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EXPIRED - Boys Bench coat from £24 @ great universal
Posted 27th Dec 2007Posted 27th Dec 2007
EXPIRED - Boys Bench coat from £24 @ great universal
Got one of these coats for my eldest son a few weeks back and paid £60 for it, just came across it while browsing through the sale items and its now been reduced to £24.00 so going… Read more
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Great Universal = assclowns!


I know, why cold ?


excellent find, thanks very much. :thumbsup: why cold vote please!

Free Delivery at Republic
Posted 26th Dec 2007Posted 26th Dec 2007
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i cant get it to work


hi sorry it ssorted i typed it in wrong silly me lol xxx


hi i tried to order through quidco typed in search for republic but its not there any ideas please

Sale Now Online at Republic
Posted 25th Dec 2007Posted 25th Dec 2007
Sale Now Online at Republic
Mens and Womens Sale Now on at Republic. Probably better to buy instore where possible to avoid delivery charges, but I don't have one nearby!
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All finished I think...


Just had an email saying more stock has been added to the sale ... had a look and it's true! (Still not alot for my taste though. Went to Republic Store Yesterday too and was quite disappointed.)


Got a decent jacket for £35, good material, good looking and a decent price. How you can say its like Primark is beyond me. Fair point that you dont like the items but then again who cares. The TOP TIP was the buy online take back to shop as stated. I got a good deal. Wally by name, wally by nature:whistling:.


Never had a thread this hot ... woop woop!


Found a couple of full price Bench tops in Republic today that we liked, managed to get mine cheaper online with Quidco and voucher code, and found hubby's one £15 cheaper on another website. Cheers to swisstonycfc for the code, rep added.

Bench - Men's - Hat And Scarf - Gift Set (Black) £9.99
Posted 27th Nov 2007Posted 27th Nov 2007
Bench - Men's - Hat And Scarf - Gift Set (Black) £9.99
This hat and scarf gift set comes in a cool Bench logo tin which makes it a perfect gift for Christmas. (Selling for approx double the price on ebay)

Like i said in previous post it is available in brown @£9.99 and then £8 using 20% code. ]


Just gone to buy it and it's now gone up to £14.99! Got there to late:-( . I'll try it again later to see if its been reduced again. Thanx op. Ignore me i've just seen it's EXPIRED!!!!


This is now back in stock (Brown) and priced @ £9.99 and can be purchased for £8 using the 20% discount code: Clothesshow


still there but now £12.99



Bench : Men's Wallet /  Belt / Lanyard - Gift Set - £8.99 delivered !
Posted 27th Nov 2007Posted 27th Nov 2007
Bench : Men's Wallet / Belt / Lanyard - Gift Set - £8.99 delivered !
Bench - Men's - Wallet/ Belt/Lanyard - Gift Set - £8.99 delivered @ ! Will make an ideal Christmas prezzie.. Use code CLOTHES07 to get this price.

Anyone else got theirs? I got mine through the post today and it's bloody awful. The lanyard seems like a seconds, unless lanyards are meant to be so that half the bit around your neck shows the brand name the other half has it on the inside? The belt will most likely break after putting on twice and the wallet is ok if you spend in multiples of £5 as it has nowhere for loose change and feels like a £1 wallet from a market stall. Not impressed at all.


I definitely don't consider Bench Ned/Chav wear :? I used to wear a lot of skate wear - baggy jeans, DCs, a chain etc but as I got older I felt the need to tone it down a bit but not go as far as the Ned/Chav jeans and Chav-brand shirt. Bench seem to fit that niche for me. Probably not an example of their best products though... Does anyone know if the wallet has a zip?


same for the hat and scarf sets too


yes indead this price has gone up


this is showing 12.99 in my basket??? Yep now 12.99 brought it anyway as still a bargain

