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OnePlus 7 Pro 128GB ROM 6GB RAM Global ROM £555.34 Delivered @ AliExpress / Hong Kong Goldway
Found 17 h, 2 m agoFound 17 h, 2 m ago
6.67inch 19:9.5 QHD+ Curved Super AMOLED display HDR10+ support 3120 x 1440 pixels @90Hz Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octacore Processor 6GB RAM 128GB ROM 48MP + 16MP + 8MP Triple Rear … Read more
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Huawei already has its own OS ready to go supposedly - which they have created incase of this exact event. The android eco system is fairly easy to get out of in all honesty. I believe that Chinese companies may be forced to create s compelling OS and there is no reason it can’t be better. The next huge implication would be if Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft etc are ordered to cease operations with China. This would open a path where hi-silicon (huawei’s chipset manufacturer) is the best choice for Chinese phones. And with a custom built OS on custom built chipsets, you get Apple - the fastest most fluid phones on the planet. (I hate apple, but they are the most fluid) This is an incredibly interesting situation, that will probably just end with the USA lifting the ban.

What about 2 years warranty?


This phone is a size of a brick. I hold it in my hands couple days ago at OnePlus event in London. So if you happy with holding 200g+ in your pocket then this is a great choice. For me, too big


They don't have a choice! Google isn't a hardware driven company anyway. How many alternative OS have actually been a success? Nobody invested in android and Google ecosystem is going to move to a none Google supported OS. See I thought that. What happens if Google release a stock android £100-200 device and Chinese companies can't? Forced obsolescence in a market where now people are holding onto phones. I mean the Pixel 3a is already a compelling product at £400. Samsung also finally learning lessons too as One UI is now my second favourite android behind oxygen OS over even stock android. Of course oxygen may soon not be an option.


They will just create there own OS if google did that. Android would lose such a large part of its user base that google would lose massive profits, shooting itself in the foot. Won’t happen.

Super cheap Etihad flights to Abu Dhabi for £273pp @ Skyscanner
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Just seen these cheap flights with Etihad for so many dates throughout June-Novemeber. All flights depart from London Heathrow and land directly into Abu Dhabi. There are so many… Read more
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Asked a taxi driver when I was there last year.


I thought you meant the complimentary stopover offer provided by Etihad.


What an exhaustive way to live your life. End of conversation.


Good one.


Labour there*

10 day holiday in the Maldives, full board including flights & island transfers £1438pp (£2876) at Voyage Privé
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
One of Voyages deals described as 73% off which looks reasonable. I’ve picked November for the example, however there are loads of dates available. I’ve priced accommodation via Vo… Read more

Having experienced the resort islands and the tour, I'm tempted to try a guest house experience on one of the local islands that have only been available for the last few years. Here's one that sounds appealing to me: NOTE, this is NOTHING like the 4/5* more traditional Maldives experience, but it will give you a good flavour of what life is like for the islanders and directly contribute to the local economy. Might well be a dry holiday though, alcohol is only allowed under strict conditions outside the resort islands (and you can't bring any in to Male, it will be confiscated).


We liked the three islands we went to; they were all 4*+ ones, and we travelled AI with seaplane transfers. The last two islands were Summer Island (a bit too close to the Male airport for some, but was a good standard) and Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa (the best island we stayed at. The first one, Ellidahoo, is, I think, awaiting renovation, but had superb snorkeling off the beach. We've travelled in July, late September and November and have had calm seas and generally good weather, with a couple of short storms each time. Last time cost £3300 for 11 days, inc UK flights, seaplane transfers and AI board, for a beach bungalow for 2 of us. The last trip we made was on a boat, the Yasawa Express, which spent 14 days cruising round three different atolls and dropped us off each day at a different island (many of them just little sandbanks, with umbrellas and drinks). if you like snorkelling or diving, this is a great trip. Cost us £5,000 for 2 for AI inc flights for their early season cruise in November.


@welshtony99 Any recommendations for Islands/Hotels and best times to go?


I've compared them numerous times. Didn't find them particularly flexible in terms of room type or dates, and I could actually book for a cheaper price in many cases. Far from impressed with them.


