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Porco Rosso Studio Ghibli Mug £6.99 @ EMP with £3.99 p&p
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Porco Rosso is a 1992 Japanese animated comedy-adventure film written and directed by ... produced the film. It was animated by Studio Ghibli for Tokuma Shoten, Japan Airlines a… Read more

Stop spamming the site with tat please.


It's a mug for a relatively unpopular niche film from 25+ years ago (skeptical)


U gotta be a mug to buy this


£11 for a mug!?

Princess Mononoke (Studio Ghibli - Hayao Miyazaki) Blu-ray for £5.99 delivered @ Coolshop (Danish version - No English sub or dub)
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
The closest price is £16 from Amazon Description From the director Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of SPIRITED AWAY and PONYO, comes the masterpiece PRINCESS MONONOKE now availa… Read more
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This is stupid. Please expire. I'm a big fan of foreign language films, but I do expect subtitles. This post is misleading and pointless (unless you speak Danish, then good for you), and like most people I clicked hot for the title and price, before I saw the caveat. Deals like this are not helpful.


Brilliant movie. But no English is cold...


Lol, my bad. Just frustrated as I accidentally ordered this last time someone posted and had to cancel


*HotDanishDeals ;)


Freezing cold as it's HUKD, not HotSwedishDeals. Total waste of a post, I'm surprised mate :/

Studio Ghibli: Grave Of The Fireflies and The Red Turtle Blu-ray Steelbooks £9.99 each at Zavvi
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Grave Of The Fireflies steelbook Blu-ray for £9.99 at Zavvi - bargain! The Red Turtle link Grave of The Fireflies Based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Akiyuki No… Read more
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can you please stop ! i didnt knew. Now i wont be able to sleep


All the more emotional when you realise it's largely a true story.


No just no. I have been scarred for life. Please people save yourself from emotional trauma. You will be scarred for life.


Grave of the Fireflies is a film you only watch once every five years or so... I've watched it twice and balled my eyes out both times. Don't let that put you off though, it's an incredible film. Red Turtle on the other hand is pretty meh - I've only watched it once though and guess I need to watch it again to get an actual opinion on it. I pre-ordered the steelbook when it first was released as I NEED the Ghibli Steelbook collection. Wish I waited for these prices but as I said in a different thread - I would rather have them and pay a little extra than miss out on one.


Good deal, Great film, very interesting but so sad I too am not sure I could watch this again as it made me teary, would highly recommend though

Studio Ghibli Steelbooks - Porco Rosso & Whisper of the Heart -  £13.50 (Prime) / £16.49 (non Prime) Deal of the day at Amazon
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Normally £18, which is more expensive than when Zavvi had exclusivity on some of the previous Ghibli Steelbooks. So todays deal brings them more in line with previous prices. Still… Read more
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I found The Breadwinner a tough watch. Educational though. Brings into perspective our first world problems.


Save the link on camelcamelcamel, so that you'll be notified by email when it next drops in price.


Its so fab! I promise you'll enjoy it ;) in my top 3-4 Ghibli movie easily.


missed it damn, price gone up now


Yes, for me it was that damn Princess Mononoke! (lol) So preordering all the way from now on.

The Castle of Cagliostro Blu-ray £8.98 Delivered from Zavvi
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
There is no image on the product page but Zavvi have confirmed it is the Blu-ray. This film was released in 1979. The Castle of Cagliostro is the first feature film directed by H… Read more
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Great movie


Thanks for posting. Perhaps one for the completists, I didn't enjoy this as much as their other offerings, although the soundtrack is fab.

Studio Ghibli films £5.99 / £6.98 delivered at Zavvi
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
I’ve started collecting Studio Ghibli films and found some at the low price of £5.99 on Zavvi. Usually priced around £10-12 for new. Titles include Kiki’s Delivery Service (Specia… Read more
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Brilliant films! Steelbook collector of these. So many classics! Great for all ages. Good spot


My girl has been loving Ponyo since she was one. I also love it Shes now two and watched Totoro the other day.


My girls go mad for totoro


Big ghibli fan and have been for over 30 years. Heat! Princess mononoke still my favourite film along with spirited away


Check out Sprited Away a must.

Princess Mononoke (Studio Ghibli - Hayao Miyazaki) Blu-ray for £5.99 delivered from Coolshop
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
From the director Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of SPIRITED AWAY and PONYO, comes the masterpiece PRINCESS MONONOKE now available for the first time on Blu-ray in stunning high-defin… Read more

One of my faves


Creepiest. Film. Ever. (shock) (shock) (shock) (shock) (shock)


We bought this set a while back. It's a decent collection. Just not blu ray quality.


Not in stock anyway.


wouldnt touch this with a thousand foot pole. it will have no english language and no english sub. this is the case with 99% of all anime bought from every country , except Japan/US.

Studio Ghibli Blu-rays £11.99 (Sprited Away, Totoro, Ponyo etc) - 20% off at Amazon today (+£2.99 del nonPrime)
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Studio Ghibli Blu-rays are down to £11.99 (DVDs £7.99/£8.49) at Amazon today as part of their last minute Christmas promo deals. eg. Spirited Away… Read more

I heart Ghibli


Kiki’s! Consistently in my top ten films of all time. I think the word “charming” was made for it.


