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[Xbox One] The Crew - £1.99 - CDKeys
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Daily deal. £1.89 with the Facebook code :) The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving MMO developed exclusively for next-gen consoles and high-end PCs that leverage new hardw… Read more
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I complained too but I'd feel more indignant if the price was higher. I know some people would not complain straight away over a £2 code and would eventually forget about it thinking "it's only £2"


It’s the principle of the matter to be fair, my own code (at £2.99 worked fine) but I’d be complaining either way if the code was invalid irrespective of the price.


Maybe they have a load of codes from last time it was on offer and some system/human error means they don't know if a code has been sold already. At 2 quid people aren't going to complain quite as much as if they paid £20.


Same. It all seemed a bit dodgy - especially, being told the code had already been used. I emailed (one-liner, simply asking for new code) and got a reply within an hour with replacement code.


This is the email i sent and their reply

[Xbox One] The Crew 2 - £19.99 - Go2Games
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Price drop on this from £22.99. Looks to be around a tenner cheaper than elsewhere :) The newest iteration in the revolutionary The Crew franchise, The Crew 2 captures t… Read more
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Yeah It will keep dropping especially as Forza Horizons 4 will be here in a Month.


Cool, nice one. I'll maybe wait till it gets a bit lower. Try and clear the mountainous backlog a bit...


Yes It's considerable. The first Crew wasn't great but they really pulled out all the stops for 2.


Sub £20 already who'd have thought it ;) MM


Ah I’ve been waiting for the price to drop, I’m a PS4 owner! Hopefully the PS4 version will go down soon

The Crew 2 Steelbook only £2.78 Prime (£2.99 delivery for non-Prime) @ Amazon
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Good price if you have the game already
Avatardeleted1738366Get dealGet deal

I wouldn't bank on it - I had a very hard time with the Destiny 2 and TES Online Morrowind SteelBooks from Amazon, which it took them three attempts to package adequately so that they didn't arrive full of scratches (and neither was sealed). Still, fingers crossed with this one...


XD XD 👏👏


Amazon themselves


Direct from Amazon or 3rd party seller?


Have had a few and they have been fine

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The Crew Xbox One £4.42 @ INSTANT GAMING
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving MMO that connects players online like never before. The Crew takes you and your friends on a wild ride across a massive, open-world recre… Read more
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Its just dropped to £2.99 on CD Keys, cheaper still with th FB code


I've not seen it this price for quite a while (y)

The Crew for Xbox One £2.99 from CDKeys
Refreshed 1st SepRefreshed 1st Sep
Multi region, works with UK Accounts.
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I bought this yesterday and the code wont redeem as said its already been used. CDkeys are being complete morons in helping or lack of! Referred me to Microsoft who tried and can't really tell where the code has been used but certainly not on my Xbox account.


It’s not bad, it’s just mediocre and they’re a lot of good games out there right now.... maybe not arcade racers though


Well worth a go at £2.99 I say.


Surely cant be that bad as you guys saying, 36 reviews and all give 5 out 5 ?



The Crew 2 Xbox One £22.99 @ GO2GAMES
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
The newest iteration in the revolutionary The Crew franchise, The Crew 2 captures the thrill of the American motorsports spirit in one of the most exhilarating open worlds ever cre… Read more
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I’ll pick this up for a tenner. Not long now I bet


Looks like issues if you have a problem,few one stars Ttrustpilot


Yeah, ordered a coupla games from them, delivery is 3-4 days so not bad. I can’t comment on customer service as I’ve not had any issues to speak of.


Anyone used this site before?


Absolutely love this game, bargain! (y)

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Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD/Solid State Drive with FREE The Crew 2 and ScanFX M.2 SSD Cooler £152.39 (+£4.79 c&c) @ Scan
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Not a bad price for the SSD itself, but it comes with a couple of freebies! (excited) It includes: Accelerate into the next generation of computing with the Samsung 970 EVO. Kn… Read more
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A month on and its dropped £16ish Though no free game included


Excellent price, I doubt the price of this will fall by more than £10 for the remainder of 2018.


Cheers, a 10% drop is still pretty big.


I exaggerated, I thought I read up to 25% lower by end of this year but these articles suggesting up to 10% by the end of this year and still continue to fall into next year.


Are you sure, can you link a couple articles?

The Crew 2 XBOX ONE/PS4 CHEAP DEAL - £34.99 @ GAME
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
On sale The Crew for both XBO + PS4. Relatively cheap for a sealed copy.

