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Blooma Sandpit bench - £40 @ B&Q c&c
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
B&Q wooden sandpit with benches, seems a reasonable price for a decent sized sandpit. We’ve just bought one as an upgrade from the small plastic turtle type. Easy to put togeth… Read more
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Does have a cover of sorts.


40 quid for a bit of pallet timber. Also no cover so the sand will get contaminated easily. At least the plastic ones have a lid


If I remember right this doesn't have a base so it's pretty crap unless you buy a square of ply for it


Voted cold based on reviews. If it did what it said on the tin it would have been smoking.


Reviews put me off at this price

Kingsbury Tulipan 2 Seater Bench - £25 Found in Tesco Weybridge
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayLocalLocal
Description The timeless design of the Kingsbury Tulipan wooden bench is sure to suit any style of garden. Made from a rich, eucalyptus wood, this 2-seater bench features a slatted… Read more
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Probably not, most gloss paints now are water based so not waterproof. If you use an oil based paint then it tends to crack and you have the same problem. You can use a water based sealer then a water based gloss which will be okay, although personally I wouldn't use in on something that will get quite a bit of abrasion like a bench. If you want a coloured look the best way IMO to do it is to dilute matt paint with two parts water, and then use that to paint. It will sink into the wood and provide a more durable finish. The more coats you use the bolder the colour will become, and they don't take long to dry. You can then use some oil on the surface.


If its gloss painted, it wouldn't need to dry out as only the paint surface would get wet...?


Probably best not to gloss paint it, it will stop the wood from drying out in the sun. I would just use a light oil or wood preservative.


Hmmm I had similar one from b&m. I painted it with that johnstones outdoor wood stain and it just gets left outside. Been good for years. Just make sure you use something with varnish in it. i used the old version of this. I also painted my fence with it. You could stain it and use yaught varnish too.


Get a couple of free pallets and you can make it yourself (lol)

Batz Swing Garden Bench £64 @ B&Q
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Good price for 3 seater garden swing bench. Max 300kg, sturdy design and still available in most B&Q stores. £64 till end of the Bank Holiday Monday (20% off during checkout), … Read more

Excellent quality but the instructions are sketchy had to reassemble 3 times 😫😫 but worth the money.


Yep, standard issue instructions. Could be worse, I had some instructions for a garden table and chairs last week, it took me ages to work out what I'd done wrong because the chair backs wouldn't fit in at all. Turned out that the instructions were actually written wrong, and you had to reverse the order of some of the steps - after 4 hours, a broken section, a DIY repair, it looks great (y)


I picked one up. slightly difficult to put together. it is sturdy enough to take 3 of us (270kg total). At this price bargain.


Love it


I bought this yesterday. While it looks good and is sturdy, be warned that the instructions are TERRIBLE. Tiny images, they have 3 sets of instructions are in one image, and you have to kind of figure out which way is what.

Steel Bench - 4 Ft for £39.99 @ Argos
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Reduced to £39.99. Good value and nice modern looking bench for the garden :) Free £5 Voucher When You Spend £50 Or More (from 24/05) A great place for you to sit and rela… Read more
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At that price I doubt it's been properly protected - will be covered in rust after a few months. Something like this needs to be galvanised or otherwise weatherproofed. Will be too hot or too cold to sit on most days too. "Use a protective cover when not in use.Store indoors in winter. "

Kingfisher 3 Seater Hardwood Garden Patio Bench for £67.96 Delivered @ Amazon UK Deal of the Day
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Weather treated hardwood All brass fittings Self assembly required Product Description Enjoy spending time in the garden with this traditional, stylish and durable wooden … Read more

Have just purchased this - let’s see what it is like when it arrives


Thanks. (y)


@Brutes It's a deal of the day :)

Rowlinson Willington 2-Seater FSC Hardwood Bench for £83.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Constructed from FSC hardwood seats two people shaped seat and back rest for comfort easy assembly Factory stain finish Product Description Big on style Manufactured fr… Read more

They had similar to these in Tesco yesterday for £25 probably won't be as good quality like and I couldn't find another one when I finished work to confirm :) (skeptical)


...I think it is worth spending a few quid more to get an extra seat and beside it looks much sturdier than 2 seater (y)


There’s a 3 seater fence bench there as well ....worth looking st maybee

Wilko FSC Wooden Bench  £40 @ Wilkos
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Perfect for making the most of the summer sun Made from long-lasting FSC solid wood High back for extra support

This has now been posted for £30 + £4 delivery.


