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Project Cars 3 (PS4) for £3 instore @ Asda Gosforth
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Not sure if it's National or not. Found in the store on Great North Road opposite Regent Centre Metro station. They had several copies left in the locked cabinet at the back of the… Read more

or typing


I'm enjoying the game, almost completed it. Ye sits easier than the 2 previous versions but that was the attraction for me. Not everyone is briilant at gaming, I'm certainly not.


The only reason why I wrote that was my mate went to see New Order play a gig last night and the pub he went in before there was charging £6.15 for a pint of Peroni. Neither of us could believe it. :)




Played it for about 10mins. Horrid driving experience and worse graphics than PC2. I love sims and arcade racers (and those in-between), but this just felt awful. No idea what they were thinking. I was actually looking forward to a more arcade version of PC2.

Project Cars 3 (PS4 - £6.80, Xbox - £6.35), Video Game for Playstation 4 inc free delivery Grade A - As new @ SMG
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Made hot 10th AugMade hot 10th Aug
Project Cars 3 (PS4 - £6.80, Xbox - £6.35), Video Game for Playstation 4 inc free delivery Grade A - As new @ SMG Also available on xbox one for £6.35 with code (thanks gazzamatt)… Read more

Sold out on PS4 but still available for Xbox ;(


Has this got split screen 2 player. Also are all the cars available from the start in arcade mode? I have got GT Sport but only a few cars. I do not want spend hours playing a game, that's what career mode for.


🔥🔥🔥Heat added 🔥🔥🔥


Also available on xbox one for £6.35 with code.. (y)


I never realised they were ever up hill... They just regurgitate the same basic sh*t time after time.

[Steam] Project Cars - Game Of The Year Edition (PC) - £1.59 @ Fanatical
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Made hot 30th JulMade hot 30th Jul
Experience one of the most authentic, intense and technically-advanced racing game on the planet with your Project CARS - Game of the Year Edition Steam PC key. In this beautiful r… Read more

Not working now £39-


Imo no but that's just my opinion, I don't like driving games without a wheel but some do get on ok with a controller!


Would this be any good with a ps4 controller? I don't have a wheel.

Project Cars 3 - £13.99 @ Playstation Store
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Made hot 10th JulMade hot 10th Jul
Project Cars 3 - £13.99 @ Playstation Store£13.99 Free P&P FreePlaystation Store Deals
OWN YOUR JOURNEY • 200+ elite-brand race & road cars • 120+ global tracks • Wide set of race conversion kits • Race to earn Credits & XP • Buy & own 100s of cars • Upgr… Read more

I just picked this game for 4.98 at currys. Worth checking imo


Makes them seem delusional considering they wanted to make a PS5 competitor too...


i had a complete different experience... I was expecting to like Grid so much more, i love codemasters, i love the old Grid games..... ended up forcing myself to play it most of the time. Just because of the handling. tweaked it so much, controller, and advanced controller settings in game and nothing made me like it....old Grid games had imho a perfect arcade balance in the handling. I went to PC3 thinking it would be terrible because of all the sim fanbase criticism. And yeah its an arcade racer now, but imho a good one. The handling is far better than Grid sticky feel. Most of the negative feedback on PC3 is because of expectations, and i understand that....its not what PC1 was meant to be, oh well not even PC1 was what was meant to be, a GTR, rFactor, IRacing competititor...


The biggest problem with Project Cars 3 is that it is called Project Cars 3. If it had a completely different name then more people would have accepted it for what it is, more arcade than sim like its predecessors.


I actually quite like Grid - I did pick it up for £5 tho. Yes it’s basic but I found it quite fun. PC3 on the other hand, I really didn’t find fun at all. I wasn’t bothered that PC3 wasn’t a sim (I have AC, PC2 and ACC for that), but I was hoping for a sim/cade like Forza. Nope. Ok if not an arcade game then be like Wreckfest or Grid and just some fun, but no, it was pants.

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Project Cars Game Of The Year Edition (Steam PC) - £1.59 @ Fanatical
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Made hot 5th JulMade hot 5th Jul
Project Cars Game Of The Year Edition (Steam PC) - £1.59 @ Fanatical£1.59£2.9947% offFanatical Deals
Fab low price for the game on Fanatical. NOTE: This game can only be used with the Oculus Quest/Quest 2 when the headset is connected to a VR compatible Windows PC via an Oculus … Read more

I’d agree with G29 / G920. I use one now after having a tx previously. Just make sure you mod brake pedal if you get Logitech.


Logitech g29


For anyone that doesn't have a steering wheel and associated kit I am playing this with a Xbox controller. I have started at 'Novice' level and made a few controller changes via a post on Steam and with my gears set to automatic I was hurtling round the Nordschleife at 2am this morning. I will get a steering wheel when I can afford one but for the price this can't be beat for fun. Even if you don't want to play until you have a steering wheel then it has to be worth getting now for when you do.


Off topic slightly, but can anyone recommend quite good steering wheel? Something that's is just good enough to start with and won't cost a fortune.


Cheers OP (y)

Project Cars 3 (PS4 / Xbox One) - £9.97 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Made hot 25th MayMade hot 25th May
Project Cars 3 (PS4 / Xbox One) - £9.97 delivered @ Currys PC World£9.97 Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Good price on both with free delivery (y) PS4 Xbox One Race your way all the way to the top and become a legend of the racetracks in the PS5 Project CARS 3… Read more

Has been in stock at 12.97 ish for ages... . then 9.97... Bang out of stock!


Oos now


Definitely a great arcade racer. But the progression system is horrific. There's also far too many hot laps and not enough races in the career. Still a good price though.


Annoyingly out of stock! :/ Will be cheap elsewhere soon though I bet.


Both OOS.