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PlayStation VR Starter Pack with WipeOut £199.85 at SimplyGames
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Pack with WipeOut Omega Collection—wipeout-omega-collection-ps4 Back in stock - thanks to @copperspock for the alert … Read more
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Have to checked for stock at Zavvi?


Price has now gone up and out of stock!


Good spot!


The Wipeout Omega bundle is back in stock BTW.


They are all in stock at Zavvi, see my new deal

Star Wars May The 4th Be With You SALE at PlayStation PSN Store US* Battlefront 2, LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens, Super Star Wars and MORE *PS4 PS3 PS Vita and PSP Games added*
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens $9.99 LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition $14.99 LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Season Pass $4.99 Pinball FX3 - Star War… Read more
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Too slow. Post#4 already nailed the millennial buffoon.


Saying cringe in lieu of cringeworthy is cringeworthy :P



I quite liked it when the rereleased it - I had it on GameCube years ago - even bought the guide when I got it on ps4.... id agree controls and camera is flawed in places but still a fun romp in the Star Wars universe


In before....Something something snobby comment about Disney.... and in before someone says May the 4th is cringeworthy.... ah those pesky kids beat me too it....

PlayStation Vita Game Sale at PSN Store Indonesia
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
As of 25/04 Indonesian RP PSN credit may be purchased from Offgamers at following prices: RP 100,000 = £5.86 RP 200,000 = £11.65 RP 400,000 = £23.29 Small transaction fee may app… Read more
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I can't see why Sony don't patch the accounts so you can play them the same as ps3/PS4, I would buy so many more vita games if this was the case.


Concur with above comment.. just too much hassle. I did consider buying a vita just for USA (They used to have the wing commander games not on UK) but ended up not bothering.


Great effort, thank you joeydeacon. Shame the Vita is a pain for multi-user. I have tried several times to share my PS account on my daughters Vita as I have PS+. Also we cannot share my previous PSP purchases.


I voted hot mate but this is a bad idea... Having multi accounts on vita is a nightmare. Logging into different accounts would require factory resetting the device... But to anyone who is interested, this guide may help you:


didnt think you could have multiple account locations on a Vita, don't you have to factory reset to change regions?

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God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP/Vita) £1.69 @ PSN
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
God of War Chains of Olympus for PSP and PS Vita available at The UK PSN store. Not going to appeal to everyone, as both game platforms are dead, but a cheap price for a fairly go… Read more

You must've missed the various Big in Japan sales! JRPGs aplenty for reasonable prices.


I've got a Vita, but I've not been overly impressed by the lack of Sony support. That and the high price of third party RPG's, which is what I intended to play. And don't get me started on the extortionately priced memory cards! :) PS4 remote play is AMAZING though! Well impressive.


The Vita is still very much alive for me. Best handheld ever. Great game this by the way.


Thanks for the heads-up, I got this and the 3 crash games. should make my commute a little more tolerable for the next month or so :)


Heat added.Great deal.

[PS3] [PSP] Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3 £1.69 @ PSN
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Three old time classics, £1.69 each @PSN: Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Thanks - and repeat a few hours worth of game play... No worries - I bought it for my daughter anyway - she'll fly through it.


you have to create internal (virtual) memory card. game -> memory card utility


so I blew the dust of the PS3 and downloaded this last night. Enjoyed it up to the point where I wanted to save my progress - can someone explain how I do this if I don't have a memory card? Thanks


Great! Ordered all. Gona be a busy weekend....


It says on the site what it's compatible with. PS3, PSP, PS Vita.

Resident Evil™ Super Bundle (10 Full Games) (1996-2012) PS3 - £10.99 on PSN
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
This bundle contains the following Resident Evil games currently available on PlayStation®Store: Resident Evil™ 1: Director's Cut Resident Evil™ 2 Resident Evil™ 3: N… Read more
Avatardeleted1884687Get dealGet deal

They are.


I downloaded RE1 last night after buying this package. The graphics were like so early 90s Atari standard... sure it was better on PS 1. The characters are like Lego men. I hope the rest are better.


