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[Round the World trip] Visit Berlin / Singapore / Perth / Bali / Beijing / Los Angeles (September departure) £796 @ Various via Skyscanner
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
So after inadvertedly creating a communist trip last time, I have included a few more exotic locations this time. !Wonderful option for a round the world tour here. Hand luggage on… Read more
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Anyone wants to go with me together? 8)


this is great work


Owned by singapore airlines though (lol)


Singapore looks nice however I don't trust Scoot they get 5/10 from lots of reviews. Looks like a complete barebones airline who can cancel flights without even telling you.


Might be useful for someone to look !!

Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Moscow / Beijing / Los Angeles / London LGW) £540 @ Various Airlines
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Great price for an around the world trip. Hand luggage only. You may be able to alter the dates slightly compared to the example given below, but this may add to the overall cost. … Read more
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Round the world? Are they not aware that there is a southern hemisphere?


Add the cost of visas as well


If only these countries had washing machines. A boy can dream...


Flying round the world in budget airlines. Oh what fun!


btw it all sounds a lot of fun (y)

Return flight to Seoul (South Korea) departing London Gatwick (May & November departures) £339 @ GotoGate (China Eastern)
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Excellent price for an return flight to South Korea. Hand luggage only. The flights involve one stop in each direction at Shanghai. Most flights have a layover time of approximatel… Read more
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Price seems good, but China Eastern? Lol no thanks


You have a link for the 8th April? the best I can get is £1,991.38 pp rubbish deal that doesn't exist


David soul 😁


Cheers, I will add this :)


Wonder if BLACKPINK will be in concert in November.

Air China Easter Sale. London to Auckland Business Class + others
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Sale period is the Easter weekend. I have no idea what Air China are like but some of the offers in their easter sale look quite reasonable for dates up to March 2020. Tokyo, Jakar… Read more

Hmm, it does appear I have the names crossed. Not sure you are correct on safety though, although the current safety ratings for all of them are 7 stars, but it was the Chinese government owned one that was suffering a lot of crashes due to poor maintenance. I looked it all up before I started flying out there around 11-12 years ago I have flown the Mainland China one in recent years, and the aircraft were older and looked more worn than the other big carriers; my last visit had us on several China Southern flights - which were on modern, Chinese built and part Chinese designed aircraft which were much nicer than the ancient 727/737s others were using on previous trips, and with TONNES of legroom (I am 2m and had 3-4" gap between my knees and the back of the next seat, in a middle of the section row. Yes, I forget which one, but one of them was on a 727; it was so old, I swear the evac data sheet was in Atic Greek.


The one with worst safety record is China Airlines (the one in Taiwan) , not Air China (the one in Mainland China)......


I have flown on 4 Air China flights and honestly say excellent on a par with Air New Zealand and far better than Thai Air and Beijing Airport is fantastic and if you have a few hrs layover plenty of excursions


Air China is allright. I flew to Kualampur a month ago. It is a normal airline....


Wow! Amazing tips!’ That’s why I love Hot UK Deals but love the people here much more!!!! Thanks !!!!:)

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Return flight to Auckland (New Zealand) £388 (October or November departures departing LGW or LHR) @ GotoGate (China Eastern)
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Sub £500 is a good price for a flight to New Zealand, but to get sub £400 is rare and is not to be sniffed at! Use the Skyscanner Matrix to find cheap dates and then book via Go… Read more
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I'm not ignoring any of those people, in fact I campaign vigorously in support of them. You? I'm just interested as to how your comments - and some of mine - got deleted, perhaps you could educate me? I didn't realise that could be done on this site. I'm certainly not melting like a snowflake ( another pathetic cliche applied by the unthinking to anyone displaying a bit of decency or concern for others ) or any other heat sensitive substance - chocolate ? - therefore your words don't hurt me at all, and I'm not in a bubble, in fact I'm very interested in other peoples opinions, including yours.


Delete my own comments? Yes ok, you tell yourself what you want to hear in your little bubble. I understand. My words hurt you and you melt like a snowflake whilst ignoring the dead Iraqis, Afghanis, Syrians, Lybians. But it’s ok, this Politician put a hat on so now everything is ok.


I see that you've also managed to delete my response to your " virtue signalling " outburst somehow. I didn't know that could be done, but it's a bit cowardly though if it was you.


