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Brand New HTC One A9s 32GB Smartphone - £59.97 @ C247 / Ebay
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Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Brand New HTC One A9s 32GB Smartphone - £59.97 @ C247 / Ebay
£59.97eBay Deals
Decent for a budget option HTC One A9s is built with a commitment to durability and design. Its dual finish metal body has withstood hundreds of drop and scratch tests. and hund… Read more

Sold out!


One for the collector ;)


HTC theres a name from the past. Think my first smart phone was a HTC Desire.


Cheers Benjamin, ditto ;)


You do make me smile Switchy I appreciate you (lol) XD

HTC Desire 19+ 6.22" 4GB/64GB IPS Display Triple Camera Dual Sim Android 9.0 - £94.92 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
HTC Desire 19+ 6.22" 4GB/64GB IPS Display Triple Camera Dual Sim Android 9.0 - £94.92 @ Amazon Germany
Available from 1st February. Launched in June 2019. Seems like a good price for a brand new model. As always a few quid less with a fee free card. Product description A trip… Read more

Now £126, gsm arena said rrp was 280€


Opened mines tonight, 1st point to note, EU charger, doesn't bother us but may annoy some. Feels a lot more than asking, better than the Moto G5 it replaces but nearly half the price. Well chuffed.


Just for mine, lol. Didn’t expect such a rapid delivery considering it came from Germany.


My handset is expected 28th January and has been dispatched.


let down by the battery

HTC U11 - Blue & Grey - 64GB - Unlocked - Grade B £79.99 - Mate 10 Pro £129.99 - Mate 20 Lite £99.99 @ Smartfonestore
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Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
HTC U11 - Blue & Grey - 64GB - Unlocked - Grade B £79.99 - Mate 10 Pro £129.99 - Mate 20 Lite £99.99 @ Smartfonestore
4 available, a very good price for still a very attractive budget proposition. 15 available… Read more

No problem mate


Just ordered the Mate 10 Pro for a grand total of £134.99. Maybe more than I wanted to spend but I need a replacement phone for now and for the specs, I couldn't say no. Like you said in your Xiaomi MI 8 Lite thread, 6GB of RAM and 128GB for this price is nothing to whinge about. Shame voucher codes didn't work but cashback has tracked so thanks Switchy. (y)


It's like new. I couldn't find a mark on the thing... Case... Back... Screen etc. It said grade b, I don't think they had anything other than b.


Yes that is dual SIM. That's great. What is the cosmetic condition of your phone? Did you order the grade A or B?


Mine says SIM 1 and SIM 2... I'll put up pic I haven't tried it yet but in settings I can select different ringtones etc for each SIM.

BRAND New Factory Unlocked HTC U11 Black White Blue 64GB 4GB RAM Smartphone (Japanese Version) £161.40 @ Shammarltd eBay
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Posted 14th Nov 2019Posted 14th Nov 2019
BRAND New Factory Unlocked HTC U11 Black White Blue 64GB 4GB RAM Smartphone (Japanese Version) £161.40 @ Shammarltd eBay
£161.40eBay Deals
Not bad as a little backup this, japanese version 5.5" Quad HD Super LCD 5 touchscreen with 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Stunning liquid glass surface that transforms light with … Read more

Me too. The Desire HD, then the One. Prob the best screen ever (such natural colours).


Nice 60-ohm cans, mine were cheap Goldrings (that I still use to watch telly after midnight, very long cable - not very audiophile)


Yeah, I recently got some Koss KPH30i, about $26, had to pay about £12 in Vat and Admin fee. They sound great though, in hindsight I should have bought multiple pairs to even out the Admin fee.


For the adventurous folk out there, this works perfectly with the Pixel Experience ROM. Installing a custom ROM should also get rid of the camera shutter sound. Brilliant phone.


