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Medal of Honor (VR) - £35.77 @ Oculus Rift store
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Medal of Honor (VR) - £35.77 @ Oculus Rift store£35.77£44.9920% offOculus Deals
Unusual to see such a discount on a new title, but not going to complain. (Also cheaper than Steam store ;) ) A lot of the issues in the negative reviews have been resolved now t… Read more

Oh yeah I forgot about the 22p (lol) shame about the price of chomps though (shock)


Oculus store has the same policy (and is slightly cheaper to buy in the first place) (y)


I did exactly the same. The visuals are not bad if a little static but the gameplay is woeful and nothing to do with stuff needing updating. The voiceovers/acting was really bad, it reminded me a lot of watching a really low budget 80’s sitcom. It was almost as if EA gave this project to a new intern as a learning project. If you do buy this get it on steam so you can apply for the refund and remember to set an alarm so you stay under the two hour play limit. The tutorial will take up a hefty portion of that time so be aware.


In all honesty they should have sold it in two different packages, single player and online, say £25 for the single player and £20 for online which would see both reduced to £20/£15 respectively here. That way they could have had a cheap online version which would appeal to the competitive online shooter gamers and a decent price for the fairly flawed missions. By the time it comes out on the Quest it'll be around £20 on PCVR and at that point I'll buy in for some online competitive shooter competition with the Quest native players if it's cross-play. This is still a decent deal for anyone who can't wait.


I refunded it after playing little under 2 hours. Updates can't fix what's wrong with it.

[PC] Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest - £1.99 -
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Posted 27th Apr 2020Posted 27th Apr 2020
[PC] Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest - £1.99 -£1.99£8.0975% Deals
Cheap price for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and its 2 expansion packs - Spearhead and Breakthrough. It's from, so assume a DRM free purchase :) Become part of a… Read more

18 years ago!


Best game ever. Expansion packs are brilliant too. Hours of endless fun!


Totally agree, classic game, back in the day


Worth every penny of £1.99


I'm sure I've got this in dvd stashed away somewhere...

Medal of Honor™ Pacific Assault for FREE PC
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Posted 26th Mar 2018Posted 26th Mar 2018
Medal of Honor™ Pacific Assault for FREE PCOrigin (EA Store) Deals
Medal of Honor™ Pacific AssaultSurvive the Pacific Theater.Step into the boots of Marine Private Tom Conlin, as you fight your way through the iconic battles of World War II. Work … Read more

No luck hear its £7.99


You can use a free VPN such as windscribe, but it has limit 10 GB / month. After you sign up, you can select the country as Netherland. Sometimes fellows on HUKD share a promo code that you can get up to 60GB / month.


No I don't think, But their is free VPNs


Download a VPN


How do I change the location to the Netherlands?

October's Games with Gold (Gone Home, The Turning Test, Rayman 3 HD, Medal of Honor Airborne)
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Posted 27th Sep 2017Posted 27th Sep 2017
October's Games with Gold (Gone Home, The Turning Test, Rayman 3 HD, Medal of Honor Airborne) Store Deals
On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download Gone Home: Console Edition ($19.99 ERP) for free during the month of October. The Turing Test ($19.99 ERP) will be available as… Read more

Don't seem able to get Airborne anymore. Anyone else had problems. It just wants to charge me £19.99 EDIT: Solved it by logging out then back in again. Silly internet.


Rayman 3 HD is finally showing as free with Gold.


Same here - just tried 5 mins ago.


I've read the same issues on Reddit today, I assume it's just a case of waiting for it to update correctly now :(


Anyone else being charged when trying to download rayman 3 HD on the Xbox one? It's definitely happening to others judging by the comments on the Xbox store. I have a full active gold subscription before anyone asks lol!

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PC Medal of Honor™ Pacific Assault
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Posted 16th Jul 2017Posted 16th Jul 2017
PC Medal of Honor™ Pacific AssaultOrigin (EA Store) Deals
Get full game completely free

For PC


Is this for PC or console?


This has been free for sometime now


Thanks OP, claimed.


Thank you! :)

[Origin] Medal of Honor™ Pacific Assault - Free
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Posted 15th Jun 2017Posted 15th Jun 2017
[Origin] Medal of Honor™ Pacific Assault - FreeOrigin (EA Store) Deals
Free? What's the catch? There isn't one - seriously! With On the House, you can score full games and expansions for free, no asterisks in sight. But act fast and check back often,… Read more

Wheres the logic in that? It should be cheap if its old but why should it be free?


this game was released in 2004, come on, it should be free


Cheers Buzz.


thank you for the help. I really appreciate it :)


This was only released on PC, so it's not ported from anywhere. Doesn't meant there isn't some arbitrary restriction on the frame rate for some reason though! Hmm, after a quick google, there's plenty that've had the same issue. Possible help here: Also, as always, worth checking out PCGamingWiki for more tweaks: