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New York Bakery Bagels 5 pack (All Varieties) £1 @ Asda
Made hot 18th JulMade hot 18th Jul
It has been a while since these bagels have been £1, perhaps too long :D The offer includes Original, Sesame, Cinnamon & Raisin and Red Onion & Chive
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Still my favourite bagels. Sesame for me :D


(y) Thanks will pick some up Heat Added


This price in tesco extra near me this week


Regularly this price in Tesco. Interestingly, Asda always used to do a 4 pack rather than 5.


My local never stocks the red onion

Return flights to Copenhagen & New York +1 day in Toronto (Canada) £170 (Oct departure/ departing LTN or STN/ Air Canada & Ryanair)@ Various
Made hot 14th JulMade hot 14th Jul
Nice price here for this mini trip :) 1) Book your flights from Copenhagen to New York . e.g 15th - 23rd October. The flight is operated by Air Canada. The outbound flight invo… Read more
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Because you are booking two separate sets of flight, one with Air Canada and the other with Ryanair. As you are spending the night in Copenhagen, the only real risk is that the return Air Canada flight is late and you therefore miss your return to London. In that case a new ticket will be needed.


Why? Isn't that standard? Pardon the ignorance


But no ATOL protection and travel insurance wouldn’t cover you if you missed your connections!


Heat. Would be all over this if I wasn't already booked elsewhere for October.


Excellent price, voted hot! Much cheaper than flying in Spain during school holidays!

Direct return flight to Boston £216.60 / New York £229.40 / LA £262 / San Francisco £267.60 (Departing LGW / Nov-Mar departures)@ Norwegian
Made hot 4th JulMade hot 4th Jul
As part of Norwegian's 5 year anniversary of flights to the USA they are offering discounted fares through using the code 5YEARS. This means you can currently get some decently pri… Read more

It's not really cheaper than any other operator. Checked flights to NY over Xmas and Norwegian are £539.50 return. An extra £50 gets you a checked luggage bag and a meal onboard. For same dates, American Airlines is £582, including meal and luggage, so £7.50 cheaper. If you can survive your trip on hand luggage its fine, but otherwise look elsewhere.


Also, if you look on tripadvisor for American just want to run far away


New York still shouldn’t be 8 hours maybe 6 hours, dunno heard this company is close to going out for business hence the super cheap non flexible flights compared to there insured ones


Sorry, now I've seen you said LA , not NY....


Yeah la is not 8 hour flight unless smoking Cali bud before flight. Went Vegas afew years ago and easily 10 to 11 hour flight. It’s 5 hours to New York telling me 3 hours to cross the whole country

One way direct flight to LGW from Boston £79.70 / New York £92.50 /  San Francisco £96.70 / LA £101 (Nov-Mar departures) @ Norwegian
Made hot 4th JulMade hot 4th Jul
As part of Norwegian's 5 year anniversary of flights to the USA they are offering discounted fares through using the code 5YEARS. This means you can currently get some decently pri… Read more

Are meals included with Norwgeian? It seems to be extra. Not great on an 8hr flight


Fab price. We won’t be booking but eventually looking for flying into jfk and out of boston, so one way flights are great for us.


Make sure you take out insurance as Norwegian are wobbly.


Have to see the return prices, but still a awesome deal if you were planning on a trip


This might get hot! 🔥

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British Airways Centenary offers e.g New York return from £282 / Nice/Venice flight + 2 nights hotel £100pp / Singapore return from £399
Made hot 1st JulMade hot 1st Jul
US: New York return from £282 Europe: Nice/Venice flight + 2 nights hotel £100pp Asia: Singapore return from £399 Beijing return from £387 More deals can be found via link! Maybe … Read more
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I was going to go to New York with British Airways but not after I've just seen the website, nearly £200 to reserve 4 seats they have turned into Ryanair and hand baggage only too for free


Of course, so it was in my BA account preference and was then re-established at check-in. What I didn't like was the fact I was given the food long before anyone else and not even asked what I may like. I was also given a desert which had sugar so may as well have just been given a normal meal -my wife's curry probably had less carbs and sugar than my meal. I'm T1 and on a very low carb diet so know from my Abbott sensor when things aren't good (as in, a lot of sugar going in my body)


Yep, if the adults are a male and a female, it should be simple! ;)


I agree that they do have some new aircraft. But they have a lot that are definitely in need of an upgrade or ready to be replaced. This is part of the reason they have dropped so far down the global list when it comes to the best airlines. They oversell themselves.


It's just a bit ridiculous. You don't pay to choose a seat on a train. Okay charge a bit if they must hit 60 squids just to book a seat? What's the point.