I paid more than £10 in customs for a pair of imported headphones, worth about £50 (shouldn't have bothered)

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HTC U11 - 64GB - Black (EE) Smartphone - graded good - EE just over £100! - £103.97 at musicmagpie eBay
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Posted 24th Jun 2019Posted 24th Jun 2019
HTC U11 - 64GB - Black (EE) Smartphone - graded good - EE just over £100! - £103.97 at musicmagpie eBay
£103.97£129.9920%eBay Deals
surelty worth a punt at this price? if you get a good one, its an incredible phone!!

I bought one and received it this morning. Slightly scuffed around the edges, 1 small (1.3cm), scratch on the front which was a bit annoying when I first saw it but since switching it on it hasn't bothered me at all. It is incredibly slippy and will slide off anything not 100% level so it will need a case if you're even slightly clumsy. These are back to £289.99 on their website right now. All in all a fantastic buy, props to the OP :) (highfive)

OLDSKOOL It's a UK company.


Has anyone used the 12m warranty from this seller? Is it one of those send to China, have to pay postage, phone is stuck for 6 months type of company? There's no information on the eBay page about warranty.


Htc have excellent cameras. I can say first hand there are certain conditions where the htc 10 takes a better picture than the Huawei p20 pro!


The camera on this is the same as a pixel 2 (much better selfie camera on this)

HTC U11 64GB Black SIM Free Unlocked Smartphone £126.50 (With Code) Graded Good Condition @ Envirofone / Ebay
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Posted 24th May 2019Posted 24th May 2019
HTC U11 64GB Black SIM Free Unlocked Smartphone £126.50 (With Code) Graded Good Condition @ Envirofone / Ebay
£126.50£14915%eBay Deals
Cheapest I've ever seen this, though only 5 available. Check the app if the mobile site isn't working . Enjoy!



These ever officially got Pie?


Still 4 available, check the app


Heat, excellent phone, A1 build quality.


My current phone. Love it, gonna miss it when I upgrade soon.

HTC U11 Plus In Pristine Unlocked Condition Pristine 128GB Unlocked £299.99 @ Envirofone
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Posted 18th Apr 2019Posted 18th Apr 2019
HTC U11 Plus In Pristine Unlocked Condition Pristine 128GB Unlocked £299.99 @ Envirofone
£299.99£ Deals
Excellent price for a pristine model. Unlocked 128GB Pristine Amazing Silver HTC U11 PLUS

Wish it was dual sim


You are welcome looks a very good deal


Thanks mate (y)


Heat added good price (y)

Grade B Phones At Cex (Nokia 9 PureView £420) (HTC u12 Plus £365) (HTC U11 Plus £265) (Pixel 128GB £155) @ CEX
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Posted 6th Apr 2019Posted 6th Apr 2019
Grade B Phones At Cex (Nokia 9 PureView £420) (HTC u12 Plus £365) (HTC U11 Plus £265) (Pixel 128GB £155) @ CEX
£420£54923%CeX Deals
We all know grade B at cex can be hit and miss, but if you get a hit, then you have yourself a bargain, big list below of some of those possible bargains. Don't forget, if u happ… Read more

It’s just a shame. I had high hopes. I want Nokia to succeed. (skeptical)


Well the returns process is there for a reason I guess.


Yep. Came with CeX own plug and cable, no box. Not impressed with the camera, fingerprint reader or general responsiveness. It’s going back as I’m concerned it will be black listed within a month.


It probably won't come with box/accessories. May have some cosmetic damage but nothing major.


I'm sure it still is great phone, even before bug fixes - bar has been set so high by rest of flagships. Reviewers naturally very demanding & knowledgeable too, bloody difficult to make cut to 'best buy' or 5-star rating, and competition so fierce.

