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Lenovo Moto Z UK SIM-Free Black/Silver 5.5", Snapdragon 820, 13MP, 4/32GB, 2600mAh £80.65 Acceptable/£94.63 Good/£100 VG @ Amazon Warehouse
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Posted 12th Aug 2019Posted 12th Aug 2019
Lenovo Moto Z UK SIM-Free Black/Silver 5.5", Snapdragon 820, 13MP, 4/32GB, 2600mAh £80.65 Acceptable/£94.63 Good/£100 VG @ Amazon Warehouse
Used - Acceptable £80.65 (2 available) Used - Good £94.63 (3 available) Used - Very Good £100 (2 available) Has USB-C, no 3.5mm headphone jack, MicroSD slot, no IP rating. 5… Read more
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I've upgraded to a Huawei Mate 20 Pro from a Moto Z. I had the Z for 3 years, it had a battery replaced under warranty which fixed the known issue regularly talked about. I had the clip on battery back and JBL speaker with mine. Its a still a good bit of kit...


This phone had horrendous battery life when new imagine now 3 years later...


Amazon Warehouse is sometimes good for replacement screens or front glasses for phones. There's a Redmi 5 Plus one there today. Who knows what "missing bonus material" means!


Great price louise, so hot from me. I'd still pay a touch more for a used One Plus 3 though.


D'oh (me, not you). The last Moto I had my hands on was the Moto G3, which I think boyf now uses as a speedometer or a Sat Nav on his bike.

Lenovo Moto Z UK SIM-Free Smartphone - White/Gold £149.99  & FREE delivery @ Amazon (Camera Centre)
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
Lenovo Moto Z UK SIM-Free Smartphone - White/Gold £149.99 & FREE delivery @ Amazon (Camera Centre)
£149.99Amazon Deals
Thought this was a great price, over a year old, but still a good phone, not the greatest battery life ever, but there are mods for that. Lenovo Moto Z UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Whi… Read more

Excellent phone other than the battery issue. I'm just waiting for a pocophone to replace this, which I know is missing NFC but I can't remember the last time I used that feature.


Lol, you are very welcome (y)


Ordered thanks Switchy. With Amazon warranty this is a bargain, premium-looking, 2016 flagship. (Couldn't resist!)


It's only a bargain if it works as intended. Wouldn't buy another as having major battery problems


Cannot beat a double bargain price that then gets more off it!!! <3

Lenovo Moto Z (XT1650-05) Phablet 4G Dual Sim £144.57 @ Gearbest
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Posted 9th Jul 2018Posted 9th Jul 2018
Lenovo Moto Z (XT1650-05) Phablet 4G Dual Sim £144.57 @ Gearbest
Don't forget that cashback. Great price for the original moto z, this does not have band 20. This is an email only deal. Again, I wouldn't expect a warranty with this device. … Read more

Since I (was) subscribed, might as well chime in here - Bluetooth as a technology is relatively unstable anyway and many phones have issues with it, especially Androids, sadly. Gets better with each new version/update/whatever you want to call it. It's one of those things that you would think be easily fixed, but sadly till today it hasn't.


Beware, many Moto Z phones developed a problem with Bluetooth audio (intermittent/stuttering - Google it) following an OTA update. Mine went back to John Lewis for repair, was returned with same problem, went back again, returned with same problem again, and John Lewis then gave me a full refund. IMHO definitely not a phone to buy without a watertight warranty.


i got this phone, bluetooth pairing problem with other device.


Great phone if it's the same as the original Motorola Moto Z. However my phone developed the battery drain fault 1 week after warranty expired. Google it if you're worried. I sent it back to Motorola who said they'd fix it for £90. In the end they just fixed it and sent it back for free. Can't complain.


Nope! It does however have a teeny weeny little man living inside making it work.