Return flight to New York (August departures / Departing Edinburgh or Glasgow / Air Canada)  £229 @ Skyscanner (WeDoFlights)
Made hot 28th JunMade hot 28th Jun
Excellent price given the August departure date! The first outbound flight (Edinburgh/Glasgow to Washington) is operated by Delta whereas each of the remaining flights are operated… Read more
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What about Airbnb?? Always find something nice and cheap, the cheapest I found was £24 per night bed & breakfast baby!!


Thank you ...shared bathroom and bunk beds no way lol ...I rather go somewhere else ....




I've stayed at the YMCA Vanderbilt noisy pipes wake you up


The two I mentioned, The Jane and YMCA Vanderbilt both have bunk bed rooms with shared bathrooms for £550-600 on those dates. For a half decent hotel room your looking at £800-900+. It's ridiculous I know but these are actually fairly cheap dates for NYC. Accommodation is stupidly expensive.

South & North America Tour! Visit Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Miami and New York (Departing LGW / September departure) £673 @ Skyscanner
Made hot 26th JunMade hot 26th Jun
Not many deals come up for travel to South America so I thought I would put together this itenary (instead of working (skeptical) ).Flight prices in S.America are usually expensiv… Read more
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Make sure you have the yellow vacanation form if doing this! Very important as Colombia does not allow you in the country via some of the countries mentioned in this trip


From experience, I found the use of full service (wash, dry and pressed) in South America pretty good - although it was a bit variable at higher altitudes (Andean Peru and Bolivia - usually came back a little bit damp) very inexpensive and pretty good. Drop-off in the morning, pick up the next morning in most cases. I remember in Vietnam, quite often the staff take the laundry from smaller hotels and I recall seeing a staff member washing clothes in a small river behind our residence, I wasn't 100% sure it wasn't my laundry! Personally, I would take a case or a backpack. As for the itinerary - I wouldn't want to fly from Rio to Santiago (with essentially only two days there) and then up to Lima with just a 2 1/2 day stop in Santiago sandwiched between 7 hours of flying. Heat added, but this is a bit of a random whistle-stop tour - I'd sack-off some of the travelling and just do 3 weeks in Peru, or Argentina (maybe Brazil, Ecuador or Bolivia - but any of the countries other than perhaps Venezuela at the moment - but that might be an experience for the adventurous). If you've got the time and can scrape a bit of money together then you'll be able to immerse yourself in some incredible cultural experiences and get out of the big cities - I'm afraid you won't get too far from them if you've just got a couple of days in each.


I've spent over half of the last 21 years travelling - I'm continually seeing people rushing around, trying to cram everything in and tick all the boxes they think they should and they're exhausted. An awful lot of the time they say they wish they'd not taken on so much and if they try anything like it again, next time they will ask to spend more time in less places. I've spent 8 months in Central and 8 in the northern part of South America.


Kinda tempted by this but agree hand luggage only could be a challenge! Good effort anyway by the OP on sharing :)


I've done a lot of travelling and there is no way I would even contemplate that trip with hand luggage alone. Norwegian restriction is 10kg and 55 x 40 x 23, so not big at all. You will with either be buying clothes and dumping, or spending time in a laundry (or stinking!). Each to their own.

6 Nights in New York (4* Central Holiday Inn hotel / Direct rtn flights / March departure LGW) £507.70 pp (£1014.40 total) @ Opodo
Made hot 22nd JunMade hot 22nd Jun
I thought this was a decent price. The price is based on 2 people travelling :) First you need to book your flights. Please note that the following price is based on hand lugga… Read more
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New Jersey to Times Square in 8 mins On a bus? and thought there was an issue with Airbnb in NYC




No but Airbnb in New Jersey was $40 per night for 2, and a $3 bus ride away which took 8 mins to get into New York times square! I never had to wait more than a minute for the bus (they have these Spanish buses)


Including a hotel?


Yeah but they give you plenty of drink and food...the trolley people never stopped

Direct return flight to Boston £214.76 OR New York £224.72 (Min 2 pax / departing LGW / Norwegian Airlines) @ Opodo
Made hot 20th JunMade hot 20th Jun
Good prices for direct flights to the US. New York only has availability throughout October. Boston has various availability between November and March, with November and March als… Read more

Last time my wife and i were booked to fly Norwegian Air to NYC they had subconrtacted to WAMOS Air.... if you thought Norwegian were bad.... WAMOS Air were awful. Their idea of in flight entertainment was to use your own phone to watch movies on their wifi net in their 30 year old plane. No seat back console. Never fly Norwegian again


Opodo are a shocking agent. If I was booking through any agent I'd be looking to save over £100 compared to the cost of booking direct, especially with a non-partnered airline like Norwegian. Norwegian are also in financial troubles so this is very much buyer beware!


Yes :)


Can you pay for xtra luggage?