Wow! Nice one. I was actually like 2 seconds away from buying the Chronicles double pack for £4 and then stumbled upon this. (:I


Bought it 2 minutes before the midnight ... good find ;]


Don't worry, it's like you've dropped a teardrop into a volcano. Not gonna make any difference. ;)

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Every Free PSN Theme (PS4, PS3, Vita) @ PSN
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Similar to the free PSN Avatars thread a few days ago, this is the list of free PSN themes. Worth remembering in case your loved one opens their new PS4 on Xmas day looking to p… Read more

Nice one mate, will browse through these tomorrow!!


That does look really good


This one it's very good


The RiME theme is quite good! It changes with the clock from day to night, and the music is nice too.



PSN Game Discounts 1/11/17
Found 1st Nov 2017Found 1st Nov 2017
My Insomnia is worse than Buzz' this week :o Non-Plus subscribers can put their wallets away but there's a few bargains for those that do subscribe. PS4 A Basta… Read more

Micro machines at 9.99 I might give it ago....see if I can relive some of my youth (y)


The Pros listed above outweigh the cons for some... Sony's "way out" for removed titles and discontinued support is to download before they delete / disallow from the store... Which is fine if you get warned about it but they don't even email you (which would be easy to do), relying on everyone to regularly check the right blog / forum at the right time. Even if you are on the ball, downloading doesn't cover you for corruption / loss / hardware failure so you'd have to back up your game too. As also stated above, it's (mostly) a preference for us right now so you at least have a choice. Software as a service is the way the World is headed right now so be prepared for less and less digital rights as time goes on (poo)


Yeah, I noticed this after seeing your reply, and have mixed feelings on this. As I've only just started to get into digital game buying after getting the family a PS4 as part of a phone upgrade offer. And up to now I've been buying games each month when on offer. So somewhat concerned to think if I\we don't play a particular game for months to then possibly find it removed without notice possibly without ever having played it at all or just a few times!. Games that are not available in a physical format maybe I'd still buy, but why therefore buy a digital copy (that the small print indicates is more a rental purchase than actual sale) of a title that could get removed at any time without notice if a physical copy exists or readily available, where is the incentive to do so?.


I missed out on the Amazon deal but I regularly get £20 credit for £11 (with a good chance of £4-5 cashback too) via O2 PAYG. If you can find a reliable friend to game share with, you can half that spend again ;)


Also e have to remember than even buying a physical copy nowadays there are huge updates improving the game that can be 10gb plus, so even if you have a disc you still have to add another 50% on top of that for the necessary update etc I also have a mixed strategy, generally for a single player (only tend to play SP now) game I really want to play, buy physical copy, complete quickly then resell asap and then get the digital version a year/2 years down the line with a heavy discount and with cheap PSN credit I got 4 of the amazon price glitch (£40 of credit for £25) so £160 credit + the £40 I already had so that will keep me going for ages

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription (UK) £31.99 @ Electronicfirst
Found 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
Product Details: PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription (UK) Platform: PS3 / PS4 / PSP / PSVITA Region: UK Delivery: Instantly sent to your email address. IN STOCK AVAILABLE NOW O… Read more
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Needs unexpired


Also someone who has been a member since 2009 and posted only 3 deals shouldn't really be criticizing anyone!


Considering the subscription is going up to £49.99 a year soon this is still a good deal. I've just got the 15 month deal through buying a £40 gift card at CdKeys for £35ish so quite happy with that.


Wow renewed other day lol


£29.99 in two of my local asdas

Rocky V UMD Movie for PSP £1 In Poundland
LocalLocalFound 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
Found In London Kilburn They Also had The Tintin Collection 5 DVD Boxset for £1

Oops, voted hot but only then realised it's "Rocky 5", the worst of them all.........



Touch me and I'll sue!

PSN Game Discounts (Canada) 02/05/17
Found 3rd May 2017Found 3rd May 2017
Fairly big/decent sale on @ PSN Canada at the moment, starting yesterday: PS4 (Title, Price, PS Price) ADK DAMASHII, $13.99, $11.99 Assault Suit Leyno, $14.99, $11.99 Astebreed… Read more
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the big in japan sale will be in a few weeks and good chance it will be on sale then


Why is Nier on sale in the US and Canada but not here?? :(


Nothing worth the effort here really.


