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Offering a combination of high-intensity teamwork and gritty, realistic combat, Battlefield 5 is a historical first-person shooter like no other. Anyone who wants to take a trip back in time to the battlegrounds of World War Two can put on their camouflage, don their helmet and load their rifle in one of the games of the year. The hottest Battlefield 5 deals and offers can be found on the HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One) £30.99 / Fallout 76 (PS4) £12.99 / Spider-Man (PS4)​ £25.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Refreshed 2 h, 41 m agoRefreshed 2 h, 41 m ago
Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) £34.99 Fallout 76 (PS4) £14.50 Fallout 76 (PS4) - Good £12.99 Battlefield V (PS4) £24.99 Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PS4) £5.99 … Read more

Do you have a cross cut shredder? Just fire some cash into that, it'll be much more fun.


"constantly getting moaned at to put money in the camp kitty, when others put 4 bat wings in the kitty," (lol) So true.


Woah Boah easy with the spoilers


Same here. But I won't pay more than £10.


Saint's Row. For people who want a fun version of GTA/RDR Wish they'd release another one

Xbox One X 1TB Gold Rush Special Edition console inc Battlefield V Bundle £449.95 @ Game
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
DESCRIPTION: Buy the Xbox One X Battlefield V Gold Rush Special Edition Bundle and enter mankind’s greatest conflict: World War 2. Join the ranks with a full-game download of Bat… Read more
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All we have is that next gen will begin sometime in 2020


what spec, how much?


Terrible deal


end of 2020 so it's literally 2 years and could be 2021. Xbox one X is still a very impressive console.


2020 is what Microsoft stated for there next gen console.

[Xbox One] Battlefield V Deluxe Edition - £18.91 - CDKeys (3% discount)
Refreshed 19th JanRefreshed 19th Jan
Daily deal, down from it's £21.99 price :) [ Facebook code ] Includes: Five Sets of Paratrooper Outfits: Battlefield V Deluxe Edition lets you customize your soldie… Read more
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Looks pretty good in 4K tbf


Just bought my man. Heat added


It’s coming up as £21 for me even though they display it as £19


Going to wait until I get a One X late Feb I imagine it'll be even cheaper by then, whats it like in 4k?


The problem is the game is nowhere near finished. Campaign half finished, battle royale months away, Co op only just been implemented. The firing range wasn't even ready till last week! Menu's are painfully bland and cumbersome to navigate. Rushed and totally not ready for release but I suppose EA were pressuring the devs to release in this state

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Xbox One X Gold Rush Edition (Battlefield V Deluxe, Battlefield 1943, FIFA 19, 1 month EA Access) - £409.99 - Very
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Seems a great price. seen the bundle alone go for £430 on other sites but here you get FIFA 19 free as well, still worth around £30. £3.99 for next day shipping,
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I got this bundle 3 weeks ago for £372 from Very.


Yup prices gone up this morning,snooze and you lose! (poo)


It showing £499 ?


Got the white one from Very last week with RDR2,3mths live and 3mths game pass for same price.Ordered it with free collect+ and they sent by Royal Mail Next Day to a Post Office of my choosing.Its still available if anyones interested. Hot from me


Hot ;) and 12 months to pay :o What controllers some with this ! Oh and mind the 1% cashback on Quidco maxmix

Xbox One S 1TB Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Console 10 Games Bundle + Minecraft Battle Pass - £249.95 (add RDR2 for another £30) @ Shopto
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
That's a lot of gaming to get your started! Click deal link/button and create bundle. Free games below - Add each one to basket The Evil Within 2 Fallout 4 (Inc Fallout 3) Onru… Read more
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Thanks for this. Been looking around for a console only and hadn't stumbled on Simply Games. It's £179 now but still cheaper than anything else I've found.


Ah no I can't you are right there :)


yeah not a great deal personally, get a 1tb for £170 from simply games(unless its gone back up) wouldnt say these games are worth the extra £80 on top


The value is not really worth it TBH once you factor in how much you can get for the games. You are paying more than the console is worth because of the games included.


CEX value of all of those games work out around £65, but that includes BF5, so not actually a great deal IMO

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Nvidia RTX 2060 6Gb GDDR6, GTX 1070ti - 1080 performance £329 @ Nvidia With Free Anthem or Battlefield V Download Code
Refreshed 16th JanRefreshed 16th Jan
Definitely a heads up and not a deal but for those who don't know the card is coming then here it is. I know all the RTX cards have been overpriced and underperforming but this car… Read more
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Well I've had mine a few days now and I'm very happy with it. Performance at 1080p is more like how I was told the rx 580 8gb would perform. Freesync working. Not tried any RTX games and wouldn't be all that interested to be honest.


