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Ape Escape 2 for PS4 £3.29 @ PlayStation Store (also Ape Escape - PS3 Move edition @ £2.49 / PSP version @ £2.49)
Found 22nd Mar 2017Found 22nd Mar 2017
Ape Escape 2 for PS4 £3.29 @ PlayStation Store (also Ape Escape - PS3 Move edition @ £2.49 / PSP version @ £2.49)
Cheapest its been, went hot when previously on PS Plus deal for £5.99 Ape Escape PS3 Move Edition @ £2.49 Ape Escape [PSP] @ £2.49 Available from 22/03/17 12.00 am to 06/04… Read more

Bought this when the re-release came out and loved 100%'ing it. Never actually caught all the monkeys when I had it on PS2. Also, monkey football is arguably the most underrated minigame ever


Nice find, thanks for sharing.


Ape Escape games never sold too great unfortunately doubt they would get the special treatment from Sony but yeah that'd be even more awesome and i would be there day one if so :)


Would be awesome if Sony remastered these like they are doing with Crash Bandicoot!


nice find op, heat added

4K HDR Xiaomi MI BOX III (3) Android TV. Second only to the expensive Nvidia shield. Get Google Assistant on your TV! @ Aliexpress: £55.52 through the mobile app with a new account coupon. £57.13 through your PC browser. 8% TCB. Shipped in 20-40 days
Found 28th Feb 2017Found 28th Feb 2017
(Edit: Topcashback link - if you use it, don't buy using the app, and you don't use any coupon. Use IE/Microsoft Edge if you don't want to disable adblock etc. to get it to track… Read more

£47.44 here.


If only it had optical out! :/ not even the shield does :( great price and spec though


Can someone who has one of these (or any Android TV box really) please answer a quick question for me. I 'd like to VPN to my home server on one of these devices. Is the VPN a simple to configure, just the same as my Android phone. On my phone I go to settings, Network, VPN, Add VPN then enter URL/Username/Password. I currently have a Raspberry Pi3 running OpenELEC, but to configure a simple VPN is neigh on impossible. Thank you in advance.....


Point I was trying to make was the 3 has several different chassis's, some look exactly alike. The 3: Xiaomi MiBox 3 Model Name: MDZ-16-AA (Codename: 'JurassicPark') Ships with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Xiaomi MiBox 3S Model Name: MDZ-16-AB (Codename also 'JurassicPark') Ships with official Android TV and supported by Google Xiaomi MiBox 3 Pro (Enhanced) Model: MDZ-18-AA (Codename I cant remember) Ships with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Xiaomi MiBox 3s Model: MDZ-19-AA (Code Name: Queenchristina) Ships with Android Version: 6.0.1 When the latest 3s was released it was referred to as the '4k' as this is how it was marketed, 4k and official AndroidTV, forums and posts all referred to it as this. When it was first released, people were trying to flash firmware for the MDZ-19-AA, some were bricked etc Was just trying to make people aware of the confusion that can happen when you try and search for the 3 for firmware and root. Most of the correct pages will refer to the '4k' while solutions for the '3(s/p)' will pull up info for the Pro or Enhanced and be wrong. On top of this it was also released at the same time in East and West. USA had bright colourful packaging with free vouchers advertised while the West was shipped in plain brown boxes (as is law). Now, more confusion arose as sellers like AliExpress etc were just copy/pasting info for it then shipping out different models or 'East' packaging while displaying 'West' pictures on the site. Some unconfirmed reports also stated that people had received the boxes for the '4k' but the model on the box was MDZ-19-AA. So, your right, 'officially' its a 3s while 'technically' its a '4k'.


Hmm this or the Wetek ones?

Final Fantasy 30th anniversary deals on PSN Store
Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017
Final Fantasy 30th anniversary deals on PSN Store
DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PS Vita/PSP) £6.99 DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® (PS Vita/PSP) £6.19 FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD (PS4) £15.99 FINAL FANTASY Tactics®: War of Lions … Read more
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Still sayin ff7 is 12.99 for me 😣


FF7 is the best but FFX is nearly as amazing and has good graphics. Pick that one for starters


Never played FFX is it worth playing? Gonna see if my PC can run it first


I don't see what difference only supporting 8 direction controls or the UI would have to do with the game not being on PS4. If it's on PC there's no reason it couldn't be on PS4, I just think Square are holding back on it to release alongside 8 sometime this year to continue the 30th anniversary celebrations.


heat. thanks. bought FF V / VI + coffin dodgers while I was there.