Motorola Moto Z (Refurbished) - 4GB RAM/32GB Storage, SD 820 Processor, 5.5in QHD AMOLED Screen, 13MP Rear Camera in Lunar Grey.  (Includes 15% discount) £127.49 ebay / exdemolaptops
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Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
Motorola Moto Z (Refurbished) - 4GB RAM/32GB Storage, SD 820 Processor, 5.5in QHD AMOLED Screen, 13MP Rear Camera in Lunar Grey. (Includes 15% discount) £127.49 ebay / exdemolaptops
£127.49eBay Deals
Even though the phone is refurbished, this seems a pretty good price for the spec of the phone and can also be used with Moto Mods... Also the phone has received Android Oreo 8.1.… Read more

Yeah, I updated mine and it broke the Bluetooth. Seems to be quite a common issue, but Motorola haven't bothered to release a fix. I don't think I'll buy another Motorola either. No chance of a repair coz it was sold as "refurbished" even though it was basically brand new. Super-gutted coz I really like this phone. To their credit, exdemolaptops have offered to swap it for a Moto Z Play (seeing as they have no more Moto Zs) which is still pretty good, but quite a downgrade


Yes they did. I rang them up the Friday before the last bank holiday and it was all being booked in. However i asked whether this repair would be free as its out of warranty. She went to speak to someone and then came back and said no it won't be. At which point I stated flag ship phone, just over a year old and screen repair failed within 3 months. She said she would escalate it and get back to me. Got a call on the BH Monday saying they would fix it under warranty. Took til the Thurs for it to be collected by their courier and was returned a week last weds. I haven't switched back to it yet but the screen does work. I have noticed some more scratches on the sides and I'm not convinced the screen is glued down properly. Although they have repaired it foc I probably won't be buying another Motorola. And def not a phone where bumpers/cases are a right pain to find.


How'd it go? Did they offer to fix it?


So after my post the other day my screen which was replaced less than 3 months ago has packed in. Will see tomorrow what Motorola are like for repair warranties given it was fixed at the end of Feb and the 1 year warranty ran out sometime in march. Update : So phoned the support line and it was all going ok and the lady was going to book it in etc. However I had to confirm this would be a free repair and she went away and then came back and apologised and said it would not be as its out of warranty. I explained flagship phone, expect it to last longer than this and that their repair has failed in less than 3 months etc. So she is going to escalate it with her team and get back to me so I guess we'll have to see. Whats also annoying is that I just bought an extra couple of turbo chargers early this week !!! Don't think I'll be buying Motorola again.


Haha, no complaints about the battery so far, but I want a battery mod anyway, to bulk out out a bit - it's way too slim for my fat hands (:I

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Motorola Moto Z Play 32GB Black UNLOCKED Pristine £181.59 @ Music Magpie
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Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
Motorola Moto Z Play 32GB Black UNLOCKED Pristine £181.59 @ Music Magpie
Refurbished pristine, 2 in stock at the time of posting. There's a other for a tenner more. Use code MAY-20 for this great price. Its the battery life that stands out on these ph… Read more

The Moto Z (refurbished) here on hukd for £127.49 a much better deal


Why don't you post the deal then, forever criticising my posts, and yet you've only ever posted 2 yourself?!


From ebay u can get in very good condition with original box for £178


This is my current phone, battery is indeed a beast

Lenovo Moto Z Play Smartphone, 32GB , Used: Very Good | Details Sold by Warehouse Deals Fulfilled by Amazon DE - £142.75
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Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
Lenovo Moto Z Play Smartphone, 32GB , Used: Very Good | Details Sold by Warehouse Deals Fulfilled by Amazon DE - £142.75
GBP 142.70
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The price is actually £142.70 you should edit this immediately.


It's my current phone and honestly, one of the best I've had. Got it from Amazon Germany like the poster above last year and it was a bargain for £230 ish let alone this. Admittedly not New but for nearly £100 cheaper I wouldn't expect it to be Battery and build quality are aces.