When the "opposition?" chooses to self-silence rather than engage in debate, to the extent of deleting their own arguments, it would hardly be defined as " fascism " by any reasonable person methinks.


Silence the opposition and stick your head in sand. Fascism is back.

Return flight to Sydney £427 (May & June departures / departing London Heathrow) @ Skyscanner (Air China)
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Good price for a return flight to Sydney. Involves one stop in each direction at Chengdu. Example date 2nd - 13th May, lots of other date variations are also possible. Some early J… Read more
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Chinese airlines drop their prices and control all the market in East Asia. Flew with them a few months ago. Cheap but nasty! Also, transiting through Beijing airport and going through their invasive security was the last thing you need having flown for 9 hrs with no sleep. Next time I'd think carefully about using them for the sake of saving a few quid.


I'm going in 3 weeks. Prices were around £490 when I looked with Air China, ended up paying £620 with Cathay Pacific with a 2 day stop over in Hong Kong instead.


It's a personal opinion.


I'm not disputing that more that you chose to hold Singapore up as the pinnacle of the airline industry.


Flew to Auckland from Heathrow with Air China last December. No problems. The service was more basic than more expensive airlines but the planes are fine and they get you there safely. For £395 it was a great deal.

Formula 1 GP will be broadcast live on Sky One - CHINA  13/04 and 14/04
Refreshed 4th AprRefreshed 4th Apr
Qualifying and the race for the next Formula 1 GP will be broadcast live on Sky One, as well as Sky Sports F1. 13/04 and 14/04 Qualifying and Race (Sky One)

Saturday: 6am: Chinese GP Qualifying Build-up (simulcast on Sky One and Sky Sports Main Event) 7am: Chinese GP Qualifying LIVE! (simulcast on Sky One and Sky Sports Main Event) 8.30am: The F1 Show LIVE! (simulcast on Sky One and Sky Sports Main Event) Sunday, April 14 5.30am: Chinese GP Pit Lane LIVE! (simulcast on Sky One and Sky Sports Main Event) 6.30am: Chinese GP On The Grid LIVE! (simulcast on Sky One and Sky Sports Main Event) 7.10am: THE CHINESE GRAND PRIX LIVE! (simulcast on Sky One and Sky Sports Main Event) 9am: Chinese GP Paddock LIVE! (simulcast on Sky One) 10am: Chinese GP: The Notebook LIVE! 10.30am: Chinese GP full race replay (simulcast on Sky One and Sky Sports Main Event)


I take it you didn't watch the Bahrain race then


Agree. From what I read the new owners of F1 are less than happy with the sky deal and it's viewing figures


A common sense post if ever I read one, thank you


I gave up sky when the only way to watch UHD was to use their crappy red button, I prefer to have that as something I can record so I binned them, I prefer Martin Brundle but not at that price. Happy to just not bother with it at all these days. Anytime its shown on terrestrial (or Sky One) for free then I'll watch, if not, I'll pass on it.

June 2019 London to Shanghai AND Bali for £390 with Skyscanner
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
As per title... London to Shanghai to Bali and back from £390 in June 2019. Link provides itinerary. You can play about with the dates a little too.
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Thanks for the heads up !


No it's the wet season until mid-March/early April. I just got back from Bali last weekend after spending 2 weeks there. It was mostly dry but had a couple of days of rain and a thunderstorm or two.


That is surely a positive and an end to American hegemony over global affairs...


Is January good time to visit Bali???


I just Googled Jacks flight club - I wasn't aware of this, a friend of mine told me about these flights asked me to book it with them. If there is credit to be given to Jacks flight club (and it seems there is by the sounds of the comments) then I will do.

Direct return flight to Shanghai  (May departures / Departing London Heathrow) £337 @ TravelUp (British Airways)
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Price drop on return flights to Shanghai with British Airways. Only hand baggage is included. Example dates (Credit Holiday Pirates) - more dates will be available! 10th - 22nd Ma… Read more
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Always book directly with the airlines. Never use dodgy online travel agents. Google this company and read the horror stories. Look them up on TripAdvisor and read the very large number of complaints.


Direct flights = visa.