Or just try and upload a save file, it will offer you a trial then also


dont think so no

DISSIDIA® duodecim prologus (PS VITA - PSP) - £1.19 @ PSN
Found 11th Apr 2017Found 11th Apr 2017
Any Final Fantasy fan around? Dissidia is a pretty decent game, still enjoyable nowadays. Plus, it's just £1.19. No more else to say... Please note that this is the prologue chap… Read more
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I bought this thinking it was the full game.... Silly me


Hey hey woah, you can't miss a day here on this community :p! Yes the game is Duodecim Prologus, it's written in the title. I have never noticed this price before, so I have assumed others may have missed it, and I was right.


I do believe if you finish this "demo" and continue with the main game, you get special cosmetic item in the main game. I only got the main game, I may get this "demo" when I get home today.


I've edited the deal to reflect this, as the OP hasn't bothered to return.


Aye, cold for me as its not the main game. who wants to pay for a demo to a game that is now 6 years old?

Crash Team Racing (CTR) on PS3, PSP and PS VITA £1.99 PSN
Found 23rd Mar 2017Found 23rd Mar 2017
For those of you who don't own the original disc on playstation 1 this is a way to play the classic game really cheap. Half price. If you can't wait for the original crash bandic… Read more
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Holy crap what a game. I agree with everyone here, the drift boost mechanic in this game was so much better than mario kart.


Mario Kart 64 is one of the most overrated games ever in my opinion. Yes the multiplayer is fun, however as a single player experience their is not much replay value at all. CTR and Diddy Kong Racing are much better in this aspect, both offering excellent adventure modes with plenty of variety and hours of extra content to unlock such as hidden characters, tracks etc.


Spot on. And it wasn't quite as good...


Or Knack Team Racing ;)


...and so it should!

Ape Escape 2 for PS4 £3.29 @ PlayStation Store (also Ape Escape - PS3 Move edition @ £2.49 / PSP version @ £2.49)
Found 22nd Mar 2017Found 22nd Mar 2017
Cheapest its been, went hot when previously on PS Plus deal for £5.99 Ape Escape PS3 Move Edition @ £2.49 Ape Escape [PSP] @ £2.49 Available from 22/03/17 12.00 am to 06/04… Read more

Bought this when the re-release came out and loved 100%'ing it. Never actually caught all the monkeys when I had it on PS2. Also, monkey football is arguably the most underrated minigame ever


Nice find, thanks for sharing.


Ape Escape games never sold too great unfortunately doubt they would get the special treatment from Sony but yeah that'd be even more awesome and i would be there day one if so :)


Would be awesome if Sony remastered these like they are doing with Crash Bandicoot!


nice find op, heat added

4K HDR Xiaomi MI BOX III (3) Android TV. Second only to the expensive Nvidia shield. Get Google Assistant on your TV! @ Aliexpress: £55.52 through the mobile app with a new account coupon. £57.13 through your PC browser. 8% TCB. Shipped in 20-40 days
Found 28th Feb 2017Found 28th Feb 2017
(Edit: Topcashback link - if you use it, don't buy using the app, and you don't use any coupon. Use IE/Microsoft Edge if you don't want to disable adblock etc. to get it to track… Read more

£47.44 here.


If only it had optical out! :/ not even the shield does :( great price and spec though


Can someone who has one of these (or any Android TV box really) please answer a quick question for me. I 'd like to VPN to my home server on one of these devices. Is the VPN a simple to configure, just the same as my Android phone. On my phone I go to settings, Network, VPN, Add VPN then enter URL/Username/Password. I currently have a Raspberry Pi3 running OpenELEC, but to configure a simple VPN is neigh on impossible. Thank you in advance.....