Why expired? Still available


Now i am using Samsung but if the battery long lasting will order one


good find thanks @idrishussainw7 :D

Motorola Moto Z2 Play - 64GB - Grey - UK Sim Free £300.47 @ Amazon
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Posted 12th Feb 2018Posted 12th Feb 2018
Motorola Moto Z2 Play - 64GB - Grey - UK Sim Free £300.47 @ Amazon
£300.57Amazon Deals
So, I just bought one of these for the asking price (£379) from Argos on Saturday and then spotted that Amazon have dropped the price, of the grey version only, down to £300.57. … Read more

I have the Moto Z. I live the phone and the mods but the battery is Soooooooo bad. I think it's screwed so sending back for repair. Otherwise, the phone is great. The main thing I love is the mods. I have the speaker and battery extender. Both work really well.


linky linky Technically speaking, the Honor also wins on screen spec, and has the better camera.


Mine arrived today. Been setting it up and I’m very impressed so far. It’s just so slick, feels nice in the hand and the way you use the fingerprint sensor to navigate is very intuitive


The honor 9 is a better phone in every way and was recently £279.99. Cold.


This is a great find OP, heat added!

Moto Z2 Play XT1710 Dual sim 64GB SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - £282 @ eGlobal Central
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Posted 10th Jan 2018Posted 10th Jan 2018
Moto Z2 Play XT1710 Dual sim 64GB SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - £282 @ eGlobal Central
Get the INSTANT POLAROID MOD for Moto Z Phones! Take pics and share the polaroid! All-day battery,* 15W turbopower ™ charging, and an advanced rear camera with dual autofocus pix… Read more
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I have no idea what you guys are on but I'm easily getting 4hrs of screen on time on my 1st gen Moto Z and I always have mobile data, wifi, gps, Bluetooth and other stuff on. Also I never skimp on display brightness and take plenty of pics/vids, phone calls, emails and other work related stuff. I've used phones with 3000+ mAh batteries that had worse battery life and much lower screen resolution. I think Moto's software is nicely optimised and considering phone's spec the battery life is more than good enough.


Moto Z battery is probably the worste in a smartphone however the Moto Z Play is amazing.


That's what I thought when I saw the mods, hassleblad, Polaroid, they wouldn't team up with Motorola if their phones were rubbish.


I've always fancied this Only £149,99 Fortunately I don't have a Z Motorola. A Hasselblad lense on a phone! Ridiculous really, but how cool is that 8)


The battery on my Z Play is at 70% after 23 hours. I charge it every 2-3 days.

Moto Z2 Play Smartphone £339.97 @ John lewis
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Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
Moto Z2 Play Smartphone £339.97 @ John lewis
Moto Z2 Play Smartphone for £339.97 John Lewis have just accepted a price match from Laptops Direct. You can buy this cheaper from other less well known websites based in Hong Ko… Read more

I have this and I absolutely love it.


Saw the Moto X4 mentioned, and just had to chime on. I hated mine. Camera was not good, ram management issues (camera taking 5+ seconds to open for example) battery was ok, usually 4hrs SOT over a day. 'Moto Alexa', which was used as a selling point, killed the battery. It's thick, massive camera bump, large bezels. Now I've got to try and sell the thing and CPW have dropped the price to £250! SMH


Am I the only one that thinks it hideous?!


Excellent phone all round. If you're unsure whether to buy it I recommend watching this comprehensive review here:


I am upgrading from a Moto X which is 2 1/2 years old. My friend who is a techie recommended Motorolla and I have been happy and it seems to have similar spec to Samsung phones but not be as expensive. I think because motorolla are not as "fashionable" or heavily marketed as Samsung the price reflects this, The Moto x4 is a bit smaller and the Moto Z2 has better battery life

Moto Z power pack 2220mAh £22.92 Inc postage @ Appliances direct
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Posted 21st Dec 2017Posted 21st Dec 2017
Moto Z power pack 2220mAh £22.92 Inc postage @ Appliances direct
If like me you were lured into buying a Moto Z this doubt you will be loving the phone and it's whole hour of excellent performance before the battery runs out, so if yo… Read more
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Am in the US on holiday just bought one from Best Buy for $35 which I thought was good but this is even cheaper. Using it for a few days. Doesn't last too long but helps to keep phone alive if you're away from home and using the screen more than usual.