Where can I get it for “a few hundred pounds more”????? Even half board at the Sheraton for dates in November is £700pp more for the 10 days and for full board it’s about £1700pp more. Please provide details of your 10 day full board in November for “a few hundred pounds more”

15 nights travelling around Palawan, Philippines for £592 each (total £1184) including flights, internal transport and hotels @
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
This deal is based on 2 people flying out from Heathrow on Wednesday 4th December, returning Friday 20th December. You will be staying a total of 15 nights around a number of desti… Read more
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wow! Can you plan my next holiday (y) please? :)


Will check that out tomorrow, thanks a lot and hope you have an awesome time


Fli Flightconnections is great at allowing you to pin point where you can travel to and from, from any airport. Yeh I have done the stopover many a time. Actually in a few days doing Kiev for a day before going to Dubai (hand luggage btw). Other people may hate stopovers but I enjoy them.


Thanks for the suggestions!I’ve been using google flights, kayak, sky scanner and momondo and also tried some open jaw such as Dublin, Paris, Dubai, Amsterdam but nothing good has cropped up. I couldn’t find which airports fly direct to Manila to try other open jaw though, don’t suppose you know how I’d get a list of other places to try? As it stands, we may fly Air China London to Beijing and spend 2 nights there (never been), then to Manila, then back to London. This costs no more than London to Manila return on Air China which was the cheapest we could find (except 2 stops each direction which was slightly cheaper).


Sounds fantastic! Just got back from Philippines Palawan is beautiful had a chance to explore around there ! Will blow you away!! Checked out manilla and a island called panglao which was also beautiful!! Some advice - as soon as you get to the airport buy yourself a sim! 1500 pesos and you get something like 24 GB data etc and the connection is pretty grate in main areas (places like coron obviously don't have the best of connections but still pretty good) and in coron they have they have island hopping tours I suggest get your own private boat rather then doing it with others that's what we done and it was truly amazing to have your own privacy!... So much more to tell don't want to bore all the you dealers (lol) (lol) the people are the most amazing souls ever. you'll deffinatly love everything about the Philippines.. GRAB THE DEAL! (I'm actually thinking about it lol) message if anyone wants any other advice (lol) done a whole lot there ...gym! 🔥 also to add never go with air china ...worst experience ever... Won't go on eh.

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Lufthansa ~40% off Long haul Business class to Asia for 2 adults e.g. £1,999 LHR->Delhi @ Lufthansa
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Lufthansa are currently running a promotion for 2 adults travelling in Business class on a variety of long haul (east bound) destinations. Travel period: 01.06.2019 - 30.03.2020,… Read more

Same seats in business and first class.(made in Wales by the way)


FIY, they are also doing a similar thing on first class, eg, 2 tickets to Bangalore via Frankfurt in first 2999. if you've got the money a fantastic price.

mgowans /gb/en/companion-business


Weird, not sure why that is? Correct link is


The only Manchester flight is to Beijing, as far as I can tell.

One Way flight from Goa (India) to London Gatwick £99 (December departures) @ Thomas Cook Airlines
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Excellent price for a one way flight from India to the UK. A good option for the final leg of a round the world tour or if you are touring Asia. I'm sure there are many other suita… Read more
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Wow, amazing flight for one way if people can find decent associated flights. I flew on Thomas Cook Airlines to Goa a few years ago. No complaints from me


Just sharing my experience :)


I did something like this date on TC coming back from Cape Verde and IIRC it was £29. It's because everyone is flying in for Xmas so there's loads of capacity on the return leg.


The aircraft type will be an Airbus 330-200. It is a direct flight. The seating in economy was replaced a couple of years ago and is quite acceptable. In flight entertainment is reasonably comprehensive and can be upgraded on board of a small charge. Food will be a snack/panini after departure and a hot breakfast an hour from arrival as it is a deep night flight. Premium Economy has better seating, free alcoholic drinks, more legroom, upgraded entertainment and food included.


Will they be around by December? Aren't they in financial trouble?

[Round the World trip] Visit Berlin / Singapore / Perth / Bali / Beijing / Los Angeles (September departure) £796 @ Various via Skyscanner
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
So after inadvertedly creating a communist trip last time, I have included a few more exotic locations this time. !Wonderful option for a round the world tour here. Hand luggage on… Read more
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Anyone wants to go with me together? 8)


this is great work


Owned by singapore airlines though (lol)


Singapore looks nice however I don't trust Scoot they get 5/10 from lots of reviews. Looks like a complete barebones airline who can cancel flights without even telling you.


Might be useful for someone to look !!

Free Multiplayer Weekend at PlayStation PSN Asia until 12th plus free Monster Hunter World Trial through to 20th May
TODAYTODAY21/05/2019Expires on 21/05/2019Found 10th MayFound 10th May
PlayStation PSN Asia are offering a free multiplayer weekend from 10th to 12th May - an Asian PSN account is required and I suspect many people will now have an Indonesian PSN acco… Read more
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Which can be accessed from the UK.