By the way I just remembered that The Red Turtle is available to watch on Prime if you want to try it before buying :)


its made even worse by the fact its loosly based on a true story. it was based on a mans memoirs that he wrote as an apology to his sister


Wowser, nearly all the titles I put in my basket while I was deciding are now out of stock and now unavailable to order from Amazon! "The Wind Rises", "Princess Kaguya" and "Red Turtle" are the only ones available to order at the moment...!

Studio Ghibli: The Cat Returns and Tales From Earthsea Blu-ray Steelbooks £8.99 each with Free Del at Zavvi
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Both The Cat Returns and Tales From Earthsea Blu-ray steelbooks have had a small drop in price and are now £8.99 Steelbooks qualify for free delivery on the Zavvi website. The … Read more
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Love ghibli movies! They are often on film 4 too, subbed and subbed. Always good to keep an eye on their listings


Brilliant find. Actually, there are a few on over the next few days. Ponyo is on this Sunday and Totoro is on in the afternoon on Christmas Day. If anyone wants to learn more about the films, the Ghiblioteque is a wonderful podcast to listen to.


Thanks Google. The cat returns: "ON TV SOON All times are in United Kingdom Time On Fri, 21/12 Film4 11:00 Film4 +1 12:00"


Great price. Really want and need earthsea but it will look different to the rest of the blu ray collection... (horror)


Another 2 for the collection.

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Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Full Zip Track Top £25 free click & collect @jd sports
Found 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Full Zip Track Top £25 free click & collect @jd sports
£25£5555%JD Sports Deals
All sizes available.

it's Innit Bruvv to you Bruvv ,innit yeah. 8)


Great price.






Tacky !

The Cat Returns or Tales From Earthsea (Ghibli) bluray steelbook limited edition - Zavvi £9.99 Each (free delivery on steelbooks)
Found 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
The Cat Returns or Tales From Earthsea (Ghibli) bluray steelbook limited edition - Zavvi £9.99 Each (free delivery on steelbooks)
Got these when they came out just earlier this year at £15.99 so £9.99 is a fantastic price (shock) The Cat Returns here Tales From Earthsea here Steelbooks seem free del… Read more

Sadly i have to agree. Not the best in the bunch. But i did think both looked really beautiful! Liked the different art style on the cat returns. *the cat returns is definitely aimed at younger viewers


Mediocre movies (especially Tales from Earthsea which is directed by Miyazaki Goro, not Hayao) but good price nonetheless if you're a collector.




Very nice find @Meeko; can't beat a bit of Studio Ghibli


Tempted by tales from earthsea

The Red Turtle Steelbook pre-order (Produced by Studio Ghibli) - £13.59 using code at Zavvi
Found 7th May 2018Found 7th May 2018
The Red Turtle Steelbook pre-order (Produced by Studio Ghibli) - £13.59 using code at Zavvi
£13.59£15.9915%Zavvi Deals
To be released on the 11th June, a great pre-order price using 15% off voucher code, including free delivery. A lovely, award winning film co-produced by Studio Ghibli and Wild Bun… Read more

**Spoiler** I know right, how on earth did they end up together after that brutal beach scene?!


-- Spoiler Alert -- He was very cruel to the turtle though. I'm surprised she forgive him for that.


Just tried to use it and it expired at 12:00, 7 minutes ago! Nightmare.


Ah shame I never see the code before I bought - But hey what's a few quid?! lol. Not the best Ghibli Movie - In fact I didn't really like it that much but my Steelbook collection wouldn't be a collection without it. Will give it another watch at some point.


Not a kid's film - if you see Studio Ghibli and have seen 'Spirited Away' and think this is one to watch with the little'uns well... there's no dialogue in this movie. It's a beautiful, moving piece. Reminiscent of Tom Hanks' 'Cast Away' and also evoked 'Life of Pi' through its sense of spiritual wonder. In short, one to watch after you put the kids to bed, rather than on a Saturday morning with the kids.

My Neighbour Totoro Novel (Hardback) £2.74 Prime £5.73 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 5th Mar 2018Found 5th Mar 2018
My Neighbour Totoro Novel (Hardback) £2.74 Prime £5.73 Non Prime @ Amazon
75% Discount, will probably help some Ghibli fans out around here.
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Mine arrived a few days ago, but kept it unopened until my Daughter could open it She loved it, and the book looks awesome and well made. Thanks again, OP


Delivered (excited)


Anyone had theirs dispatched yet?


Back up in price :(


Says £8.76 now

Studio Ghibli The Cat Returns Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
Found 27th Jan 2018Found 27th Jan 2018
Studio Ghibli The Cat Returns Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
& another one for the collection. Try code WELCOME to possibly bring it down a touch.

I agree. Whilst it isn't as grim as the book it's based on, it's certainly not a cheerful romp like most Studio Ghibli films.