As an RTX card owner, I've noticed some interesting ray tracing things. 1) In the demos, they often flick RTX of and off at free will. This isn't available in the retail edition of the game, you have to restart. I wonder why this is? 2) In the BF V demos, with ray tracing on you see amazing reflections in the bodywork of vehicles etc. With RTX off, you get little to no reflection. Back on, shiny shiny. I also own Forza Horizon 4. It doesn't support ray tracing but looks amazing. It has shiny bodywork and you can see reflections of scenery etc in the cars. It's clear to me that Battlefield V has been made with no effort to make reflections look good with ray tracing off. You can do much better without ray tracing but they didn't do it. They appear to have dumbed it down to make ray tracing shine through.


It has potential but it's not going to be really used or be the standard for years. Nvidia pretty much sponsored implementation of it on things like battlefield v, there is little incentive to add it to games otherwise. Best time to do it though due to lack of competition and the lack of performance gain this generation. It needs consoles/AMD to support it for it to be the 'next best thing' ala HDR.


What resolution? RTX on?


Sure no problem at all constant 60 FPS for me with ryzen 6 2600x

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition - Xbox One - £19.99 @ CDKeys
Refreshed 11th JanRefreshed 11th Jan
Finally hit that price. First post so be kind. Get early access to Battlefield V with Battlefield V Deluxe Edition and experience how war will never be the same. With exceptional… Read more
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I had an email this morning saying there would be no more stock and they’d refund my £20 then it’s back in stock at £22 bit strange :/


Back in stock at £21.99


Out of Stock on CDKeys now.


£21.99 now.


You can't even get BFV on the PS4 on CDKeys, only a Deluxe Edition upgrade, odd.

Battlefield V (Xbox One) £33.99 @ Amazon
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Do you think this game price is good ?
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Out if interest , how did you spot troll account, ta :/






Troll account. Check out the profile. Mods should delete the account


Very cold when digital version is 21.99 at CD keys

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) £21.99 @ CDKeys
Refreshed 6th JanRefreshed 6th Jan
I'd keep an eye on the price - wouldn't be surprised if it's sub £20 soon... Battlefield V 5 Deluxe Edition Xbox One includes: Early Access to Battlefield™ V Base Game 2… Read more

It’s a game, not a charity that needs support. If you feel cast aside because they’ve put women into a game that’s your problem. Most people are happy with it, the only moaners are a small minority of old school BF fans, so yes maybe they can be left behind. Most other fans like me that have played them before are still happy with the game. I’ll refuse to leave a nasty comment at the end like you did though, it’s a game, not a way of life and not worth insulting people over. :)


I want it to come on PS4 for this price (annoyed)


Bosh! Dun and done.


Same here £19.99 ordered. Thanks op


nice just ordered at 19.99 got code almost instantly

Battlefield V 5 PS4 / XBO £27.95 delivered @ The Game Collection
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield™ Vas the series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Take on physical, all-out multiplayer wit… Read more
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Best deal yet! Wish it was that for the PS4 version then I may buy but I hear bad things about the game and players going back to BF1.


Or £20 via cdkeys.


Deffo. Feels like Battlefield 1942 on the ps3!


Definitely. It’s like they ran out of time and just thought, “that’ll do then” and released it. It’s not awful. But doesn’t feel like the next in the series.


Hopefully free on psn plus in 3 months

Xbox One S 1TB + Battlefield V + Tekken 7 + Project Cars 2 £199.99 at Currys PC World
Refreshed 7th JanRefreshed 7th Jan
1 TB hard drive & 8 GB GDDR3 memory Built-in WiFi Ultra HD with HDR 40% smaller console Pick your battle - this Microsoft Xbox One S, Battlefield V, Tekken 7 & Project Car… Read more
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Does any one want to give me there share code so we can both earn £5.00 making new zeek account?

If anyone uses quidco, I was notified earlier they are doing a £10 off when spend over £100 with currys at the mo. Has to go through them etc Nice little bonus off a good deal already


Think I'll plump for this one. Might get up to £50 selling those games on eBay, my bro gets 10% staff discount, 130 nicker for a 1TB XBO will do me...