HTC U11 Plus Black Ceramic - 128GB - Unlocked Used Smartphone GRADE A - eBay Premium Service @ Ebay empbuyer1
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Posted 14th Feb 2019Posted 14th Feb 2019
HTC U11 Plus Black Ceramic - 128GB - Unlocked Used Smartphone GRADE A - eBay Premium Service @ Ebay empbuyer1
£279.50eBay Deals
100% buyer satisfaction. A used device in excellent cosmetic condition. 30 days return!
Get deal*Get deal*

Yeah nothing wrong with few minor changes here and there compared to other UI's


I only feel big difference between Android 6 (M8) and 7/8 (U Ultra). 6 feels like stone age whereas 7/8 feels refined enough for me - & multitasking is possible


M8 was a great phone in its time, but my point being about the u11 plus is, they haven't changed the UI forever, so it just felt like I was back in 2013, most oems tweak/improve their respective UI, htc must have just thought "well it worked in 2013, it will work now"


Larger, super LCD 6 panel, smaller bezels, much bigger battery, 18/9 ratio, louder speakers, AptX HD, IP68, Bluetooth 5, Project Treble, etc


Same chipset, lower quality LCD panel. Only thing it mostly improved was speakers

Ex-Display HTC Desire 12+ Android Phone - £98.58 @ Ebuyer
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Posted 7th Feb 2019Posted 7th Feb 2019
Ex-Display HTC Desire 12+ Android Phone - £98.58 @ Ebuyer
£98.58£199.9951%Ebuyer Deals
Android 8.0 with HTC Sense 13MP + 2MP dual camera Storage: 32GB + SD Card slot 6.0 inch, HD+ Open box/ex display Open Box/Ex-Display Product is in nearly new condition but may h… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

at ebuyer "ex- display" = Returned.


Currently £122.47 on Amazon




Out of stock (flirt)


Any good this phone?

HTC U11 64GB Brilliant Black EE Grade B £170 CeX
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Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018
HTC U11 64GB Brilliant Black EE Grade B £170 CeX
My Favourite phone at bargain price. For me it should win most underated phone of the year award :D Yea locked to EE but HTC phones (no matter which network) are most easiest to … Read more

Bezels of oblivion


I have not used old HTC phones but used M8/M9, HTC 10, and U11 and U11 is best in my opinion..previous htc phones was average in battery life and camera though sound/software was still personally come down to our preference that we we do like most in phones i.e camarea, design, sound, battery life, price to spec ratio, software etc


I had the M8 and it was a fantastic phone. I swapped it for a M10 and I am well disappointed. It's slow and the battery on it is crap. My works note 8 is brill. I am reluctant to touch another HTC.


The Desire HD was a great phone weighing in at 4.3 inches and 800 resolution. One Plus seem to have taken the baton from HTC in terms of value for money.


Excellent battery life . Its capacity only 3000mAh but getting same screen on time what i used to get from p20 pro and others phones with much bigger battery

HTC u11 (64GB) +Free JBL Earbuds worth £109 via HTC Club £359.10
152° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2018Posted 18th Dec 2018
HTC u11 (64GB) +Free JBL Earbuds worth £109 via HTC Club £359.10
£359.10£39910%HTC (mobile) Deals
Still very capable smartphone + Free JBL Earbuds worth £109. Need to sign up to htc club for this price, only email address needed.

I had that, was the the beginning of the end of the iPhone with the desire. Well ahead of its time


I'm a Htc fan, but theyfailed to listen to loyal customers, threw away its main usp: metal phones, front firing speakers and proper sense with Htc made apps, no network selling. Then followed the dull design and stock android root with Google data mining apps. Thus they have nothing to set their phone apart from any others on market apart from big upfront cost.


Hahah that made me giggle


Still are. Just because they don't sell anywhere near as much as Samsung etc doesn't mean they're not good, just marketed very poorly. I have this phone and loathe to trade it when i'm due early next year as it's the best I've ever had by some margin.


Pray it never goes wrong. You'll end up in customer service hell. Trapped between their Polish repair centre and Egyptian call centre. Awful company.

HTC U11 Amazing Silver - 64GB - Unlocked Smartphone GRADE A at Ebay/empbuyer1 for £219.95
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Posted 9th Dec 2018Posted 9th Dec 2018
HTC U11 Amazing Silver - 64GB - Unlocked Smartphone GRADE A at Ebay/empbuyer1 for £219.95
£219.95eBay Deals
This device is used but in EXCELLENT condition (GRADE A). This means it is cosmetically near perfect and in 100% working order, as tested by our team of in-house technicians.… Read more

Just feeding back on this having purchased the phone. The condition is superb! It's literally just a phone in a box: no frills, not even a charger, but it runs like a dream and looks good as new. I'd highly recommend this device at this price. It matches my gf's Galaxy S8 but at 1/3 of what she paid. It replaced a Moto G4 Plus, but is miles and miles better in every way.


