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Skoda Kamiq - 3 year lease - 24,000 miles - £169.42pm / £747.06 up front : Total Cost £6,676.76 @ Tilsun Leasing Limited via
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Skoda Kamiq - 3 year lease - 24,000 miles - £169.42pm / £747.06 up front : Total Cost £6,676.76 @ Tilsun Leasing Limited via£6, Deals
Via Tilsun Leasing Limited - 3 year deal @ 169.42 per month, initial rental £508.26, additional fees £238.80. total deal cost £6,676.76 8,000 miles Manual Petrol

I've got the 108bhp 1.0-litre petrol engine Ateca and it's fantastic. I've done around 20,000 miles in it so far and can't fault it. Sometimes struggles going up steeper hills in a high gear, but that's easily resolved by just dropping down one. I wouldn't be put off by the engine size is all I'm trying to say :)


We’re going for the 110hp model, I drove it and it feels fine for acceleration… I doubt the less powerful version would.


Which 1.0 TSi though? The Kamiq has 2, an entry level 95bhp and the 110bhp. All the reviews of the Kamiq that I have seen recommend against the 95bhp as it is underpowered for the weight of vehicle. Admittedly, less important in a lease where you could thrash the engine for a few years and then hand back. However, if you enjoy driving, the 95bhp is going to make you very frustrated. The 95bhp variant is fine in the Fabia with the lower weight but is really only offered in the Kamiq to provide an artificial low price entry point. If you planned to own the vehicle, choosing the 95bhp is likely to cause reliability issues further down the line. Officially, the 110bhp engine gives 2 mpg better fuel economy than the 95bhp. In reality, the difference is likely to be greater as the engine needs to be worked harder. Even with a 2 mpg difference, over 24k miles, the 110bhp engine will save £170 in fuel costs. My first car in the 1980's was a 45bhp 1.0 Vauxhall Nova which did 0-60 in around 20 seconds. However, that car only weighed 700kg, the Kamiq weighs 1,300kg and so the power to weight ratio of the 95bhp engine is only slightly better. I could live with the Nova and you could live with the Kamiq but the 110bhp is a much better choice.


1.0 TSI is fine, an F1 car is a 1.6 hybrid while a Toyota Prius is a 1.8 hybrid, just because it's a small engine doesn't mean it won't do the job.


Thanks dude

Skoda Kamiq Hatchback 1.0 TSI 110 SE L 5dr DSG Lease 5k Miles Per Year - £918.94 Upfront + 47 months x £119.99 @ Leasing Options
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Skoda Kamiq Hatchback 1.0 TSI 110 SE L 5dr DSG Lease 5k Miles Per Year - £918.94 Upfront + 47 months x £119.99 @ Leasing Options£6,678.46Leasing Options Deals
really low price for an automatic,

Follow up on this was I heard nothing for a week and when I rang up they told me it was indeed a pricing error. No admin fee offer or anything. Not terribly impressed.


Yeah I got same email too.


Jusr had an email explaining the misprice, offered to waive their £199 admin fee if I found another car I liked, seems fair under the circumstances


It was a misprice. I rang this morning following an application I made.


Had a call earlier from a lease advisor gathering further info for the finance application. No mention of a misprice, so fingers crossed...

Skoda Kamiq Hatchback 1.0 TSI 110 SE 5dr DSG Lease £8,050.30 3 years 8k miles 3+35 £211.85 @ Evans Halshaw
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Skoda Kamiq Hatchback 1.0 TSI 110 SE 5dr DSG Lease £8,050.30 3 years 8k miles 3+35 £211.85 @ Evans Halshaw£8,050.30Evans Halshaw Deals
This is for the auto transmission lovers out there and will also be suitable for anyone who needs a high mileage. The core deal is for 8,000 miles but 10,000 is only an extra £130 … Read more

What are you talking about ? . I have not changed my exhaust , and my car has timing chain due at 250k . You quoted £500 a year maintenance which is absolute tosh , and you fail to mention the maintenance on lease vehicles , nor the inevitable cost of dings , wheel scuffs etc . I am neither mis reading nor trolling , but quoting back your own figures... it’s not my fault they are hugely inflated to justify your position . Your starting point of £24k for a second hand car is remarkably convenient , there’s no way I would spaff £24k on a car , new or second hand , nor would I Chuck £24k on hiring a Skoda for 8 years either . Makes me chuckle that it’s an insult to be driving a 10 year old 530dM sport , but cool to be driving a 3 year old Skoda that you don’t own but is costing you £200 a month .


They are deluded mate . Still rather drive my 10 year old 530d msport , than a 1litre Skoda . The money saved on leasing would buy me a £40k car , but sadly I will probably buy a £15k 7 series and run it until it dies . Either that or lease a new Skoda haha .


Don’t forget the £40000 saving on buying a 3 year old 5 series and running it for 10 years v leasing a 5 series for 10 years .


