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The Cat Returns or Tales From Earthsea (Ghibli) bluray steelbook limited edition - Zavvi £9.99 Each (free delivery on steelbooks)
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Got these when they came out just earlier this year at £15.99 so £9.99 is a fantastic price (shock) The Cat Returns here Tales From Earthsea here Steelbooks seem free del… Read more

Sadly i have to agree. Not the best in the bunch. But i did think both looked really beautiful! Liked the different art style on the cat returns. *the cat returns is definitely aimed at younger viewers


Mediocre movies (especially Tales from Earthsea which is directed by Miyazaki Goro, not Hayao) but good price nonetheless if you're a collector.




Very nice find @Meeko; can't beat a bit of Studio Ghibli


Tempted by tales from earthsea

The Red Turtle Steelbook pre-order (Produced by Studio Ghibli) - £13.59 using code at Zavvi
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
The Red Turtle Steelbook pre-order (Produced by Studio Ghibli) - £13.59 using code at Zavvi
£13.59£15.9915%Zavvi Deals
To be released on the 11th June, a great pre-order price using 15% off voucher code, including free delivery. A lovely, award winning film co-produced by Studio Ghibli and Wild Bun… Read more

**Spoiler** I know right, how on earth did they end up together after that brutal beach scene?!


-- Spoiler Alert -- He was very cruel to the turtle though. I'm surprised she forgive him for that.


Just tried to use it and it expired at 12:00, 7 minutes ago! Nightmare.


Ah shame I never see the code before I bought - But hey what's a few quid?! lol. Not the best Ghibli Movie - In fact I didn't really like it that much but my Steelbook collection wouldn't be a collection without it. Will give it another watch at some point.


Not a kid's film - if you see Studio Ghibli and have seen 'Spirited Away' and think this is one to watch with the little'uns well... there's no dialogue in this movie. It's a beautiful, moving piece. Reminiscent of Tom Hanks' 'Cast Away' and also evoked 'Life of Pi' through its sense of spiritual wonder. In short, one to watch after you put the kids to bed, rather than on a Saturday morning with the kids.

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My Neighbour Totoro Novel (Hardback) £2.74 Prime £5.73 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
My Neighbour Totoro Novel (Hardback) £2.74 Prime £5.73 Non Prime @ Amazon
75% Discount, will probably help some Ghibli fans out around here.
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Mine arrived a few days ago, but kept it unopened until my Daughter could open it She loved it, and the book looks awesome and well made. Thanks again, OP


Delivered (excited)


Anyone had theirs dispatched yet?


Back up in price :(


Says £8.76 now

Studio Ghibli The Cat Returns Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Studio Ghibli The Cat Returns Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
& another one for the collection. Try code WELCOME to possibly bring it down a touch.

I agree. Whilst it isn't as grim as the book it's based on, it's certainly not a cheerful romp like most Studio Ghibli films.


Thanks for the heads up :) pre-ordered the cat returns but might leave earthsea... I got the normal Blu-ray years back for about £6 and it's not the best Studio Ghibli film ;)


These WELCOME codes have never worked for me. :-(


Welcome works on the others but not the cat returns



Studio Ghibli Tales From Earthsea Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Studio Ghibli Tales From Earthsea Steelbook £15.99 @ Zavvi
Another one for the collection... Possibly £14.39 if you use WELCOME346.

This is what caught me out, I purchased the others when they were ~ £10


+2.5% cashback with TCB


Awesome, I have them all so far. Even though sometimes they drop in price, I am not risking it selling out and missing this for the collection


i am not buying things like this anymore as i first started with dvds and look where that went! Still heat for the deal


Everyone seems to be missing the mononoke steelbook. For some reason even though they were all supposed to be limited they all subsequently reappeared discounted, except for only Mononoke which actually really seemed to be limited. :(

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Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Top £20@jdsports(click & collect)
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Top £20@jdsports(click & collect)
Available in large and extra large.

Got one for when me Kappa Shellsuit is in da wash. Innit.


Had a few of these when i was a kid, worn with a Lacoste polo and Adidas Forest Hills :)


Brings back memories. One of my school friends in the 80s used to rock up wearing Tacchini, Kappa, Lacoste... Whilst I was head to toe in Primark...


Ideal for loitering in town centres.


Jimmy corkhill would have too...

Spirited Away Bluray Steelbook - £15.99 Zavvi
Found 9th Mar 2017Found 9th Mar 2017
Spirited Away Bluray Steelbook - £15.99 Zavvi
Great price for anyone collecting these Ghibli Steelbooks, One of the most popular ghibli movies, currently £4 off and worth adding to your collection! The price of these steelbook… Read more
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Does anyone know how many pages there are and if it contains illustrations?


