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Anyone Thinking Of Buying A Wileyfox Phone....Consider This First!!
Ok, so I bought A Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus with Screen Replacement Card for the following reasons, - British Smartphone Manufacturer - Screen Replacement Service ('cause I'm clumsy a… Read more

Wileyfox won't get back to you, they've gone into administration.


I wish i had read these post before i invested my money on what at the time looks like a good phone at great price. Three months down the line my callers couldn't hear me and the screen is activated on its own accord every now and again. Went to carphonewarehouse where i bought it to be told that the manufacturer has to be contacted for all repairs. log a repair request on their website and all i keep getting is automated emails telling me that someone would get back to me, 2 weeks and still counting. Reading these posts now tells me that that might not even happen in my life time. I would be making a compliant to the powers that be at carphone, maybe if we get carphone to stop stocking their devices they will take UK customers seriously.


Can any one tell me how can I connect my phone to my lap top,it only recognizes it as media player not a phone, I have emailed for advice and not had a reply, I have telephoned only to get an answer m/c saying the office is open Monday to Friday 9 to 5.30 pm then the line would go dead, this was at 2.30 pm on a Friday !!!!!. Hopeless useless very poor service........


Same for me: Bought a Wileyfox Spark in May. 2 months later by first OS update, the phone hangs at reboot after Cyanogen animation. I sent 3 mails to the customer service: NO ANSWER ! They want only to make money and they don't care about people using their devices. My advice: be aware from wileyfox, customer service doesn't exist !


I was really pleased with my Wily fox Spark but after less than a month it crashed.The customer service was startlingly ad hoc .A rough (and wildly optimistic) estimate of 24hrs to get back to you and a bored and entirely indifferent person at the end of a phone line. Have given up and bought a boring Samsung.

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Wileyfox and NatWest App
Latest NatWest app update has left me being unable to log into to the app via finger print as the all is claiming my device is now rooted. I'm still able to use android pay and s… Read more

Seemingly an issue with my phone. Wileyfox customer support is dreadful at the best at times so not convinced this will be resolved. Factory reset as requested by them now told that my phone is rooted by android pay and google play store informing me that my phone is uncertified.


Ah, I guess you will have to wait for an update then. My s6 has nougat, and the fingerprint works fine!


Done that, uninstalled and reinstalled app also. Cheers though. Natwest say "Thank you so much for waiting Paddy whilst I investigated this further. The tech team are confirming it's due to the type of mobile device you have and not being 'fully' supported by our mobile APP. It will allows you to download and try use the APP and this will most of the time work however, when coming to updates it can cause an issue after the updates with some features due to the device not being fully supported. SG"


Try clear app data in settings, and login again


7.1.1 (nougat)

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Updated 14th Jun 2017Last updated 14th Jun 2017 by GB99LocalLocal
wileyfox swift battery.
Has anyone come across a replacement for the wileyfox battery that's not from the official website? Mine is not lasting a day now... it's only 18 months old.

No worries, thanks for checking it out :)


Just had a look around and the only one is a £20 from Amazon or direct from wiley fox for £10 which is out of stock. Might be worth contacting them and seeing what they can do, might do a good will and send a replacement for you? Sorry couldn't be anymore help


The model number is SWB 0115. under it says 1ICP5/49/68 3.8v. 2500mAh. 9.5wh thanks


I dont have the same phone, but have you got the part number from the battery? Its some times easier to search for the part number, as it could be the same battery in other phone models. Post back in here with part number and we can see what we can find for you :)

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Swift wileyfox 2 X case
Hi, does anyone know where I can find a silicone swift Wiley fox 2 x case? I've tried both eBay and Amazon and on Google but they all seem to be for the other wileyfox phones. I've… Read more

They were pretty quick at replying :) unfortunately they can't give me a date on when they might be getting some more stock, or if they will be getting any more at all


​They get back to me everytime I Facebook message them, try there :).


Good idea. I will email them to ask. Although I've heard their customer service isn't great but i will certainly try. Thanks :)


​You seem to be right! I would email them as they definitely did them, maybe a website glitch.


They do look nice cases though. I've looked under accessories but only found the Swift 1 and 2 and Spark Cases

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Updated 10th May 2017Last updated 10th May 2017 by CCC007LocalLocal
Swift Wileyfox 2 X
Hi. I wondered if anyone has one of these (or any wileyfox) and what they thought of the screen colours? Phone seems fine but the colouring seems way off? black looks more grey, th… Read more

My son thinks it's fine against his phone (he has a Vodafone Smart) so maybe it's just me


My old phone. Huawei P8


it's very subjective, what are you comparing it to?


I have a Swift 2 X. Colours seem fine to me, for the price the screen is pretty amazing, doesn't seem flat at all to me.

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My wileyfox swift (1st edition) got android 7.1.1 update
Just a heads up, just got the nougat update, 7.1.1 and seems fine. If anyone is looking for a cheap nougat 2g ram phone. Got mine for £89 on Amazon warehouse. Any tips or good s… Read more

This update to 7.1.1 has totally messed my phone. My phone keeps rebooting constantly to a point were its unstable and unusable ..


Probably better to be safe than sorry, but I've been using mine updated for 4 days and works really well. But, anyone know how to turn off the clicker noise when u take a photo or a screen shop


Thanks for heads up! Was just in the process of downloading and spotted your post.. Tapped 'Cancel' quickly oO


Maybe good advice, although my phone is working fine after the update