Thanks for the heads up fella. Do you know if MHW trial is timed or just a demo?


so this website call and your posting about Asia deals...


The Monster World: Hunter trial isn't limited to Asia :

Asia Specialities Asian Cooking sauces 500ml 9p down from 59p at Aldi instore
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Aldi Asian sauces,(plumb sauce)and others,priced at 59p came thru tills at 0.9 😁 Aldi redfield Bristol.
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Far be it from me to try to get back on topic here, but the 9p ones I found in Aldi on Wellingborough Road in Northampton today aren't the 500ml ones shown in the OP, they're 295g ones. Dated May 2020. Theoretically available as Plum Sauce, Satay Sauce, Korean Sauce or Hoisin Sauce. Only had plum sauce left in our branch, so we grabbed a couple.


God youre not wrong,it's 9p sauce didn't mean to cause world war 3 , (lol)


I think your views are very narrow minded and buys into stereotype, not all Asian countries eat dog just as not all British People eat black pudding, most Asians find it disgusting and would rather chew on their right testicle than eat dog. You say you're not racist but pass on racial comment under the guise of a joke. I'll take your word for it but I'm tired of all the 'I'm not racist but ...' People harp on about bad teaching, highly paid civil servants not helping others etc. This is a Capitalist country, that is the point of capitalism, make money at the expense of others - that's good business. What you describe is Communism but that's a bad thing apparently. Let me level with you, I know a little about what I'm talking about, Asian? guilty, second generation from penniless illiterate immigrants to this country in the 60's. Lived in social housing? Yes, brought up in socially challenging areas. Schooling - below average school, bullied throughout by pupils and teachers alike. 22 years experience in Teaching and now in a Senior Leadership Role, making positive changes daily to people's lives. Without hope, encouragement and expectations we end up in a situation you describe but there are many that quietly go through life building a better future for themselves, we just don't get up on the roof tops and shout about it. That Senior Consultant at your local hospital getting into his sports coupe, driving to his rural country home after picking his kids up from grammar school may well have grown up in difficult situations - just that you don't know about it. I agree that a lot of children grow up with little hope for the future but every child is born fundamentally the same, it's just that their upbringing differs, money does help but it's not the only factor. Education starts at home, poor people who care, nurture and support their children are more likely to see them succeed in life. It's all too easy blaming governments and education etc. but changing the mindset of those who are supposed to be looking after the next generation will yield improvements in our children. By the way, cooking=Food Technology, budgeting=PSHE/CITIZENSHIP all taught under the National Curriculum and enforced by OFSTED.


It’s asian sauce! Asian counties eat dogs, Western/Europe don’t. Racist ? Me ? No. Factual yes. Most U.K. people poor stay poor, that’s why we have multi generation poverty and higher crime, my point exactly.. the minority escape it not the majority not even 50% and the system isn’t for for purpose with even Child Tax Credit making the problem worse. You have to have a lack of debt to be able to become a student with no housing benefit support and the poorest educated generally have very debt to income ratios making it impossible even later when maturity allows even college. Expectations ? What’s that to do with being poor with a poor school education where cooking and budgeting aren’t taught as basic, what expectations can someone have without leaving school with basics, kids still leave school unable to read or write to any standard acceptable and that’s more likely in a poorer area school, we have so many hopeless gov depts living in this unfit 1960 system, that aren’t helping the poorest but themselves - paid very well and a mortgage, car and nice pension at the expense of those entrapped in poverty. That’s not just nor moral, certainly ‘normal’ though, as is passing judgement on kids from poorer backgrounds rather than understanding the causes. And no I didn’t grow up in council or social housing, bought house, and I seen these problems then and now decades later, entrapment. The fact a social landlord can charge rent and service charges per week more than 16 hours minimum wage is abhorrently vulgar, it entraps more than disabled people who can work part time into a cycle of life poverty, then the rest. Maybe they should start paying public service staff and those organisations who get public funding in imported dog meat then cash on performance related pay. You’d soon see change.


The problem is your insinuation that only Asian countries eat dog ... It's ok that it's a joke isn't it, that way racism isn't a problem because 'I was only joking'. Your comments about poverty are interesting but it should be noted that not all poor people stay poor. A lot of so called middle class members of society today come from poor backgrounds. Many 'Asian' professionals come from very poor backgrounds as their immigrant parents would have started with nothing but gave their all so that successive generations can better themselves ... It's down to expectations, I never expected anything when I was growing up and my parents never tried to offer me anything they couldn't afford ...

