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Guitar Hero Live with Guitar Controller - Wii U £19.99 eBay / stockmustgo
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Posted 10th Apr 2020Posted 10th Apr 2020
Guitar Hero Live with Guitar Controller - Wii U £19.99 eBay / stockmustgo Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Brand New Guitar Hero Live game with the Guitar Controller. Been looking for a decent deal on this game, I wanted the original (guitar hero) but they are pretty pricey now second hand but …
Avatar Croftybaby
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I meant Xbox 360 dongle, autocorrect changed it to “single”. Hope you enjoy it. A quick google will help you find the songs.


Sounds brilliant. Had never heard of this so thanks for sharing!


Clone Hero. You can use the old guitars or the Live ones to play. The Live guitar only works with the Xbox 360 single which you can buy from eBay for a few ££. The old Xbox 360 guitars need a Microsoft wireless gamepad adapter. You can get 3rd party versions on amazon for a few ££ -check reviews). There are literally hundreds if not thousands of songs available. Multiplayer and online (never tried online). Very polished programme now and is free.


I think the 40 songs will be fine for most people, you can't miss what you never had. If you do want to try and get more songs there are websites i've seen where you can use a PC to play. Still doing some research on that.


Yes, got mine out the other day to play and was disappointed there were only a few songs now available. Americans who bought the game got refund due live shutting down. But not us.

Guitar Hero Live + 6 Button Guitar (Wii U) £4 @ CEX (Used / +1.50 Delivered)
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Posted 26th May 2019Posted 26th May 2019
Guitar Hero Live + 6 Button Guitar (Wii U) £4 @ CEX (Used / +1.50 Delivered)£4£4.5913% offCeX Deals
FreeStyleGames have reinvented the legendary Guitar Hero franchise, with two innovative new gameplay modes and an all-new guitar controller. GH Live mode puts you onstage, looking out: you…
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Clone Hero has a 6 button mode that'll convert any song to support it, or track creators can create songs specifically for 6 button guitars. If you want to use this guitar on PC though, you'll need to buy an Xbox 360 adapter (not a guitar though, just the adapter) then follow a guide on YouTube. Hope this helped a bit. (y)




Should do will take it as an input device and then crack on


Clone Hero is ridiculously good if it works with that, basically every single Guitar Hero / Rock Band you've ever seen in one game.


Can use work PC fretz on fire

2 x Playstation 4 GUITAR HERO LIVE Guitar & Dongle + 2 Coffin Cases NEW eBay The Game Monkey
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Posted 4th Dec 2018Posted 4th Dec 2018
2 x Playstation 4 GUITAR HERO LIVE Guitar & Dongle + 2 Coffin Cases NEW eBay The Game Monkey£20.97eBay Deals
Found two guitars for PS4 with dongles, straps and covers Also available without covers for £16.97: Great with Clone Hero on the PC.
Avatar bargainBooze
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Fed up with the spam, and i saw fit that i would do it back.


You commented a day after it had expired, maybe cause you were copying and pasting the same comment for all your notification.


It wasn't expired when I looked and you need to blame hot UK deals for sending people the wrong information That's my point




Keyword alert? Huha? Not so deals, you might need to sort your search out. I never signed up for this crap

2 x Xbox One GUITAR HERO LIVE Wireless Guitars & Dongles new delivered eBay The Game Monkey
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Posted 3rd Dec 2018Posted 3rd Dec 2018
2 x Xbox One GUITAR HERO LIVE Wireless Guitars & Dongles new delivered eBay The Game Monkey£14.97eBay Deals
Includes 2 standalone Guitars with dongles new in trays. No Game included
Avatar bargainBooze
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Ok thanks


No it has a different controller layout so AFAIA it won’t work on anything but itself


Look up Clone Hero you can connect this guitar and import any song on the PC.


I have this like new with 2 guitars n game. Been meaning to sell it for some time, just haven’t got round to it. Good that it can still be played offline. I played it twice but with a back catalogue of 400+ digi games ain’t played it since.


How many guitar hero games are there for the Xbox one? Would this work with rock band?

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Guitar hero Wii u game + controller - £9.99 @ bopster eBay
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Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
Guitar hero Wii u game + controller - £9.99 @ bopster eBay£9.99eBay Deals
Has to be worth a tenner delivered brand new... Yes the guitar hero servers have been shut down and you are limited to the 42 songs on disc to play in offline mode forever, but might pass a …
Avatar Deano467
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I only just got our out to play “Invalid Disc” Box said America only so checked back here and lo and behold (excited) I have not heard anything from the seller though, and oddly we got the guitar box first and the (US) game came separately a fair bit later. Will try and email them now.


Got mine today as well (y) It is the European version, which has the exact same disk as the UK copy, the yellow triangle symbol is the German (I think) age rating. But well done to Bopster for sorting it, I'm sure a lot of sellers wound't have!


Mine just arrived - yellow triangle on the spine - not sure what country that is?


I'm hoping they send out the Austrian version to me just so it matches the box :S


I'm hoping they send a Australian one so I have all three regions, then I just need the Japanese one to complete the set (lol)

GUITAR HERO LIVE for Wii U £16.99 delivered @ Game
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Posted 12th Aug 2018Posted 12th Aug 2018
GUITAR HERO LIVE for Wii U £16.99 delivered @ Game£16.99£22.9926% offGAME Deals
The all-new Guitar Hero. One game. Two ways to play. GH Live, where you can rock real crowds with real reactions and GHTV, a continuous broadcast of playable music videos, with a library …
Avatar magoohouse
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Whilst in Florida last week we went to a shop called five below, everything is $5 or less. They had these in for every console. Just shows how desperate they are too get rid of them.


Definitely important that people are aware the online functions cease on December 1st, and you're just left with the on-disc songs (there aren't many of them at all, and most people probably won't enjoy all of them).


Got this a month ago and really enjoyed it. GH TV is a great idea with the music video but I guess it’s costing them a lot to keep it going for a game that ultimately did not sell well. Shame.


No point, it stops being supported in December along with access to the majority of the songs