I'm not into anime or even cartoons for that matter but I watched this a few years back and just remember thinking I need to start Watching these anime films genuinely loved it.


Hot. I've already got this and Laputa: Castle In The Sky on pre-order :) I have the other 6 steelbooks so I didn't want to buy the normal version.


£4 off the price Zavvi have made up for their own made up Zavvi exclusive steelbook. Not hot.


From what I've been reading online, steel books are short term investment unless you find a desperate collector in the future. I think there a few blu-ray movies which may hold their value in the long term because of their small limited quantity. But nothing guarantied.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky Blu-ray Steelbook Studio Ghibli - Zavvi
Found 12th Feb 2017Found 12th Feb 2017
Laputa: Castle in the Sky Blu-ray Steelbook Studio Ghibli - Zavvi
Heads up for those that are collecting these Some gumph... Jumping overboard on a flying ship to avoid capture, Sheeta is rescued by her powerful crystal necklace which floats he… Read more

The Streamline dub of "Castle in the Sky" may be a bit more "accurate" than the current Disney dub, but it is also very, very, very problematic. The vocal performances in that version all sound lifeless and robotic, and the script writing, sorry to say, sounds very laughable and stunted. I honestly found it very difficult to listen to, and I still find it a truly hideous dub. The Disney dub, for all its faults, is, IMO, the better version, Yes, the leads are a bit too mature, and the script adaptation is chattier, but it's much better written and executed, and the performances are all around, generally better. Hamill in particular makes it worth watching.


I also want a Streamline dub version...


Ordered :D


just reordered using HVDAY12 , just shy of £14


Follow zavvi on Facebook and u will see dates for future releases. Boom!

Studio Ghibli Movies (DVD) @ Forbidden Planet - £8.99
Found 27th Dec 2016Found 27th Dec 2016
Studio Ghibli Movies (DVD) @ Forbidden Planet - £8.99
Found these while browsing through Forbidden Planet's sale section. There are others if you search for anime in the sale tab as well including My Neighbor Totoro and Tales from Ea… Read more
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All of the Ghibli blu-rays are in HMV's 2for£25, so £12.50 each. An extra £3.51 but all apart from one (Nausicaa) are blu-ray + DVD sets, I'm sure you could sell the DVDs for that. If you're OK with used, the CeX prices vary but many are £10 & under.


Ghibli movies are made with heart and passion. Talented animators that work together to create beautiful visions. I can understand people not liking Marvel and Disney... But calling Ghibli drivel is something I have never heard before. It sounds ignorant and dismissive, unless you explain why you feel that way.


These films are great for kids, much better than Walt ****


​People who have taste.


Honestly, who watches this drivel?

KIKI'S Delivery Service Zavi Exclusive £19.99 Steelbook ( 2.62 TCB)
Found 17th Sep 2016Found 17th Sep 2016
KIKI'S Delivery Service Zavi Exclusive £19.99 Steelbook ( 2.62 TCB)
Just looking on ZaVVi and saw this Studio GhIBi animation gem.The steelbook looks sweet.Features voice talent from Kristen Dunst and Debbie Reynolds.Dont forget topcashback and qui… Read more

Limited to only 2000 until they re release it again....


The more the merrier.


Lol just 20,000,000 copies


I'm getting one.



[Studio Ghibli] DVD's From £5.73 / Blu-Ray's from £8.93 [Using Codes] @ Music Magpie
Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
[Studio Ghibli] DVD's From £5.73 / Blu-Ray's from £8.93 [Using Codes] @ Music Magpie
Use Codes: SUMMERHOLIDAY20 & JULY20 DVD's Only Yesterday - £5.73 Ocean Waves - £5.73 Arrietty - £6.11 Tales from Earthsea - £6.11 Grave of the Fireflies - £6.11 Ponyo - £6.11 … Read more

Prices appear to have gone up :(


It expired yesterday.


The SUMMERHOLIDAY20 code doesnt work for me anymore :(


I wish there were a reasonably priced Ghibli bluray collection.

