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Half Price Sale - Starts Monday 26th Online & Tuesday 27th September Instore @ Debenhams
Found 21st Sep 2011Found 21st Sep 2011
Hi all just got a leaflet at my house that Debenhams is going to have a half price sale, starts Tuesday 27th September. Hope it helps someone

It is ooooooowwnnnnn


SHD1 works for free delivery :) just used it now


The Berghaus sale they had was really good though


Yes, don't be fooled by their "sale" prices


I've just had 75% off a Fogarty Duvet as it was half price, then 20% voucher and 5% quidco! bargain!

Flip Ultra - 2 hr Video Camera for £20 at Norwich Tesco, Blue Boar Lane
Found 18th Sep 2011Found 18th Sep 2011
Just visited Blue Boar Lane Norwich Tesco and they have an older model 2 hour Flip for £20. There were two on the shelf. Afraid I was not able to get a picture as they were on the… Read more
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Saw one of these tonight and yes it scanned at £20 on an instore scanner, but I left it there on the shelf - old model, not even HD, 640x480 is old hat these days - overpriced junk even at £20. Still not all bad I did get a handy snapshot camera, the Casio Exilim EX-Z37 for £15 - last one I'm afraid


I got one of these today in Tesco Newtownbreda - £20 - there was 1 left on the shelf.


last time i checked they were £40 and there was about 8 in New malden surrey


£20 for this - a total bargain! People voting cold - I challenge you, please show me where to buy this cheaper. Voted Hot!


YOUNGS Chip Shop 4xLarge Fish Fillets 500g @Sainsburys reduced to £0.99
Found 7th Sep 2011Found 7th Sep 2011
Couldn't find it on Sainsbury site so I suspect they are getting rid of old Stock, but at Norwich Longwater Sainsbury , they had these Fish fillets reduced to £0.99, I got the deta… Read more
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That was COD! Young's Chip Shop Large Cod Fillets 480g Save 99p was £3.99 now £3.00


Thats NOT what it said here, and I have the reciept here too, but I can't believe I need it for Fish Fillets :p we put them through first so that we could watch the till display to be certain :) It does actually say "Omega Fish Fillets" £0.99 on the receipt, but they were the ones pictured. I couldn't find them in our City centre store to coroborate a couple of days later, but they were indeed £3.96 original price.... I just figured I'd got it wrong , when the tesco site said £2.96... Sorry you couldn't get them at the same bargain price :(


just been to sainsburys and also had them scanned REDUCED 99p from £3.99 NOT 99p but £3


Dunno? left them in the freezer ;)


But what were the fish like? :D

Tevion USB Turntable £24.99 instore @ Aldi
Found 29th Aug 2011Found 29th Aug 2011
Tevion USB Turntable reduced to £24.99 in store. Plug into your computer and convert your vinyl to MP3. Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac (no version stated… Read more

Yeah, a friend bought one in the Norwich store last week. Not sure why this was expired.


aout 7 in the binley, coventry (opposite morrisons) store. Was in today 10/11/11and asked


I'm not commenting on the quality, as I didnt actually buy one. I've got a Project Debut II turntable, but did consider buying the Tevion purely for ripping my vinyl to my hard drive.


Much as I think this deal is hot for what it is, I hate these cheap record decks with a passion. Vinyl has the capacity to sound at least as good as CD, but on a cheap piece of plastic crap like this records sound like, well, cheap pieces of plastic crap. Does nothing for keeping the format alive when this is what is playing a lot of vinyl these days.


Massive stack of them in the Norwich (Dereham Rd) store.

I-CAN EASY HD Freeview box only £30.00 @ Tesco's instore
Found 18th Aug 2011Found 18th Aug 2011
I was in Tesco's picking up a couple of the £2.50 fresh chickens and came across this for £30.00 and thought that looks a good deal. I did notice that the free 1 month subs to sky … Read more
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Oi oi;


No delay between channel hopping the only delay is on the BBC Iplayer after pausing or fast forwarding/rewinding the sound takes about 1 sec to catch up.


anybody got one? how quick does it change channel, i hate it when channel hopping takes forever! so yea i mean from one picture to the next fully with sound. sub 1 second?


I set mine up today! connected it to my broadband network and BBC Iplayer works brill worth the £30 squid just for that.