This was posted yesterday


Why would I pay £40 for a bench with the view of my ugly garden, when benches are free in parks and I can find a park which has a much nicer view. (ninja)

Wilko Garden Furniture Offers - Country Metal Garden Bench was £79 Del now £54 / Wooden Bench now £44 Del / Rattan Lounge 4 Piece Set £162
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Order today & will be with you by 24th May - so in time for the Bank Holiday Weekend :) We have this bench & paid full price, nice & sturdy (more than it looks) &amp… Read more
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Thank you for posting x


Cheers. I'd been looking at the wooden bench. Looks fairly decent quality for the price.

6 Seater Folding Sports Bench with Cup Holders & Carry Bag £39.99 / 8 Seater £45.99 Delivered @ ukmart365 / eBay
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Posted one at Outsunny / eBay a few weeks ago & that has now sold out & was a few pounds more even with the recent 20% off code, so thought this one was worth sharing since… Read more
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Good if you miss your flight at Heathrow.


Its a seat and also a bed.



Mormon and wives?.


My friend has this. We’ve used it a few times but the rods are now through the canvas at the top of the back resting sections It’s not a lot of money for what it is, I wouldn’t say it was very durable though. Not voting op.... just saying.

Outsunny 2 Seater Garden Bench Metal Wooden Slatted Seat Backrest Patio Chair @ Ebay Sold By Outsunny £37.59 With Code Provided
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
The blooming Outsunny garden bench is ideal for enjoying your favorite peaceful spot, along a path, under a tree, or among the flowers. Constructed with steel frame to ensure a dur… Read more

Turns to rust within months. The wood is too flimsy as well


Would never buy from these again, bought a wooden swing hammock last year £300 had it for 8 months, it was oiled as soon as we got it and kept under cover in the winter and when we uncovered it, in March the wood is rotten on 2 of the leg stands and splits all over, cant use it any more, not very helpful what so ever if you can get in touch with them, i am at the moment claiming my money back off bank under section 75, not worth the money.


What a rotten hot deal!


Get metal or plastic.


Snap mines rotten too but i have had it 3 years and it was never very good to start with, you couldnt get 2 adults sitting on this without worrying about it giving way

Dual Wheeled Bench Grinder - 250W - £15 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Good offer on this bench grinder at Wickes. Available in store with free c&c :) Suitable for the home workshop Adjustable eye protection shields Supplied with 2 grind… Read more
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Just got the last one. Thanks opp (y)


Just picked one up from Ashby store. Many thanks for posting (y)


Great deal for the price (y)


Bought one yesterday, havnt a clue why as I don’t have anything to sharpen. Another bargain I didn’t want to miss out on, but won’t use. I seriously need to stop looking on here


Picked mine up this evening, tried it out after tea, and it cleaned and sharpened a rusty old chisel and an axe in no time. You don't need to press hard, so don't worry about the comments about it slowing down. It's more effective at high apeed and low pressure than low speed and high pressure.

Agad Wooden 6 seater Picnic bench £65 @ B&Q
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Available online and in store. Perfect for those upcoming summer BBQs. I have one and it's very sturdy. The wood is nice and thick. Similar benches on amazon are £100+. Add a co… Read more
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Not bad. Got one last year. Done ok. Quite a few knots. One slat broke. Fixed and turned over to conceal. Bolts keep coming loose for some reason. But overall excellent. Heat.


Maybe I got a bad one, when I purchased last year for £50, as it is wonky - which makes it quite unsteady if you slightly lean back when sitting. The opposite side lifts up. As for the reinforcement of seats and table, I cut a length of pallet wood, then drilled holes, then fixed in place with screws. See image.


20% off this weekend


Thanks to the OP, picked one up today good value and the wood is good - each plank with two screws each end so it is sturdy once complete. Unfortunately whether it was the one I picked up or not, the holes for the wood screws did not make dead-centre to the un-drilled parts, some at least 10-15cm out and a couple would need screwing in to thin air! The non-drilled wood only had centre punch markings which did not line up and I drilled pilot holes. Nothing was counter-sunk either so the screws would have remained proud. Nothing wrong with this but they may as well have not drilled the wood and said bring your own drill, end result would have been tidier ;)


Don't forget Quidco! 3%

£99 or under garden furniture event - wooden benches from £46.99 to £63.99 delivered 4 options in op @
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Garden furniture event at Wayfair everything £99 or under and free delivery over £40. If you haven't ordered before, when I registered my email address I got an email with a vouche… Read more

Cold not weather proof


Cheap and flimsy


Apart from the sol72, these all look a bit flimsy. I'd be surprised if they stood up to the rigours of being left outside all year round. And at only 4 feet wide, you'd have to know the other person quite well ;) to accommodate 2 people on one of those.

