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Nokia 9 purview, 8GB EE Max, £30pm/24mths £720, 24M BT sport's inc, free wireless buds (£129), 6mths of Prime video & Apple music BuyMobiles
Made hot 30th MarMade hot 30th Mar
The new Nokia 9 purview. £30 a month, no upfront cost 8GB data & unlimited calls with EE max ( fastest 4g) Free Nokia wireless earbuds worth £129. BT sport's subscription for… Read more
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It can't be worse, give them a bit of time to iron out niggles with software, and reviewers too to get to know it better. I much doubt that fingerprint sensor is unusable, as it has been suggested. This phone can have serious strenghts that could be underestimated atm, let's see how time treats it


Gutted about this phone, thought the camera tech might be an upgrade of the pure view us windows phone diehards were so fond of :(


Think you seem to have confused the U in hotUkdeald with hotIkdeals. The best deals are what suit the general people. Obviously not in your case but it's horses for courses. It might not be a good deal for you but it seems to have been well received.


incentives that i won't use, i'd prefer the extra data and not get any extra monthly charges


So it doesn't have all the added benefits but you still think it's a better deal. Hmmm

Moto E 4G LTE 2nd gen 2015 BLACK upgrade - £39.99 Orange Tmobile Vodafone @ CPW
Made hot 3rd Oct 2015Made hot 3rd Oct 2015
Moto E 4G LTE 2nd gen 2015 BLACK upgrade - £39.99 Orange Tmobile Vodafone @ CPW
Available as an upgrade on Orange, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, also O2 for £49.99 at Carphone Warehouse 4.5" screen Rear 5 megapixel camera Android Lollipop 8GB on board storage Micro … Read more
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I understand this will be getting the marshmallow upgrade. Great price if you got one.


I type in my number when I proceed to checkout and the screen greys out (like an overlay to the website). Anyone having same problem?


Good deal


Anyone have a Vodafone, orange or t mobile they can lend me to get this?


unlock code?

T-Mobile Data Sim (3G Speed) - 6 Months Unlimited Web Browsin £27.99 @ simdropshop / ebay
Made hot 6th Sep 2015Made hot 6th Sep 2015
T-Mobile Data Sim (3G Speed) - 6 Months Unlimited Web Browsin £27.99 @ simdropshop / ebay
£27.99eBay Deals
This deal will either be hated or loved,depending on users internet habits and if people demand superfast internet... I purchased one of these about 6 weeks ago (for a more expens… Read more

they weren't, only available in some non franchise EE stores if were an existing customer & you needed a replacement (though they did occasionally appear on e*bay)


I wonder how even after 5 years of EE being formed, T-Mobile SIMs are still being manufactured let alone sold.


this ended yesterday :-(


Hi, I realise this is an old thread and somewhat outdated but it might be perfect for our needs. My father is on Virgin for his TV and home phone and fancies getting the internet to "look stuff up" - no streaming / downloading etc. Virgin want £20 a month extra for the privilege which i think is ridiculous We have bought him a tablet for Christmas. If he gets one of these sims can someone suggest a suitable dongle or mifi to put it in please.


I posted this deal months ago, and didn't realise it was still active! At the time of posting, I didn't realise you could simply get a T-Mobile PAYG SIM and just top up £20. I thought you had to buy one of these specific Data deals. This eBay deal never seems to expire!

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Huawei Ascend Y330 - £10 on PAYG upgrade (Virgin / Voda) @ Carphone Warehouse (£15 on O2 / T-Mobile)
Made hot 17th Jul 2015Made hot 17th Jul 2015
Huawei Ascend Y330 - £10 on PAYG upgrade (Virgin / Voda) @ Carphone Warehouse (£15 on O2 / T-Mobile)
Back on at this price again... An acceptable entry-level Android phone running Jelly Bean (4.3) Edit: Seems HUKD are breaking the link... copy & paste the following: http://ww… Read more

Anyone have it stuck on max brightness (can't turn it down) ?


Sorted now and I think I know why. The Y330 has electronic rather than physical detection of whether the earphone socket is in use. It's expecting the impedance to be low, but my car's AUX like most, has a very high one. Fixed by using the free Soundabout app from the Play store, selecting the Headphone (rather than Earphone) output for apps gives a decent line out level.