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All PSN Discounts 8/2/17
Found 8th Feb 2017Found 8th Feb 2017
All PSN Discounts 8/2/17
Deals in 1st 2 comments

Yeah, I guess we give O2 £10, and it gives Sony £20. Or something like that X)


Yeah I'm amazed that it's even still going as it is now. It'd be O2 wouldn't it?


£20! They could quite easily change it to one free £10 per household or something. It's such a bizarre loophole. I wonder: who is really losing out with that free £10 that doesn't really exist? O2? Sony? Both? Neither?! X)


All I would suggest is to not order too many SIMs in too short a time. O2 used to offer £20 instead of £10 until some people got carried away and abused the promo too much.


Thanks guys. Have picked up Trackmania Turbo, Killing Floor 2 and KOF 14 for the grand sum of £23.86. Thanks for the O2 tip guys. Wondering if i should keep going and get Nioh digitally too for half price or get it physically.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) - NEW - £10.70 (Prime) / £12.69 (non Prime) Delivered - Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 9th Jan 2017Found 9th Jan 2017
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) - NEW - £10.70 (Prime) / £12.69 (non Prime) Delivered - Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon
A simply unmissable price for a brand-new and sealed copy of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Playstation Portable console (PSP). Has sold/is selling for more than double th… Read more
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Yeah, cool, don't come crying back when you inevitably fall foul.


You will eventually, too many users on that site that want something for nothing + eBay always sides with the buyer, which don't get me wrong isn't especially a bad thing but it does create people a little window for exploitation.


You must have **** customers, never had a problem with people saying stuff never arrived.


For a recorded delivery it's around £2. If you are selling on eBay and sending things unrecorded then you are basically just asking to get robbed. My sellers account is over a decade old, think I know what I'm talking about here!


​it says "Has sold/is selling for more than double this for a long time now, so an absolute bargain" or am i the only one who can read?

Me and My Katamari (PSP) £3.88 (Prime) £5.87 (Non-prime) @ Amazon
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
Me and My Katamari (PSP) £3.88 (Prime) £5.87 (Non-prime) @ Amazon
No it is not 2006 but I just wanted to have a copy of this in my collection again and what is better than a new, sealed copy 10 years after production. :D Only 4 more left! Oh and … Read more

Thanks dude... Really appreciate it.


In back order for 13th of December guys. Don't miss out this time. :D


5 in stock, I ordered 1 before posting and there was 4 certainly in stock at time of posting.


was there only a couple in stock or did somebody clear the shelf for ebay?


Alas, I wasn't quick enough...

Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 Ultimate (Full Version) RRP £79.99 + Bonus Collection - £19.99 (Existing Users)
Found 30th Sep 2016Found 30th Sep 2016
Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 Ultimate (Full Version) RRP £79.99 + Bonus Collection - £19.99 (Existing Users)
I launched my Corel PSP X7 a few minutes ago and a 'Corel Offer' window appeared before the program fully loaded (I normally get these offers, but just ignore them). Anyhow, this … Read more

Forgot to uninstall PSPX7 and lauched it accidentally earlier and on closing it, got the pop-up I saw before posted this:


Hmm, wonder if my X2 would do it, wonder if I still have an OS I could install it on!!!


Hmm maybe I'll re-install PSP x3 that I haven't used for ages since it was so slow, maybe that'll give me an upgrade option!


e 2


I also got this offer on my x7, it's well worth it.

PSP E1000 White (New) £89.99 @ Game
Found 21st Sep 2016Found 21st Sep 2016
PSP E1000 White (New) £89.99 @ Game
£89.99GAME Deals
Great gaming at an unbeatable price PSP-E1000 puts amazing portable entertainment in your hands without busting your wallet. Enjoy the fantastic variety of perfect pocket money pri… Read more

Ok thanks.


Hi, no I didn't open mine and am not planning to do it, sorry.


Please could you tell me if you opened this and it was all brand new as someone said they got one which was used and resealed?


arrived used and resealed. returning


Thanks Mike. Didnt realise Game had 3rd party sellers. Some of the old Consoles are being advertised at £600 plus so am guessing this is why. So many cheap deals around cant see anyone going for these unless they are bonkers lol.

[PS4] Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - £13.09 (PS+) - PlayStation Store
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
[PS4] Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - £13.09 (PS+) - PlayStation Store
Shoot people, steal cars, crash cars, get cars spray painted, pick up women, shoot people, steal cars, crash cars, get cars spray painted, pick up women, shoot people, steal cars, … Read more
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Thanks for the post appreciated


Digital versions don't look that great on the shelf with the rest of your game collection you been building up for donkey's years perhaps?


