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BlackBerry KEYone 32GB 3GB RAM UK SIM-Free now £199.95 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 12th Mar 2019Posted 12th Mar 2019
BlackBerry KEYone 32GB 3GB RAM UK SIM-Free now £199.95 delivered at Amazon
£199.95£200Amazon Deals
The first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor built into the keyboard spacebar and touch lit enabled keyboard, with up to 52 programmable shortcuts 100% Full Android Apps and one… Read more

For me it's the opposite. Likewise I spend a lot of the day typing but grew irritated with my last all-touchscreen phone (a oneplus one, I've owned two blackberries since then) due to inaccuracy. When your phone expects mistakes it's hard to type "AWS" or "k8s" without it trying to correct you. It was also hard to type without looking at my phone which is a nice thing to be able to do when walking around town. My next phone after the Keyone is either a planet computers cosmo or just a xiaomi Mi mix 3, I haven't decided yet.


I thought this brand was dead


Oh I know this but I spend most of my day typing and no matter how hard I tried I found a physical keyboard to be a chore to use, even though it is weirdly satisfying


OP: Payg and sim free mobiles must now be posted in Electronics not Broadband & Phone - which now require hardware and a contract to qualify. ALSO all sim deals should be posted under ‘Sim Only’


I voted hot LOL

Acer EB490QK 48.5" 4K IPS Monitor - £499.99 @ Currys
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Posted 17th Nov 2018Posted 17th Nov 2018
Acer EB490QK 48.5" 4K IPS Monitor - £499.99 @ Currys
£499.99£559.9711%Currys PC World Deals
'Tis the season for giant screens. IPS 60Hz 4ms Currys 2 year warranty. Perfect screen for video editors, photoshop/graphic design/animation people, movie watchers & multi… Read more
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Just a heads up, check the returns policy of the seller. I purchased this monitor and it had some of the worst back-light bleed that I've ever seen. When the image was supposed the be just black there were white grey blotches all over.


I used to think the same when I had 24" screens for 10+ years. I thought 32" would be miles too big, but then you get one and it's actually awesome. As long as you have the GPU for that resolution.


I'm still using a 20" and thinking to upgrade to a 24" max 😁 (shock) (shock) but each to their own needs (y)


I think it’s the 4ms response time. Even screens suffer lag, gamers look to reduce it everywhere possible.


I have a 43" version of this and personally, for my needs, 43" is too big. I was after something I could do decent comparative document review, some photo editing, and a smudge of gaming (where immersion is more my priority than performance). I find I feel sometimes like I'm having to look up a bit too much to take in stuff at the top of the screen. It's not like it's driving me to thoughts of self-harm or anything, but, in case this helps someone who is now where I was when I bought, I'd recommend an ultra wide screen instead - same width, less height would be perfect. If I could chop off, say, the bottom 10th and the top 1/5th of the screen I have, that would be the ideal.

BlackBerry KEY2 LE Slate Grey 4.5" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £339 (£325 With Which Trial) @ Appliances direct
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Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
BlackBerry KEY2 LE Slate Grey 4.5" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £339 (£325 With Which Trial) @ Appliances direct
Thought this seemed like a really good price, cheapest it's ever been I think. Take out the which trial knocking £14 off the price, and go through topcashback or Quidco for them f… Read more

Excellent news.


Thank you Mrswitch. Thought this was a good price and purchased but the price has dropped by £16 even better deal now which AD will be refunded to my card.


Of course, but I wouldn't call it a really good price lol


Still. A tenner is a tenner my friend, I'd rather pay £339 than £349


RRP is £349 XD

Blackberry key2 sim free £369.99 Carphone Warehouse
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Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018
Blackberry key2 sim free £369.99 Carphone Warehouse
Get 12 month sim only with o2 or Vodafone and then cancel within cooling off period to get this price.

As far as I can see you are correct, you need to return the phone if you want to cancel the contract and have checked with Carphone Warehouse as well


The company who have licences to their name is made up primarily of old Nokia execs, so it's not as if it's a random company who slapped the Nokia brand name on generic phones. Sure, they went very low before but even without that they're still selling a lot of phones - they're on the same level as the big players now.