Bench BC0031SL Gents Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - 19.78 delivered @ Amazon (save £40)!
Posted 11th Nov 2007Posted 11th Nov 2007
Bench BC0031SL Gents Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - 19.78 delivered @ Amazon (save £40)!
Bench BC0031SL Gents Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - 19.78 delivered @ Amazon (save £40)! Band Colour : Stainless steel bracelet Dial Colour : White chronograph Case colour : Bru… Read more

was thinking about getting this one[image missing]good deal


Now gone up to £23-98 :-(


Oh and there was me thinking this post was specifically for bench watches. or the pictured watch. :whistling: God people are pedantic and fussy on this website! Some of the watches in the aforementioned deal might not appeal to others, surely? Bench is quite a well known make. I personally wouldn't have looked at the other post as it doesn't interest me, however, this being a bench watch does interest me. Happy Christmas. :santa: p.s Apologies to the OP(?) for ranting on your deal. :giggle:

simate More offers already posted.


[image missing]

Bench BC0046LBR Watch with Tan Leather Strap and Silver Dial - £15.98 delivered @ Amazon !
Posted 24th Oct 2007Posted 24th Oct 2007
Bench BC0046LBR Watch with Tan Leather Strap and Silver Dial - £15.98 delivered @ Amazon !
Bench BC0046LBR Watch with Tan Leather Strap and Silver Dial - £15.98 delivered @ Amazon ! Watch Information Brand name: Bench Model Number: BC0046LBR Part number: BC0046LBR Cryst… Read more

Thanks for the feedback oB765o :thumbsup: Also, this is in Amazon's Bestseller list.


I will ditto everything 0B7650 wrote. An impressive watch, and you won't go wrong at this price!


Purchased one extremely similar to this with Amazon last week. Lovely watch and gift boxed. Really impressive. Heat and rep added.


That is one ugly looking watch!


He he.. thanks :) Cold or Hot doesnt matter - a reason could be helpful :thumbsup:

Bench watches 60% off RRP, from £15.98
Posted 16th Oct 2007Posted 16th Oct 2007
Bench watches 60% off RRP, from £15.98
Amazon have many Bench branded watches, ladies and gents, at 60% off RRP. The one shown is £23.98, and includes delivery. This deal is only for watches sold by Amazon. Don't bothe… Read more



If you scroll down the page, it tells you the boxed weight of the that any help?? I bought the one in the picture on OPs post, and it says that the boxed weight is 998g. Hope thats helpful?? :roll:


Anyone know where I can get the weights for these watches?


Woohoo, just ordered 3 for Christmas pressies!! Voted hot, thanks op!! =)


just ordered one for my son's 14th birthday, thanks he will be pleased, he loves Bench! :)

Bench - Men's - Havana Club House (Navy Blue - Lightweight Jacket) £17.99
Posted 26th Sep 2007Posted 26th Sep 2007
Bench - Men's - Havana Club House (Navy Blue - Lightweight Jacket) £17.99
Bench - Men's - Havana Club House (Navy Blue - Lightweight Jacket)

Why would anyone buy one when they haven't even seen a proper picture of it? :?


I am intrigued .. anyone with a pic?!


No wonder they didn't show the image!


got mine on monday ,looked compleatly different ,absolutly ****!! i sold it on ebay for £19.51,at least they got a propper photo/


Just received the jacked and have to say it's aweful, this is the first item of bench I have seen that has been bad. It was worth the chance of ordering the item as it was cheap but the should have listed a real picture as the illustration makes the jacket look a lot better than it is Requested a returns number so I can return the jack for a refund

Conservatory Set Hardwood Inc table, bench and 2 armchairs & cushions £129.95 del & 5% Quidco
Posted 26th Sep 2007Posted 26th Sep 2007
Conservatory Set Hardwood Inc table, bench and 2 armchairs & cushions £129.95 del & 5% Quidco
This is delivery only item,also 5% Quidco gives you another £6.50 cashback makes this about £124. Was: £249.99 Save: £124.99 Now: £125.00 Subtotal: £125.00 Delivery: £4.95 Tot… Read more