Not in my opinion


is this a good game


Got the deluxe version for the same price £34.99


Pretty sure the deluxe edition is the same price from game. Is the extra DLC worth the extra £5 or so?


Oh dear, its £30 and cheaper at other places.

The Crew 2 on Xbox one and ps4! £28.99 @ Argos
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Good price for a game that’s just came out recently! Rather odd is going down in price so quickly! Same price as amazon I know but if you want to play it today you don’t have to wa… Read more

You'll need psn just to play the game im assuming since its an online game


I believe so, you’ll need psn to access all the features I’m guessing! If I’m wrong please can somebody correct me haha


Is this an online only game ?


Still needs to come down way more for me to buy.


Yeah virtually no point in buying this at the current price point. Coolshop typically have the GOLD editions on the cheap a few months after launch. Case in point GR Wildlands, Watch Dogs 2 and For Honor dropped to around £20 for the GOLD editions so worth waiting a little while longer

The crew 2 Xbox one £30 in asda instore and online
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
The crew 2, £30 in asda. Cheapest price I found.
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£2.99 for p&p without Prime


Or £3.99 with Student account.


£7.99 for prime , you don't get the prime benefits without it . If it £28.99 for it without prime then that wasn't said (skeptical)


What’s the £7.99 for??? Amazon regardless of prime or not have always delivered on release day even if free delivery selected.


Don't have Amazon prime £28.99 + £7.99 = £36.98

The Crew 2 (PS4/XB1) £28.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Lowest price ive seen it so far and a kick in the teeth if you brought during the prime day deals... Credit to mixmixi - amazon are price matching argos.

If I would have just bought it and it dropped, I would have thought oh well. The fact it was advertised as a special on prime day then dropped, then after speaking to someone in India that says computer says no we cant refund £5 to someone that has paid for Prime (and made over 50 orders past few months) annoyed me. So back it went, plus I sent another Prime Day purchase back tor refund for good order. Would I like to repurchase it again on Amazon for the lower price? No, seeing as you are being awkward, I will buy it from my local Argos, via a TCB £2.50 bonus and 6x Nectar points via Ebay and get cashback too. Sloppy and annoying way of doing business and how to p1ss off customers. One more thing to be careful - when you click the returns click the right option ;)


If the product is the same - the barcode is too. I have bought various items from one shop only to see it cheaper elsewhere days/ weeks later, bought it again at the cheaper price taking one of the two back into the original store using the original receipt for a refund. It if makes money, it makes sense.


You have a point. I was trying to say i'd feel pretty cheated if i picked this up during the prime deals but failed at english :)


Played the beta driving ok, planes boring, boats boring but mix them all together sweet 😁 from the beta id give it a 5.0/10 but the final game could be better.


If the Hairy Bikers did video game reviews this is what I think they would sound like. Brilliant :)

The Crew 2 XB1 & PS4 £29.86 @SHOPTO
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Posted earlier about this being £29.99 at Sainsburys. Shopto have it on offer now as well £29.86 both Xbox One and PS4
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I had enough of this after playing the closed beta. Nothing stands out over other games, especially Forza Horizon. A dull mess of a game.


Yep. It's just so soulless, bland, lifeless, boring How did they mess up so bad and they had so much delays too and still not good. Maybe them focusing more on boat and plane riding aswell ruined it I don't know but car driving ain't great in this game I'd say buy this in a year or two after updates have released and it's cheaper too maybe they'll fix it somehow little bit


Apparently it's incredibly shallow, and from the sounds of it, it's barely worth £20.


For all the crap this game gets, I loved it. The variety is insane and although the AI sucks it still doesn’t detract much from the overall experience. Game was such a joy to play I even platinumed it. Way better game than the first.


Bet it's not as crap as the first one jezz worse than even need for speed

The Crew 2 XB1 & PS4 £29.99 @ Sainsbury's
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
I just finished this game and really enjoyed it, better than first one imo. Good price at £29.99
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It was deleted because it’s barely worth £10 :D


Now in store too - picked mine up from the store shelf this morning CJ


My comment got deleted? Simply said it was barely worth £20 (excited)


Good game and an easy platinum. Much more fun if there's 4 of you in a crew to do the missions together..


I don't think the graphics look that good - barely this gen.

The Crew 2 - Amazon Prime only Xbox and PS4 £33.99 Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Decent price for a decent game! Have to be a prime member to purchase
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I thought it was weird I couldn't see any Xbox game deals on the main prime page on Amazon - yet you can find prime day deals when searching for xbox games - why isn't the prime page that showcases deals showing everything....


Tempted but I think it's going to drop pretty fast. Quite liked the demo but couldn't shake the feeling it was a little bit boring.