You're getting a great phone, hope as good as new


Will do! Thanks Raja - look forward to getting my hands on it shortly


I bought one grade A from this seller in the past and it was pristine condition and this phone give excellent battery life which is comparable to those phones who have got bigger capacity of 4000mAh..hope you get same experience..keep us updated


Thank you! Just bought this. Was looking for a budget phone upgrade and this fits the bill. After hours of research I hadn't even considered this model as as I thought it was out of my price range. Fingers crossed the condition really is Grade A, but more from a battery/screen/lens perspective than any scuffs or marks to the body.

HTC U11 Life 5.2" 32GB Octa-Core Smartphone - Brilliant Black - £189 @ Ebuyer
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
HTC U11 Life 5.2" 32GB Octa-Core Smartphone - Brilliant Black - £189 @ Ebuyer
£189£335.9844%Ebuyer Deals
HTC U11 life gives you the best innovations from HTC U11 without putting the squeeze on your wallet. It all starts with our latest innovation, Edge Sense. A simple squeeze lets yo… Read more

A year old HTC Android One device.... I'd take a Mi A2 instead thanks

HTC Desire 12 Plus - £129.12 @
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
HTC Desire 12 Plus - £129.12 @
Colour: Cool Black or Warm Silver. Desire 12+ £129.12 with fee free card, or it's £133.46. HTC Desire 12+ Smartphone (15.2 cm (6 inches) HD+ IPS Display, 32GB Internal Memory an… Read more

Still got a Desire x !! Use it as a back up now and again. (y)


OMG I remember the original HTC DESIRE properly one of the best phones I had and was like a few years ahead of its time I think. Late 2009 I must of had it


Thanks for posting, but the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is a much better phone, for only a few pounds more at Carphone Warehouse.. If you have your heart set on a HTC at this price point, grab a HTC 10 used for around £135 from Cex. I'd still stick with the Xiaomi though.

Breeze' HTC DESIRE 12 Smartphone 5.5 Inch HD + IPS Capacitive Screen, Breeze, 32GB £92 (fee free) @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
Breeze' HTC DESIRE 12 Smartphone 5.5 Inch HD + IPS Capacitive Screen, Breeze, 32GB £92 (fee free) @ Amazon Germany
Good price for this budget fairing from HTC. Mediatek processor won't be to everyone's taste, but then this isn't a £300-£900 I guess. Pay in euros with a fee free here. 5.5 inc… Read more

Haha, that would be awesome.


The phone company’s should be paying you commission (y) Not to sound like sam of london but Non-removable Li-Ion 2730 mAh battery :(


Not foldable as well! Shame (lol)


Bloody phone HTC dont buy


haha, sam_of_london has become a meme!

HTC Desire 12 3GB/32GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £98.99 @ Eglobal
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
HTC Desire 12 3GB/32GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £98.99 @ Eglobal
Very good price, for a phone that has been under the radar of most budget phone buyers. Excellent thing as a backup phone, with small bezels, and looks a lot more expensive than w… Read more

The Mi6 is 1080p @ 5.5", this is 720p stretched to 5.5". If you're going with 720p then get a smaller phone, so the pixels per inch number is larger.








How is it a good deal when there are objectively much better phones available for the same price? Finding a product for its cheapest price available isn't a deal. If that was the case, every single product would be on HUKD at any given time. Everything is at its cheapest somewhere.

Used HTC 10 32GB from £105 @ CEX
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Posted 24th Aug 2018Posted 24th Aug 2018
Used HTC 10 32GB from £105 @ CEX
Decent phone for the money picked up a B graded one for £125

Behold, my B grade came through today. (annoyed)


CEX grade C - signs of wear.


Nice one. Fast Snapdragon 820 CPU, 4 GB ram, good camera. Only worry would be battery.