Heard its not a pleasant place to visit, I stil want to go, prices like this help :D

Direct return flight to Shanghai (departing London Heathrow) £362 (March departures) @ NetFlights (British Airways or Virgin Atlantic)
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
I posted a flight deal to Shanghai for £345 recently, but this was with China Eastern Airlines, now cheap fares are also available with BA and Virgin Atlantic for just £15 - £20 mo… Read more
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Is this a joke? This is probably the most common and well known scam in China and you will definitely find it mentioned in every guide book and on TripAdvisor. .


Maybe I've still got the bearing having been one.


I like the idea you work with the police hahaha


Like any seasoned traveler I did countless hours on research, hotel review aren't very accurate as I found out. Do you always get what you expect from a hotel you book? No, thought not. I didn't know the place and I didn't know where to buy a sim card from or what number to call for an Uber - not sure if they had Uber then, it was a fair few years ago. I've never used Uber before so why do you assume I know the in and outs of booking one in a foreign country? I shouldn't have to, taxi's should be reliable and safe and honest. The tourist trap was a couple pretending to be local tourists and asking me to take a picture of them and then talking to me and getting me to come with them to a 'local tea house' - it was a set up and I got charged way more for Jasmine tea and the experience of learning about different teas than I should have been, it was very nice tea though. This isn't in Trip advisor... I spent a fair amount of time, as I always do, trying to learn enough of the local language to get by, I'm not English so I don't expect to talk slowly and then expect people will understand. Chinese isn't the easiest language to learn.


Accommodation - there are really amazing hotels, like any big city. And lots of hotels to choose from. You just picked badly. Getting ripped off by taxi - there's local versions of Uber (didi). No ripoff. Getting ripped off by tourist trap - I presume you mean attractions and food? There's TripAdvisor to avoid tourist traps and know how much to pay... Difficult to communicate - yeah, you're going to a foreign country. People will speak a different language. Again, shouldn't come as a surprise. Don't go to China if you want everyone to speak English.

Return flights to Bali from Heathrow in May £368 - China Southern (Google Flights)
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Good price for May departure to Bali. China Southern has decent reviews on SkyTrax. For March departures see the other post here with Singapore Airlines.
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You see why i put a question mark at the end didn't you :/




It's a tacky dump full of drunks ?


deal expired, 432 now


Fuengirola for Ozzie’, which means?

[Direct] Return Flight from London Gatwick to Shanghai £341 - £346 [March, May & June Departures] @ Skyscanner (China Eastern Airlines)
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
[Direct] Return Flight from London Gatwick to Shanghai £341 - £346 [March, May & June Departures] @ Skyscanner (China Eastern Airlines)
£341£54037%Skyscanner Deals
A great price for a direct return flight to China with there being lots of availability throughout March, May and June. Please note that April is not included and that some departu… Read more
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Good find! I've fly with them a few times. The plane and entertainment and food is ok, certainly for almost half the price of Virgin or BA. The only one time they messed up was their system did not factor in BST time and force us to reschesule the flight, believing we will not be able to catch.the connection flight!




Fair comment. I am just posting the cheapest prices, at the end of the day it is up to the user to decide whether they wish to fly with that particular airline or not :)


Oh and on the flight back we left late but that was only because we were going to arrive too early and would not have had a slot to land. Left 45 mins late but still landed 10 mins early


I have only used them once and yes it was because they were cheap. But.... The plane was new and had very good in flight entertainment that worked. The service was only beaten by what i received by Cathay and the food wasnt bad at all. I travel a lot but have to do it on a budget and as i cant afford the top end then these guys are no worse than any others. In my experience of course....

London Heathrow to Hong Kong Round Trip Flights w/ Lufthansa (1 stop) - £377 in April via Skyscanner
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
London Heathrow to Hong Kong Round Trip Flights w/ Lufthansa (1 stop) - £377 in April via Skyscanner
31/3 - 7/4 dates found - haven't had time to look up any more dates 23Kg luggage and meals included

Good price with decent airline (cathay & BA now almost as bad as air china). Hongkong has got cheaper and cheaper to fly to. Just back from a CNY trip direct with virgin; <£450pp with luggage.


Best place I went when traveling round the world. V nice people


I second that. It is a peace of mind.


Always book directly with the airlines themselves and not through a third party.


