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Galaxy S10 £45 a month with 25GB data + cashback of £216 - Vodafone Offer at Mobile Phones Direct
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Posted 27th Jun 2019Posted 27th Jun 2019
Galaxy S10 £45 a month with 25GB data + cashback of £216 - Vodafone Offer at Mobile Phones Direct£1,080Mobile Phones Direct Deals
Decent deal on Vodafone - £45 a month with 25GB data, cashback of £216 effectively reducing the rental to £36 a month and inclusive of either Sky Sports, Amazon Prime Video, Spotif… Read more

I would always prefer 50 pounds discount against 200 pounds cashback, or a thousand you can say.


You have to put total cost before cashback, as cashback isn't always guaranteed. Good deal for those with a good memory, unlike myself, who would miss the deadline to get the cashback (fierce)


Not sure why the total cost is listed as £1,080 and I am not sure how to edit. But total cost comes to £864. Throw in Spotify Premium for 2 years and that effectively saves you another £240 (I have a subscription with them so makes sense for me)


Hell no

Moto G7 Power 64GB unlocked on PAYG at Carphone Warehouse, £129.99 + £10 topup
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Posted 19th Jun 2019Posted 19th Jun 2019
Moto G7 Power 64GB unlocked on PAYG at Carphone Warehouse, £129.99 + £10 topup£139.99£15912% offCarphone Warehouse Deals
A pricedrop on CPW, £20 less than before, claim £5 cashback from TCB/QUIDCO

Expired - looks like they've had the sense to end this "promotion" before they have to accuse any other customers of trying to cheat the system.


Main problem is it's carphone wh*rehouse As others have said, the staff are a pack of crooks. Just walked in and tried to buy one and was refused because I mentioned I already had an EE SIM - claim they're not allowed to sell it pay as you go if you mention that as they lose money, so basically they told me to go away. Edit: to be fair it's not the staff in this instance, their Twitter account backed them up. It's company policy if they believe you'll just cast the SIM aside and put your own in. Still very poor IMO, I would most likely have ran 2 lines. Daft thing is, if you buy online and get it delivered it's no problem, no questions asked. And the brick and mortar stores wonder why they're dying out - they DESERVE to. I'll have absolutely no sympathy when the Dixons Store Groups or whatever they call themselves this week finally crash into administration and disappear from the high street.


My friend has one, he's a light user and first charged it after like a week, might have been 9 days Not "that bothered" about using it for payments. It's a nice thing to have, but for the money how hard is it to shove a card in a slot and type 4 numbers (or most of the time just present the card with no fingerprint required) Forgot about the lack of compass in these though. Dumb. That is an interesting choice as I have an s9 and am considering one of these myself, but more as a second phone for Pokémon go. Isn't it nowhere near the same league of hardware other than battery? Any idea if it has VoLTE? Makes a big difference in my area signal wise due to the 800mhz frequency access


Not that good...don't rate mine...no compass not that loud to be honest can hear cex calling...


Would John Lewis pricematch this (adding back cost of top up)?

Nokia 9 purview, 8GB EE Max, £30pm/24mths £720, 24M BT sport's inc, free wireless buds (£129), 6mths of Prime video & Apple music BuyMobiles
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Posted 30th Mar 2019Posted 30th Mar 2019
Nokia 9 purview, 8GB EE Max, £30pm/24mths £720, 24M BT sport's inc, free wireless buds (£129), 6mths of Prime video & Apple music BuyMobiles£720BuyMobiles Deals
The new Nokia 9 purview. £30 a month, no upfront cost 8GB data & unlimited calls with EE max ( fastest 4g) Free Nokia wireless earbuds worth £129. BT sport's subscription for… Read more

It can't be worse, give them a bit of time to iron out niggles with software, and reviewers too to get to know it better. I much doubt that fingerprint sensor is unusable, as it has been suggested. This phone can have serious strenghts that could be underestimated atm, let's see how time treats it


Gutted about this phone, thought the camera tech might be an upgrade of the pure view us windows phone diehards were so fond of :(


Think you seem to have confused the U in hotUkdeald with hotIkdeals. The best deals are what suit the general people. Obviously not in your case but it's horses for courses. It might not be a good deal for you but it seems to have been well received.


incentives that i won't use, i'd prefer the extra data and not get any extra monthly charges


So it doesn't have all the added benefits but you still think it's a better deal. Hmmm

Apple iPhone 7 32GB - 5GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts - EE £32.99pm - £791.76 @ Mobilephonesdirect
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Posted 14th Jul 2017Posted 14th Jul 2017
Apple iPhone 7 32GB - 5GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts - EE £32.99pm - £791.76 @ Mobilephonesdirect£791.76Mobile Phones Direct Deals
Apple iPhone 7 32GB - 5GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts - EE £32.99pm - £791.76 @ Mobilephonesdirect

please mention full price, not monthly price, in the price section!

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tmobile internet booster £5 @ EE
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Posted 17th May 2016Posted 17th May 2016
tmobile internet booster £5 @ EE£5EE Deals
is this still available? is this unlimited? good if it is. 30 days of internet on your phone  Text MONTHWEB2 to 441

its been £20 for longer than I can recall, long b4 4g came, does 7mbps mean its not hsdpa though giles(rdavies)? Ta


​Do you get peice hike every year on top?


if an old sim on a prior tariff (pre Feb 2011) make sure its not on what they considered then a FAIR(daily)usage of 40Mb


I used to use the PAYG 6monthweb for £20 a while back, originally it was limited to 500mb downloads and unlimted browsing, I think they upped it to 1gb downloads and unlimited browsing but video didn't count as browsing. Maybe they have changed it but I think it's still the case, its probably buried in the terms and conditions somewhere. It has been posted before: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/t-mobile-data-sim-3g-speed-6-months-unlimited-web-browsin-27-99-simdropshop-ebay-2273498


I took out a new T Mobile contract in February 2015, a few days before they dropped all new contracts in favour of EE. There unlimited data a works great for me, speed it limited to 5-7mbps, for unlimited plans. But still can watch YouTube in HD and no issues for browsing. I also tether, when away from home in hotels, even though the T&Cs says you can't, works great for me! I use about 12-15 GB of data a month and never had issues with them blocking or slowing me down. Really pleased as at time got LG G4 and the plan with unlimited data for £26 a month. No other plan could come close to it price wise, with a new phone at the time and that data.

FREE £5 EE Credit
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Posted 11th Apr 2016Posted 11th Apr 2016
FREE £5 EE CreditEE Deals
Should be pretty simple. Text the word FIVE to 2053 to get the deal. You should recieve a confirmation text saying " Thanks, we'll be in touch within 10 working days to let you kno… Read more
View Deal

I received the text yesterday that confirms that £5 free credit was added to my mobile.


I will let you know lol, Last time this happened I didnt get the text but it still worked!


It says that for everyone, whether they're actually going to get it or not. The only people to actually get it in the past are those who have received the original text from EE/T-Mobile/Orange. I hope I'm wrong, but I think you're unlikely to get the £5.


It says will be added in the next 10 days


I didn't receive the text, but they sent a confirmation text back saying they will let me know when they give the credit...