Considering how low they went that's not a challenge. Besides they aren't really Nokia any more. Just another company that bought the name


Too late for Nokia? What are you on? They've been doing amazingly well recently, their sales just keep going up.


Blackberry went tits up after their playbook release, lying to investors and customers, charging iPad prices for an unfinished product and offering no support. Amazed they're still going, guess they're living off their patents, which no doubt apple or Google will buy within the next 5 years.

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Blackberry Key2 - Silver or Black £469.00 sim-free @ amazon
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Posted 11th Sep 2018Posted 11th Sep 2018
Blackberry Key2 - Silver or Black £469.00 sim-free @ amazon
Price it should have launched at but a nice early price drop from the £579.00 retail. This will get plenty of cold voters that can't understand why anyone would still use a Blackb… Read more

Superb phone


£469.00 for a Blackberry? Hello 2010!!


Mine happened at the airport, lost my boarding pass and almost missed my flight. Italians were not very understanding or willing to listen. Managed to load it on my missus iPhone through email. Mine broke in August 2017 so Key2 nowhere to be seen at that time!


I got my KeyONE replaced because of exactly that with a brand-new Key2: much faster and the shortcut key is great addition.


What an excellent, well-constructed review. Keep it up!

BlackBerry® KEY2 Black 4.5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £565 (which! Trial) @ Appliances direct
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Posted 21st Jun 2018Posted 21st Jun 2018
BlackBerry® KEY2 Black 4.5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £565 (which! Trial) @ Appliances direct
Take out the which trial for a £14 saving, or/and go through topcashback for £14.50. Good price? Probably not, but it may help someone. Information BlackBerry® KEY2 Black 4.5" 64… Read more

It's €650 everywhere in europe so I think you may have your facts wrong, that or all the european retailers are marking up the price by the same amount.


I'd be all over this if it was dual SIM, which doesn't appear to be going on sale in the UK


Yeah, good idea, not buying one myself, heaven knows I've got too many phones. ;)


Blackberry/TCL have set the UK RRP at £579 but the European price is 579 Euros. So we are getting shafted by approx £70. May be worth having a look on Amazon France/Germany/Italy for a better deal?

BlackBerry KEYone Black Version 4GB RAM, 64GB HDD at CPW for £399
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Posted 11th Apr 2018Posted 11th Apr 2018
BlackBerry KEYone Black Version 4GB RAM, 64GB HDD at CPW for £399
Have been looking for the black version ever since the silver one was posted a few days ago. Currys have also dropped their price as well. I presently have a Samsung S8 and just … Read more

It's Released tomorrow.


Best phone I've ever used. Will be upgrading to the keytwo if/when it hits the uk.


This was on the early Silver versions. The Black is not known to have these issues.


Heat, Bit pricey but Secure,Fast, & underestimated handset. Tad pricey but keep an eye on price drop, CPW are struggling (financially)


Apparently the build quality on these sucks, they don't even glue in the screen properly?

BLACKBERRY KEYone - 32 GB, Silver - £339.99 @ Curry's
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Posted 8th Apr 2018Posted 8th Apr 2018
BLACKBERRY KEYone - 32 GB, Silver - £339.99 @ Curry's
Technical specifications for BLACKBERRY KEYone - 32 GB, Silver OVERVIEW Type: SIM-free smartphone SIM type: Nano SIM Operating: system Android 7.1 (Nougat) Processor: Qualcomm MS… Read more
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Hiya Ralph, did you go to settings and allow unauthorised apps to load? That's normally the workaround. .


Thanks, I have just tried and it says not compatable with Moto E4 Plus. This is the link I used. Seems strange that it wont work?


Seconding the recommendation to buy the black edition given I'm sitting at ~27GB internal storage used on my 64GB black edition. It's a lovely phone. Really strong battery life and the keyboard is excellent. The space bar is the perfect place for a fingerprint sensor.


±1 for the Blackberry fan club. I have a KEYone and love it. Plenty of deals to be made in the local want ads so not voting either way on the deal, but the handset is a cracker.