Return direct flight from Manchester to New York £209 (Flight operated by Virgin Atlantic / January - March 2020 departures) @ NetFlights
Made hot 16th JunMade hot 16th Jun
Since the other deal to New York has expired, I thought it was posting this deal which I believe is significantly better due to the better date availability, better airline (subjec… Read more
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Amazing price! NY is really good if you’re into culture, jazz, museums & art (the Frick Collection is amazing!), shopping, eating some really good burgers (try Bare Burger) and steaks (Club A is really good). Even if you’re not, it’s a really nice place to just walk around, explore and feel like you’re in a film. You’ll always find something new.


Get an AirBnb in Brooklyn get the MTA across to Manhatten, you'll definitely save cash if you don't mind the hassle of travelling a little bit each day.


Any flights still left for this deal sub <£300? Can't find any :(


£2 flight + airport taxes ! I got mid march for £218 (thanks OP) ...hotel prices are ridiculous ! Any tips?


HOW ???

New York 5 nights hotel and flights (Family of 3) £425pp Dates 21st - 26th March 2020  £1274.06 @
Made hot 15th JunMade hot 15th Jun
We are all here because we are tight right ? Lets face it , you can have deals on flights to NYC in peak times. However hotel prices seem generally ridiculous if your 1. tight 2. w… Read more

PMSL! I'm sorry but that's funny..


AirBnB is great, but Manhattan put a law in to stop it on the island for a whole home. You can only rent a room if the owner is there from memory. Think if you want whole place now you need to go out to Brooklyn.


20 min walk to Ghostbusters HQ. crown tickets up Statue of Liberty well worth it (book in advance through correct reseller). subway across to Brooklyn and walk back with great views. use the subway-fast and easy! TKTS booth for on the day discount broadway shows. Ellens stardust diner for a musical fix. subway uptown and walk back through Central Park. etc etc


Top of the rock at night you have a great big black hole what is Central Park. Far better doing that in daytime and empire at night...IMO


Are you talking about Bicester village (agree with your view in the main) or the us outlets (really great prices; the store I mentioned was about half the price of central ny stores when I went 10 yrs ago)?

Return direct flight from Manchester to New York £214 (March 2020 departures) @ Travel Up
Made hot 14th JunMade hot 14th Jun
Excellent price for a direct return flight to New York especially as the current prices seem stuck around the £250 to £260 mark :) With the flights being in March 2020, this gives… Read more
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I've expired, I am getting higher prices now too. Please see this deal which I believe is better anyway :)


I was using the site at the other end of the 'Get deal' link which I think is reasonable :D


Dont know what site your using-I always check & book directly with the airline. Try Kayak for general prices.


Well I put the same dates in and it shows the same flights. I wonder why it's a different price for me.


(From 11th June) New York Bagels 5 pack £1 / Cadburys Chocolate / Raspberry Mini Rolls 10 Pack £1.25 / Thorntons 9pk Shortcake £0.72 @ Tesco
Made hot 10th JunMade hot 10th Jun
The link takes you to the bagels, here are some of the decent bakery offers starting tomorrow at Tesco :) Mini Rolls:… Read more
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Yes I believe this is the case :(


A voucher for what? The bagels voucher in the last magazine has now expired I believe


There is a voucher in the in-store magazine making this deal better

One way flight from New York to Paris £62 /  Barcelona to Boston £64.10 /  Trip from London to Barcelona and Boston £175 @ Level
Made hot 9th JunMade hot 9th Jun
Codes: HAPPY / TWO Some random errands here, but these are some crazy prices and would make a good option for an intermediate flight on a round the world trip, or if you are inter… Read more

On the Barcelona to Boston route in February it's saying code is incorrect or expired


I think the suggestion was to take a cheap low cost flight to bcn first.


I can’t seem to enter the london to Barcelona route??? Entered London for departure airport but soon as I press B in the destination box it says no suggestions? Anyone else having this problem?


Hand luggage would be a definite no on a long haul, for me anyway.

Return direct flight to New York £229 (November - December departures / Departing London Gatwick) @ Norwegian  (Using code)
Made hot 6th JunMade hot 6th Jun
Great price if you would like to visit New York pre-christmas :) Prices seem to have been stuck around £250 so this is a decent discount. Free wifi is available on the flight alth… Read more

Good price, but will Norwegian still exist in November-December?


Good Airline, flown with them twice Inc NYC. Heat added.




Does this code work for everywhere?



