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Plexus 4-Way Individually Switched Surge Protector 1m Cable in White £2.25 (£2.98 P&P) @ ebuyer
Found 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
Power surges & lightning strikes are not the only things that can damage your home electronic equipment. Simply switching appliances on & off can create electrical imbalanc… Read more

Yeah, just to add to the above, I wouldn't recommend either. Bought 2 of the 6 socket version. One socket in each doesn't work.


Came to use my second one last night, the 6 ways version of this make. as soon as I inserted the 3 pin plug in the mains it blew my house circuit breaker. [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Then I changed the fuse to a 5 amp one and had another go. Again it blew this fuse too , indicating a short circuit inside the socket strip. I recommend you all to test all yours as some of you may have bought loads and put into stock.[/SIZE][/COLOR]:thinking:


True, the plug does indicate it meets BS1363A, but the socket strip has no indication of compliance with any safety standard. Indication of compliance on the plug should in no way be taken as indicating that the socket complies with any safety standard. I've opened up my sockets and I can say that the quality inside is quite poor.


Quote from above "I bought the six way version that was on offer a few days ago. If this one is anything like similar quality I'd avoid it. The six way version lacks any form of indication of quality eg BS or Kitemark. Also the cable seems a bit thin for something fused 13A." There is a saftey mark on the plug Not fantastic quality but they are great value


Why have people stopped using inc P&P prices on here?

Plexus MV 500VA UPS With AVR   ( £14.99 Delivered)
Found 14th Apr 2008Found 14th Apr 2008
This is my first post so let's hope it's helpful Plexus MV 500VA UPS With AVR Also protects your phone line and modem Been looking for a cheap UPS to protect my computer in cas… Read more
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Which is exactly what I said - it's not as simple as saying a uber-watt PSU equates to a real power draw of the same value. No need to get so defensive.. Of course, I defer to the sims test for accuracy :P


Real world example: I had this very UPS connected to a PC with a 300 watt power supply and an LCD 22 inch (with an IEC connector I bought off ebay). Everything was fine for two days until the Kids started playing The Sims - then the thing started beeping overloaded.... So, I didn't use a power meter to test it - just The Sims - but, as always, your mileage may vary.


for those of us using onboard raid cards that **** a brick at any hard reset a ups is a boon


cheers. i bought two of these in the end: eBay dont like the idea of me wireing up a lead that will power my pc :oops:


Just done a time test with my 20' iMac + Iomega minimax HDD + Belkin powered 4 port hub. lasted 23 min, then beeping went to every 1 sec and lasted a further 2 mins + ( i didn't let it power out completely as the beeping got on my nerves!) but 25 minutes should be long enough to save your work and close down everything. Well pleased. :) All my other equipment is connected to a belkin surge protector(from dellwhen they had that really cheap belkin stuff) so all my stuff is surge protected as well

Plexus MV 500VA Uninteruptable Power Supply With AVR - £14.99 FREE DELIVERY @ Ebuyer
Found 8th Apr 2008Found 8th Apr 2008
For Free Delivery select 5 day Supersaver UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supplies are essential to most offices and home offices or any enviroment where important Files and Data ar… Read more

Free delivery as long as this is all you have in your basket. At least it is for me, with firefox.


i have one of these they were posted here a while back, good little unit! JonFo is correct you need the kettle cables to be able to use this


I got one of these for my brother, and it looks ok, but remember to buy the connecting mains cables, they don`t seem to come with it ( I think you call them male to female / plug and sockect ) It comes with a power cable for the unit, and thats all. Heres one for only 99p each (25 in stock)


free delivery didnt work for me either, might be mozilla firefox. I tried again with internet explorer and it worked jav


Doesn't come up as free delivery for me. What am I doing wrong (yes I selected 5 day super saver).

Plexus 6-Way Individually Switched Surge Protector - £3.99 FREE DELIVERY @ Ebuyer
Found 8th Apr 2008Found 8th Apr 2008
For Free Delivery select 5 day Supersaver. Usually you need to spend £50 to get free delivery. Not in this instance, as long as this is all you buy. Adding other items will remove … Read more

Thats almost 2 months i've been using all 3 of mine for now and have had No problems here ! :?


one of sockets plugs is failing, 1 out of 12 sockets, 1 of 2 products, gonna have to open it up and check it over


No, they're absolute ****, I contacted eBuyer and they wanted me to post them back, ******** to that for 9 quids worth of stuff, it's not worth the hassle. I am glad I had nothing plugged in, because it would've been nuked. This isn't a hot deal, as this isn't a low price for an item of this quality.


got to admit, that is a bit worrying, im going to open mine up too sometime is there any sort of equipment warranty with these as there is with the belkin ones?


now gone up to £3.99 delivered :)

Plexus Gold Plated HDMI to HDMI 2m Cable (Black)  £3.55 @ ebuyer - FREE DELIVERY
Found 6th Apr 2008Found 6th Apr 2008
FREE ROYAL MAIL SHIPPING - when you select within 5 working days (super saver) HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a specification that combines video and audio into a … Read more

Look up....