Ashley Mills Large Ottoman Foldaway Storage Box Bench Faux Leather Box (More in OP) for £12.95 Delivered @ Sold By homebeddingstore (Amazon)
Refreshed 10th MayRefreshed 10th May
Ashley Mills New Large Ottoman Foldaway Storage Blanket Toy Box Bench Faux Leather Black (76x38 cms) for £12.95 Velosso Luxury Ritz Sparkle Bling Foldaway Ottoman Stool Blanket… Read more

Thanks for the update (y)


Arrived today..looks solid. Bargain


I have one. No issues so far.


Cheers ordered


Great offer . Thank you.


If you can send me a PM I'm quite interested in understanding your concerns. But TBH seems a little exaggerated. Many companies are supported by their host state (the subsidies for UK nuclear is but one example). I was not able to see on a Google map why you think the area is 'annexed' though I admit it's not clear where the factory is at all. Even were it 'annexed' as you say - i'm not sure from whom? I appreciate this forum is not the place to discuss these things - which is why it upsets me when people such as yourself do. It's rather a double standard when clearly the Xinjiang issues and countless other incidents world-wide clearly do not concern you to this extent - or where are the comments on the 99% products manufactured there. But I am happy to discuss via a PM. I hope you appreciate that most of these 'concerns' are usually influenced by haters, and your statement of 'automatically programmed censure' unfortunately implies you may already think along the lines of the haters tropes. Please think carefully if you are genuinely exploring the 'other side of the story'. I can suggest a couple of sites with factual information which simply provide facts that are certainly omitted by local media.


Yawn we had one for over 8 years no issues


One Bench seat, one month = one split seat with a pic to prove it here – (top comment) Assembly has nothing to do with it, the bench portion is flimsy and is not, in my opinion engineered to support even one grown adult let alone two. Compared to their normal storage benches, those without backs and arms these are total rubbish. I have three of their Novel 340L boxes and they’re good, strong enough to stand on without deforming. Personally, I’m not really bothered where it was made – I take it you have issue with Israel but I suspect you’re perfectly okay with the likes of Apple exposing their Chinese workers to toxic chemicals and most of the major high street fashion outlets having their products made in the likes of China/Pakistan/India/Asia by virtual slave labour, sometimes forced?


3 benches, 7 years, stuffed full of gear. They are a good product. Easy to assemble. Benches still as new, structurally and colour wise. Anyone claiming otherwise is quite simply talking out of ignorance, or an inability to perform the most rudimentary of DIY assembly successfully. My only issue with them (and especially relevant today) is the fact they are made by a state subsidised, nationalistic company inside an annexed quasi- military industrial complex. A strange state of affairs for the consideration of purchasing what are essentially just plastic boxes. In addition to that concern, which I have honestly held for years with Keter, is the growing recent threat that those concerns cannot now be expressed without instant, automatically programmed censure.


Just binned mine. Lasted years, survived 2 house moves, used every day. Great price. Shame this came 2 weeks too late

Wagon Wheel Bench 2 Seater £50 @ B&M
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th MayLocalLocal
Wagon Wheel Bench 2 Seater. Add charm and character to any garden or home with this wagon wheel bench. Part of our contemporary range of garden furniture. Features: Rustic, burntw… Read more

Lmao that’s funny (lol)




Has it got jam in it?


looks really nice. heat.


warp factor 5 Scotty.

Garden Bench 3 Seater Steel, Wooden Outdoor Patio Seating Furniture Seat (More Options in OP) - £34.99 @ Home Discount Ltd eBay
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Garden Bench 3 Seater Steel Wooden Outdoor Patio Seating Furniture Seat Product Measurements: Garden Bench, Rose Style (Cast Iron Legs, Plastic Back, Wooden Slats): H 7… Read more

Don't waste your money, really poor quality.


We bought last week and had to cut some of the wood off the back in order for it to fit together and the pattern at the back is flimsy plastic. Really disappointed 👎🏼


Yeah these are awful, rusted away, wood split and going in the skip, wouldn't buy again, didn't even last 9 months


Don’t buy really bad quality got last year already rusty n wood warped


just hope some piss head doesn't sleep on it haha

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