You should add its grade C in title


Its not a bad price for a decent phone, but a grade C CEX phone will look like its done long term service in Aleppo!

HTC U Ultra Unlocked / Cosmetic Pink / Snapdragon 821 / 4GB 64GB / Android Oreo / Pristine Condition at ebay / Music Magpie with 10% off £175.49
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Posted 24th Aug 2018Posted 24th Aug 2018
HTC U Ultra Unlocked / Cosmetic Pink / Snapdragon 821 / 4GB 64GB / Android Oreo / Pristine Condition at ebay / Music Magpie with 10% off £175.49
£175.49£194.9910%eBay Deals
Using Music Magpie eBay code for 10% off Pristine (A) HTC U Ultra 4GB 64GB from Music Magpie in Cosmetic Pink “ Fully tested and restored to factory settings by our in-house tech… Read more

Sold Out!


Yup, I have the blue and the white. Nice.


It’s a typo. Good and unique phone for the money, I’d have one at this price!


Says 5" screen but is 5.7" iirc :D

HTC U11 - Silver 64GB & 4GB RAM £359.10 @ HTC
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Posted 17th Aug 2018Posted 17th Aug 2018
HTC U11 - Silver 64GB & 4GB RAM £359.10 @ HTC
HTC U11, last year's flagship from the company, available directly from its online store with a 10% discount. I've had this phone for 6 months, performs smoothly and has an excel… Read more

I am using this phone from last 6/8 months..excellent camera and comparable to pixel 2 if install gcam mod, better speaker than pixel 2, better battery life than pixel 2 software is great. Only issue i find is its bit slippery in hand


Many thanks - I'll work my way through this and hopefully it will help.


