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Half Board Hotel Theo. Aghios Georgios North, Corfu, Greece2 Adults 2 Kids £234pp B&B from Aberdeen luggage & transfers £936.20 @ Tui
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Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Great last minute deal for a family of four flying 23/08 for 7 night bed and breakfast at Hotel Theo a TUI small and friendly hotel in Corfu. £234 pp only £936 family of 4. Two twi… Read more

If you mean complained to the mod team, you are mistaken. The only comments I have made are in this thread.


I've added heat as it is a good price for flights in the summer holidays - although the price should really include the average cost of return flights to Aberdeen from other UK airports, and we need to factor that in


I found the driving (and locals in cars) a lot more pleasurable than those over here. At least you don't have idiots in BMW's cutting you up on the motorway every 5 mins!


I guess because you complained as I didn’t remove it


If anyone's interested, it's still £234 p.p. based on just 2 people in a twin room (B&B) with balcony (£468 total). Just had a quick look Heat, OP!

Bullseye BBQ Sauce ‘Smokey Bacon’ 10p at Poundstretcher Aberdeen
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th JunLocalLocal
B ullseye bbq Smokey bacon sauce Reduced to 10p instore @ poundstretcher Aberdeen
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The entire range is heavily discounted at Poundstretcher stores. Ideal for BBQ season, if it ever arrives!


Gots me some. Gonna live that dream.


It's a dream


Made by Heinz! Safe as houses!


This was 19p in my local Poundstretcher today with a June best before date.

Starburst Chewing Gum 100 pieces 50p price instore @ Asda Aberdeen
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th JunLocalLocal
Love this stuff! Full price £2, marked down in store at 75p, scanning at 50p! Annoyed I didn't pick up more than 2!! Ha!
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It was the beach but there are none left now. I was in again on Tuesday.


Was this the garthdee store


(zombie) (zombie) (zombie)


Ha ha ha, all those oh-so-healthy sweeteners...... (lol) (lol) (lol)


Thanks, yes sorry really poorly worded my comment!

Free macaroni being handed out from Tony Macaroni, Upperkirkgate, Aberdeen!
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th MayLocalLocal
They are passing out free tubs of macaroni to passers by!! Be quick!
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Palmolive vanilla pleasure shower cream 90p in store @Asda Aberdeen beach
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th AprLocalLocal
Palmolive vanilla pleasure shower cream 90p in store @Asda Aberdeen beach
£0.90£1.8050%Asda Deals
Love this stuff and the scent is divine! Would never pay £1.80 for it but 90p is excellent value. It doesn't seem to be on their website (unless I'm being daft) so I'm not sure … Read more
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These smell amazing. I have choc and mint one, gorgeous


Love the names, chocolate pleasure, vanilla passion (lol)




Sounds like something you might buy at Lovehoney...

FREE chicken/veg burritos currently being handed out by deliveroo @ Upperkirkgate/Schoolhill, Aberdeen
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th AprLocalLocal
FREE chicken/veg burritos currently being handed out by deliveroo @ Upperkirkgate/Schoolhill, Aberdeen
FREE£5.95Deliveroo Deals
Not sure how long they'll be there but they're handing out FREE burritos between the bin accord and St Nicholas centres to promote bar burrito in Union Square. Just had one. Not ba… Read more
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Nice to see some aberdonians here :)


Omg i missed it


It's not a free big Mac and fries


Aye... point is?

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Fairy liquid 1410 ml for £1.25 instore @ Asda Aberdeen
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st MarLocalLocal
Fairy liquid 1410 ml for £1.25 instore @ Asda Aberdeen
£1.25£358%Asda Deals
We got them from Aberdeen stores. Available in all stores in Aberdeen so many reductions across cleaning isle looks like big clear out nation wide
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Same in Asda Cardiff but the green ones all gone now


500 ml of Asda’s own brand washing up liquid 30p and 1 l of their own bleach 30p at The Jewel, Edinburgh along with the OP’s good deal.



Was also reduced in Dundee but shelf had already been cleared


I didn’t see these in my local so wander if eventually all the same products will be reduced

Aberdeen Angus 21 day aged rib eye steak and matured to 36 days instore at Aldi £4.49
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Refreshed 20th MarRefreshed 20th MarLocalLocal
Dry aged on the bone, aldi 21 day aged and 36 day matured...great price

Is it still on /available?


Garry, It's 227g or 8oz steak it works out to be £19.60 per kg for this prized breed and cut. A bargain I think. It sells out quickly when available.