It's nice owning the game


Never gonna happen, but also curious as to why you would want a disc version?


Wish this would come out on disc

Street Skater (PS3/PSP) £0.00 on PSN
Found 23rd Jul 2016Found 23rd Jul 2016
Street Skater (PS3/PSP) £0.00 on PSN
Showing as free for me. Playable on PS3 and PSP.

Still free.


What other PSP games are there? Anyone know? Thanks


This has been free for years.


nice one thank you. HEAT


he means PS one titles on the PSN store.

PSP Red (Pre owned) £29.99 @ Rakuten (Chipsworld)
Found 4th Jun 2016Found 4th Jun 2016
PSP Red (Pre owned) £29.99 @ Rakuten (Chipsworld)
As I'm looking for a PSP console (everywhere), I came across this one. I think it is pretty good for the price, however there aren't many details as to what/what's not included wit… Read more
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Look on eBay, you can possibly get it cheaper. This is the standard price.


Pretty standard price TBH. Would be better off picking one up at CeX for the 2 year warranty.


Indeed, got a pink one a few years ago for £30 from cash converters with 3 games & about 12 movies.


check local pawn shops, cash converters etc. usually have these between £10 - £20.

PSP 1000 refurbished £32.99 @ Ebay Musicmagpie
Found 3rd Jun 2016Found 3rd Jun 2016
PSP 1000 refurbished £32.99 @ Ebay Musicmagpie
£32.99eBay Deals
7 left at this price, coming with charger

I've got a 1000 model and screen looks a bit crappy now for LCD. Also getting hold of replacement official new battery is nearly impossible if you get a bad one. Wish I'd paid more for a 3000 model now with a better screen. You also cannot charge USB on this 1000 model.


Woooooaahhh this is hot as hell! There has never been a convenient PSX emulator as the psp. These things phased out in a compromised state. Worth buying for final fantasy tactics war of the lions alone!!


Not a bad price. I would be tempted but was lucky enough find a great condition boxed one with massive 2gb memory card at a car boot last week :)


Silly comment.


10 year old tech. The pspvita should be selling for this price.

More Blu-Ray's in Poundland (Narnia, Kung Fu Panda,  Michael Jackson's This Is It)  and UMD's (Mad Max,  Borat,  Rocky III)  [@Poundland Blackpool]
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
More Blu-Ray's in Poundland (Narnia, Kung Fu Panda, Michael Jackson's This Is It) and UMD's (Mad Max, Borat, Rocky III) [@Poundland Blackpool]
Numerous Blu-Ray's in Poundland Blackpool such as Michael Jackson's This Is It, some Twilight movies, Narnia, Kung Fu Panda, Knight of the Dead, Haywire, Ong Bak 3 and a ton more… Read more
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Guess you're the unlucky one, all the pound lands I've been to have m regularly


Ive never seen a blu ray in poundland...


Rocky III you say? [img][/img]


Excellent - have some heat 8)


wish mine local had some blu rays, you only ever see 1 or 2 at the most.

UMD Movies @ Poundland £1 incl.. Futurama, James Bond, Rocky etc...
Found 14th May 2016Found 14th May 2016
UMD Movies @ Poundland £1 incl.. Futurama, James Bond, Rocky etc...
Posting for those who still have their PSP to hand... Loads of 'UMD' movies coming in every week .. All New And officially sealed.
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Yeah, until something more convenient than carrying around tens of tiny discs is invented, UMD will be relevant to all those PSP owning travel lovers. I can't see that coming anytime soon though...


to each their own. both were great one can deny the fact that PSP was a marvelous system.DS was excellent too.I owned both.would say the same about 3DS and Vita.


Someone who travels a lot and has a psp?


Who the hell would buy a umd film now, even in the old days it was a total waste


​Poundland... What do you think

**Round 2** More New Blu Ray Titles - inc. Narnia , Night at the Museum 2 & loads of UMD's £1 @ Poundland
Found 12th May 2016Found 12th May 2016
**Round 2** More New Blu Ray Titles - inc. Narnia , Night at the Museum 2 & loads of UMD's £1 @ Poundland
Poundland have got new stock of Blu rays in including Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Night at the Museum 2. They also had loads of different UMD's for the old PSP - retro now l… Read more
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Loads of Paddy McGuinness - Saturday Night double plays in Southport. Maybe 20 copies


No idea... Just picked it up... oO


​Perfect Blue the anime?


Once again my local pound brand shops have little besides wrapping paper for children's gifts and individual Laurel and Hardy episodes on DVD. I will consult the Daily Express to find out who to blame...


