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Games Under £20 + Indies Sale @ PlayStation PSN - The Witcher 3 £4.99 DOOM £3.99 Metal Gear Solid V DE £3.99 Just Cause 3 XXL £3.49 + More
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Direct link to PlayStation Indies Sale: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/category/d66e22ee-42b5-4cfc-997d-221cae79ae7d/1 #SinucaAttack - £2.39 (40% off) n Verlore Versta… Read more

I'm with you on IV, hated the sailing. AC II was phenomenal but I will say Origins and Odyssey are really good, best since II.


I played in on gamepass...didn't grab me.


Doom eternal deluxe edition £19.99


The story, the gameplay (especially the sailing and fighting mechanics) , the graphics, the grind… I just disliked everything about it. I loved assassins creed 2 but everything since then just hasn’t appealed to me.


Really, what didnt you like about it?

Xbox Deals with Gold - Evil Inside £7.51 Just Cause 3 £3.19 Rise of The Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration £4.99 Metro 2033 Redux £3.19 + More
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At Sundown: Shots in the Dark £1.59 Black Book £17.84 Braveland Trilogy £4.99 Conga Master £1.59 Contradiction 8Bit £0.79 Curse of the Dead Gods £7.87 Decay of Logos £6.69 D… Read more

I enjoyed it too. Very different but fun


Agreed, a very different pace to the game but one of the few that I’ve 100%ed. It was great to play in short chunks between AAA games like Call of Duty etc


Just a note that Donut County is also 'play anywhere', so also includes PC


If u have a Brazilian account, the prices are nearly half what the UK are


Heat for the effort, but nothing interesting.

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[Steam] Just Cause 3: XXL Edition (PC) - £2.61 @ Greenman Gaming
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[Steam] Just Cause 3: XXL Edition (PC) - £2.61 @ Greenman Gaming£2.61Greenman Gaming Deals
This pack includes: Just Cause 3 base game Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass Weaponized Vehicle Pack Explosive Weapon Pack Reaper Missile Mech Kousavá Rifle Experience one… Read more

Aye for this price, no brainer


Anyone on the fence, just buy it, it's great fun at a great price.


I hadn't realised that was David Tennant!


Brilliant game, so fun and I thought the story was decent


Had great fun with this, gameplay gets a little samey after a while but still fun blowing everything up and David Tennant as the increasingly worried radio host in the backgroundis hilarious.

Just Cause 3 Steam Key £1.67 at Fanatical
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Just Cause 3 Steam Key £1.67 at Fanatical£1.67Fanatical Deals
About this game Experience one of the most explosive action-adventures to date with Just Cause 3. With this Steam PC key, you'll follow returning protagonist Rico Rodriguez as he a… Read more

Best in the series. Shame the XXL version is not on offer as all the DLC is great fun too (you can buy them separately from Fanatical, but the final total makes it less of a deal)