Samsung 970 EVO V-NAND M.2 250GB SSD with The Crew 2 - £91.96 at Ebuyer
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Hey guys, Here's another good deal from ebuyer that is a m.2 drive with a free game. I've heard that ebuyer take a while to send the game but will eventually. Not a bad price imo.

This isn't the Pro version though and lots of people seem confused about SSDs in terms of the specs so more info is better.


i know the difference. i just did not mention it in the post as it is common knowledge that the 970 pro is NVMe.


There's M.2 SATA and M.2 NVMe ... NVMe is a faster bus and lots of motherboards share same PCIe bus for SATA whether or not in M.2 slot


Thought it was pretty obvious.


Maybe worth highlighting that it's NVMe?

The Crew 2 Steelbook - £4.99 Prime / £7.98 non Prime @ Amazon (GAME NOT INCLUDED)
Found 30th JunFound 30th Jun
Amazon Exclusive steelbook. Doesn’t include the game, but not a bad price for those who already have the game and just want the steelbook.
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Hot if you need it or want it otherwise vote how you like (popcorn)


people forgetting that HUKD is not about what you getting, it is all about getting the best price for anything. This is the cheapest for this product and therefore the best price you can find. HOT


Because it's the Crew 2. Give it a year and the game itself will cost less.


Vile language? Hahah calm down pal, the comment has been removed now since you reported it. You wet wipe.


Theres a hole to be filled (nerd) (nerd)

The Crew 2 PC £36.99 (£35.14 with code) - CDKeys
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Seems to be the cheapest price around for this. Goes down to £35.14 with the 5% facebook code plus don't forget possible 1% quidco and an extra £2.50 if you activate this offer fir… Read more
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- How is the map worse? I've seen people complaining that it's too similar, care to give examples? - it's an arcade racer, never advertised itself as anything else. - Haven't noticed the rubber banding much so far, maybe in the later events it gets more aggressive. Wouldn't mind that since the game is a bit easy at the moment


- Worse map than before - Still overly arcadey physics - Even worse rubber banding. hmmmmmmmmm


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .....


I'm loving the game so far, been playing it the past few days (got the gold edition) and it's everything I wanted it to be. I hated the first game but they've fixed all the problems and added a lot more content for the sequel (party)


Opencritic: 68 so not a total piece of (poo), but will only get when its free or uber cheap. WIth FH4 due out soon thats my open world driving itch filled for the next year.

GTX 1080Ti with free The Crew 2 £699.98 at Scan
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Saw this and thought this was a good price for a good varient of the 1080Ti. I love EVGA cards and this happens to be one of the cheapst 1080To cards at the moment (plus you get a … Read more

Different card model, the SC2 has more temp sensors and bases the asynchronous fan curve off of the GPU and VRM/memory/etc. temps. It also has some RGB lighting, fuck knows why like. Other than that, they're identical, but for certain people the extra sesnors are worth the extra 50 or so quid


Post it as a deal then please?


I could probably get a water cooled version for this price...


Did someone destroy a 1080Ti all of those years ago?


Yep it would get at least 10 million I reckon, do it. I'll give you a view.

Evga black edition 1080ti with the crew 2 £649.98 @ Scan
Refreshed 22nd JunRefreshed 22nd Jun
And should the 1180 come out within 90 days (looking unlikely now though) there is always the step up program
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I'd argue that a 1080 is overkill for 1080p gaming too tbh. I get what some of you guys are saying but I genuinely ran into no game that my 980ti could not play at 1440p with 60+ fps on high/ultra settings. Then again the 144Hz g-sync panel and 7700K @ 5.2GHz surely helped with that..


inno3d =/= evga evga >>> inno3d inno3d = colorful


If anyone knows the answer to this let us know and may as well message me tonight's lottery numbers whilst at it ;). Gtx1180 is rumoured which would lower prices but who knows?. A month ago I could have got an inno3D X2 1080ti for 630 delivered. I assumed it meant an avalanche of price drops. I was wrong. With the game included and the fact this one is a premium brand and with step up this is the 1st one comparable to that in over a month


even when the 1180 is released, it will still barely match the 1080ti performance if it's lucky I'm extrapolating from the pre-views on specs, but a lot can change between now and then Also 1180 is expected to have a high RRP (699+) This is the deal you're looking for.


Good price and wouldn't wait for the 1100 series cards either lol. Yeah my son is running a 1070 and he sticks to 1080p 144hz, i'm on a Strix 1080Ti OC and running a PG348Q ;)

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