I'm not clicking it

Return Flights to Auckland from London Heathrow £457 (May Departures) @ Skyscanner (China Eastern)
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
Return Flights to Auckland from London Heathrow £457 (May Departures) @ Skyscanner (China Eastern)
£457£4897%Skyscanner Deals
Excellent price for return flights to New Zealand :) Although there is a 16 hour layover in Shanghai you can get a 72 hour free visa . Example dates: 19th May – 5th Jun 21st M… Read more
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Make sure you never have 2 stopovers in China unless your total transit period is <24 hours, as free 72 or 144 hour visa do not apply if you do. You’d simply be denied boarding unless you have applied and been granted a Chinese visa in your home country. I’ve just done London to Ho Chi Minh City vis Guangzhou in China on China Southern Airlines. The whole transfer in China was a piece of cake.


Better to use the FREE, 144 hours China Transit Visa in Shanghai as their is nothing you need to do prior to arriving in Shangai; it is Free and it applies in this case as you are not returning directly to your initial point of Departure (LHR). Similarly on your Return, Must be a Citizen of one of these countries : Albania, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Return Flights to Bangkok from London Heathrow £267 - £280 (March Departures) @ Skyscanner (Air China / Shenzhen Airlines)
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Return Flights to Bangkok from London Heathrow £267 - £280 (March Departures) @ Skyscanner (Air China / Shenzhen Airlines)
Excellent price for a return flight to Bangkok. Lots of availability throughout March, although the prices do vary a little (by a couple of pounds) depending on the dates chosen. T… Read more
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Thanks, similar to Etihad and changing at Abu Dhabi. We got off and went through security and then went through security again at the gate. What I found idiotic was anyone flying to the UK had to have their hands swabbed and their electronic equipment checked. Anyone else going through the gate who wasn't flying to the UK didn't get swabbed or their electronic stuff checked. So anyone clever would just get it back off their mate who wasn't going to the UK at the other side of the gate.


We never ever book air China. Our Tour operator gets us a good.connecting flight to save money and then always recommends a great hotel in BKK (or Samui/Phuket) so it's packaged and reduces cost. He always says Air China have the worst schedule.changes. pay a bit extra and get a good airline. Speak to the lads at Pan Express Travel and you won't go wrong. They told me for 8 hour connections Air China are supposes to.give you a hotel room.but it hardly ever happens due to "availability" at the


Normally you go through thorough security on the UK on your way out and that's that. With connecting flights in China you have to go through the rigmarole of getting off your flight part way through, go through all that security again. In both occasions I found they herded us along, were rude and overly zealous in their searches as we got our connecting flight. My partner and I only took solace that had we gone direct we would have paid a few hundred pounds more.


Can you elaborate on the security staff please?


I've flown three times in October With Qatar. All flights I've had under £330 but this year I'm struggling to get anything under £460.

Return Flights to Sydney £394 (March departures) @ Skyscanner (Air China)
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Return Flights to Sydney £394 (March departures) @ Skyscanner (Air China)
Awesome price for return flights to Sydney. March departures and the flight involves one stop in each direction. Example dates: 19th Mar – 8th Apr 26th Mar – 8th Apr
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Jacks Fly club steals from secret flying, fly4free who steal from flyertalk forums. Jack just monopolized it well.


..and that's just getting to Gatwick.


Nope, the first rule of flight club...


May be he's Jack from Jack's flight club !.


We've just got back from 3.5 weeks in Philippines with flights with Air China. Similar deal that routes were longer, layovers much longer but got free Airport lounge, but price was a third of what we would have paid. I declared several times that I would never travel with them again - odd customer service, rubbish entertainment, difficult to resolve any issues.... But in reality I would book these flights in a beat if we had the annual leave left! When it comes down to it, I just prefer to spend the money on accommodation and activities. How we got there and back is way less important, especially for longer trips

Assassins Creed Chronicles China (Free) @ Ubisoft Store
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Assassins Creed Chronicles China (Free) @ Ubisoft Store
To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Ubisoft are giving away the China chronicles for free for PC only till the 5th of Feb where you can download it as below. Description Fol… Read more
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This has now ended:


No longer free


Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Rayman Origins


Cheers just got to add to my never play list!


Thanks OP! :D

Round the World Trip (London STN / Riga / Maldives / Kuala Lumpur / Beijing / Los Angeles / Boston / London LGW)  £619.65 [Various Airlines]
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
I have put this together for you all, this seems like an excellent price for an around the world tour. Several nights stay are included at each location except Boston although you … Read more
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Really? I was told it was fresh country caught rat. Oh well, frog tastes like chicken anyway.