Laughing at BlackBerry was last acceptable about two years ago. Need to keep up!

Philips Series 9000 Wet and Dry Men's Electric Shaver at Amazon for £169.99
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Posted 30th Mar 2018Posted 30th Mar 2018
Philips Series 9000 Wet and Dry Men's Electric Shaver at Amazon for £169.99
£169.99Amazon Deals
This seems good to me. Ostensibly down from £450 (TBF I did see it at that price in HK Airport), although variants on the model can be had around £200
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I had the shaver for two years and changed the head. Slight improvement as the blades had become a bit blunt but it didnt really need changing. Not had a problem with damage to the foil.


I use to find the foil razors better but found the foils damaged too easily; the panasonic one looks like it might be better in this respect.


buy direct from Philips and get 25% off for subscribing to their newsletter. Currently £200 in their shop so now £150. However if thats a Ferrari the Panasonic is the McLaren F1. I have the Philips 7000 and the Panasonic is sooooo much better. Better for me than a wetshave and with a DE as well. Its so close and comfortable with a bit of shaving oil.


So the cost of replacement cutters must be high?


Good price for the Ferrari of electric shavers

Shaver series 9000 wet & dry electric shaver with SmartClean PLUS - £152.49 @ Philips
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Posted 10th Mar 2018Posted 10th Mar 2018
Shaver series 9000 wet & dry electric shaver with SmartClean PLUS - £152.49 @ Philips
I know it is a bit pricey for a shaver but it is the best shaver from Philips and probably from the world. It comes with a smart clean system that cleans and charges your shaver, … Read more

Thought it was easy to search like I did but to save the effort.... Philips Not same colour but same product




Cheaper on ebay too.


The s9711/32 is much better than this on eBay

Best price I've found - BlackBerry Motion SIM-Free Smartphone - Dark Grey £369 @ Amazon
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Posted 19th Dec 2017Posted 19th Dec 2017
Best price I've found - BlackBerry Motion SIM-Free Smartphone - Dark Grey £369 @ Amazon
£369£3998%Amazon Deals
This is the best price I can find, without having to go to a gearbest or such like.

Can't believe someone would pose such a stupid statement! 1/Its a New Phone mate ! 2/With a different OS!


That wallpaper looks like the back of the HTC Diamond


Still debating whether to go for this, can anyone steer me in the right direction?


Its android so yes it has whatsapp and everything else android has. Have the priv here and love the BB hub which integrates all communications.


Is Watsapp still non existent even on the new blackberry ? I have a BB passport and Watsapp stopped on this phone and other blackberry’s. Can someone please advise. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Blackberry PRIV 32GB simfree smartphone £199.99 @ currys
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Posted 17th Nov 2017Posted 17th Nov 2017
Blackberry PRIV 32GB simfree smartphone £199.99 @ currys
For those who can get it cheapar through currys (discounts / giftcards / cashback / etc) than carphone warehouse! Enjoy:)

Bought plenty of dud old tech when greatly reduced in price. There is usually a good reason why it's cheap. Once the novelty wears off i've usually regretted it. I know better now but yes, i bought a Virgin Lobster phone. Would have bought a Playbook too if i hadn't missed the boat.


£20 cheaper but no legitimate warranty and you have to pay to send it to Hong Kong if it arrives with any faults. Doesn't seem like it's worth the £20 saving to me.


Looks like they are still updating security last one appears to be September, how long that will be for though...?


Are they at least releasing security updates?


Yeah I agree with this, as a long time blackberry fanboy it saddens me to admit the support for this device is pretty poor, not even Nougat. Left Bb10 for the promise of Android updates, wish I hadn't bothered.

PRIV by Blackberry Android phone sim free @ CPW £199.99
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Posted 8th Nov 2017Posted 8th Nov 2017
PRIV by Blackberry Android phone sim free @ CPW £199.99
Not the newest android but still good specs, 5.4" Quad HD AMOLED curved display, unique Blackberry slide-out keyboard, BB Hub, BB Security etc. Don't forget about £20 TCB/Quidco c… Read more

I did try one of these when it first came out and really liked the look and feel of the phone but got tempted by moto Z for the fingerprint log in, but the Moto suffers with a ridiculously inadequate battery life even after purchasing a battery add on mod, so I'm very tempted by this again but worried by the mentioned possibility of losing wattsapp.