Animation production software Toonz (used in almost all Studio Ghibli films) now Free and Open Source
Found 27th Mar 2016Found 27th Mar 2016
Animation production software Toonz (used in almost all Studio Ghibli films) now Free and Open Source
What is OpenToonz? This is software for producing a 2D animation. It is based on the software "Toonz", which was developed by Digital Video S.p.A. in Italy, customized by Studio Gh… Read more

Thanks, sounds good


Looking good, lol.


cheers op, will investigate for youngest :)


Mandarin? It's a Japanese company... ? oO Edit: Haha! Just saw your correction ;)


I agreed to the T&C despite I don't speak Japanese X)

Elite Ghibli Parabolic Rollers £70 (RRP £159.99) delivered fro Wiggle
Found 4th Jun 2015Found 4th Jun 2015
Elite Ghibli Parabolic Rollers £70 (RRP £159.99) delivered fro Wiggle
Features of the Elite Ghibli Parabolic Rollers Simple to fold away and transportThe cycle can move freely and therefore requires constant balance - giving a more realistic ride fe… Read more
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£130 now, would definitely have taken a punt at the posted price


If they built a lane for cars, which meant you go slower, have to stop more often and not always safer....would you use it if you were still totally entitled to go on the road?


Hot thanks OP :) Ordered :)


gives 2 gyroscopes to hold you up, basically.


at the risk of feeding the trolls, when you signed your driving licence you signed to say you had read the Highway Code...

Elite Ghibli Parabolic Rollers £70 @ Wiggle
Found 20th May 2015Found 20th May 2015
Elite Ghibli Parabolic Rollers £70 @ Wiggle
Rollers are great for indoor training or when the weather is really bad, used mine loads, fantastic price for these.

back to £130. Damn


Ordered, spoke to trainerroad last night who advised these will work fine with the Elite Arion roller profile


Well said.


I have these. Use them a lot. Give yourself a few weeks to get used to them. Put them up somewhere where you have sometging either side of you to grab if you wobble. Higher speeds you are more stable.



Free Replacement Covers and Slipcases on Select Studio Ghibli Blu-Rays @ StudioCanal
Found 23rd Apr 2015Found 23rd Apr 2015
The nice people over at StudioCanal are offering free replacement covers and slip covers on a few Studio Ghibli movies. Just email (I had the subject as repl… Read more

I've been trying to find out for ages if my numbering was wrong and I've just double checked Laputa and sleeve is indeed #3 but cover is #6 so I'll definitely be dropping them a message. Thanks!


Everyone who ordered these got them ok? I just had the arrietty cover and slip arrive this morning, so they must of finished updating the artwork. So expect to get them soon if anyone asked for it in their order :)


Full DVD number list is N/A - The Little Norse Prince N/A - Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro 01 - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 02 - The Cat Returns 03 - Porco Rosso 04 - Pom Poko 05 - Kiki's Delivery Service 06 - Laputa: Castle in the Sky 07 - Howl's Moving Castle 08 - Princess Mononoke 09 - My Neighbour Totoro 10 - Grave of the Fireflies 11 - Whisper of the Heart 12 - My Neighbour the Yamadas 13 - Spirited Away 14 - Only Yesterday 15 - Tales from Earthsea 16 - Ocean Waves 17 - Ponyo 18 - Arrietty 19 - From Up on Poppy Hill 20- The Wind Rises Blu-Ray list is N/A - Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro 01 - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 02 - The Cat Returns 03 - Porco Rosso 04 - Pom Poko 05 - Kiki's Delivery Service 06 - Laputa: Castle in the Sky 07 - Howl's Moving Castle 08 - Princess Mononoke 09 - My Neighbour Totoro 10 - Grave of the Fireflies 11 - Whisper of the Heart 12 - My Neighbour the Yamadas 13 - Spirited Away 15 - Tales from Earthsea 17 - Ponyo 18 - Arrietty 19 - From Up on Poppy Hill 20 - The Wind Rises


I have all 3 on DVD, what are the correct numbers so I know if I need to order replacements?


Thanks so much my Laputa got damaged when we moved so this is fab :) M.

Contract hire offer on Maserati Ghibli 3.0 litre V6 turbodiesel engine £23960 @ Ridgeway
Found 29th Mar 2015Found 29th Mar 2015
Contract hire offer on Maserati Ghibli 3.0 litre V6 turbodiesel engine £23960 @ Ridgeway
£23,960.99Testing Deals
Maserati Ghibli - Exclusive offer from Ridgeway Maserati from just £489 incl VAT a month plus Initial rental of £5,867.99 incl VAT Maserati Ghibli Diesel V6d 4dr Auto with Mica pa… Read more
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Guys, you pay almost £24K on this over a certain amount of time then give the car back. Oh and you can only do 5000miles in a year, which means you'll hardly be using the vehicle for proper long drives. Silly.