Thanks for the heads up :) pre-ordered the cat returns but might leave earthsea... I got the normal Blu-ray years back for about £6 and it's not the best Studio Ghibli film ;)


These WELCOME codes have never worked for me. :-(


Welcome works on the others but not the cat returns



Studio Ghibli Tales From Earthsea Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
Found 15th Jan 2018Found 15th Jan 2018
Studio Ghibli Tales From Earthsea Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
Another one for the collection... Possibly £14.39 if you use WELCOME346.

This is what caught me out, I purchased the others when they were ~ £10


+2.5% cashback with TCB


Awesome, I have them all so far. Even though sometimes they drop in price, I am not risking it selling out and missing this for the collection


i am not buying things like this anymore as i first started with dvds and look where that went! Still heat for the deal


Everyone seems to be missing the mononoke steelbook. For some reason even though they were all supposed to be limited they all subsequently reappeared discounted, except for only Mononoke which actually really seemed to be limited. :(

Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Top £20@jdsports(click & collect)
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Top £20@jdsports(click & collect)
Available in large and extra large.

Got one for when me Kappa Shellsuit is in da wash. Innit.


Had a few of these when i was a kid, worn with a Lacoste polo and Adidas Forest Hills :)


Brings back memories. One of my school friends in the 80s used to rock up wearing Tacchini, Kappa, Lacoste... Whilst I was head to toe in Primark...


Ideal for loitering in town centres.


Jimmy corkhill would have too...

Spirited Away Bluray Steelbook - £15.99 Zavvi
Found 9th Mar 2017Found 9th Mar 2017
Spirited Away Bluray Steelbook - £15.99 Zavvi
Great price for anyone collecting these Ghibli Steelbooks, One of the most popular ghibli movies, currently £4 off and worth adding to your collection! The price of these steelbook… Read more
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Does anyone know how many pages there are and if it contains illustrations?


I'm not into anime or even cartoons for that matter but I watched this a few years back and just remember thinking I need to start Watching these anime films genuinely loved it.


Hot. I've already got this and Laputa: Castle In The Sky on pre-order :) I have the other 6 steelbooks so I didn't want to buy the normal version.


£4 off the price Zavvi have made up for their own made up Zavvi exclusive steelbook. Not hot.


From what I've been reading online, steel books are short term investment unless you find a desperate collector in the future. I think there a few blu-ray movies which may hold their value in the long term because of their small limited quantity. But nothing guarantied.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky Blu-ray Steelbook Studio Ghibli - Zavvi
Found 12th Feb 2017Found 12th Feb 2017
Laputa: Castle in the Sky Blu-ray Steelbook Studio Ghibli - Zavvi
Heads up for those that are collecting these Some gumph... Jumping overboard on a flying ship to avoid capture, Sheeta is rescued by her powerful crystal necklace which floats he… Read more

The Streamline dub of "Castle in the Sky" may be a bit more "accurate" than the current Disney dub, but it is also very, very, very problematic. The vocal performances in that version all sound lifeless and robotic, and the script writing, sorry to say, sounds very laughable and stunted. I honestly found it very difficult to listen to, and I still find it a truly hideous dub. The Disney dub, for all its faults, is, IMO, the better version, Yes, the leads are a bit too mature, and the script adaptation is chattier, but it's much better written and executed, and the performances are all around, generally better. Hamill in particular makes it worth watching.


I also want a Streamline dub version...


Ordered :D


just reordered using HVDAY12 , just shy of £14


Follow zavvi on Facebook and u will see dates for future releases. Boom!

Studio Ghibli Movies (DVD) @ Forbidden Planet - £8.99
Found 27th Dec 2016Found 27th Dec 2016
Studio Ghibli Movies (DVD) @ Forbidden Planet - £8.99
Found these while browsing through Forbidden Planet's sale section. There are others if you search for anime in the sale tab as well including My Neighbor Totoro and Tales from Ea… Read more
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All of the Ghibli blu-rays are in HMV's 2for£25, so £12.50 each. An extra £3.51 but all apart from one (Nausicaa) are blu-ray + DVD sets, I'm sure you could sell the DVDs for that. If you're OK with used, the CeX prices vary but many are £10 & under.


Ghibli movies are made with heart and passion. Talented animators that work together to create beautiful visions. I can understand people not liking Marvel and Disney... But calling Ghibli drivel is something I have never heard before. It sounds ignorant and dismissive, unless you explain why you feel that way.


These films are great for kids, much better than Walt ****


​People who have taste.


Honestly, who watches this drivel?

KIKI'S Delivery Service Zavi Exclusive £19.99 Steelbook ( 2.62 TCB)
Found 17th Sep 2016Found 17th Sep 2016
KIKI'S Delivery Service Zavi Exclusive £19.99 Steelbook ( 2.62 TCB)
Just looking on ZaVVi and saw this Studio GhIBi animation gem.The steelbook looks sweet.Features voice talent from Kristen Dunst and Debbie Reynolds.Dont forget topcashback and qui… Read more

Limited to only 2000 until they re release it again....


The more the merrier.


Lol just 20,000,000 copies


I'm getting one.



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