Effective costs after Quidco cashback and Black Friday bonus are £187.49, from UK Retailer with UK Warranty, proper UK charger and 4G band 20 avallable. If you want to miss all these benefits you can buy from Chinese retailer or ebay for a couple of ££ cheaper (skeptical)


Google search gives me 186 price in venture shop..Plus 5 off by email sign..So 181..Try look google for cheaper


I can't be bothered to see any more of your comments, you might say something sensible one day but it's a risk I'm willing to take


You'd have to be careful with this phone as the outer camera lens is made from plastic and scratches easily. Watch Jerry Rig Everything video

BlackBerry KEYone BLACK (4GB RAM model) £382.06 @ GearBest
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Posted 4th Nov 2017Posted 4th Nov 2017
BlackBerry KEYone BLACK (4GB RAM model) £382.06 @ GearBest
I've not seen this phone at this price before - the lower 'standard' model (3GB RAM) I've seen here down to just shy of £400. The standard model has silver edges. This does appear… Read more

The last thing I bought from them was my LG G6. The Asian version with 64gb rom and quad DAC. It cost £392 when the UK 32gb, no DAC version cost £500. So in that case 20% turned out to be £100 of a difference, for a hell of a better phone.


Dear, dear, dear. Yet another "authority" on phones.


It's definitely slower unless you are a hardcore BB fanatic. Check the review I've posted above, the guy literally hates that keyboard.


This isn't quite the same as what you're expecting, it's not an old style Blackberry nor is it evolved from one (no longer running their proprietary OS). It's made by TCL now - I was happy to hear this as BB weren't building things well. It's a proper Android phone with high frequency (low lead time) OS updates for patching, etc. and also has some of their security software onboard (some researchers equate many modern releases of Android as being about as secure as Windows 98SE was when it was a current release). They've done a rather good job of balancing battery size, usage (only a moderately powerful processor, restraint in screen size, etc.) and the long term usage reviews are quite good, a few reviewers are using it as their daily carry now. It would mainly appeal for keyboard users and security aspects; that's one aspect that endears it to corporate buyers. AFAIK the 4gig memory bump (up from 3gig) improves responsiveness at the edges of usage when you have a lot open, it's an appreciable difference from those who have reviewed it. Were I in the market for a new phone - this would be a my go-to choice (even though I had a lot of trouble with my Q10). That this isn't built by BB themselves - that's a bonus for me.


Blackberry phones were dead about 2 years ago. To pay nearly £400 for one in 2017 is stupid.

Oral-B Genius 9000 3D White Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun £138.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017
Oral-B Genius 9000 3D White Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun £138.99 @ Amazon
£138.99Amazon Deals
Genius, the best toothbrush from Oral-B, the No. 1 dentist recommended brand worldwide Up to 100% more plaque removal: Round head cleans better for healthier gums 100% brushing c… Read more
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Amazon have it on offer for £89.99 now


There is the His & Hers is on DOD for €164.72 delivered appx £146 using a fee free card. For less than £75 a brush, thats not bad especially compared to the laughable £449 Amazon Uk wants.


Firstly you don’t have to connect the usb cable whilst you are brushing. Secondly bluetooth on a phone is a function is more like a show off rather than to meet the needs of a consumer. Having said all these, happy to buy these for £50 because the higher premium is only because of the bluetooth which will 90% of the times give an inaccurate data. An app cannot know how well I am brushing me teeth. (lol) (lol) (lol)


Great advice. On my Santa list.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

Blackberry DTEK60 32GB, Unlocked A (Like New) with 2 years warranty at CEX for £260
-25° Expired
Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017
Blackberry DTEK60 32GB, Unlocked A (Like New) with 2 years warranty at CEX for £260
A - Mint : Working product in mint cosmetic condition with all accessories. Everything CeX sells comes with a 24 month warranty.
Get deal*Get deal*

it does not should.