Point I was trying to make was the 3 has several different chassis's, some look exactly alike. The 3: Xiaomi MiBox 3 Model Name: MDZ-16-AA (Codename: 'JurassicPark') Ships with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Xiaomi MiBox 3S Model Name: MDZ-16-AB (Codename also 'JurassicPark') Ships with official Android TV and supported by Google Xiaomi MiBox 3 Pro (Enhanced) Model: MDZ-18-AA (Codename I cant remember) Ships with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Xiaomi MiBox 3s Model: MDZ-19-AA (Code Name: Queenchristina) Ships with Android Version: 6.0.1 When the latest 3s was released it was referred to as the '4k' as this is how it was marketed, 4k and official AndroidTV, forums and posts all referred to it as this. When it was first released, people were trying to flash firmware for the MDZ-19-AA, some were bricked etc Was just trying to make people aware of the confusion that can happen when you try and search for the 3 for firmware and root. Most of the correct pages will refer to the '4k' while solutions for the '3(s/p)' will pull up info for the Pro or Enhanced and be wrong. On top of this it was also released at the same time in East and West. USA had bright colourful packaging with free vouchers advertised while the West was shipped in plain brown boxes (as is law). Now, more confusion arose as sellers like AliExpress etc were just copy/pasting info for it then shipping out different models or 'East' packaging while displaying 'West' pictures on the site. Some unconfirmed reports also stated that people had received the boxes for the '4k' but the model on the box was MDZ-19-AA. So, your right, 'officially' its a 3s while 'technically' its a '4k'.


Hmm this or the Wetek ones?

Final Fantasy 30th anniversary deals on PSN Store
Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017
DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PS Vita/PSP) £6.99 DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® (PS Vita/PSP) £6.19 FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD (PS4) £15.99 FINAL FANTASY Tactics®: War of Lions … Read more
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Still sayin ff7 is 12.99 for me 😣


FF7 is the best but FFX is nearly as amazing and has good graphics. Pick that one for starters


Never played FFX is it worth playing? Gonna see if my PC can run it first


I don't see what difference only supporting 8 direction controls or the UI would have to do with the game not being on PS4. If it's on PC there's no reason it couldn't be on PS4, I just think Square are holding back on it to release alongside 8 sometime this year to continue the 30th anniversary celebrations.


heat. thanks. bought FF V / VI + coffin dodgers while I was there.

All PSN Discounts 8/2/17
Found 8th Feb 2017Found 8th Feb 2017
Deals in 1st 2 comments

Yeah, I guess we give O2 £10, and it gives Sony £20. Or something like that X)


Yeah I'm amazed that it's even still going as it is now. It'd be O2 wouldn't it?


£20! They could quite easily change it to one free £10 per household or something. It's such a bizarre loophole. I wonder: who is really losing out with that free £10 that doesn't really exist? O2? Sony? Both? Neither?! X)


All I would suggest is to not order too many SIMs in too short a time. O2 used to offer £20 instead of £10 until some people got carried away and abused the promo too much.


Thanks guys. Have picked up Trackmania Turbo, Killing Floor 2 and KOF 14 for the grand sum of £23.86. Thanks for the O2 tip guys. Wondering if i should keep going and get Nioh digitally too for half price or get it physically.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) - NEW - £10.70 (Prime) / £12.69 (non Prime) Delivered - Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 9th Jan 2017Found 9th Jan 2017
A simply unmissable price for a brand-new and sealed copy of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Playstation Portable console (PSP). Has sold/is selling for more than double th… Read more
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Yeah, cool, don't come crying back when you inevitably fall foul.


You will eventually, too many users on that site that want something for nothing + eBay always sides with the buyer, which don't get me wrong isn't especially a bad thing but it does create people a little window for exploitation.


You must have **** customers, never had a problem with people saying stuff never arrived.


For a recorded delivery it's around £2. If you are selling on eBay and sending things unrecorded then you are basically just asking to get robbed. My sellers account is over a decade old, think I know what I'm talking about here!


​it says "Has sold/is selling for more than double this for a long time now, so an absolute bargain" or am i the only one who can read?

Me and My Katamari (PSP) £3.88 (Prime) £5.87 (Non-prime) @ Amazon
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
No it is not 2006 but I just wanted to have a copy of this in my collection again and what is better than a new, sealed copy 10 years after production. :D Only 4 more left! Oh and … Read more

Thanks dude... Really appreciate it.


In back order for 13th of December guys. Don't miss out this time. :D


5 in stock, I ordered 1 before posting and there was 4 certainly in stock at time of posting.


was there only a couple in stock or did somebody clear the shelf for ebay?


Alas, I wasn't quick enough...

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