That is unusual... The port is quite stiff - are you sure it's pushed all the way in? (a headphone icon should appear in the top bar)


Tried using my new Y330 as an MP3 player today, plugged in the usual 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug aux audio cable. The sound stays playing from the phone! First time I've had this issue with any phone. Google doesn't seem to know about the problem. I'll try sending the sound via the cable to another car.


I went for the virgin one, did an online check to see if I qualified and weirdly I did. I make about 4 calls a year ;D but had ~£11 on the sim. Then I bunged a giffgaff sim in it.

Brand New LG L20 android KitKat 4.4.2  phone blue or pink Upgrade on T-mobile for only £0.99 @ Carphone Warehouse
Made hot 4th Jun 2015Made hot 4th Jun 2015
Brand New LG L20 android KitKat 4.4.2 phone blue or pink Upgrade on T-mobile for only £0.99 @ Carphone Warehouse
Brand New LG L20 blue or pink Upgrade on T-Mobile, Virgin, Vodaphone and Orange for only £0.99 @ Carphone. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. As usual, links to Carphone Wareho… Read more
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My number was accepted, order put through, but then they sent an email saying the number was not eligible. This, after the order going through, the number meeting all the conditions and it seemingly being fine. So, even if the order goes through, no guarantee.


Does anyone have a spare sim card that would work for an upgrade? Really want this but I'm on Three :(


UPDATE only pink in stock now


Thank you. The black is actually showing as in stock for me right now, it wasn't just a few minutes ago, in case anyone is after the black.


the older post includes the black version, this only includes the blue or pink so technically the older post is misleading as the black version is no longer available.

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200 FREE mins just text code to 150 EE and t mobile
LocalLocalMade hot 21st Mar 2015Made hot 21st Mar 2015
Text CHAT1 to 150 for 200 free minutes T mobile and ee customers only Happy chatting +++++++++++++++++++++ Just done it, 200 mins expires 4 April 2015 - splender PAYG only. -… Read more
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Who do u get others deals


any more deal for EE or Tmobile?


opps , this offer is finished... i dont know why its finish before expiry date 3 April...

Free £5 credit for T-Mobile customers (not the EE deal)
LocalLocalMade hot 10th Mar 2015Made hot 10th Mar 2015
Free £5 credit for T-Mobile customers (not the EE deal)
text BRILL TO 150 for free £5 credit for 7 days Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

this was from 4 months ago... maybe why


I have tried texting brill to 150 and its sayin not recognised can use add £5




off topic slightly, but how do I activate an EE Tmobile sim? I'm an existing customer, got a replacement sim which doesnt activate when put in to a (unlocked) phone. I have called them twice, left on hold for over 5 minutes whilst they "look in to it" then the call cuts off!!! Then they dont even ring me back!


When does this offer expire ??

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on PAYG Upgrade (Orange, T-Mob + Voda) £109.99 @ Carphone Warehouse
Made hot 15th Feb 2015Made hot 15th Feb 2015
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on PAYG Upgrade (Orange, T-Mob + Voda) £109.99 @ Carphone Warehouse
Similar to the O2 PAYG upgrade deal, but on other networks now, and a tenner cheaper. Best price I have seen for this phone, no time machine needed! Complete Disclosure: I didn't … Read more

Price now bumped up to £174.99....Oh well.


You'll be able to use a virgin sim if it is unlocked (assume it will be as mine was and CPW phones normally are.


T mobile and its not branded.


Which network did you select? And is the firmware branded to it?


Price has gone up to £114.99. Still tempted to take it at that, but I've a question (sorry for the newbie question, but I'm not up to speed on how this works.); I've got a Virgin Media package and I've been on a Virgin contract for the last 4 years, with my current one (£10 p/month tariff including the cost of the phone, a Galaxy Ace 2) is ending in about 2 weeks. I want to take up the £8 p/month sim only contract after that and get my own new phone (I suspect they won't automatically put me on the lower cost tariff it even though the old phone is paid off by then). Anyhow, can I use my Virgin pay monthly Sim in this phone assuming it does come unlocked? Virgin offer the same phone on the same £8 tariff, but want £17 p/month to cover the cost of the phone over 2 years, so I'd end up paying £216 for it overall. I understand this model uses a micro-sim so I would need to order a new card from Virgin for that (current one is mini) but if that's the only obstacle I would prefer to go with this option and flog the old one off on ebay (it's in mint condition with some extras so I could hopefully get about £50 for it).

T-Mobile pay as you go SIM including £5 credit for £0.99 @ EE-UK-SHOP Ebay
Made hot 1st Feb 2015Made hot 1st Feb 2015
T-Mobile pay as you go SIM including £5 credit for £0.99 @ EE-UK-SHOP Ebay
T-Mobile pay as you go SIM including £5 credit
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Can confirm that no registration required with this sim. If you want the talk & text plan (you also get 10mb of data with that and an initial 50mb 'get you started' data per sim), stick it in and start texting, calling or surfing. That will renew every week until the £5 runs out. If you want a different pack, turn off data before inserting sim. Then text 'Stop Pack' to 150. This will retain the full £5 credit for use in the varied ways being discussed. Doing this also means that you can spend all the £5 straight away rather than in renewals-per-week of £1. I just did this to use my £5 all for data.


good price


registration not needed put the sim in the phone dial 150 it says your balance £5 spend how you want.


I see a lot of negative feedback regarding the registration of the sim. Is the registration a must? Can you not use it without registering?


This was a complete RIP-OFF. Had to send text to get balance, that cost 14p. Called them to find out why sim apparently not registered my address (as tried to register online) - charged for that call too, and that was their fault. By the time you're set up there'll be no credit left on this SIM. useless. Cold

*PAY AS YOU GO* T-Mobile - 6 Months Internet - 1GB Per Month - £20.00 @ T-Mobile
Made hot 15th Jan 2015Made hot 15th Jan 2015
*PAY AS YOU GO* T-Mobile - 6 Months Internet - 1GB Per Month - £20.00 @ T-Mobile
Text 6MONTHWEB to 441 for 6 months internet access This Booster comes with a fair use policy of 1GB a month.
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Use this already great deal. 30days Internet for £5 also..... Txt Monthweb to 441


Does any one no when the 1gb runs out if u can still use teamviewer or if I have sim in a 3g router with an ip camera connected would I still beable to view camera image ir would that be counted as downliading


Honestly I don't know. I only buy the 6 month internet pack. I'd be surprised it you have any issues with that though.


Sure does. Sometimes VOIP works but I don't count on it anymore.


Try again later, I have had this several times just trying to add the £10 and £15 packs, it randomly won't work at times. I think it's a bit of a scam actually, as it's easy to forget it hasn't worked, and until you do get it registered it eats into your credit!

Nexus 6 on T-mobile from Tesco 29.99pm 500/ Mins unlimted texts and unlimited data
Made hot 12th Jan 2015Made hot 12th Jan 2015
Nexus 6 on T-mobile from Tesco 29.99pm 500/ Mins unlimted texts and unlimited data
Same as the current deal at Tesco phone shop for the Sony Z3 posted a while back. Not sure whether to go for the deal due to the poor reputation T-mobile has gathered. Although it… Read more

not according to the big reviewers it's not


Damn got excited, thinking this deal was back on!


I had to return my Nexus 6 after a few days of use as I couldn't get used to the size of it.. I'm probably going to get the Moto X 2014 version now instead..


Damn, no longer available.


Tesco also had 250 points when ordering the phone this was added at purchase, and also £30 Cash back via saint gobain rewards

Nokia Lumia 735 £129.99 on Orange/T-Mobile Upgrade. Blue actually in stock @ Carphone Warehouse
Made hot 5th Jan 2015Made hot 5th Jan 2015
Nokia Lumia 735 £129.99 on Orange/T-Mobile Upgrade. Blue actually in stock @ Carphone Warehouse
I used an old Orange number that I topped up in November. However, only now has their online system decided to approve for the upgrade price. This means you don't have to worry abo… Read more

a better deal than this now launched by EE . https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/unlocked-lumia-735-109-99-10-top-up-6-50-quidco-free-fitbit-flex-2159038


I am sure this has been asked a million times before, but is there anyway to get around the must have had a sim card for x months to get the upgrade price?


Very much so, the lady who served me did say that the Lumia 735 has been very popular and easy to see why as it has NFC, wireless charging, free offline music and maps along with Cortana all under £190 with £15 O2 credit in the case of today's purchase also getting the £80 Fitbit Flex for free now :-)


Annoying that they're out of stock in most places really, isn't it?!


Yes we required another one for a client and noticed that yesterday, called Carphone Warehouse on main number and they said that due to high demand they don't have them any more, then called number of local stores and was able to allocate a exclusive blue version another store had couple of other colours however sadly the offer was no longer available for it therefore paid higher price though still worth it as now there is another offer which you can get a Fitbit Flex worth 79.99 for free.