It doesn't state its the Turbo version so not sure why they are complaining especially as they left a 10/10 review!


Look at the reviews both state they sent the old style battery pack not the turbo charger .


Thanks to turbo power charger from Moto both phone and power pack charge very fast


If I'm correct it's also the one you have to charge via the phone which Is a pain! Hence the new version.

Lenovo Moto Z 5.5 inch 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Snapdragon 820 Quad-core 4G - £241.49 Banggood
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Posted 7th Dec 2017Posted 7th Dec 2017
Lenovo Moto Z 5.5 inch 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Snapdragon 820 Quad-core 4G - £241.49 Banggood
£241.49£280.8014%Banggood Deals
Lenovo Moto Z Currently for £241.49 after using promo code 12BGMZ64 at checkout @ Banggood deal Color Black Dual Sim Android 6.0 Marshmallow 5.5 inch AMOLED touch Screen, C… Read more
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Yeah but most companies are the same in that respect, to protect their regional sales outlets they make life hard for those that buy out of their own region to discourage us getting the same product from a cheaper region. Like you say, they're probably all made in the same factory in China.


Paid 299 for mine with the speaker More than happy with it, decent and fast, yes battery is a weak point but the turbo charge helps. I grabbed a 20k mah ravpower pack and that's left in the car for satnav n stuff other than that lasts a day easy. Not had any difficulties with WiFi or Bluetooth. However I'd not be ordering from banggood lmao


Got one from J Lewis for £299 6 months ago. Good phone, but possibly actually too thin - makes it difficult to hold. Since adding the Moto mod battery pack it's much easier / comfier (yes, the standard battery did tend to need a boost late afternoon in normal use). The Turbo Power battery turns it into a beast - no more battery anxiety. Bit of an issue with random reboots though - sometimes two or three times a day, sometimes okay for a week... Googling suggests no working fix. It might be a coincidence but I find they happen more frequently in America And trying to type whilst it's plugged into the power is difficult / weird.


Battery is terrible


I've had my Moto Z a while and everything works great, battery life better than expected. I had to return my first one to be fixed as speaker crackled on calls, It was fixed and returned within a week. It was still crackling so they replaced it which took a little longer. As it transpires it's something to do with the frequency the network uses, it gets interference. It's fine on other networks and has improved recently but still get the odd crackle on Three.

Incipio Moto Z battery mod £29.97 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 13th Nov 2017Posted 13th Nov 2017
Incipio Moto Z battery mod £29.97 @ Laptops Direct
Cheapest price I can see, reduced due to the new version that has been released.

Down to 19.97 black Friday deal. Just ordered one lol

Glitch? Moto Z and Moto Play Phone Shells for £5 delivered with code @ Motorola (Read OP)
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Posted 18th Oct 2017Posted 18th Oct 2017
Glitch? Moto Z and Moto Play Phone Shells for £5 delivered with code @ Motorola (Read OP)
Right - bare with me on this - usually £15 with P&P, should only work with phones Click link, hit the buy now on page add one the the shells to basket - there's a choice of 6 … Read more

Thanks again OP, mines been dispatched and only been charged £5.


Sadly no longer working, but thanks OP!


doesn't work, expired.


This deal has left me shell shocked


Doen't work for me.

Motorola Mods Turbo PowerPack - Black £55.00 @ amazon
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Posted 11th Oct 2017Posted 11th Oct 2017
Motorola Mods Turbo PowerPack - Black £55.00 @ amazon
£55.00 & FREE Delivery in the UK Pre-order Price Guarantee: order now and if the price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, … Read more
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I think it is probably going to be more than this from the Motorola shop ... the wireless charging shell is priced at £39! I will be getting rid of my old incipio battery pack and getting this, for the following reasons; You can charge it independently (the existing has to be attached to your phone to charge, this has it's own charging slot) Much higher capacity than the incipio On off button, so you can charge when you want to. Pretty much the same footprint and only 10g heavy than the incipio one


So with this your phone won't drain as fast as the money in your pocket


How is this a deal? I have been watching this, and been on 2 chats with Amazon and they still have no idea when this will be on sale in UK.