Why is this showing as expired as it is still available but just a couple of pence more @ £3.69



Already posted -


Plexus 3 Port HDMI Video Switch With Remote Control £24.78 delivered @ EBUYER
Found 18th Mar 2008Found 18th Mar 2008
The Plexus 3 Port HDMI Switch allows you to quickly and easily share your HDMI display device with 4 HDMI input sources. conveniently switch between digital devices such as DVD pla… Read more

It's coming up as £29.78 for me. How do you get the £5 off? Thanks.


Ooops! I guess that's why the OP has delivered on it.


I received an email on the weekend saying that there was an extra £5 off, so I bought one. don't know how long it will last though.

Plexus V 500VA UPS @ £18.99
Found 18th Mar 2008Found 18th Mar 2008
PRICE REDUCED FROM £29.99 TO £18.99 INCLUDES FREE DELIVERY The Plexus V Series is a reliable, cost-effective UPS. With its sleek case and Compact Design it looks equally at home i… Read more

you obviously shouldnt run a ups at full potential.....otherwise you only get seconds on battery power


no need to shout.....maybe you should fix your keyboard yes it will take 500w, but it wont last very long at full load, will full load you will get seconds whilst on battery power which funnily enough isnt helpful, you wont get minutes.....running it at approx 40-60% load will mean you'll get an ok amount of time on battery before it auto-shuts down


I don't think you are correct about this UPS only being suitable for computers that have power supplies that are less than 300w! This UPS unit is rated at 500va which is the same as 500w (volts times amps = watts), therefore this should be suitable to backup the system to hard drive (suspend to hard drive) in the event of a power failure. Correct me if I am wrong but Computers don't allways run flat out and use the full potential of their power supply.




worth it those with older pc's....if your pc has a >300w psu (let alone anything( i wouldnt bother as the ups wouldnt cope with the load.... be aware that this uses the expensive kettle connectors.....which i think are about £20 each! certainly better than the waste of space surge protector plugs never heard of this make though and ive been in IT for 20+ years! i have this one of these...its an excellent piece of kit, which is surprising for belkin connected are my old amd64 3200 desktop pc, usb powered port device, monitor and 3 external hard drives (they are connected using 3 pin plugs (though conveniently, but ahem not ideally, plugged into a gang socket - the router and cable modem are also connected tho dont need to be, tho the formaer will if i get a NAS)...lasts abouts 30 mins on normal load

Plexus Gold Plated HDMI to HDMI Cable (Black) 2m - £3.55 Inc Free Delivery
Found 17th Mar 2008Found 17th Mar 2008
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a specification that combines video and audio into a single digital interface for use with DVD players, digital television (DTV) play… Read more

Thanks for the update go4go13 :thumbsup:


Free Postage back on £3.55 inc delivery


anyone cant wait i got a 1m one in asda today for a fiver not as cheap but saves waiting for free postage again if anyones in a hurry :)


Yes just checked shipping is been charged. Give it a few days normally goes back to being free again.


Hmmm they seem to be charging for delivery now, even when selecting Super Saver. Can anyone confirm this?

Plexus MV 500VA UPS £14.99 (+  £4.79 del if order total under £49.99) @ ebuyer
Found 4th Mar 2008Found 4th Mar 2008
I've got one of these and it's saved me several times when the breaker has tripped in the house. Gives you 15 minutes power to your PC and a monitor when you lose the mains supply,… Read more

agreed tho maybe nothing.....just dont open the fridge/freezer if the powers off and itll last a fair time anyway, eg a few hours maybe longer


agreed but what you want to avoid is data corruption, though its a slight risk and you have to be very unlucky...for me with business data its not worth the risk for the small outlay i paid (£110) for a belkin (would have preferred an apc one but the kettle plu arrangement wasnt as convenient as the belkin's, plus the belkin one is fine for consumer/SOHO users)


prob over overloaded it with the PC alone, try one of the belkin or apc ones they work fine for most consumers, but they cost more but then they work...just make sure you get the right rated recommend getting one that is no more than 60% of your power needs i have this one which is power backup to my ageing but adequate acer amd 64 desktop, a samsung 22in monitor, 3 external hard drives (wd 1tb, wd 500gb, wd 250gb), powered usb, router and cable modem on battery this lot lasts about 30mins on average/normal load..saved me manys times in the last year...also takes as standard the 3 pin plugs which is convenient, the apc's use kettle type sockets i think


yes much better than the useless consumer surge protectors (which are as useful as a chocolate fireguard), but i would buy one which has a higher va rating as this will struggle to support even the lowest spec pc


Did you re-try?? I have only my PC plugged in and it died when the power went off straight away. I'm sending it back :( I don't think these are designed for "high end" gaming PCs tbh

Plexus 4 Port HDMI Video Splitter (Connect 4 x HD Displays To A Single HD Source)
Found 13th Feb 2008Found 13th Feb 2008
I don't think you will find anything like this cheaper anywhere else. You will need this if you have a Sky HD box and want to run HD quality on two tv's. DON'T CONFUSE THIS WITH A… Read more

Sorry, I looked at the 3 port and thought it would be the same.