LG G3 £18.99 24 months contract T-Mobile - potentially £50.50 TCB ( £16.90 pm ) @ mobiles.co.uk
Made hot 20th Dec 2014Made hot 20th Dec 2014
LG G3 £18.99 24 months contract T-Mobile - potentially £50.50 TCB ( £16.90 pm ) @ mobiles.co.uk
Looks like good offer for LG G3 ( not S ) with 1 GB data : 100 min Unlimited text 1 GB data TCB tracked @ £50.50 within 20 min. ( £18.99 * 24 ) - £50.50 = £405.7 £405.7 / 24 = … Read more

There wasn't a charge last week.


Don't forget the £119.99 charge for the handset!


Don't forget the £119.99 charge for the handset!


£192 refurbished from O2 on the refresh deal.


Cashback is down to £28.35 now on tcb?

Galaxy Note 4 'A' grade locked to EE/orange/Tmobile/Virgin £399.99 @ Smartfonestore
Made hot 17th Dec 2014Made hot 17th Dec 2014
Galaxy Note 4 'A' grade locked to EE/orange/Tmobile/Virgin £399.99 @ Smartfonestore
First Post so be Gentle. Don't vote cold just because it's expensive item, let us know where you've seen a better deal for one of these. Cheapest I've seen these at , Showing as h… Read more

this how could I miss it?


IPhone 6plus or this


lol it was a joke, I meant no offence! I apologise to, Neo!! :)


Unlock code is now £13.95 on this link


Where did you purchase brand new for £400?...I really need this phone!! :-)

t mobile sim card with £5 top up included £1 @ poundland
Made hot 13th Dec 2014Made hot 13th Dec 2014
t mobile sim card with £5 top up included £1 @ poundland
Just spotted this sim for a pound in poundland Hope OP does not mind me adding this; saw about a dozen in Belfast Connswater store (just before closing Sunday 14th, about half an… Read more

I called my local poundland in edgware and they don't seem to do this deal! :( I need a 2nd sim for incoming texts. Any ideas folks?


put them in the phone dial 150 to see if the £5 is on then you can keep the credit as long as start using before 180 days not seen the ones without the yellow stickers.


Does the sim need to be activated before 31.12.14 to get the £5 free - this is what it says on the yellow sticker. If it is activated, what do you need to do to keep the credit and sim active? Has anyone bought the ones without yellow stickers on the front? Do they also have £5 included?


They've still got loads of these in my local Poundland. I keep buying 2 or 3 everytime i go in and texting a donation to charity :)


You're right! It's one of those things that's obvious as soon as someone says it. :D £1 spent as a Three topup buys 33m20s. Spending £1 to get £5 credit at EE buys 16m40s. And for texting, the difference is even more pronounced. £1 for 100 texts at Three; or £1 (for £5 credit) for 41 texts at EE. That said, someone could spend the £5 credit on talk & text packs, and for five weeks running have a weekly allowance of 25 minutes and 50 texts (total, 125 minutes and 250 texts). Even paying as you go, still a hot enough deal for people who can't use Three because of coverage or because they don't have a 3G phone.

EE 10GB of Double Speed 4G Data from £10pm + Free Tablet
LocalLocalMade hot 12th Dec 2014Made hot 12th Dec 2014
EE 10GB of Double Speed 4G Data from £10pm + Free Tablet
EE are having a Black Friday sale too and will be offering the Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7S on they're 4GEE extra plan with 10GB of double speed 4G data for £10pm. Also comes with free … Read more
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I had a battle with them on the phone yesterday, cut off twice first operator said he knew all about it and would sort it, second didnt have a clue ended up with the sales team who said its the £15 tarrif and i'll be discounted £5 every month. We'll see!


Also why is this expired? Still on this weekend.


No code mate. Just make sure the advisor processes it as an EE Extra £15 10GB plan and there will be £5 off every month on your bill. It is done like this as there is no £10 PM 10GB plan on the system.


No, if your sales advisor selects £10 pm it will be for 2GB and you face a battle, there is no 10GB £10 option on the system.


I can't see any mention of the £5 per month discount, the website only seems to mention the £15 per month package. Do I need a code or something please? Cheers.