At least two available in the Staines store

Head 3 piece luggage ****70% OFF****  was 119.99 now 35.99 @ Sainsburys INSTORE
Found 13th Aug 2011Found 13th Aug 2011
Picked up this 3 piece luggage set from sainsburys. this is 70% and it was originally priced at 119.99 now its 35.99. not sure whether its available online. They are very light. Lo… Read more

Just picked some up in the washington store. Canny price, but agree that will not have been on sale at 119.99.


£35.99 is a reasonable price for 3 bags/cases. Don't expect very good quality from these though. I doubt they have been sold for anything near £100+ though

original source shower gel half price at morrisons
Found 11th Aug 2011Found 11th Aug 2011
original source half price all inc xxx extra strong black mint its now cheaper than morrisons own brand

Cheaper at sainsburys now at 90p, went in there myself today so can confirm


none at letchworth... ;(( although they've it at boots for 1 quid... ;)))


I get Went in Morrisons today, there was about 6 different ones, I didn't like the smell of the xxx strong mint so got Eucalyptus and Lime Basil oil although I know I'm going to have to just buy it next time without smelling it first.


That's exactly why this is hot. :p


Just swap a few letters around..

12 Months Xbox Live Gold Subscription - £29.99 @ Sainsburys (Instore)
Found 23rd Jul 2011Found 23rd Jul 2011
Picked up a 12 month xbox live subscription for £29.99 instore at local Sainsburys (Norwich, Pound Lane). Sign said "special purchase while stocks last" - see picture in first pos… Read more

Bought from Preston. Happy to avoid giving MS a new CC number as you never know, MS and Live might be the next company to get customers' details hacked.


Thanks for that, was very annoying calling up all the time.


My local had sold out of this deal but they did have the Black Ops 12 months Gold subcription with a free T shirt for £34.99, so bought that instead.


My Xbox > Account > Hit the change button (see pic) > scroll to the bottom of the following screen and hit the NEXT button then following that you can turn it off.


Cheers OP, grabbed the last one on the shelf at norwich city centre branch earlier. Shall redeem it when gears 3 comes out :).

Princes beef paste 75g for 17p @ Sainsburys
Found 15th Jul 2011Found 15th Jul 2011
Could not find it online so must be instore only Ingredients Beef (70%), Water, Soya Protien Cocentrate, Beef Stock (Beef Extract, Flavouring, Water, Yeast Extract, Salt, Beef Fat… Read more
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NICE !!!!.............bought 10 it on my sandwiches.........:p


Pedigree chum Um Um does it work out cheaper then? link please


At a guess, try Pedigree, it comes in bigger cans and it'll be the same contents/flavour.


quite like it to be fair ... hot!


I wouldn't pay 17p to eat crap, cheaper or not.

Memory foam pillow instore only £6.95 @ Family Bargains store (part of the 99p stores group)
Found 11th Jul 2011Found 11th Jul 2011
Picked one of these up at the Norwich store No website for these shops at the moment so instore only Memory Foam Pillow Moulds to your body shape evenly distribute pressure Promot… Read more
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Thank you!


quote=squiff]OP - repeat after me: B-A-R-G-A-I-N-S[/quote] puh-takh is that correct


OP - repeat after me: B-A-R-G-A-I-N-S


Did you even read the post! "It says instore only no website for this store"


Link does not work.

Final Clearance Event - Up to 80% off  at Brantano (Instore Only)
Found 8th Jul 2011Found 8th Jul 2011
I just recieved this email: The fantastic Final Clearance Event is now on at Brantano with up to an amazing 80% Off at every one of our stores! These unbelievable savings are ava… Read more

if you go in and look around you will fin quite a few bargains. plus there is an extra 10% off if you have an nus card!


I hate these "upto whatever % off" deals, marking down a pair of shoe laces (or any such nonsense) to justify the offer is not a robust deal. Give some nice examples and then I could get interested.


I have Brantano over the road from me but never shop there because they are more expensive than anyone else that sells the same stuff

Robin Hood (2010) 2-Disc Edition Blu-Ray - £5 Brand New at Blockbuster (Instore)
Found 3rd Jul 2011Found 3rd Jul 2011
Instore price only. This is for a new item. (Pre-owned is £6). Saw this in Norwich today.

you'd prefer to buy it for a quid? if i wanted a crap in some paper and someone showed me the cheapest price then id be grateful. i dont need anyone else to give me their opinion on whether i should be willing to buy it. for the 99p i just saved i'll even post one to you out of gratitude for your wonderful post here.