FROG "Field Chicken" = FROG


I think it's become much harder recently for longer stays. On arrival was really easy though for me in Shanghai.

Chinese visa is not difficult at all, just allow plenty of time.

Return flight to Manila (Philippines) from London Gatwick £298 (February / March departures) @ Skyscanner (China Eastern Airlines)
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Return flight to Manila (Philippines) from London Gatwick £298 (February / March departures) @ Skyscanner (China Eastern Airlines)
Involves a stop in Shanghai in both directions, but a good price for return flights to SE Asia. Some example dates (credit SF): 24th Feb – 4th Mar 24th Feb – 7th Mar 26th Feb… Read more
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It was a bar you can’t not have hot chicks attached to you


Can’t agree more. Stay away from Chinese airlines!


Palawan has won best island in the world in 2016 and 2017. if you get the chance go, you shouldn't regret it


You sound like a sex pat. (poo)


That is a very bad experience. Thanks for sharing it. I was going to buy these half price tickets but not anymore.

London to Hong Kong return £300 (February / March departures) @ Skyscanner (KLM / China Southern Airlines)
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
London to Hong Kong return £300 (February / March departures) @ Skyscanner (KLM / China Southern Airlines)
£300£3031%Skyscanner Deals
Great price for return flights to Hong Kong. Unfortunately there is a stop (two on the way back) in each direction, but it is unusual to see such cheap flights to Hong Kong. Examp… Read more
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Would also recommend Tai O and/or Cheung Chau for seafood and exploring (both remote fishing villages with plenty of history), Kau Sai Chau if you're into golf (the entire island is a golf course), Sham Shui Po if you're into electronics and 'old' Hong Kong life, Dragon's Back trail near Shek O for an easy yet stunning hike, Stanley for its promenade and market, Tsz Shan monastery if the Big Buddha wasn't enough, Central specifically Tai Kwun and PMQ if you're into art. And remember to have plenty of food not just Chinese, there are plenty of authentic Thai/Korean/Vietnamese restaurants that serve food just as good as what you'd find in their respective country. I think as others have mentioned if you're after the touristy things, yes you'll be bored after 3 days, however if you explore a little deeper, you'd easily learn or encounter something special or out of the ordinary.


Good deal, the flight is long enough as it is without a hellish two stop offs. Worth paying extra for direct flights, went last year for 8 nights, easy to get bored, luckily stayed with family. Unless you like shopping there is a limited number of things to do close in HK.


Chinese airlines get a bad rep sometimes but I've flown China Southern from Australia to London and London-Bangkok-London and had a great experience both times. Super attentive staff, entertainment on point, good food etc. Flew to Thailand on Chinese New Year and the plane was decorated with toys and lanterns and created a cool atmosphere. The downside is a layover in Guangzhou which isn't....great. Very few places to eat and not a lot to do. Plus China Southern are 14th best airline in the world according to Skytrax. Ahead of Etihad, Air New Zealand, KLM etc. I know noone has been too negative here but there will always be one :)


completely agree, also not to mention China Southern Airlines and similar often have delays and trying to arrange special meals can be quite hard.


good for you :) i didnt want to go too into it on my original post as I thought it would be uninteresting to most but seeing as you have asked ill elaborate. all of the deals you have mentioned you have travelled on are all error fares (these are broken up into multiple sub categories) but for argument sake I would suggest they were all either tax of fare loading errors i.e when the person loading them puts £3 tax rather than £300 or in the case of the business class ones where the fare is misloaded as £1.90 rather than lets say £1,900. This is incredibly different to this "deal" ... this deal is available year round and isnt a loading error, its just a cheap flight because its a pain in the @ss that as I said takes you 2 stops and 30 hours to make what would be a 11.45 direct flight. For what its worth I have been on quite a few error fares - a few of the ones you mentioned and a few others and those I would say are definitely deals - in the instance of the Philippine airlines business flights the saving was £2000 over what it should have been. My point is that, to my mind at least, for something to be a "deal" it has to be a fair bit cheaper than what it should be, these china airlines flights arent a deal because they're that price year round and especially when you compare the price of flying such low end airlines when you could pay £80 more to go direct with a decent airline like VS. soz for the rant but you asked :)

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