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Updated 22nd Oct 2020Last updated 22nd Oct 2020 by ThePointyEnd
Over 1000 Uplay Rewards going Free 29th October @ Ubisoft
https://club.ubisoft.com/en-GB/ Ubisoft has announced that its Ubisoft Club and Uplay services will be coalescing under a single banner on October 29 as Ubisoft Connect. As sev… Read more

Correct (y)


I could be wrong, but the way I read it is you don't get any points. The 1,000+ rewards will be the items you purchase in-game with your coins.


I'll be honest.. I don't get it. Do you get 1,000 points for each game in that list? And what do we do with that many points?

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Updated 13th Jul 2020Last updated 13th Jul 2020 by Zephid
Hyper Scape open beta for pc now available on uplay
Hyper Scape is an upcoming free to play battle royale FPS set in a futuristic virtual world for both PC and consoles with the console launch coming later this year including cro… Read more

Looks a bit like the Assassins Creed Unity map got "futurised" or something from the vids i've seen. I suppose it was just laying around on the Ubi servers.... What about Syndicate? Maybe a BR in dirty Lahnnndahnn.


just installed lets have a blast!


thanks op :) going to give this a go! at least this is something from ubi! man typing those codes in was tedious, just to be beaten to it by someone haha


Can't say I found it particularly fun but maybe others will? At least it is quite original for a BR, which is nice. It barely feels like a BR which is probably a good thing for many people, it's more like a massive arena shooter.


Can't wait for this to be hackers infested like majority of battle royale games on pc...

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Updated 11th Nov 2019Last updated 11th Nov 2019 by stuworth31
Uplay + free trial and maybe £12 for 12 months.
Please forgive me if this does not work for anyone else but i just signed up for the free ubisoft plus trial and when i submitted my paypal account it tried to charge 1 pound. I we… Read more

Just to say I did get a refund. Bizarre, after being told no for 2 weeks and giving up I got an email saying I would be refunded. Like I said .Bizarre ( but happy)


have been told it was a bug and that it is £12.99 a month and not £1 a month


same with mine, have you messaged and had any luck?


I've been billed 12.99 and it says on my subscription page it should be 1.00 per month I think if they sort it the wont refund they will just say you have nothing to pay for 12 months which would be fine bu me.


yep, been billed £12.99 but I've got screenshots so going to email them

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Updated 4th Mar 2019Last updated 4th Mar 2019 by Satan_Claws
PSA: Old Ubisoft Uplay points will begin to expire this month.
I read this on Reddit earlier on, had over 1200 points that were expiring so maybe others out there will be in the same boat as me and not realise. I spent my expiring points on ga… Read more

Ah that's poo. I have over 800 points but I don't keep games after I have finished them so no point in buying in game items. I am not spending my points on items for games I will buy eventually, hopefully they will carry over when I get the games.


Yeah buying games from there isn't really worthwhile I just grab in game items that may come in handy, mind you I had so much expiring I bought pretty much everything from the games I am interested in


thanks, didn't know this, any good deals on games to use the points on? Their prices are so much higher than other sites, even with 20% off :(

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Updated 24th Dec 2018Last updated 24th Dec 2018 by lonfar
Does anyone know any good sites for buying/selling/trading game codes? Steam? origin? uplay? etc
i used to love for sale/trade on here, lokal site is horrible. i use avforums classifieds now and again, but theres barely any users. I know there was a load of people buying nvi… Read more

Avforums was dead for me last year Try these if you like Steamtrades or cheapassgamer these are base or reps

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Updated 7th Jan 2018Last updated 7th Jan 2018 by coventgamer
FREE: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - PC UbiStore/Uplay Code
Below code came free with an issue of PC Gamer. I posted the deal for this originally :) I have no need for the code, as I already have the game. Never got round to offering t… Read more

Cheers redeemed


I'll have it please