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Refurb (1 year warranty) Panasonic DP-UB320EBK SMART 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player £59.99 at Panasonic/ebay
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Decent, basic 4K player, comes with 12 months warranty. Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback (4K HDR) High-Resolution Audio Playback 4K VOD Supported

Id guess it needs a firmware update Watching films at home is a farce these days tho. There is a very delibrate attempt to stop discs and push everyone onto streaming or into the cinemas.


Can i read bdxl discs (100gb and 128gb) on this? Thanks.


Great 4K disc playback for the money however very poor USB player due to blocked / unsupported HD audio pass-through.


Is it better than the Xbox one x 4k player lol as it does not play certain 4k films like Star Wars episode one !!!


Amazing price and great little player.

Reburbished Panasonic DP-UB420EBK SMART 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray DVD Player - £79.99 @ Panasonic / Ebay Outlet
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Decent player for this price (I think!).
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I also got one last time too; good player with 2 x hdmi and digi op outputs (and ethernet connectivity)


Fantastic player. Got one last time they were available on ebay/Panasonic at same price. Twin HDMI is very useful to split the 4k video to 4k TV and audio to a 1080p only Soundbar


Got one of these the last time they were on offer at the same price. Great player

Refurb Panasonic DMP-BDT167EB SMART 3D Blu-ray DVD Player Built In USB Playback (12 month warranty) - £34.99 - eBay/Panasonic
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
For total peace of mind, all of our refurbished products come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

That's fine, I never bothered with BD that much and don't have any multi-region ones at all, as they weren't as easy to hack. I do have loads of DVDs though


If the "hack device" is a remote control, then ONLY dvd will be multi region not bluray. Let us know how it works out.


Thanks. Ordered for Mother In Law.


Nope unfortunately


Just purchased one and a hack device to make it multi region, I'll let you know if it works and if it does I'm happy to lend it

Refurbished (1 year warranty) Panasonic DMP-BDT180EB 3D Smart  Blu-Ray Player £47.50 at Tesco/ebay
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
12 MONTH TESCO OUTLET WARRANTY Good player at this price.

Not a chance this accepts all regions for Blu-ray, you'd need a modded version for that and you wouldn't get it from Tesco.


Really this accepts all regions A B C was after a player of this sort. Thank you


Wasted my time and money. Thought this was a 4k player, bought it, paid extra for fast delivery....not a 4k player. now trying to stop the order. waste of my time!


Thank you.


This will no doubt do the job perfectly. Just ignore the 4K upscaling feature, as it won't apply to your TV.

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Groundhog Day (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital Download) [UHD] £9.99 @ Zoom
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Decent price for the 4k uhd blu ray. Always prefer a physical copy and looking forward to all the Groundhog Day jokes to follow. Also looking forward to all the Groundhog Day jokes… Read more
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It looks like Groundhog Day UHD blu-ray is also on Zoom's ebay listings as part of their 25% off 2 offer. So, if you found something else that was worthwhile to you when 25% off, then this would be £7.49 delivered.


Pretty sure this was posted yesterday.


Well if you like the "stuck in time loop" subject, try Triangle (2009) thats probably the best one, also The Endless (2017) which is on Netflix..and Coherence (2013) is also good, but all dark movies.


Russian Doll on Netflix is quite similar in set up but a bit darker in tone. Worth checking out. It's only short.


I was going to comment on the digital download bit isn't going to work much longer - but I see someone beat me to it... I actually saw this 3 times in the cinema (The first viewing was cut short due to a fire). Great show and the concept has been copied by many TV shows (Stargate, The Good place, Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire slayer & many more). Also Edge of Tomorrow, which is getting a sequel!

Various 4K Movies Inc: Mission Impossible Fallout, Equalizer 2, Goodfellas, Bladerunner, Jurrasic World Etc £12.90 or Less @ Amazon Spain
Found 9th MayFound 9th MayShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Spain as various 4K films on offer which includes Blu-Rays (If Foreign UV copies are included) they DO NOT work in the UK. Some fantastic films in the mix for 15 Euros or less = … Read more
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Yeah I don't tend to bother with UV anyway I've redeemed a lot of UK UV codes over the years and never watched one yet.. pointless if you have the disc and not bothered about watching on phone or tablet anyway.


Logan 4k is only €10.10 https://www.amazon.es/Logan-Wolverine-Blu-Ray-Ultra-Blu-ray/dp/B06XD86FHM/ref=zg_bs_10465684031_28?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=GS91SAPGZVN2Z9TRQ9HH


For an extra 60p you could buy from this ebay seller, I've bought solo from them before and it arrived within 2 days and was perfect. You also get a bonus disc. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mission-Impossible-Fallout-4k-HDR-Factory-Sealed-3-Disks-Limited-time-low-price-/202596431764?nav=SEARCH


UV is such a hassle its easier to pirate films you own - it's also been phased out in UK.