I picked up a few more umd titles today The Hills Have Eyes The Marine Mirrors Speed Racer Dark Star Severance Eastern Promises Perfect Blue And on Blu-Ray Tony Jaa - ONG BAK 3

Numatic Hoover Jack Logo PSP 200-11 Vacuum Cleaner With AH1 Kit £59 FREE P&P @ TESCO_EBAY
Found 11th May 2016Found 11th May 2016
Numatic Hoover Jack Logo PSP 200-11 Vacuum Cleaner With AH1 Kit £59 FREE P&P @ TESCO_EBAY
There seems to be a few links to this model on HUKD but all are out of stock. Tesco -eBay have them in stock and with free p&p. These are great hoovers and at this price I cou… Read more

Don't forget the small vent on the top of extension tube for regulating suction , I have had this model for more than a year now brilliant ,


Excellent! Happy hoovering....or happy Numatic-ing should I say!


Thanks OP. Mine has turned up. It is so quiet compared to the dyson.


Ordered thanks op


Mine has just arrived. The box was open but all the parts were present and correct. Initial impressions are of a solid and well-designed bit of kit that looks really easy to use and empty.

Gunpey - Sony PSP game £1.50 (Prime) @ Amazon (free delivery over £20)
Found 10th Apr 2016Found 10th Apr 2016
Gunpey - Sony PSP game £1.50 (Prime) @ Amazon (free delivery over £20)
puzzle game for Sony PSP

Just ordered from Game.


Heat for being a game by the greatly missed inventor of game and watch and the gameboy


It's actually a crap game in my opinion and I love a good puzzle game


This game 9 years old already. Forget about the psp sometimes.


It's a great game. I've got it on the DS. It's quite hard.

Sony PSP 3000 - Grade C - online @ GAME
Found 9th Apr 2016Found 9th Apr 2016
Sony PSP 3000 - Grade C - online @ GAME
£17.99GAME Deals
Ordered two yesterday and received them today - condition not bad at all.

the 3000 cant be permenantly flashed but even my son at the age of 5 could work out what he had to do which I though was good :D I on the other hand have a 1000 and use it for emulators ;)


​Thats good, had a hard time doin mine with Pandora cause of fake memory cards about and firmware issues!! where you get the app from now??


​flashed mine two weeks ago. took less then 10 minutes to download and install along with several emulators


You don't need them any more. Can run an app from memory card which opens up the firmware.


Buy a pandoras battery and you got one heck of a portable console

PSN Canada Flash Sale: 121 games incl. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced, £12 (PS4) / Far Cry 4, £10.50 (PS4) / Lego Jurassic World, £11 (PS4) / NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, 75p (PS3) / RESOGUN, £3 (PS4) / Street Fight Alpha 3, 99p (PS3/PSP/Vita)
Found 13th Feb 2016Found 13th Feb 2016
PSN Canada Flash Sale: 121 games incl. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced, £12 (PS4) / Far Cry 4, £10.50 (PS4) / Lego Jurassic World, £11 (PS4) / NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, 75p (PS3) / RESOGUN, £3 (PS4) / Street Fight Alpha 3, 99p (PS3/PSP/Vita)
Feeling romantic? Celebrate Valentine's Day by grabbing bargains aplenty from the PSN Canada Flash Sale! Similar PSN US deal already shared (… Read more
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It sorted for me just after lunch yesterday. Brothers, Knack and Lego Jurassic Park for barely a few quid. Nice!


It's working now. Bought 2 games last 2-3 hours ago


Yeah, there was mention elsewhere of problems with PSN. You're not alone, seemingly.


I did and went to a different account page somehow and added the credit that way and it was all fine. But yes, I got the maintenance message for an hour.


Trying to redeem my top up code to the Canadian store but it's currently down for maintenance. Anyone else getting the same error?

Saints Row: Undercover - Unreleased PSP prototype, ISO and PSP Emulator
Found 5th Feb 2016Found 5th Feb 2016
Saints Row: Undercover - Unreleased PSP prototype, ISO and PSP Emulator
The unreleased PSP spinoff of the Saints Row series, Undercover has been put up on an abandonware site, in ISO form along with links to PC Emulators. Its a prototype version but i… Read more

time to dust off the psp :)


Normally when you search you have to manually select the freebies section AFTER you have undertaken you initial search. One of the quirks of the HUKD site


Don't convert it to CSO.


nice, thanks for posting, never seen it posted before - so this is handy to those other then the three above who have already seen it.


I've seen it at least 3 or 4 times

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