requirement if you were only on 1080p :/


Be aware that its over 100gb download which can only be done from Microsoft store. I like many others had countless issues with the game downloading and installing. Wont bother again.


No, the Music Magpie version is physical so Xbox only. £24.99 is the best deal to date for the digital version which is both Xbox and PC


Cross-play is a general term for any platforms.

Forza 7 for Xbox one £19.99 instore at John Lewis
LocalLocalFound 13th MayFound 13th May
I was in John Lewis yesterday and saw Forza 7 for £19.99. When I got it to the till, it scanned at £35.99 (same as the website price). I told the guy that it was on the shelf displ… Read more

I’m possibly the only person that enjoyed the inclusion of “free” loot boxes and many hours of grinding XD . I wasn’t keen on the endurance races though, they were a real chorebut great satisfaction when completed.


Usually base and amazon but having a look now their prices have crept up, as for the digital thing basically I’m trying to find a copy for someone who’s only got a pc, the only version available on pc is the ‘digital play anywhere version’ as the disc one doesn’t include the pc copy of the game. Forza 7 is crossplay with pc, so Xbox and pc players can play together. Few other titles that have crossplay too like fortnite, sea of thieves and the upcoming state of decay 2. Microsoft might not have a lot of first party exclusives but love how they’re bringing people together with crossplay and their backwards compatibility is awesome


Really? A brand new unopened copy for under £20? I’d love to know where. An extensive google search only finds musicmagpie doing it that cheap, but that’s a used version. Also (I’m completely new to gaming, only just bought an Xbox so not being sarcastic, just honestly don’t know), why would you want the digital version? What’s the different? I put the disc in and it said there was an updated version online that it could download instead, 99Gb. Wouldn’t that be the digital version?


Love FH3 but found this so dull. Does look nice though. And I paid a lot less than this for a sealed copy.


I got this free with my X1 on Black Friday. It's okay but you can tell they buikt it with the intention of smashing the micro transactions into the single player. They saw the crap EA got for Battlefront 2 and didn't switch them on.... your left with a game that has loot boxes tied to the single player game and it's a real grind.

Xbox One S 1TB PUBG + Forza Horizon 3 + Forza 7 + Quantum Break £249.99 @ amazon
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Bundle includes: Xbox One S console (1TB), wireless controller, full-game download of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 7, Quantum Break, 1 month Xbo… Read more

Still a good deal heat added



Better bundles and prices avail from Tesco and Game I think


Good deal. Heat


I wouldn't say very basic. But appreciate the comment.

Xbox One S with Sea of Thieves + Forza Motorsport 7 + Fallout 4 + DOOM - £229.99 @ Currys
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
I mean it is a pretty good bundle as normally for £229 you only get one game unlike 4 here. It is also about £50-£75 cheaper than a comparable playstation Bundle
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I was thinking of those tesco bundles where you chuck all the games in and it gives you more discount than your supposed to get. Don't think curry's would entertain that (lol)


Thanks @gaming_404 Not what I'd say were old games, Sea Of Thieves is very new and Forza 7 is hardly a grandad.


Sea of thieves is quite new and forza 7 isn't that old either, the rest yeah but fallout 4 is a classic anyway, doom was meh imo.


Oh Currys is running a price match scheme if there is a cheaper deal


Old games plus with tesco bundles you get it for this price or less I'm sure.

Xbox One X 1TB Bundle with Sea Of Thieves or Forza 7 £377.10 Delivered @ ebay
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Games play better on Xbox One X. Experience 40% more power than any other console 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and a 4K Blu-ray player provides more immersive gaming … Read more

Says code has expired


But you bought it for your Mrs 8)


can you tell the difference between the two machines? I have a 4k tv and xbox one, but is it worth splashing out on the one x? iyo


I would if it actually had a catalogue of first party games only would has a uhd player


She used the polish remover of na-il on it

PS4 500GB + COD WWII + Fifa 18 + 3 Months PS Plus £224.10 / Xbox One X + Far Cry 5 £368.10 or Xbox One X + Sea Of Thieves or Forza 7 £377.10  @ AO eBay
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Decent offer from AO Xbox (£368):

Thank you tomdoughnut (y)


OK so after the Xbox 360 you have the Xbox one and the PS4. These two have been out since 2013. They have since made smaller more power efficient versions of each console which are known as the PS4 slim and the Xbox one S. Both of these are exactly the same as the originals just smaller and more efficient as I said. Then you have the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X. These again are pretty much the same as the normal PS4 and Xbox One but are more powerful versions of these console so they play games with better graphics and such but are more expensive (these are more for the hardcore gamers willing to pay extra for better performance/graphics) They all play the same games. As for games both the PS4 and Xbox One play all the games you mentioned. Might be worth looking at the Xbox One since he has a 360 already plus I feel personally the Xbox One is better as a family console. You can even get a subscription on it called game pass which is a bit like Netflix in that you pay a monthly fee, but in this case you get access to loads of games. Hope this helps!


sorry to jump on your thread but I need help!! My 8 year old has an old crappy XBOX 360 and keeps asking for a new games console...problem is I have no idea what so ever about them and have no clue where to start :S could anyone give me a quick run down of best consoles/platforms?? He plays FIFA 18 and minecraft mainly (that is the extent of my knowledge (shock)) and mentioned Fort Knight (which apparently isn't 2 weeks (lol) ) TIA


Xbox deal gone :(


haha thanks, I have been posting too many Xbox deals recently ;)

Xbox One X 1TB Console + Far Cry 5 or Sea of Thieves or Forza 7 (XB1) - £401.10 Using Code P10MAY @ AO - Ebay
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
AO.COM Ebay 10% off AO with code P10MAY Enjoy 10% off the entire AO Store Xbox ONE X with Far Cry 5. Games play better on … Read more

Sorry just seen this posted here


Does anyone know if these Xbox One X Far Cry 5 deals give the game on physical media or as a digital download? I can't seem to find it written in the description.