Grease!/Grease 2/Grease Live Triple-Pack Blu-Ray £9 @ Zoom with code
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
I got deals They’re multiplyin’ And I’m looooosin’ control ‘Cause these savings I’m supplyin’ They’re electrifyin’! Better snap up (Ooh ooh oohhh) Cause they’re goin’ fast And the… Read more

That's the one that I want! Thanks


I dont know what was worse, Grease live or Grease 2. Both do not deserve to ever be put onto a Bluray disc

European Amazon Blu-Ray/DVD/4K Deals Thread With Links and Price Conversions
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Thought I’d collect together a few of the deals from the European Amazon websites that relate to 4K/Blu-Ray/DVD as I often find myself scouting for better deals than we get most of… Read more
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Probably depends on what you order & from where but i’ve bought from .it & .de & they delivered within a week using Amazon logistics


What’s a computer? (zombie)


From memory, when i tried to redeem a Canadian google movie I'd bought (it was this one, which also had some helpful guidance: https://www.digitalcodes4sale.com/products/incredibles-2-disney-hd-google-play-code-w-0-dmr-points-canada ) I think I was able to add an extra alternative Canadian overseas profile/payment address to my existing UK google account, rather than changing the country for my main account and then being stuck with it for 12 months, which i was then able to switch between, however I couldn't get any free VPN to work to make Google think I was actually in Canada. So I gave up. Having to go via the fox redeem website would add an extra step but the same principles would presumably apply about being able to redeem it.


Fantastic effort OP. Great digging (y)


Yeah, unfortunately the codes are foxredeem.com codes which take you to google play to redeem. Then they fail. Tried a vpn, but you also have to change region and payment method and it warns you that you can only change region once a year, so backed out at that point. I managed to set up Vudu and movies anywhere, so have got all my google and ultraviolet movies synced (pity I can’t link my uk iTunes and Amazon accounts to it). Movies Anywhere sometimes allows foreign digital codes to be redeemed, but the french ones I have tried don’t work....

Jack Reacher (4K UHD) [2018] [Region Free] - £9.99 @ Amazon Prime / £12.98 Non Prime
Found 5th MayFound 5th MayShipping from GuernseyShipping from Guernsey
Description Product Description " Ex-military investigator Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) leaps off the pages of Lee Child’s bestselling novel and onto the big screen in the explosive … Read more
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Not much of an upgrade from bluray tbh.


i also own this, is just a slight upgrade in detail and clarity, dark scenes looks more realistic also face details are clearer. at £10 i think its worth the 2 or £3 more from the blu ray. But i agree could have been better in parts


I had this on 4k and I really couldn't tell a massive difference from blu ray still a great movie but maybe think twice if you already own it


Here we go again. 4K UHD always looks better than blu-ray or "4K" streaming - not just because of extra resolution but because of HDR and WCG. 4K discs usually (not always) have better audio too. And you get the blu-ray disc(s) as well of course. This one has had positive reviews and is an upgrade on the blu-ray. Great film too.


Most movies are these days anyway. Alot of 4k's dont have atmos and arent true 4k movies.

Christopher Nolan 4K Collection & Logan 4K/Blu-Ray £47.39 @ Amazon Italy
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Amazon Italy’s deal is back! And so too is the Nolan collection at a staggeringly low price. All in all here you’ll get 8 4K films for £47! Other titles are in the promotion, where… Read more
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Awesome! Went for Westworld S2, Nolan collection, Mad Max Fury Road and The Matrix. All in 4K UHD!! 9 films and an excellent tv series for £70!! Super bargain!!


Can confirm both multiple usage, and also that the promotion is stackable - so 4 films would yield 40% off still, as would 6/8, haven’t tried any more than that though


Multiple times, possibly even within the same transaction


Can it be used multiple times, or just once per account?


Bought! But got the 4 DC Blu Ray collection and Nolan for £51.

A Quiet Place, Mandy Blu-Rays £4.99 each @ HMV IN-STORE
Found 30th AprFound 30th AprLocalLocal
Under a fiver each for two of the best films of 2018! Mandy is Nic Cage at his absolute best, and A Quiet Place is a sensory thriller that takes horror and reimagines it as family … Read more
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A quiet place was good, Mandy too weird for me


I found it quite engaging and suspenseful and good acting all round espeically by the ever lovely Emily Blunt. Much better than that Netflix one with Sandra Bullock which was just stuuuuuuupid. Save for that bit where you thought why didn't they just take the batteries out.