[image missing]

HALF PRICE - Bench Gents LED Strap Watch.- £19.99 (was £39.99) @ Argos !
Posted 19th Sep 2007Posted 19th Sep 2007
HALF PRICE - Bench Gents LED Strap Watch.- £19.99 (was £39.99) @ Argos !
(Was £39.99) Retro Black leather strap. Water resistant to 30 metres.
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For the real retro look : Amazing to think I've probably flung out a few watches like that many moons ago and though "how uncool are they". They say fashion goes in cylces though ..... :whistling:


I kind of like it....but I would wear nothing with a "bench." logo on. An OK watch for an OK price, warm.


It has the Bench logo on, adds £15 to the price of anything apparently.


This is not even a decent "retro" watch. You're just paying for the name. My eighties L.E.D was more stylish than this (and would be now!). No wonder Argos are selling them off. Having said that, this site is about voting for bargains of course and loads of people lose sight of that. However this is still overpriced for what it is, although I can't fault EyeDoubleYou for posting it as it's half price, and someone's gonna like it. Voted warm.


Bench is chav?! Oh and to make it show the time you need to press a button then wait a second for it to display. Its not shown all the time.

Bench - Men's - Hiss Jacket £14.99 Delivered (RRP: £49.99)
Posted 9th Sep 2007Posted 9th Sep 2007
Bench - Men's - Hiss Jacket £14.99 Delivered (RRP: £49.99)
Bench - Men's - Hiss (White - Track Top) All sizes available. Looks VERY white. Avoid if you have kids or pets!
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I'd say not being able to spell "pregnant" tells us a lot...


im not a chav, but i got a 22 year old pregnent and i'm 38 does that count, mom !!!!!!!




The line between chav and non-chav is blurred? tell me about it! I used to love wearing what I still term as surfer almost pijama like cotton loose trousers, with various tarten, embroidened looking patterns on. This was all the rage during the late 90s, and early 2000. Now if I wore them I'd look like a chav!


It doesn't matter to me if something is chav brand anyway, if I like it and it suits me I will buy it. I am not a chav but i have a helly hansen coat because it is in my opinion the best quality coat for winter. Same with rockports as a shoe.

Navy Folding Bench - £5.98 @ Woolies !
Posted 3rd Sep 2007Posted 3rd Sep 2007
Navy Folding Bench - £5.98 @ Woolies !
Navy Folding Bench - £5.98 @ Woolies ! 'Was' price is rubbish; still a good deal for a folding bench @ £5.98. FREE local store delivery. Description : This versatile folding benc… Read more

not sure you could call it a "bench" though its a nice cheap two seater


There's about half a dozen left in the plymouth city centre store as of lunchtime today, they also had kids umbrella's and chairs for £2.50 each, and some kids paddling pools and gazebo sets for £12.49 reduced from £50!


out of stock :-(


Thanks, just ordered one, voted hot.


Thanks a lot ... will come in handy ... have just ordered one! :thumbsup:

Clearance Sale @ - Womenswear & Menswear !
Posted 3rd Sep 2007Posted 3rd Sep 2007
Clearance Sale @ - Womenswear & Menswear !
Check out the Womenswear & Menswear Clearance Sale @! Many items have been reduced with prices starting from just £5.99! Lots of good brands in there including: Anima… Read more

[CENTER]>>> ][SIZE=2][COLOR=purple]Womenswear Clearance Play.Com[/COLOR][/SIZE] [/CENTER][CENTER][image missing][/CENTER]

Echo Bench (Tesco Range) - £18.75 @ Tesco Direct
Posted 19th Aug 2007Posted 19th Aug 2007
Echo Bench (Tesco Range) - £18.75 @ Tesco Direct
Bench From the Echo range, this Kapur wood refectory bench can be matched with other Echo outdoor garden furniture. £18.74 + Free Delivery if you buy two Catalogue Id 901-0170 Fea… Read more

he he :)