A grade should come in original box too.


How many do you want?


They`ve only got 7, apparently

Blackberry Keyone now only £433.85 at Amazon (sold and dispatched by Amazon)
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Posted 22nd Sep 2017Posted 22nd Sep 2017
Blackberry Keyone now only £433.85 at Amazon (sold and dispatched by Amazon)
£433.85Amazon Deals
If you're an iPhone or Samsung fan boy this deal probably isn’t for you. If however you’re someone who uses their phone for mainly productivity, getting work done on the go, se… Read more

Maybe in your company but Dtek50's are what's used in secure establishments.


Sorry but hose days are long gone my organisation and most companies I deal with now use isheeps


Actually BES12 is the most secure business implementation, hence why global organisations use them.


Not now they use android


Nearly time to replace my much loved blackberry Priv android phone. What are the differences for those who have used both phones?

BlackBerry Priv 32GB 4G LTE SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £192 with code BUY599 eglobalcentral
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Posted 19th Sep 2017Posted 19th Sep 2017
BlackBerry Priv 32GB 4G LTE SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £192 with code BUY599 eglobalcentral
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop - DTEK Enhanced Privacy Protection - GSM / 4G LTE Capable - Rear 18MP Camera + 2MP Front Camera - Optical Stabilization + Dual Tone Flash - 1.8 GHz Snap… Read more

Blackberry (RIM) should just be left to die now rather than dragging it on and prolonging its misery. I hated my Blackberry torch and that tablet thing they made. The fact they are still persisting with keyboards in 2017 is ridiculous.


It comes on Android 5.1.1 out of the box and can update to android 6. Still not worth £200.


Good plan. :)


There's an "add info" button, used it to add information about the android 6.0.1 update.


No need for names, is there? It states Android 5.1.1 Lollipop in the post, and on the face of it, there's no cause to disbelieve it.

Blackberry Keyone Black (4GB/64GB) with 24 months 3GB data, unlimited calls/texts £698 @
271° Expired
Posted 16th Sep 2017Posted 16th Sep 2017
Blackberry Keyone Black (4GB/64GB) with 24 months 3GB data, unlimited calls/texts £698 @
I've been looking out for a Blackberry Keyone Black edition to replace my Priv and stumbled across this deal. Normally the phone costs £550 but are charging £50 upfro… Read more
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I miss my BB Bold.


received yesterday and love it


It's a good deal if you want this now anyway :)


I agree that it's a lot of money and that money isn't going on the CPU, RAM, eMMC. The costly hardware features are the cameras, the case, the custom LCD, that keyboard's probably super expensive since no-one else does capacitive touch-sensitive keys. Where's the rest of your money going? Quality control is my bet. The fit and finish on my Keyone is absolutely perfect with no odd gaps or creaks. Software's another bet, Blackberry's a small house these days so creating their own productivity apps, phone designs etc (there are two different manufacturers with the exact same phone design, so it has to be Blackberry behind it) for phones that ultimately ship in small numbers will be expensive. Still, if you're just looking at the specs you should look elsewhere as you're missing the point. It's like saying why own a laptop when desktop computers have better specs for the money. You'd be right, but there are things a laptop's better for like portability so if you need those things you would never ever consider a desktop.


It's a lot of money for any phone, never mind a mid range China blackberry Android clone thingy. £300 of phone hardware tops.

Blackberry Dtek 50 Grey 16gb for £189.99 at Carphone Warehouse
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Posted 21st Aug 2017Posted 21st Aug 2017
Blackberry Dtek 50 Grey 16gb for £189.99 at Carphone Warehouse
Blackberry Dtek 50 Grey 16gb for £189.99 at Carphone Warehouse
Avatardeleted1782801Get deal*Get deal*

Yes indeed, the 4GB/64GB black edition model will be coming soon. I can't wait for that to be available as a replacement for my Priv.


Cold. Alcatel idol 4 has very similar specs for his and has created header and has been cheaper


Let's hope the Keyone also gets a great discount soon.

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