Moto Z mods power pack £36 @ Debenhams Plus
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Posted 10th Oct 2017Posted 10th Oct 2017
Moto Z mods power pack £36 @ Debenhams Plus
Moto Z mods power-pack £36 at Debenhams. Motorola Moto Z Mod Incipio offGRID 2220 mAh External Battery Pack, ASMESPRBLKEU. Normally around £60. £1198 direct from Lenovo (lol) … Read more
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Really, really easy, a child could do it


Pm for you.


I have a tumi wireless/ battery pack for the motoz - barely used and selling for £35(as phone was unreliable and returned to JLewis!) if any interest in the battery - pm me!


How well does that sit on the back of the phone 🤔


cold cold cold, stupid price when you can buy a fast charging 33,000 mah for £35

Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Z Mod​​ 125.00
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Posted 29th Sep 2017Posted 29th Sep 2017
Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Z Mod​​ 125.00
Has been out of stock a long while. UKWELCOME10 at checkout for £10 off orders over £75 possible 5.05% TCB -less 5.26 = 119.74
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This has been very poorly reviewed. It's bulky and not as good as the on board camera. Apart from the zoom lens it serves pretty much no purpose. If you can afford to cart the lump of an add on around you may as well just buy a little canon Ixus around with you and be done with it. That will last you for years wheras this will be on the scrap heap in about two when the phone becomes out of date.




The mod and the onboard camera both use similar small sensors (around 1/2.3in) but the onboard camera has the advantage of a prime lens which offers better image quality than a zoom lens at the same focal length. The advantage of the zoom lens is that of course it offers the flexibility of a zoom and if you compare the onboard camera to the mod fully zoomed in, the onboard camera's IQ would be very poor as that would be a very small crop. John


So this is a camera module that pairs onto a small range of Motorola phones. Dpreview gave it kudos and their review has sample pics. Neat inovative products like this show up Apple as being very lazy for not bringing out their own version to pair with iPhones. Probably due to internal politics of having invested so much in the standard integrated cameras. Heated


Looks very nice, HASSELBLAD is top of the range when it comes to camera makers.

Moto Z Play with free moto style shell with wireless charging £269 with code at
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Posted 14th Sep 2017Posted 14th Sep 2017
Moto Z Play with free moto style shell with wireless charging £269 with code at
Price cut to £279 as new model out but you can use the UKWELCOME10 code to take £10 off or use Top Cashback to get just over 5% back making it £266.79 delivered. Spec is slight… Read more

I went with this in the end, its been updated to August 17 Security patch and Android 7.1.1 and both this and the G5Plus are listed to get Android 8 - Figuring by the time android 9 comes out I will be hunting a new phone so that longevity was/is enough for me - I also love the speaker mod


This or Moto G5S Plus? As OP said this has slightly better specs but G5S Plus is a year newer. Same processor, same storage, same RAM, G5S plus is £10 cheaper. Will the Z play be supported longer from now than the G5s plus (in terms of software updates)?


I know. I know. I bought it at the time. I have been waiting since then till next week when I return to the UK to get it. My Z10 is driving me nuts.


It runs near-stock Android, there's nothing wrong with the software, this wasn't a BB10 device. The general consensus is that the Snapdragon 650 is much better being a performance hexa-core rather than a slower octa-core if using 600-series devices. To be honest I don't think I'd get an Android phone with much less than the latest SoC to ensure good performance, I've just seen them degrade over time too much.


