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Luckily I haven’t been in a position that I’ve had to use it for a while, however… If you were skint the day before payday but had a pound left in your account you could go to the… Read more

Morrisons have had this for about 6 months now.


(confused) (confused) (confused) (confused) of course it would of you was near your credit limit (confused) (confused)


You speculated on my speculation (y) Good morning :)


Everyone? All? We're talking about car owners who: 1 - Don't have a credit card 2 - Are down to a few quid in their current account before payday 3 - Their fuel use is such that they have enough in the tank to make it 1 day before payday but not enough to last 1 extra day. The numbers of drivers we're talking about here are a miniscule proportion of people on the road.


My bank always shows the £1 authorising fee as "unavailable" money in my account. However it doesn't show the other £9 (on a £10 top up) at all. It's already annoying because I would rather it just took what I spent so I know exactly what I actually have in my account. Once the £99 thing hits I will have to pay at the kiosk as I can't chance that being unavailable in my account, shame I as have particularly liked the option during covid (no mask needed, easy to social distance).

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Dispute credit report due to a payday loan - Unaffordable Lending
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help. Around 8 years ago, I got into some debt trouble, and used lots of payday loans etc. Over the years i have either paid the debts off, o… Read more

Bad idea as it highlights the loan and shows that you are not taking responsability for it. Martin lawrence had a piece on it and advised never to add any notes but to contact the loan company and get them to remove or adjust the entry. Yes they may have loaned more then you could afford but you had the money so you do owe it at the end of the day. Best thing to do would be try to see if you could get a lower rate loan to pay of the payday one.


Thank you, I have submitted a Notice of correction, so will just have to await the outcome. Thanks again


It would be arguably reasonable to be permitted to file a Notice of Correction prior to appeal result, although the NoC has no impact on score it simply forces a lender to manually review any subsequent credit applications.

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Coronavirus: FCA propose freeze on car loan payments (including car leasing), BNPL and payday loans
The FCA have issued a press release today announcing a number of measures to support consumers facing payment difficulties due to coronavirus. The range of targeted temporary measu… Read more

There are some real work-shy leaders in leadership, who refused or did not do the work to join up the two dots in hospital national health (delivery engine is NHS) and in care homes (delivery engine is local authority/private companies); and they, the executives in care homes, were so out of touch with not leading an effective national campaign for test kits to be purchased or produced locally in the UK(in Germany, they did in January 2020). It is so school like GCSE, to do tests when you claim to follow the science in school science lab experiments!


Hi buddy. Start date was delayed, starting in a months time now... still working in the old care home. In regards to the recent highly publicised changes to the way the government have stopped admitting new residents into care homes without having had a test for covid19 is a game changer for me and the residents to be honest. Thank you for asking though.


This is good (nerd)


This will probably take out even more lenders from the market. So anyone wanting to borrow now will struggle.


How's your new job ?

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Payday Loan Claims - Financial Ombudsman Updates
So, we've got the Wonga thread ongoing, and a lot of people have now received their outcome, however a few people (myself included) have passed claims to the Financial Ombudsman. … Read more

Maybe you need to go back & read your own words that you wrote on the 24th Feb 2016 & don't judge people until you know their circumstances...( see your words near bottom of page starting ''Wow.....did not realise'' link below) . We are not all as sensible as you ...... (angel)


I may decide to get a loan irresponsibly and then claim that it was irresponsible of the lender to give it in the first place and get "my" money back. Who wouldn't want a loan that doesn't really cost. I might claim for the stress the irresponsible lending put me in too.


Just received an email from Myjar. My complaint with them as been upheld. They are refunding Interest & charges.


I'm just going through the ombudsman now, after they refused to accept my complaint.


Has anyone had any results from this. I got paid out from wonga. Over £1500 back. These were all paid off but gave me a lot of trouble at the time. interested to know what happened with everyone else?

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HUKDgaming News Round-up 13/06/17 – Ubisoft’s emotional showing, Sony focuses on VR & 2018, and Nintendo take to the stage
[image missing] Welcome to the HUKDgaming News Round-up Thread – a place to get caught up on the on-goings of the industry. Every weekday at 5pm we’ll update the OP with the lat… Read more
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Is he on the payroll?


This won't have helped: [ ] "Malkaurai Offline... Last active: 1 month, 7 hours ago"


Yeah, no one asked for this. It hasn't been a roaring success has it?


Ni No Kuni 2 delayed 2 months... till Jan 2018.


Just been reading that Techland are going to be releasing 10 pieces of free DLC over the next year. A very good game if anyone is inclined to pick it up, apparently there are still loads of people playing it.

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Rock FM's 2K Payday
PRODUCT: £2000 PERIOD: Once Direct link Key Dates. Start and end dates and times: Thursday 25th May 0600 to Friday 26th May 1800. 12 TIMES FREE ONLINE ENTRY POSTCODE RESTR… Read more

x <3


Cheers :{




Thank you :)