Exactly not a deal this is always it price


NEVER think the price of steak is a good price if it is stated as the price per steak - it makes NO SENSE... You must work out the cost per weight - if it's £4.49 for 200g then that's about £25 per Kilo - EXPENSIVE or at best normal, however if you get a 500g steak then its about £12.50 - great price... It's a MARKETING CON if the weight is not part of the advert. Also - if prepacked then you'll likely get an estimated weight and by my experience your steak will not be bigger than the estimated weight - another MARKETING CON.. BUYER BEWARE.. I don't know the weight of the steak in this case but NO HEAT ADDED...



Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak - £3.50 Instore at Iceland (London)
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Posted 15th FebPosted 15th FebLocalLocal
Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak - £3.50 Instore at Iceland (London)
£3.50£413%Iceland Deals
It's actually meant to be £2.50 but think I have been overcharged so I just posted it with the higher price, reduced from £4 before, this was bought in Harlesden, London
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Just added the wrong picture didn't realise will have to get a mod to change or delete


The image shows a Wagyu Rump steak not Aberdeen Angus. Maybe you picked up the wrong one?:/

ASDA Extra Special Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak 30 Day Matured WAS £4.50 Price £3.79
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Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
ASDA Extra Special Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak 30 Day Matured WAS £4.50 Price £3.79
£3.79£4.5016%Asda Deals
Dry aged for 21 days on the bone and matured for a further 9 for succulence and flavour, sired by registered pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls

The 2.49, 21 day aged ones are just as good. We did a taste test and the cheaper one was better!


Salt it an hour or so before cooking and leave it to rest, it allows the salt to draw out the moisture and then be absorbed back in, I cook it for 2 mins on either side for a medium rare and then lest it rest for another 5 mins. You may want to cook it longer or less depending on how you prefer it and the thickness of the steak. Alternatively Google reverse sear method if you prefer even more control


I found best way is to put shoes on, lay them on the floor and jump on then for 5 minutes. This makes sure they are nice and tender . Hope this helps


Loads of tips on YouTube.


On a comparison scale are the Asda Extra Special products around the same quality as the Sainsburys Basics, or more like the Spot the Difference range?

Cadburys Heroes\Roses tubs reduced to £2 instore @ Morrisons (Aberdeen)
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Posted 15th FebPosted 15th FebLocalLocal
Cadburys Heroes\Roses tubs reduced to £2 instore @ Morrisons (Aberdeen)
Heroes and Roses tubs are reduced to £2 in Morrisons in Aberdeen. I think Quality Street might have been included too on another shelf. Not sure if it's the same elsewhere or just … Read more
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Yes they definitely would be perfectly edible just a bit hard (y)


Tbh, they'd prob be OK for a year!


These would be fine for at least 8 weeks after best before date. It's just a guide you could eat them easily up to a good few months after will just go a bit white and that's only the sugar crystallising.


Mine is dated end of march so 6 weeks. (our box is already almost finished though 🙈)


lucky Aberdeen (y)

3x Cillit Bang 750ml (£1.16 @ Costco Aberdeen)
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Posted 29th JanPosted 29th JanLocalLocal
3x Cillit Bang 750ml (£1.16 @ Costco Aberdeen)
Power Cleaner Limescale & Grime. Effective on... limescale, soapscum, rust, dirt, grime New formula & fresh scent Our ultimate cleaning solution Bang and the dirt is go… Read more

Where has he gone? Bang the dirt is gone!


Apparently it's gone....😋


The best hot sauce out there right now



My ears are ringing just by looking at him

30 Day Aberdeen Angus Ribeye Steak £4.49 @ Aldi
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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th JanLocalLocal
30 Day Aberdeen Angus Ribeye Steak £4.49 @ Aldi
Great Deal back again 100% British Beef

Yes. If you want to completely geek out like me, take it out of the packaging and place it on a rack (like a raised roasting rack over a baking tray in the fridge for a couple of days to dry further. Much easier to cut ;)


Effing love it (y)


aren't you meant to cook the peas (lol) (lol) (lol) unless you like crunchy texture


Tried one of these and would recommend. Quite a thick cut so easy to cook rare or medium rare. Just sear 3 mins each side and leave to rest for another 3 mins for medium rare. Serve with oven chips, frozen peas and half a fried tomato. Cheap night in!


Sounds good. Is it this one HERE? Can you cut 2" thick steaks from these?

Nike ACG ladies down jacket - Costco Aberdeen - £3.97
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Posted 19th JanPosted 19th JanLocalLocal
Nike ACG ladies down jacket - Costco Aberdeen - £3.97
Found this today at Costco Aberdeen. Bargain price, lots left. This odd red colour or black. Also had ladies Nike ACG ski pants and gents ski pants (xl or xxl only) also for £3.97.
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Had lots of them in Edinburgh last Tuesday


This is a bargain. ACG is not cheap due to its materials etc


Gutted there’s none I chester.