Valentines Feb New York - 3* Hotel + Direct BA/Virgin Flights LHR  - 4 nights £408pp (£817) / 5 nights £447pp (£894) @ Voyage Prive
Made hot 4th JunMade hot 4th Jun
Long Valentines weekend break in New York including 3* hotel accommodation at Pod hotel and a number of direct flights from BA/Virgin departing Heathrow to JFK. Prices based on dep… Read more
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A fantastic price for flights - but just a quick note to say that some of these flights are codeshares and are actually operated by Delta and American Airlines. Not being picky, but just letting folks know that the service / planes might not be by British Airways or Virgin Atlantic themselves Thank you for posting OP (y)


Ive been a few times, stayed in various places. But dont be put off by brooklyn, i love it there. and the subway is super quick and easy. Dont get me wrong, if i could find a hotel in manhattan for same price i would, but id rather save a few ££ and jump on the subway.


Looks and sounds good. I like sightseeing but next time I'm taking a day off to get transport to Washington dc as only 4 hours... Be a long day though.


We go to Jersey Mall, a short (ish) bus ride from the Port Authority Terminal. Good shopping there. But we got back and went to 5th where A&F had an event that had free beer. That did get me spending LOL. Oh and the Port Authority has some of the best escalator views I have ever seen (industrial brutal at it's finest)!


I've looked at pod hotels in New York in the past and been put off as some have shared bathrooms. Is this the case with this one?

Seven nights in Las Vegas (+$35 resort fee per night) and New York City - from £599 (based on two sharing) at Travelup
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
What's Included? Return flights from London Four nights stay at the 3* Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas Three nights stay at 3* Ameritiana Hotel in New York City Internal flight from L… Read more

We are going to San Francisco next March. BA £1800 for four adults and car hire. Then doing the SF/LA/LV circle. Las Vegas should be about 26 degree and Death Valley the same so can enjoy the scenery.


Thats good to know, i was there 10 years ago and some of my family stayed there. It is in a great location thats for sure.


That would be Hooters (apart from the waitresses). Excalibur was completely refurbished about 5 years ago, the rooms are fine. You wouldn't eat there or see a show but the rooms and location are fine for a cheap break. EDIT - the pool is also fine there although won't be open in January.


The Excalibur hotel is pretty dire. Easily the worst hotel that end of the strip.


That's not what you said. The deal is the deal and if you increase the duration or take two trips, you wouldn't get it for that price. 2 trips in January would still not be brilliant given the pools being shut and temperatures in both Vegas and NY.

Visit Dublin & New York £202 (September - December departures / Departing various UK Airports) @ Norwegian
Made hot 30th MayMade hot 30th May
Pretty decent 2 in 1 trip here :) Good availability for September - December dates (shown in the 1st image below). You need to book the Dublin to New York and your chosen UK depart… Read more

Hand luggage only! I guess you'd be seeking out the laundrettes of NYC... And New York Stewart airport? Never heard of that one before but Google says "New York Stewart International Airport, is a public/military airport in Orange County, New York, United States. It is in the southern Hudson Valley, west of Newburgh, and southwest of Poughkeepsie, approximately 60 miles north of Manhattan"


good pric


And when they delay your flight for over 16 hours and refuse to pay any compensation, Just isn't worth using that airline.


Make sure you book with a credit card as Norwegian has got financial problems

Return flight to New York £237.60 (August departure / departing LGW) @ Norwegian
Made hot 28th MayMade hot 28th May
I think this is an excellent price for a return flight to New York departing in August. Example date 27th August - 4th September. If you cannot see the discounted prices you will n… Read more

They’re fitted for its RR Trent RR Trent engined so there persistent maintenance issues with it.


if you want to check in 1x 20Kg bag costs +£100 extra, a bit cheeky


Check on Flightradar24, they've got plenty of Dreamliners in the air right now.


Let’s hope they don’t go bust by then.


Just booked a hotel through Agoda for NY arriving new years eve and a few days after. 20 min walk from Times Square, £551 for 4 nights, that's for 4 sharing one room with 2 double beds and a massive 30 sq meter room! Their prices were around half of most others. Free cancellation too

Comprehensive list of free attractions and the cheapest flights (from £238 direct) to Los Angeles, New York & San Francisco
Made hot 19th MayMade hot 19th May
I posted a thread similar several months ago, but I feel this thread will be of even more relevance now as more people will be visiting the US in the coming months for their holida… Read more
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Thanks just started planning a trip x


If in LA, Griffith Observatory is free and amazing views over the city especially at night. Free admission, but a small charge for parking.


Thanks for this. Was price watching flights last year and some Virgin flights to Hong Kong came out at a good price but as soon as you click through and it lists Virgin it says "check availability at Virgin Atlantic" and then the prices are like double on the virgin website.


You need to be careful which company you book through. Always book through the actual airline with a credit card where possible. Otherwise make sure you get some sort of ATOL protection. Some let you buy it as an add on when booking flights for anywhere between £2.50-£20


Yeah, brilliant write up. Much appreciation for that guy!

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