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Updated 20th JunLast updated 20th Jun by Lee_HA
Does anybody know of any way of getting this? I’m looking to either find for reasonable price or buy a pre loaded account :(

Sadly I did this and turns out it doesn’t include the expansion pass :(

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Updated 3rd JunLast updated 3rd Jun by Ljsdad
Hi does anyone know where I could get the expansion pass but not at silly money

Think it’s delisted off of the store


They occasionally go down in price on the Microsoft store


Yeah that and the ice thing


Gumtree and eBay are another choice. What exact dlc are you after? Like the hot wheels?


I have they are out of stock and eneba want 88.75 lol

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Updated 16th JanLast updated 16th Jan by Frog100
Forza Horizon 4
hi, anyone here played Forza Horizon 4? I'm new to the game, went through an initial demo of sorts which took me through the winter, spring etc then I arrived at the Horizon festiv… Read more

Once you get your bearings, there's also the weekly Forzathon events, they refresh every Thursday afternoon, to win less common cars that aren't on sale in the autoshow, wheelspins that give free cars and credits as prizes, etc. Most of these don't involve/require competitive online racing. I'd suggest adding a tune to your car, in the correct car category (i.e. A, B, S1, etc), to improve its driving performance before commencing these - the 'stock' versions of each car aren't great. Search for tunes from the garage. Check out waznewz on youtube - he uploads a video, suggests a car, and creates a tune to go with it, for every single weekly event Thursday evenings.


If it’s not obvious, the arrows on the road directing you are blue if your speed is ok, and go amber/red if you’re going too fast. I love the way they dynamically adjust as you hit the brakes!


I'm going to throw some time at it today, first impressions are v good indeed


Ahh I was stuck for ages like you, I think I figured it out by setting a waypoint/marker on the map onto one of the two destinations, if you know what I mean? You go to festival main area, bring up the map and move the cursor over the next bit it tells you to goto and click on it and it should bring up arrows showing you where to go or something like that, hopefully someone else can explain it a bit better its been ages ago since I did it. There is a beginners guide on forza 4 on Youtube somewhere and you can just copy off them if you can find that video. Edit: Try this guys video, i just pulled it from my history of lots of videos, hopefully its the right one if not I apologise, you don’t even need to watch the full video if you don’t want to, once you get the idea how to play it should set you up.


I’m in the same boat (car) having just got an XSX and Game Pass. FH4 is just a little different in that it has the Festival site as a base and then you drive around to events. I am early game, and just got given the keys to a house for free..... which is where you can change your character’s appearance. TBH, I just like the fact that it’s in the UK and everyone drives on the left!

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Updated 21st Dec 2020Last updated 21st Dec 2020 by Noneoftheabove
Lucky if you have these already, not cheap to buy with in-game credits. Will be useful for new players at Christmas. And you can redeem this now if you activate GPU early. Yes you … Read more

Sorted, thanks. I had to redeem the code from the xcloud app with the online account, and then manually find the cars for free in the game garage. Obviously!


I can't remember now it's been that long but if it's a code you need to redeem it. The cars won't be in your garage until you claim them for free in the autoshow where you go to buy cars. When you claim then from there then they will be available in your garage.


I'm playing on cloud on my phone. I've claimed the perk and it shows me a code, but none of these cars are showing in my garage, nor are they showing as free if I look for them. Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong?


On a separate point. What’s this ‘backstage’ section that’s either just popped up on mine due to doing something or been added in generally. You vote between two cars, and then presumably need to raise ‘passes’ to buy the odd or other two that takes your fancy. I’ve not had a pass yet. Cheer


Yes they appear in ‘all cars’ where you see them for free and claim them there then they appear in ‘my cars’. Thanks for posting claimed mine last night.

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Updated 12th Dec 2020Last updated 12th Dec 2020 by gmoore
Forza Horizon 4 Cyberpunk 2077 Car Free @ Xbox The car is a Quadra Turbo-R V-TECH

Just lower the difficulty, was easy lol


Need to beat the night city Street race in edingborugh city. Was bit difficult as the race I've done before. Unsure on time, how long race will be available for


Thankyou :)


So you don't just download this? Is there a time limit to get it?


I managed to complete the event, but i didn't get to keep the car as reward. Waste of time driving all the way to krankieland.

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Updated 25th Oct 2020Last updated 25th Oct 2020 by MAB
Anyone Have A good Deal for FORZA HORIZON 4
I can't find a good deal for Forza Horizon 4 so if anyone has one could you let me know plz.

Oh great deal!!!


If you need any help using the search bar let me know (y)


Gumtree I paid a tenner including lego dlc

Felicitous they're all there


Game pass?