Errr okay M8


Errr you make it sound so hard. M8, go on zeek shop they give you £20 If you spend £200 On gift cards. So buy £200 worth on Currys gift cards. The you will have £220 On your account. The code is on zeek shop front page. Show Currys your given gift card on your mobile. I bought mine on black Friday like this. I also posted it as a deal as back then it was cheaper

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) £23.79 @ CDKeys
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Battlefield V 5 Deluxe Edition Xbox One includes: Early Access to Battlefield™ V Base Game 20 Weekly Items with Airlift Five Sets of Paratrooper Gear Special Assi… Read more

The people who lost out the most are the diehards as they won't get anywhere near the content they use to get under the old dlc system.


Preorders and first month, charge through nose for the fans who will buy it not matter what. After that keep dropping price until they hit some quota. Seems pretty standard for this entire generation of consoles. Exception being anything Rockstar makes.


Yup compared to what the greedy shareholders were expecting


You just need to redeem the code CDKeys gives you on your console (or via the Xbox website) while logged into your/your partners account.


how do i download this, first time user, just got this for my partner? thanks

Battlefield V (Origin) £23.99 @ CDKeys
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Now even cheaper on PC. In Battlefield V's single-player mode you'll deploy in different sandbox-style map locations with a variety of vehicles and weapons at your disposal. Eac… Read more

Thanks for the tips guys


Get the Support MG 34 (2nd unlock) and use the bipod. Sit back from the main melee and pick the players off. (y)


It's much harder than previous games because of the removal of spotting. Slow down a bit, you have to be much more tactical a think more than previous BF games. It's the best since BF2 imo.


picked this up yesterday. so far so good, graphics looks great and gameplay is not bad but damn do i keep dying every second. can hardly get a kill in this game.


I saw a YouTube video on this. Developers would filter out and only let keyboard and mouse players play against keyboard and mouse players on consoles. It would be too unfare and imbalanced if they didn't do this.

Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Battlefield V players who login to the game between December 18, 2018 and January 3, 2019. A classic shotgun. An equally classic assault rifle. They’re both waiting for you. As… Read more

Much better than BF1, but I wish the menus weren't so poorly designed. Definitely have more fun playing with friends in a squad rather than solo.


Yeah flock to the new because it's new is problem your right..ask mobile phone users (y) (lol)


It means lots of ppl play the game regardless of the price...


Why does mean something, so are BF 3, 4 and 1..


And yet the servers are full...

Battlefield V Ps4 - Ebay - boss_deals - For £25.96 Using Code POWPOW10
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Battlefield V Ps4 - Ebay - boss_deals - For £25.96 Using Code POWPOW10

Crap Time to Die and Poor Enemy Visibility Mar the Multiplayer in this. Be warned it's a slow loader even on the PS4 Pro.


@IsmaeelAli , Heat for the price (y) Good find, if you would like to switch the start time to end time. ;)


Was very dubious about this one. I didn't like it at first but it's definitely grown on me now. My faves are bc2, bf3 & 4. Do think this is as good, if not better, than bf1. Definitely worth this price :)


Cringe.. (lol)


A proper dump game, looking forward to how bad their battle royal add on is next year heat for the price tho fam

Battlefield V 5 Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) £25.99 @ CDKeys
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Battlefield V 5 Deluxe Edition Xbox One includes: Early Access to Battlefield™ V Base Game 20 Weekly Items with Airlift Five Sets of Paratrooper Gear Special Assignments G… Read more

Yep it did, I got burned (mad) (mad)


Whats the edition that has the premium pass ?


Have you tried holding down the power button to do a hard reset? I had this issue on my launch Xbox one for Years until I did this. Also make sure you are not using a surge protected socket to plug into as Microsoft has said Xboxes could have issues with them (apparently they have built in surge protectors)


Iam great on bf1. But on this iam spending more time dead/spawning than actually playing alive. Getting slaughtered and the maps are just ‘meh’. I cant get into it at all, i will come back in a month or 2.


Not World War 2... Should have sold this as an alternative reality like Wolfenstein.

Xbox One S 1TB + Battlefield V + Battlefield 1 + Gears of War 4 + Player Unknowns Battlegrounds £169 @ Amazon France
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Great price for the S + 4 games. Use a fee free card for the cheapest price, else expect to pay £176.
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Shows 235 EUR?


There was an English email contact. Took some locating - I got there via Google


Did you message them in French or English... I'm in the same boat.


How does this work with warranty and returns, assume paying in £’s is better unless you have a no fee credit card.



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