Return flight to Singapore (Lufthansa Premium Economy / Nov 2019 - March 2020 departures / Departing Various UK Airports) £566 @ Skyscanner
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
Great price for a premium return flight to Singapore with Lufthansa. About £140 cheaper compared to the previous post a couple of months ago. Hand luggage only and the flights invo… Read more
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Ongoing for couple of months. Better to change at Munich than Frankfurt, it's easier. Took premium eco at similar price to Hong Kong in March. Premium eco cabin was half empty


Amazing price for premium economy!

7 Nights Bangkok May including Bank Holiday - 3* Hotel + Rtn Flights Heathrow 23kg luggage = £499.50pp (£999) @ British Airways
TODAYTODAY21/05/2019Expires on 21/05/2019Found 6th MayFound 6th May
7 nights Bangkok Thailand in May including Bank holiday dates at the end of this month. Price includes direct BA flights from Heathrow, 23kg luggage per person and 3* hotel accommo… Read more
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Definately agree, I wouldn't go for less than 3 weeks. Especially if you'll travel once you land. Not sure if you'll miss the rainy season if you go now, I think it's just starting. I'd find that exciting anyway.


It's their rainy/stormy season at the moment


My advice... choose your hotel wisely. Location is key in Bangkok, and what looks like a short walk to the nearest station can turn into a mission, especially when it's that hot and humid (or pouring with rain). Silom is cheap for hotels because it's really a business district. So you might end up spending more on getting about than you save on the hotel vs another location. So do some research on what you'll be doing and where you'll be going. If you're just going to be taking escorted tours most days, then these will be fine, but personally I wouldn't choose them if I was planning on making my own way around Bangkok.


It is also crazy hot in Bangkok now - I've been in May and wouldn't go at this time again...


Brilliant price, but I have to warn you....all that way for 7 nights!'ll be jet lagged for alot of the time. When I go to SE Asia I go for a minimum of 21 days. However....still a very good deal!

BORNEO: THE FASCINATION OF ASIA 4K + Blu-Ray £5 Delivered @ Amazon Germany.,
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd MayShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
A Pure 4K Nature Documentary NOT In English Language but does come with subtitles. But for a fiver, even if its just to put your new 4K TV through its paces to test colour … Read more
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I prefered The Borneo Supremacy


LOL (lol) obviously due to some of the reviews maybe why it may be so low priced, its for sale in the USA for over 30 dollars with just 1 review which is also negative, reviews are mixed in Germany, but for a fiver may be worth a watch just for the 4K elements to put your player and TV through its paces, some pure 4K demos can take hours to download, this is actually just shy of 40GB if you was to download it (excluding special features).... anyhow thought id share it.


Tempted for £5 but the 2.5/5 scores don't give me much hope. I particularly like this bit "The accompanying commentary of the film is so absurdly bad and hahnebüchen texted that for a long time I did not want to believe that such things could actually be serious. Have the autistic pensioners sent off with a camera!?? "

Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Moscow / Beijing / Los Angeles / London LGW) £540 @ Various Airlines
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Great price for an around the world trip. Hand luggage only. You may be able to alter the dates slightly compared to the example given below, but this may add to the overall cost. … Read more
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Round the world? Are they not aware that there is a southern hemisphere?


Add the cost of visas as well


If only these countries had washing machines. A boy can dream...


Flying round the world in budget airlines. Oh what fun!


btw it all sounds a lot of fun (y)

Big in Japan Sale + Deals Under £2.94 + Deals Under £9.86 @ PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Note: Starling Bank cards are the only cards known to work on the Turkish PSN Store. HOW TO GUIDE Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, … Read more
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Lol! I only just noticed his username was an anagram of yours. I don't know why he's so offended about you posting these deals. It's kind of scary. And weird.


If you’re going to troll using one of your many fake Joey Deacon anagram accounts, you could at least add your comment to an Xbox discussion and not a PSN sale thread


If you read the xbox press release it doesn't mention anything to do with buying games from other regions as far as I can see.