No idea what you're looking at crazygoog but that's not what the description on ebuyer says, or any of the reviews on there.

punkrjb read the reviews, they confirm OP. description is misleading on ebuyer before reading reviews.


Are you sure about this? Reviews seem to say that you can put three connections into it (ie V+, PS3 and HD-DVD) and connect the unit to your TV, so cuts out the need for unplugging all the time.


I don't think you understand what this product does. It is not a switch. It allows you to split the signal from the source (eg. sky hd, virgin) and view it on multiple screens.

Plexus Wireless 54Mbps ADSL2+ Router & 4-port Switch @ for £19.99
Found 4th Feb 2008Found 4th Feb 2008
Plexus Wireless Broadband Router ADSL2+, providing up to 24Mbps downstream rate and up to 1Mbps upstream rate. The device includes all as ADSL2+, router, wireless AP and 4-port swi… Read more
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Is this 19.99 price still correct ? It appears to be £24.99 + £4.49 Minimum postage charge = £29.45 Total including delivery ! ! !



Ah yes, but the other router was DSL (Cable type) only. You nearly always pay more for ADSL (ones with a modem built in) purely on that basis. As an IT and network engineer, I would say that this is the cheapest I've seen for a ADSL2+ modem router, even if it's only 54Mbps (I've just bought a TPlink ADSL 108Mbps router today from Microdirect to try). I will be interested to see the performance and more importantly when it comes to routers nowadays, the reliability of the Plexus router over the long term. Anyone know what they're like? Voted hot anyway.


thx for pointing that, but don't forget you get free delivery if you spend 49.99 altogether. :thumbsup:


Works out to £24.68 with Super Saver delivery. Would be helpful if the OP can correct this. Another wireless router for £18.59 posted ]here recently. The Plexus appears a better(?) deal though it's £6 more expensive overall.

Plexus 6-Way Surge Protector Cable (Black) 1m - £2.99 + delivery @ ebuyer !
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
Not worth paying delivery charge for 1 item (£4.69) .. consider if buying anything else & get free delivery on orders over £50 Power surges & lightning strikes are not the… Read more

Much more inferior to this Plexus Joules rating: 375 Max Amps: 13500 1 m cable Belkin Superior Series 6-Way Tel/Fax/Modem Protection Joules rating: 1940 Max Amps: 45,000 2 m cable. Plus the Belkin has surge indicators which means you can tell if the surge protection is still active. This one doesn't therefore it can still work, but you won't know if the surge protection is still working. false economy


£5.41 inc vat? Thats without postage.


too lazy to check it out at ebuyer? :p edi will change it then i suppose.


Title should include postage amount:whistling:


of course the title says + postage. as in excluding delivery? it's useful if you already have a order lined up with ebuyer or you need a few bits from them. if not then get one from maplins.

Plexus 3 Port HDMI Video Switch With Remote Control £8 (25% ish) off - £24.99
Found 26th Jan 2008Found 26th Jan 2008
Positive reviews on ebuyer. Good deal for all those who could not get hold of the £9.99 Joytech one from Gamestation. You'll have to top the order upto £50 to get free delivery.
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I bought the Joytech over this Plexus. Both have good reviews but the Joytech is much smaller and can be got for cheaper that £25. The Joytech has a remote and works very well.


Direct link: However, this unit and its PSU and remote control, look suspiciously similar to ones which you can get on (shhhh!) Ebay for around £19 delivered. I've got one.

Plexus ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router - £24.99 delivered !
Found 12th Jan 2008Found 12th Jan 2008
Complete Wireless solution for non-cable broadband under £25. Annex A ADSL2+ interface with 4-port 10/100 ports for connection to LAN &1x USB Device port IEEE802.11 b/g compa… Read more

i have bought the stuff last week , looks neat.... the trouble is to set up to work!!!!! i rung BT and they gave me the setting parameters, but they couldn't help me to set up the device. i was told to contact the manufacturer, but i can not find any information about it. is someone out there who using this router with BT and can help me out? i did try the things in the manual, but there is neither upstream nor downstream signal.... it would be pretty much appreciated, coz i desperatelly need to use the router...;-) Thanks


It was £19.99 on ebuyer for a day about a week or two ago


I did try and search for more information on this router about its usb functionality but can find none at all, I think you're going to need to be the guinea pig to find out or wait for someone else to purchase it. John


anybody know??


would be v. nice if so!

Plexus 3 Port HDMI Video Switch With Remote Control - £19.99 (£22.57 delivered) @ Ebuyer
Found 18th Oct 2007Found 18th Oct 2007
Countless LCD & Plasma TV's only come with 1 or 2 HDMI Ports as standard. This can be very frustrating when you have more HDMI devices to plug in than available ports. The Pl… Read more

Does anyone know if this comes with a hdmi lead to connect back to tv? or do i have to buy on seperately?


What's the problem with plugging it in and testing it?


You need the power to switch ports. Is the thing any good?


Just got this today and plugged it in and working without power. Am i right in thinking that it will work without powere or do you need the power to change to other hdmi ports????


Thanks Bud, I'll have a look. :thumbsup:

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