At the end of the day wrapped crap is always gonna be wrapped crap. I thought robin hood was a decent film so voted hot cos its a good price. I've seen people on hukd championing some absolutely sh*te films, Robin hood doesnt come under that category. All you amateur film critics out there need to keep a lid on your own personal opinions and let people buy the film and draw their own conclusions.


so if somebody would be selling crap wraped in a gift paper for 1p - you would vote hot as it's pretty cheap for wrapped crap ?


If the products **** it's not a good deal, god awful film.


I'm confused. Why are people saying the film is crap then voting it hot?

Princes Mackerel Fillets all flavours 50p a tin @ Morrisons instore
Found 2nd Jul 2011Found 2nd Jul 2011
High in Omega 3 fish oils Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC Mackerel fillets. Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC Thank you for choosing seafood that has met the MSC's global standar… Read more
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Went into Bracknell today but 50p offer is finished. Shelf marked up at £1 per tin, but when I asked at checkout they said there was a 2 for £1.50 offer which works out at 75p per tin


There's something fishy about this deal.........


I like the curry flavoured ones added to a little steamed rice.


My favourite lunchtime snack. Eat a tin every day. Hot deal.


these are lovely on toast

i-Can Easy HD 2851T Freeview HD Set Top Box with BBC IPlayer £30 at Tesco
Found 30th Jun 2011Found 30th Jun 2011
This was a great deal at £42 but amazing at £30. Price was instore, showing latest reduction from £42 to £30. This STB has Freeview HD, iPlayer via Ethernet and a card slot for p… Read more

Sounds like a good idea, but haven't they pulled out of the UK market and hence the sell of stock from £80 to £30?!


Why dont we all lobby i-can to release a firmware to allow us to record, what do you guys think? Surely if they would like us to buy i-can products in the future then they can reassure us by providing continued support for their products. This box i think is adb's launch product for the uk market so continued support would win over a lot of satisfied customers willing to buy other products from them in the future!


Cheers OP, Picked up one at Beaumont Leys Tesco Extra (Leicester), there were a couple left (upstairs by LCD TVs). Shelf marked at £42, scanned at £30 :-)


Yep, did all that and have about 5mbps connection.


Picked one up today! Thanks :)

F&F Leather Belt only £1.25 (was £10) instore at Tesco
Found 29th Jun 2011Found 29th Jun 2011
Found at Diss store, super cheap for a real leather belt. one size, just cut to size with scissors!

Cheap if you can find one.


LMAO, no its not street talk, its a real place. whenever i drive through it i sing "Diss Town, is coming like ghost town" but thats just me.... (_;)


Sorry thought Diss was a typo or something! lol :D


yes, it did with me too, don't know why though, but who cares when its so cheap


Found at Diss store

The Alan Partridge Complete Box Set [6 DVD Boxset] £16.06* delivered @ Zavvi
Found 4th Jun 2010Found 4th Jun 2010
Alan Partridge is the C-list celebrity from hell: a sacked chat-show host determined to claw his way back to the heady heights of the B-list by any means necessary. Steve Coogan's … Read more
mod Get dealGet deal

I love Alan Partridge! It will never stop being funny!


people who don't buy this probably feed beefburgers to swans


Thanks Andy, just ordered


Couldn't resist it DAN...


This DVD has some excellent facilities, as did the Nazis.

Amazing Deal if you live in Norfolk. £50 vouchers at good restaurants for £16.50
Found 2nd Apr 2010Found 2nd Apr 2010
The EDP (local Norfolk paper) has been running an offer called Delicious Dining - Dine for Half Price. The original offer was that you could purchase £50 vouchers for £25 - but th… Read more
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Well, there are plenty of low life scumbags there so yeah, im sure you can get your daily fix there no problem.


but in Glasgow i can get my hands on all the skag i could possibly dream of. hows the skag in Norfolk?


If you like touring the biggest dumps of the UK , then i recommend a visit to Great Yarmouth.


Its suffolk-in good deal ! Voted hot.


Norfolk (and north Suffolk) is particularly isolated as far as road connections go, but it's a nice enough place. Lots of old country villages and lovely beaches. Norwich is a nice city, very medieval - think it has more pubs and churches per acre than any other? Lowestoft looks like a dying town but has miles of great unused sandy beaches .

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