T-Mobile Pay as you go SIM including £5 credit only 99p @ ebay sold by ee-uk-shop
Made hot 30th Nov 2014Made hot 30th Nov 2014
T-Mobile Pay as you go SIM including £5 credit only 99p @ ebay sold by ee-uk-shop
Good for just a back up sim also get a £4 profit in credit :), wondering if I can use the credit to buy apps on the Google Play store.. -------------------------------------------… Read more
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when i try and register on ee.co.uk i get Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. Please try again anyone else getting this EDIT: now I'm getting this: ADDRESS FAILURE The address you have entered does not match the address we have on record for this phone. Please check you entered your details correctly. If your address has changed since you previously registered your phone, please call our team on 150* from your T-Mobile phone or 0845 412 5000 from a landline to have your details updated.


This worked for me I got two sim cards in the end :) I asked the woman on the phone when I was transferring the credit. how long will it be until they terminate the number through inactivity she said you have to make a chargeable text or call at least every 30days and top up by at least £1 at least 180days after activation. ( http://kenstechtips.com/index.php/payg-inactivity-account-termination-and-credit-expiry) I always thought that you had to make a chargeable call or text at least once every 180days to keep it active. Not sure if she was just saying this so I'd spend more money? Could anyone shed any light on this?


Credit is preloaded.


Is the credit preloaded onto the sim or does it come as a voucher? anybody ordered and tested it on psn credit yet?


I just took out an EE PAYG to transfer my number across & requested my PAC code 2 days later. Took 2 mins over the phone & EE texted it to me within a few hours

T-Mobile pay as you go SIM including £5 credit Only 99p Delivered @ eBaY ee-uk-shop
Made hot 15th Nov 2014Made hot 15th Nov 2014
T-Mobile pay as you go SIM including £5 credit Only 99p Delivered @ eBaY ee-uk-shop
Got a smartphone or BlackBerry on T-Mobile pay as you go? Get the minutes, texts and data you need in one awesome value pack. Buy a Smart Pack and start enjoying the whopping allow… Read more

My SIM finally arrived today and I finally clarified how to switch from T-Mobile to Ee. First of all, get hold of an Ee SIM (free here). Once you have it, call the number I gave above (0800 956 6000), select the option to join Ee as a PAYG customer. (option 2 then option 1 - ignore what it says about purchasing a phone, it is the correct option). Explain to the advisor you wish to transfer your PAYG account from T-Mobile to Ee. You will be put through to customer services but make sure they remove any pack on the new Ee SIM before transferring the account over. I confirmed will I get the free 100MB of data every month and was told this would be the case.


thanks op got the sim cards both had the £5 credit on each sim card.


Apparently this says you should call 0800 956 6000 to transfer your SIM and credit over - no idea if it works though. Am interested to know too, as my SIM is due to arrive in the next couple of days too.


message them on eBay.i am waiting for 2 myself.the company who is suppying the sim cards is called chitter chatter.


I received sim with zero balance. what I have to do any idea?

Cheap iPad data  - 1gb a month for 6 months with EE (£2.67 a month) (start with buying a £0.99 T-Mobile sim preloaded with £5 from Ebay / ee-uk-shop)
Made hot 17th Oct 2014Made hot 17th Oct 2014
Cheap iPad data - 1gb a month for 6 months with EE (£2.67 a month) (start with buying a £0.99 T-Mobile sim preloaded with £5 from Ebay / ee-uk-shop)
Get 1gb of data each month for 6 months at a cost of £2.67 a month. Instructions: 1) Buy the sim from the link above (link in first post for nano sim) 2) Top up £15 via phone/ o… Read more

Best tablet I've owned so far. incredible battery life, screen and speakers


Brilliant thanks, interestingly you get a free 100mb data per month free till end of year at the moment. Not much but hey it's free!


you can't, just put it in a phone and send the text.


Sorry for the silly question but how do you text MONTHWEB via an ipad, I keep getting 'not delivered'


i meant wonder why you guys never share the deal earlier....

Nokia 106 for £14.99 (T-Mobile) or £19.99 (EE) including £10 top-up @ Argos
Made hot 19th Sep 2014Made hot 19th Sep 2014
Nokia 106 for £14.99 (T-Mobile) or £19.99 (EE) including £10 top-up @ Argos
**This Thread Has Been Un-Spammed multiple times, please do not member spam it, thanks - Holly1985 [Mod] ** Phone is now £4.99 (T-Mobile) or £9.99 (EE). Deal Price includes £10 to… Read more

Question is, are these 106's easy to unlock?


it was that to start with, you just have to buy the £10 top up too so £15


joke site


£5 now, change it please


Thats cool, I need phone for £5 thats it L:)

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