I've also had HTC's for quite a few years and bought my HTC 11 when ebay offered the 20% off everything voucher code end of December last year. Prior to that I was also having problems with my HTC 10 and contacted HTC who told me how to do various types of resets which seemed to remedy the problem but it did make me lose confidence and worry whenever a software update notification was received. I've not had any such problems with the HTC 11. I'm not a heavy user (odd phone call/texting/plenty of browsing) and easily get a full day's use. With the voucher I paid a similar price as this for the 128/6gb model. If it's any use to you I've managed to find the email from HTC with their guidance in trying to resolve the battery issues: "Thank you for contacting HTC Customer Support Center. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your HTC 10. Let's start with some quick troubleshooting, hope it will help you solve the problems you are having on your smartphone. 1.Check for updates from Menu> Settings> About> Software Updates (preferably using Wi-Fi) 2.Calibrate the battery: Charge the device for at least 10 minutes •With the device truly OFF while still being plugged into the wall outlet, push in and hold volume up and volume down AND power button, for 2 minutes. Device will boot up, and battery/charging logic are re-calibrated. 3. If your phone overheating install 3rd party application named: Battery Temperature C and check the battery temperature. Please note that the normal operating temperature for HTC phones is between 30 and 55 degrees. If you still find it uncomfortable, you can follow the tips below to decrease the temperature: 1) When not in use, turn off Wi-Fi/ BT/ GPRS/ GPS. 2) Shut down the applications running in the background that you’re not using. 3) If this happens when using a specific 3rd party app, you can consider removing it. 4. Try test the battery: A) Charge the phone up to 100%; B) Enable Airplane mode in settings and make sure that the phone is not connected to the charger C) Dial * # * # 3424 # *#*, press “Accept”, select the "More" below. On the next page, enable "Battery test" –press "Run". After that, the instruction will appear. Press the "back" key, until you see the picture: the phone is on the table, and the timer is above it. As soon as you saw this image, please put the phone on the table and for an hour while testing is in progress and do not touch the device D) The timer will start counting from 1 hour until it reaches 0, during this time, do not touch the phone; After that, look at the results: A) If the battery level has reached 75% or is less, you need to send the device to the repair center B) If the battery level is more than 90-95%, in order to optimize battery performance, you need to do the following: 1.Go to Settings> Power> Battery Usage and check the applications that use the battery the most and turn them off. 2. Make sure you turn the “Power Saver” on (Settings> Power>Power saver) 3.Turn off 4G on your device. Because when you have 4G on and you’re not in an area with 4G coverage, your phone is always asking for 4 G and searching uses a lot of battery life. 4. Turn Off Mobile Data Entirely (When You Can) The worse the coverage, the faster your battery drains. This happens because your phone’s antenna has to work that much harder to try to find and maintain a signal. 5. One of the biggest battery Android battery life drainers and it has to do with an app we all use: Facebook. There’s only one solution to this problem: Uninstall the Facebook app and use 6.If you rarely use your phone for GPS, you probably don’t need your phone to constantly ping satellites for a service that you’re not using anyway. Head to Settings -> Location Services and turn GPS off. 7. If you don’t use any Bluetooth devices, turn Bluetooth off to save battery life. 8. If you don't use WI-FI , go ahead and turn Wi-Fi off to save some extra battery life 9.Use power adapter that came with your device. Other power adapters and chargers can charge slowly, not at all, or damage your device or battery. 10. To reduce battery drain when you're not using your device's screen, set a shorter time before your screen turns off. Open your device's Settings>Display>screen timeout>pick 15 seconds or 30 seconds 11. Reduce screen brightness: Settings>Display>Brightness level>choose Automatic brightness 12.Turn off live wallpapers 13.Sometimes the downloaded applications conflicts with the phone's OS making it not to perform in a normal way, so please try to use the phone in the safe mode by following the steps below: 1.Press and hold “power key “till you see the options of Power off and restart option 2. Press and hold on the screen on the power off option till you can reboot to safe mode 3. “Safe Mode “text will appear on the lower left of screen. If you followed these steps and the issue is resolved, it means that you have downloaded 3rd party application downloaded from the internet which conflicts with you device OS. Please remove it from: Menu>settings>applications >click on the applications and un-install them If the issue is not from the external application please try to perform a complete reset of the device(Factory Data Reset) NOTE: Resetting your handset to factory or manufacturer's default setting will delete all the data stored on your phone memory; Remember to back up your phone information and settings first if possible. To back up your data please Install HTC Sync Manager on your computer. For more details about HTC Sync manager please check the below links: For more details about HTC Backup please check the below link: To perform Factory Reset ,please open Settings > Backup And Reset > Reset Phone If the issue still occurs after following the above steps then we suggest to book a repair request for your phone within UK official repair center, so please provide us with the below information to proceed with booking 1. IMEI Number of your phone: (it is 15 digits start with 35 can be found on the original box, proof of purchase, or can be obtained from the network provider or you can dial *#06#) 2. Complete, safe and secure Address 3. Mobile Network Provider 4. Mobile number 5. Copy of proof of purchase stating the date and the IMEI on it, please send it to us as PDF. -Repairs will take approximately 5 to 7 business days from the time when it arrives at the HTC Repair Center and it's subject to parts availability (Excluding the shipment). -Should our engineers find any physical damage, wear and tear, unauthorized software, unauthorized repair attempts or your warranty has expired, the repair will be chargeable and we will send you a quote via email. -Our HTC Repair Center does not accomplish partial repairs. Upon diagnostics, any faulty part or defective material found will be replaced entirely. -You are under no obligation to accept the quote and if you decline, there will be an approximately £27 (may vary depending on exchange rates) diagnosis, shipping and handling fee to have the device returned to you unrepaired. -Devices with minor liquid damage will receive a repair quote, depending on the cost of the repair. -Devices with major liquid damage are returned immediately and unrepaired, as they are classed as beyond economic repair If you need our further help, please, let us know. We will be more than glad to help you For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on 0203-684-8000 Or 0845-890-0079 Monday to Friday - 9AM to 6PM You can also find many helpful articles on our website: Best regards, Sabina HTC support team"


Well at least the Nokias can double as a chisel if they stop working.


I've had mine for 6 months and so far no issues. There's no such thing as a disaster proof phone from any manufacturer - I have a long history of badly malfunctioning Nokia phones

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