I’d love a lease car business be printing money from Hukd revenue (lol) personally I’d have the 10 year old BMW . £22,275 for a 1.0 Skoda kamiq new lmao no wonder there leased Was buying brand new 5 series’s for £25,000 And the service you get from evans halshaw will be amazing Not (lol) they have closed all there branches down and surprised they haven’t folded yet .


Lmao at some guy driving round in his 10 year old + Beemer telling everyone leasing is rubbish.

Skoda Kamiq 1 - 6 Months upfront + £155.99 a month, 5000 Miles + £199 Fee - £4,623.71 - 24 months @ Leasing Options
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Made hot 23rd MayMade hot 23rd May
Skoda Kamiq 1 - 6 Months upfront + £155.99 a month, 5000 Miles + £199 Fee - £4,623.71 - 24 months @ Leasing Options£4,623.71Leasing Options Deals
Don’t think this is a bad deal for a nice decent SUV run around. 5k miles is probably a kicker for some but for round town and the school run. It’s not bad. 6 months upfront (935… Read more

How’s the mileage? We drive in city and motorway. Currently have Tucson and it’s fuel hog, just sold it but don’t want to repeat mistake of burning cash


I work in supply chain as a buyer and I have to listen to Brexit and pandemic excuses all day every day from my suppliers. I am immune to this crap now (:I Most companies are past Brexit already and yes, shipping times are extended but we are talking maybe one or two extra days worst case for custom clearance. If your suppliers are telling you they are experiencing 2 week shipping delays because of Brexit, when we are 6 months past that, either you have bad suppliers or are being lied to (:I


I have Fabia SE L 1.0 110ps and it's a fricking blast to drive. You can be really sensible with it, shift the gears at around 2500 RPM, or if you need quicker acceleration these little engines love the rev and can go up to 5-6k easily without any issues. I get over 50 MPG without even trying.


I do, as do many others. I don't use our car for commuting, even before covid. After covid even less folk will be using their car to travel to work. Weekly shop, visit family/friends, occasional weekend drives and so on. Point is, just because it doesn't suit you doesn't mean it's not a good deal to others. Plus, like I said, you can increase the mileage if needed.


How many people do 5000 miles per year! Not many! It’s set like this to grab your attention!

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SKODA Octavia 1.5 TSI SE L 5dr DSG Petrol Auto - 3yr lease 10k miles - £151.32/month 35 months, upfront £1,595.88 - £6700.75 @ LeaseLoco
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Made hot 29th AprMade hot 29th Apr
SKODA Octavia 1.5 TSI SE L 5dr DSG Petrol Auto - 3yr lease 10k miles - £151.32/month 35 months, upfront £1,595.88 - £6700.75 @ LeaseLoco£6,700.75LeaseLoco Deals
Looks like a good deal for a 3yr lease with 10k miles. Can lower the upfront cost for a few quid more per month. Note this is a pre-reg from 2020 and pre face lift model Initial … Read more

Why would someone want to have a DeLorean as a second car? They could drive it from time to time! (so they could get an expired hotukdeal)


Great jokes decade!


The 80s called. They want their jokes back XD


That getting the same from a 1.5 is a bit poor.


Not sure what your point is?...

24 mth Lease - Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI 110 SE L 5dr - £186pm + £99 admin = £4558 (5k miles pa) / £4926 (8k miles pa) @ (Zen Auto)
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Made hot 2nd AprMade hot 2nd Apr
24 mth Lease - Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI 110 SE L 5dr - £186pm + £99 admin = £4558 (5k miles pa) / £4926 (8k miles pa) @ (Zen Auto)£4,558£5,32414% Deals
Update 1
03/04 - Offer showing available again, price slightly increased to £4558 on a 1+23 deal 5k miles (£4503 if select 9+23)
2 year lease deal for Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI 110 SE L trim 5dr manual - works out at £189.91 net per month with 5k miles per year on a 1+23 deal (8k miles per year is £205.25 net … Read more

@cazsilver better to check directly at zenauto, lists the colours they have available and pricing, looks to be around £300 difference between solid energy blue and metallic hatchback pricing seems to have marginally gone up since last week


How much extra is it for the non standard colours does anyone know?


They told me 4-5 weeks but site says more


Yes i had £2,500 worth of warranty work on my Hyundai. All trivial stuff that didn't affect driving or safety and that sum was really the result of stratospheric parts prices. Funnily enough the car's settled down now that the warranty has expired.


Some interesting reading there, but it does read like someone cocked up at Tesla with a significant and foreseeable design flaw. The moral of that story seems to be "get a second opinion" as the units seem quite serviceable to people who know what they're doing rather than leaving it to the dealerships whose technicians only aeem to know how to replace units rather than fix them. Not seeing anything about ageing Nissan Leafs failing in the same way. Fingers crossed for all those current and future EV owners. I do think it's about time that UK and European consumers got the same kind of warranties enjoyed by the likes of USA/Canada/Australia for something as expensive as a car, but fear of failure out of warranty does seem to pay a significant part in driving the sales of new cars.