Nice deal. Wish it had the extra controller.

Xbox One S 1TB + Sea Of Thieves + Extra Controller + 12 Months Xbox Live + Call Of Duty WWII + One game from Star Wars Battlefront 2 /  Forza 7 / Fifa 18 £236 @ Microsoft Store France (Using CDKeys else £263) LIVE NOW!
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Site has not updated yet, but the upcoming offer can clearly can be seen via the link. To get the price down to £236 you need to purchase 6 x €50 gift cards from CDKeys . Import… Read more
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I really want to buy this bundle but have a few concerns. First of all, I don't want to buying so many french codes for them not to work and I'd be 240 pound out of pocket for codes I cant use and secondly would the games that are bundled, have french box arts? The only reason is I would want to sell them, so I can make the purchase even cheaper? It's a great deal though and very tempted.


Further to my pr voids comment. A guy on the help chat also informed me that if you need to make a claim on the warranty it would need to go back to France. I'm sure it wouldn't cause to much of a problem but worth begting in mind. I can't make my mind up!


OK, so it's a decent deal, with or without the use of the cards (which are pretty much all out of stock now). But what do you put in as your billing 'region' as it doesn't have UK as an option?


Right. I’ve just ordered mine. It was a bit of a nightmare. For anyone doing this deal. You can only apply €250 euros to a French Microsoft account. Which you need to go through with the order. So don’t buy six CD keys as you’ll be left with an extra €50 like me!


So i've brought the codes, applied them to my account (a new French account), but can't seem to apply them at the checkout. Am i missing something?

Xbox One S 1TB - Sea of Thieves Bundle + Free Game(Pubg or Far Cry 5 or Forza 7) - Only £229 @ Microsoft
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Bundle and save up to £138.98 Bundle includes:¹ • Xbox One S 1TB Console – Sea of Thieves Bundle • FREE selected game • 1-month Xbox Live Gold membership • 1-month Xbox Game Pass t… Read more
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Same here, have reported as expired. Looks like I missed all of the end of financial year sales on the Xbox One S. Should've jumped at the Tesco £207 bundle. ;(


Doesn't work for me so guessing expired :(


Tesco you get 4 games (PUBG or Forza Horizon 3 with Hot Wheels DLC, Forza 7, Halo 5 and Far Cry 5 or Sea of Thieves), 14 days gold, 1 month game pass for £229. 2 extra games is a better deal than 2 weeks of gold, even if you sell the games its more money in your pocket. They shouldn't really advertise 1 month game pass as part of a bundle as it is standard with every Xbox one S 1TB and an extra 2 weeks of gold isn't anything special.


Suppose it depends what games you want, if you have played Halo, Forza and pubg then maybe this is better having sea of thieves along with FarCry. Not much in it value wise.


The Tesco deals stack so you can get console with PUBG, Far Cry 5, Forza 7 and Halo 5 for £229 (was £207 on Friday) which seems like a better deal than this

Forza 7 Motorsport Baseball Cap £4.99 in-store in GAME (Lewisham)
LocalLocalFound 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Seems to sell for up to £25 on ebay. Loads of these in store in Lewisham
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They should give this out for free, why pay to promote the game


Bit picky mate. OP + every other reasonable soul: I procured one of these from my local GAME in Rugby, they were available in equal abundance!


Owl be the judge of that (lol)


Is 10 really "loads" considering you posted it on a website that claims to have 1,619,279Users (skeptical)


Great price ty

Xbox One S 1TB – Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Bundle + Halo 5 + Sea of Thieves - Only £229 @ Microsoft
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Bundle and save up to £141.97 Bundle includes:¹ • Xbox One S 1TB Console – Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Bundle • One FREE selected game • FREE Halo 5 • 14-day Xbox Live Gold membersh… Read more
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Anybody know of any decent deals without the games, I already have the games with this bundle (flirt)


It’s not Christmas now.


Alot of the games in box are codes


To be honest was getting better prices before Christmas


My mistake, I thought Tesco deal was exactly the same. God knows what I was seeing :-D

Xbox one S 1TB, Forza 3 with hot wheels dlc, Forza 7, Halo V, Far Cry 5 £229 @ Tesco
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Combine both deals on Tesco and get all above for £229 with free click and collect. Standard delivery is £3.

I’m waiting for good deal on xbox x or PS4 pro


How do you get misprice


That's nothing, I got a Xbox One X in a Christmas cracker (y) (lol)


Still pretty cheap, but not a BAARG! ;)


Tesco have put price of console back up... was 249 - 20... Seems like the 20 discount is no longer there...

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