Problem is, when that draws up to the Golf Club, everybody will expect to see some short, overweight balding 50 something year old in the middle of a mid life crisis step from it. So yes you are essentially spot on, its all down to taste (or lack of it) and for the record I don't drive either of the cars mentioned, i'm just young enough to still maintain a little credibility.....just The second point and a deal breaker for me is that its a modern diesel, which means a DPF - diesel particulate filter which basically kills all of the reliability that a diesel engine had 15 years ago, it also means not taking it on short journeys and doing 12k miles per year, which is a bit hard on a contract only giving 5k. Of course if the DPF does screw up and require a new one then you will foot the bill, as very few manufacturers cover its failure (or cleaning it) in their warranties, especially if driving style has attributed to it. A professional third party cleaning of the DPF costs around £200 - £300, a new one can cost £2000 - £3000 if cleaning doesn't resolve the error codes. Bear in mind that a DPF is required to regenerate (clean) itself of soot build up every 300 - 400 miles, it doesn't take long for it to become blocked, if you only do Town driving or short journeys. In other words, you need to drive down a motorway at a steady constant speed for 20 - 30 mins at least once every 300 - 400 miles, if you don't the car will eventually go into limp mode as the DPF gets more and more blocked, and has been unable to have the opportunity to normally clean itself through its regeneration cycle, and if it gets to that point then you will be paying £200 + for the dealer to manually perform a regeneration using diagnostic software or a cleaning company blast out the blockage. So if you don't make regular motorway trips, don't buy a diesel (any diesel car) as the DPF won't get the chance to regenerate automatically unless you are making those steady 20 - 30 minute drives. But don't just take my word for it, ask the dealer or better still email the manufacturer (of any diesel car) how many annual miles you should be doing in order to maintain the DPF and the driving style required so as not risk falling foul of any warranty exclusions on it, then choose your vehicle and contract hire deal, based on what you are told.


The other qualifiers are that they need to have very poor judgement and appalling taste.


BMW, Merc, Audi, Jag are all for boring corporate reps and middle managers therefore obviously wouldn't appeal to someone looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary like this. And why ever would you compare a S3 to one of these? That's closer in style to aforementioned Fiat 500. I wouldn't have one (I have a boring Merc convertible and do about 15k/yr) but to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and doesn't use it a lot it would be of considerable interest.


Maserati and diesel should not be anywhere near each other

Studio Ghibli's Ponyo Blu-Ray Steelbook £9.99 from Zavvi
Found 25th Mar 2015Found 25th Mar 2015
Studio Ghibli's Ponyo Blu-Ray Steelbook £9.99 from Zavvi
The excellent Ponyo by Studio Ghibli Steelbook edition on Blu-Ray and DVD Combi from Zavvi in their spring sale. I picked it up a couple of months ago for 11.99 and thought that wa… Read more

Just purchased. Thanks for the post!


Arrietty is a take on The Borrowers. I did like it but wasnt into the end. really enjoyed kikis delivery service.Laputa castle in the sky is a great one to thats well worth checking out. I also really like nausicaa of the valley of the wind


Film 4


Spirited Away or go home!!


There's a season of Ghibli films on Film 4 that started on Saturday night. It runs for another two weeks. There's lots of classics being shown. My personal favourite is My Neighbour Totoro.

All studio ghibli blu-ray titles 2 for £25 in HMV instore
Found 12th Feb 2015Found 12th Feb 2015
All studio ghibli blu-ray titles 2 for £25 in HMV instore
all studio Ghibli blu-raytitles are 2 for £25 in fopp and HMV, this is a great deal to start or extend a collection, my local HMV stocked back all the titles again ( Manchester ). … Read more

Check it again, last week there was almost no bhibli blu-rays in my HMV, now they have like 4-5 from each movie


Gotta catch em all?


Great deal but my local HMV stocks a crap range of Ghibli.

Good deal for collectors, thanks.

The Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki) - £10 Blu-ray, £7 DVD - Amazon
Found 26th Dec 2014Found 26th Dec 2014
The Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki) - £10 Blu-ray, £7 DVD - Amazon
Bargain for Hayao Miyazaki's latest movie, normally I always buy ghibli DVDs but this is the first time I've bought the blu-ray! Cheapest I've seen it so far.
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ouch was looking forward to it but i guess this one is going to be p2p...


A nice looking, if a bit self indulgent film. Undeniably boring. I also couldn't bite my tongue for the duration of the film and had to explain to my son that all of these characters were our enemies in the war. It was galling to see a romanticised portrayal of the Japanese/Italian/German alliance


My least favourite ghibli film - don't need to see again.


This film is nothing like his other films and that's exactly the problem. It's like watching a documentary without the narrative or immersion.


Well any fan of Miyazaki would know of his fondness with planes. Near on all his films feature planes in some form. So for a man who loves planes, making his last film a sort of biopic about a guy who designed possibly Japans most well known plane, seems fitting

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