Lots of pairs of ski trousers. Only XS jackets left


Not sold out, still random sizes left. Just been there.

Mothercare Disposable Briefs 82p @ Aberdeen Mothercare
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Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Mothercare Disposable Briefs 82p @ Aberdeen Mothercare
Disposable briefs in various sizes reduced to £0.82 from £2.75.

These have now been marked down to 50p.


None in my local but the Tesco version are £1.50 so I’ve got some of those in prep for the fun of post labour!


They had these at mothercare at the shires in Warwick


There is plenty of size 18-20 on the shelf left, so grab a bargain!


Best thing i found for labour is tena pants with always pad on top for the first days:p :p even aldi does some cheap tena copys

Hozelock Pico Power Pressure Washer instore at B&Q Aberdeen for £53
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Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Hozelock Pico Power Pressure Washer instore at B&Q Aberdeen for £53
£53£6012%B&Q Deals
Stock in Aberdeen Model - hozelock.com/our-products/watering/cleaning/pressure-washers/pico-power/

I bought the one from Halford.... I think it is great value for money. Haven't used the patio cleaner yet but will try it at some point


Do not know if Halfords still has this, but if yes, it was £60 including the patio cleaner.

Pikmi Pop Mega Pack @ Tesco Extra Aberdeen £8.75
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Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018LocalLocal
Pikmi Pop Mega Pack @ Tesco Extra Aberdeen £8.75
This is by far the cheapest I’ve seen this. Last I saw Argos had it the cheapest, at £19.99. I bought it for my niece’s Christmas there for £24.99 a few weeks ago! Tesco Extra Aber… Read more

Loads in chichester £8.75


My daughter loves these. They still have their scent after nearly a year. Glad I got this on offer (y)


Only if you have a 6 year old daughter/niece who is really into these and wants them for Christmas..... like i said they are tat, which in <6 months will be in landfill


what is this? do I need it? (lol)


I bought this set for my niece. They really are cheap tat, but was pleased to be paying £8.75 tarher than £20+

Thursday or Friday night stay with 2 course meal & glass of prosecco each from £45 / £22.50pp - cheaper than stated prices @ Village Hotels
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Refreshed 28th Dec 2018Refreshed 28th Dec 2018
Thursday or Friday night stay with 2 course meal & glass of prosecco each from £45 / £22.50pp - cheaper than stated prices @ Village Hotels
Just had a look at booking a cheap room to go and see my Dad next weekend and saw this offer at Village Hotels. The advertised prices say from £59 but I found a few in the next few… Read more

It was cheaper for me to book a room at the sale price and add the evening meal on as it's half price when added to the room. Take a look at both to see what works best before you booking.


The menu at any Village Hotel is ridiculously small with little choice and options. Something to be aware of, particularly if fussy eater.


January only for the offer.. I’ve listed it as it’ll probably be popular


Great for Valentines night too....


Wow thought I had found a great offer, but even if the Motown tickets come up as half price, in Portsmouth, in March. They still cost thirty pounds for the two of us, not so bad I thought until I went to grab a room on the original offer and it's still £89.....for the night.... so night indoors with a takeaway and playing Motown songs for us it is x

Petrol 115.7p and Diesel 120.7p at Morrison’s (King Street, Aberdeen)
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Petrol 115.7p and Diesel 120.7p at Morrison’s (King Street, Aberdeen)
Unfortunately could not get a photo of prices due to a van overtaking my bus. 215 King Street Aberdeen AB24 5AH Scotland



If you read the OPs following statement further down he says he was on the bus :/


No he says “my bus” he could own it


No he clearly states that it was the bus he was on (annoyed)


Ahhh he says it’s his bus, he could be the driver!

Philips Oneblade 2520 £26 @ Asda Aberdeen beach
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Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Philips Oneblade 2520 £26 @ Asda Aberdeen beach
It's the 2520 model with 3 comb attachments and (I think) NiMH battery. The more expensive ones have Li-ion batteries and adjustable heads. According to the camels, it's a very goo… Read more
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https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/philips-oneblade-face-body-hybrid-trimmer-and-shaver-qp262025-very-33-3092652 Can also get the same model with the body attachments (retails for about £16 separately) for £33


If the code works out, yes you're better off with that.


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/philips-oneblade-qp253025-electric-trimmer-and-shaver-2453-at-philips-3123157 Isn't that one a better model for less?

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