Russia Was good black Friday or Christmas, not got anything since. Mainly Indonesia and Turkey and UK sales have been better

5* Le Meridien Al Aqah ( 90 mins from Dubai ) £2,028 Travel Republic
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Travelrepublic have the 5* Le Meridien in Al Aqah AI, including daytime Emirates flights for seven nights in September at £1014pp. I have stayed here before and it is an excellenth… Read more

I see you liked your own comment - always a sign of failure. Next, you have the cheek to make disparaging remarks about people who have contributed to this site, while having done nothing positive yourself. Basically a leech.


You have such a fitting name, must be where you pull all of your deals from.


Please do feel free to contribute something to this site other than your silly one liner.


As dogpatch has said, it could be the tourism tax. Else some hotels do this if you are running a tab rather than paying as you go


Or, you may be talking about the tourism tax which is charged per room per night. The last time I looked it was about £4 a night

(Japan) PlayStation Plus Games May - Metal Gear Survive + Darksiders Warmastered Edition
Found 28th AprFound 28th Apr
Leaked Japanese PlayStation Plus Membership for May includes Metal Gear Survive + Darksiders Warmastered Edition. This is a possibility that Metal Gear Survive could be part of Pla… Read more
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Turns out the ps+ games are even worse that they offering


Maybe this is why is freezing cold :)


This, it should be posted in forums not as a deal


Well this would be complete gash!! Give us something descent for a change you tight Sony gits.


Shall we all just wait and see before we get our knickers in a twist? :/

Round the World Trip (Singapore, Auckland, Cook Islands, Los Angeles) £988 @ Carlton Leisure (Singapore Airlines / Air New Zealand)
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
With the weather a little grim today it is the perfect opportunity to book a round the world trip. You will be flying with two 5* Airlines (Singapore Airlines & Air New Zealand… Read more
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That's utterly ridiculous.


Says the guy using his computer


I'm hoping to do something similar next march through April, keep up the good work


You'd better have a quick check before you book. Nothing worse than booking a round the world trip thinking you're a childless singleton and then surprise surprise, you're not as single as you thought AND you've got kids too


Hot, I will book it right now if I am still single and don't have kids.

7 nts at Cocoon Maldives 5* from London (All inclusive / Seaplane xfers / Daily Snorkelling Trip + Much More) from £1,762pp @ Voyage Prive
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Absolute holiday GOALS. <3 <3 <3 This looks like an amazing trip and deffo one for the bucket list if you are after clear blue seas, soft white sand and more sun you … Read more

Totally agree with your comments and it's absolutely gorgeous. We stayed June 2017 and went from Manchester with Travelbag who had the best deals at that time - may be worth checking them out to compare prices.


Just check flights don’t stop off in Sri Lanka and the Maldives aren’t too far from ther


I hate when you get so many emails. I got 21 emails from Wowcher in less than 6 days so I refuse to ever use them now


Too bad no LIDL nearby.


Yes I booked through them and went to this resort in February for my honeymoon, they were great, good itinerary etc. No complaints from me on either the resort or voyage prive.

Big in Japan Sale @ PSN Store Indonesia - Fallout 4 GOTY £5.93 The Crew 2 £4.93 Shadow of War Definitive £8.90 Uncharted Coll. £6.14 + MORE
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
UPDATE: More games added at 9:30pm on 24/04/19. Please see thread below. Indonesian PSN account required, if you’re new to PS4 or don’t know how to go about buying games from the… Read more
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Shame Revolut Card doesnt work anymore. websites tend to sell gift cards above the Indonesian retail price thus eliminating the benefit of the exchange rate. How do you set up a starling card?


You have to enter the same Indonesian address used to set up the PSN account, not your U.K. address


Cheers! I literally just figured it out...seemed a bit odd as it asked for the address the card is registered to. Thanks for the reply (y)


If I'm not wrong OP has some guide for it, however I think you should enter the address you're using on PSN Indonesia, not the real address card was originally made using..


May we know what's the error? I've bought from both of these stores but never encountered any problem and of course I'm not French nor living in France, however as long as you have a VISA or Master Card, and the bank allows online transactions, then there shouldn't be any problem..

Return flight to Seoul (South Korea) departing London Gatwick (May & November departures) £339 @ GotoGate (China Eastern)
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Excellent price for an return flight to South Korea. Hand luggage only. The flights involve one stop in each direction at Shanghai. Most flights have a layover time of approximatel… Read more
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Price seems good, but China Eastern? Lol no thanks


You have a link for the 8th April? the best I can get is £1,991.38 pp rubbish deal that doesn't exist


David soul &#x1F601;


Cheers, I will add this :)


Wonder if BLACKPINK will be in concert in November.

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