Although decent compared to Mandy.


A quiet place is a poor film


Mandy was okay but wouldnt watch again. Bit weird without enough action. Interesting enough

Deadpool 1 & 2 Blu-Ray Set £9.99 In-Store @ HMV
Found 30th AprFound 30th AprLocalLocal
Seems like a good price for the pair of them together brand new!
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Bit of fishing going on here I think (angel)


Do you have Spider-Man-Into the Spiderverse?great movie not just for kids


Same story but told by Deadpool to a kidnapped Fred Savage.Actually really funny how it mocks itself


Thanks OP, my kids love the Deadpool films now... they can watch these until Avengers: Endgame comes out to own. Disney have so many great comic book films for my little ones! (y)


Different movie altogether? or is it just DP2 but rehashed for kids?

MARVEL Next Avengers - Heroes of Tomorrow DVD £0.50 @ CeX (+£1.50 p&p)
Found 30th AprFound 30th AprLocalLocal
The Avengers have been slain but the Avengers’ children are rescued. Now James, Torunn, Azari and Pym must face up to their parents’ killer, and try to rid the world of evil robot… Read more

Woah - spoiler alert!

LG UBK80 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-ray Player £75.65 with code @ Crampton & Moore ebay
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
4K Disc Playback, for life-like images Take your video to the next level with 4K resolution and life-like HDR. 4K blu-ray discs changes your perspective from watching a movie to e… Read more

Is this player region locked, probably is but just wondering


Crapton and Moore though. This company sucks so bad (fierce)


DV s where its at on an oled in my experience so far.


can also be used a floating shelf


Sony, can use same code to get the X700 for £161.50

Death of Super Man (Limited Edition gift set). SAVE £11 £16.99 @ Zavvi
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Based on the acclaimed Comic graphic novel comes an epic animated movie showcasing Super Man’s greatest battle. An asteroid hurtles through our atmosphere and crashes into the ocea… Read more

how many MB's?


Hard to say, its obviously quite different (you mean the last death of supoerman movie?) but i feel they are about the same in terms of quality of the story and pacing... I like they have continued the new 52 type of series with these justice league and batman movies, but the only films I enjoyed a lot have been some of the batman ones, son of batman and batman vs robin i guess.


still got the original comic set... Great story. The previous movie wasn't great assume this is better?


Why is this in the 4K deals? It’s not a 4k disc.


Damn spoiler bro

PREOWNED Pink Panther Cartoon Collection £6 @ CeX (P&P £1.50)
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
The complete collection of the 124 original theatrical Pink Panther cartoons created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie Features: ink Paradise Pink of Arabee Pink, Punk, Plink Fort… Read more



i've owned this dvd collection for about 13 years. it worked great on my first child during their early years. and then some 8 years+ later it's working great on her two younger brothers. classic kids slapstick fun.


Also on Amazon £7.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pink-Panther-Cartoon-Collection-DVD/dp/B00MQSUM4S/ref=mp_s_a_1_9?keywords=pink+panther&qid=1556050299&s=gateway&sr=8-9



Shame it doesn't include The Inspector cartoons. I used to love the theme tune. (Still do!)

Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Refurbished by Sony w/ 12 months Sony warranty and free 24 hour delivery at Centres Direct for £129
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
I was searching for a decent 4k player to go with my newly purchased Solo Story 4k blu-ray(!) and narrowed it down to a Sony or Panasonic in the sub 200 price range. This seems to … Read more

Bought one from them two months ago, same price. Excellent player and very good at upscaling. Mine was in perfect condition, no marks or scratches. Delivered within 3 days.


looks great!


Looks a good deal. Very tempted

Panasonic DMP-UB300 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player £69.99 @ Argos ebay
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
The compact UB300 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is the perfect match for your 4K UHD TV. The resolution from Blu-ray matches the UHD and HDR resolution of your TV, giving you crisp detai… Read more

Also no DTS HD /MA , Dolby Atmos or any HD audio playback via USB pass-through. Panasonic has blocked all USB HD audio on all its 4K models to prevent playback of backup or downloaded movies. It does however play basic 5.1 DTS and Dolby. It supports everything via 4K disc playback


This device is only worth the price its being sold at now, not the rrp it states. It lacks many features, some described above by others. Better off paying more for a fuller player that's more future proof.




The title doesn't really do the product justice. I figured this was what it says a Blu-ray player with upscaling. Not a 4K Blu-ray player.


Yes and no optical out either :(

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