That has more to do with the garbage software blackberry phones have. Lenovo actually did a good job with the software on their 625 phones. Nice and snappy. Downside to the z play is the poor screen quality. The AMOLED panel used is just as bad in quality as the one used on the pixel. The back glass scratches easy due to the anti shatter coating (can be removed at painstaking effort and risk), the mods don't secure tight like on the Z, but other than that it's a very good device. Personally used my £30 code on very to get the G5S Plus for £230. Better build, nicer IPS screen, slight hit on battery but I don't need to get 8 hours SoT per day, 6-7 is fine. Downside is I have to use the old micro USB cables again :(

Moto Z 32GB with moto style shell with wireless charging​​ - £299
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Posted 8th Sep 2017Posted 8th Sep 2017
Moto Z 32GB with moto style shell with wireless charging​​ - £299
Buy any moto z get a free moto style shell with wireless charging Enter code UKWELCOME10 at checkout for ₤10 off orders over ₤75 possible TCB 5.05% ex VAT less 12.58 net 286.42
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Headphone adaptor is supplied with the phone.


Shame about the 3.5mm jack,otherwise might have been interested.


How does it work without a headphone socket - do you need to buy another adapter?


Works on moto z play too. Thanks OP!


OOS :-(

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Posted 6th Sep 2017Posted 6th Sep 2017
Good phone with 2k screen , microsd , nfc , B20 & USB C. Upgradable to Android 7.1.1(Nougat) - Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 Quad-core Processor - 64 GB, 4 GB RAM, micro… Read more
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anybody used these guys before, I got one of these phones from JL but the Bluetooth failed and they didn't have anymore. Would like another... (skeptical)


Usual comment to seriously consider direct payment to merchant by UK credit card to benefit from UK-based Section75 protection.


On successful payment, the Item is shipped from HK to an intermediary in UK, then forwarded to buyer. Not aware of any stock being held in UK.


Like greenandwhite, I too paid £299 for this phone, from John Lewis (it came with an extra years warranty) and I agree with his view - good phone, average camera, battery life is not good enough, although It charges up really quickly. Not sure I'd want a grey import...


China. Terms and conditions make references to import duty etc. A work colleague ordered from here, and the parcel was very obviously from China or HK. It did arrive within a few days with no customs, though, to be fair. Also, if you want to return, you get your refund less £15. Very iffy. Pint?

Motorola Moto Z Mod Incipio offGRID Powerbank - Black - £40 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd Jun 2017Posted 22nd Jun 2017
Motorola Moto Z Mod Incipio offGRID Powerbank - Black - £40 @ Amazon
I've been monitoring the price of this popular mod and today it's got an amazing 33% reduction! 12 left at time of posting. Be quick!
Get deal*Get deal*

I have a TUMI wireless battery pack which is the better variant for sale after returning my phone back to JLewis Looking to recoup my cost and put towards a decent phone! RRP is circa £70-90 US - selling for £50 posted or £45 collected birmingham


expire, £54.79


I have the Moto z and never worry about battery. lasts all day and I charge it at night. it comes with a turbo charger so just a quick plug in lets you keep going. I love how slim the phone is and use a protective case rather than mods ATM.


​projector is very cool, not the highest resolution but portability beat it, battery is good too, i can watch a whole football game on one mod charge


I never made any comparison........I answered the question "do you own a Moto Z or Z Play" That said...I've had flagship phones for 20yrs now...the P2 is the first phone I think I've ever bought that wasn't a flagship!.... My Galaxy Note 4 was dying and I'd struggled for many months looking for something interesting to replace it..... almost bought a Note 7..(but nuff said) and the s8 didn't float my boat. so I decided to ditch carrying a work and personal mobile and buy a Dual sim handset, I wanted a phone with a decent battery and the P2 ticked all the boxes apart from not being a 'flagship' so I bought the P2 and love it, even though the specs are midrange it's fast, great build quality, has a lovely OLED 1080p screen and the battery life is as good as any phone I can remember having in the last decade. So no although I didn't make any comparison actually come to think of it the Budget P2 stacks up pretty well against the MotoZ

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