From nine till five I have to spend my time at work The job is very boring, I'm an office clerk The only thing that helps pass the time away Is knowing I'll be back on Echo Bench some day :whistling:


So say all of us!!! :giggle:


Lets just hope we get a little bit more summer weather to enjoy the bench :)


Thanks for this - I don't have the table, but the bench is fine for a casual 5 minute cup of tea and cig! :thumbsup:

Work Bench + set of Tools - £10 @ Tesco !
Posted 3rd Aug 2007Posted 3rd Aug 2007
Work Bench + set of Tools - £10 @ Tesco !
Work Bench + Tools - £10 @ Tesco ! FREE local store collection or pay extra for delivery Description : The Work bench and tools is ideal for home work and carpenter purpose work.… Read more

Back in store at Durham Tesco's for a tenner. Can't go wrong.


I notice that quidco tracked on this item at the pre-sale price of £20 but minus vat. So if you bought the bench for £10, then you'd get 5% off the original price of £20 minus vat @ 17.5% which is a reduction of 85p, which is exactly double the rate I was expecting. Is that clear? It basically means that on the 5 that I bought, I paid to £9.15 for each. That's most of the blokey Christmas presents sorted for less than £50! woot!


they had the workbenches a couple of months ago in tesco stores when they were doing the DIY stuff..... Was something like £10 before, then I bought it in the salefor £5.... Apparentely it went down to £2.50 to shift the last lot.....


Out of stock, shame looks to be a decent deal for a bit of home diy. Or am i glad i missed it?


Beware! The quality is poor - the workbench is flatpacked which you have to assembled yourself. The frame is more like tin than steel, easily bent also the nuts and bolts do come off after a while. It doesn't fold complete flat so I got rid of mine and bought proper workbench, this time nice and solid.:p

Stella Silver Wide Low TV Bench [up to £42" LCD TV] - £24.99 (1/2 price) @ Argos !
Posted 17th Jul 2007Posted 17th Jul 2007
Stella Silver Wide Low TV Bench [up to £42" LCD TV] - £24.99 (1/2 price) @ Argos !
Stella Silver Wide Low TV Bench [up to £42" TV] - £24.99 (1/2 price) @ Argos ! Reserve & collect @ store Features : Silver finish TV bench. 1 internal shelf | Internal dimens… Read more

[image missing]

York B501 Bench with Fly only £39.99
Posted 21st Jun 2007Posted 21st Jun 2007
York B501 Bench with Fly only £39.99
weight bench was £79.99 now £34.99. cheapest ive seen please post if you find cheaper. Folding weight bench with butterfly and 3 position incline back rest. Bench press, laying le… Read more
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Dunno about you but that's plenty for me! :-D


i think these benches have a max weight of 150kg including bodyweight on the bench press which makes them pretty useless for anyone looking to use this for bench pressing


Those weights are pretty rubbish although cheap enough, shame the cast iron ones arent reduced :-( Also you'll probably find them too chunky for a bench.


Yep! More info:


I assume bench goes flat down for bench preeses

Bench-£15.00 +Delivery Charge £5
Posted 20th Jun 2007Posted 20th Jun 2007
Bench-£15.00 +Delivery Charge £5
Verdigris style 8 slat bench Product ID:0009263/0 Size: H 65cm, W 122cm, D 50cm Material: Cast iron and chinese hardwood I bought 3. Good for the money
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Auckland Wooden Tete a Tete Bench was £119.99 now £49.99
Posted 12th May 2007Posted 12th May 2007
Auckland Wooden Tete a Tete Bench was £119.99 now £49.99
These are less than half price. I have bought two and they are really sturdy and a good size, nice roomy seats. Table in the middle is a fantastic idea (after all, when do you ev… Read more

Why is this EXPIRED? I said in original post that they are not available online, but they have them instore.


These are normal £59.99 but have gone down on a bank holiday special I think these might go back up to this price Monday or Tuesday. So if your intrested ring your local branch Sunday.

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