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Best place to purchase a 'New' 3DS or 3DS XL?
After a used one in very good condition, alternatively would pay a little bit above RRP for a new one but not over the odds.

You could bid for this click.


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(y) Ok thanks I will take a look at that, with all the cheap games from argos/amazon thought it was worth getting one now. The newer version has much improved 3D, an added analogue nub and an improved processor so there are a couple of games that only play on the newer model.

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Best place to get a 3ds xl
Can’t find any in stock for a reasonable price

Sorry for the late reply, was very busy, tried to also get my eBay messages, however I forgot the damn password and it wasn’t my account so I’ll just construct the checklist here: 1. IMPORTANT: Make sure it’s an actual ‘New’ 3DS XL, and not the previous model, you can tell the different by the C-Stick on the interior and well as additional ZL + ZR shoulder buttons that are beside the usual L + R. The ‘New’ models are much faster and have superior boot times and support a couple more games, whilst having much better 3D. 2. Make sure both screens are scratch free (use flashlight to see hairline scratches) if they are some but they’re not noticeable when the screen is on, e.g. no rainbow effect then it’s fine. 3. Make sure the stylus is not chewed and that the stylus glides smoothly over the touch screen. 4. Of course buttons, make sure they all feel tactile, and responsive. 5. Now a weird one, check to make sure the bottom screen is straight, you can tell from the black perimeter, one of the ones I receive from eBay was immaculate but the screen was bent and you could see a lot of light bleed from looking at an angle. 6. Now this is probably not that important but there are differentiating levels of quality on the displays of the New 3DS XL, some are much better than others, the worst TN’s are still just as good as a 2DS XL, but the good IPS have far better contrast and viewing angles in case your were off axis a bit. This is something that is not important anyway but something to bare in mind as you may be looking around and noticing the difference between some displays, but if you did spot an IPS, you would know by looking at an extreme angle (left and right, top and bottom) with the screen on and the colours shouldn’t wash out by much. That’s pretty much everything you need in order to get a used one, in terms of new it’s a lot less hassle but generally speaking near double the price. I apologise if I missed any details as I’m very tired, but hope to have informed you in case you were looking at buying a used one from CeX, or what questions to ask in case of eBay, but those are my recommended if you don’t want to fork out a lot more.


That’s not bad for a brand new one, and those have a good chance of IPS displays.


The only place I know of is and it's about £200


Yeah I had trouble with this too, brand new ones sky rocketed to £300. What I did for one of mine is got it through CeX, they had a limited edition one at a great price and looks brand new, was £95. Recently got another one, there wasn’t any good stock available in my local CeX’s (good idea to check) and went through eBay. Even though I asked many questions and covered everything I was very unlucky and had to return 4 until I finally found one that didn’t actually have a fault with it. The first one was stated as basically brand new and no scratches on both screens, but when it arrived it had a bitten stylus and deep scratches on the touch screen so it felt rough! I have a checklist that I can send you in a bit of what to look for.

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Where can I find a 3ds xl 'new' that's not over the top in price please
Hi everyone Hope you've all had a nice Christmas, I was wondering where can I find a 3ds xl 'new' that's not over the top in price please

Great thanks


Check or if you haven't got a Very account, open an account with a 20% off first purchase. Then pay off in full.

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No 3ds xl?
I’m trying to source a reasonably priced new 3ds XL for the stepson for Christmas, but (and please correct me if I’m wrong) all the game ships are just selling the 2ds. Has the 3d … Read more

Now that’s the one! Thanks so much!


NEW Nintendo 2DS XL Console + 3 selected Games - £129.99 @ Nintendo Store (possible free tote bag)


Ah okay. He’s only nine, so to be honest he can do without if it’ll save me fifty quid or so. He wants it for Pokemon mainly, can’t see that being a major use of 3D.


I have a 3ds and a 2ds, use the 2ds more, but even on the 3ds I have 3d permanently turned off, it's just irritating, alright for an initial gimmick but gets old quick.


Most games have the 3D effect. There are some which don't have it at all *I think I remember Super Mario Maker doesn't have it. The recent Luigi's Mansion does and apparently it's a very good implementation of it :)

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Looking for a good deal on a Nintendo 3DS XL (New or Used)
I'm looking for a good deal on a Nintendo 3DS XL. I'm OK with it being used so long as the screens are in mint nic and its a UK version. I'm asking for help because when I starte… Read more

I recently decided to get one too and was shocked how much they still are! If your not too bothered about the rather gimmicky 3D and don't care about it being on a brand new firmware, the new 2DS out shortly is prob the better deal and brand new do no scratches. I'm sure you will get one around £100 at some point soon. For me, I just found a good deal on eBay although it's Japanese so needs reflagging to English


Why not wait to see what kind of price the 2DS XL comes in at?


When you say 'looking for a good deal' how much you looking to spend? Nintendo products typically hold their value for longer than others so being at a high price should be expected

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Updated 25th Nov 2016Last updated 25th Nov 2016 by Mike_82
anyone seen any new 3ds xl for sale
under £169 if possible =)

damn, same here was after a 2/3 ds! Even Wii U holding up at £235 (mario kart 8 ) with it being outgoing model and PS4/XB1 for less than £199 that is bad craic :(


thanks for the info


Nintendo's main UK store is the cheapest for the XL atm: Choice of Console (coloured) + Charger + Choice of case + 2 Year Extended Warranty + free delivery with the use of code at checkout "Save 10" for a total of £169.99. I think all retailers have updated their offers for black friday, i'd recommend to wait until Cyber monday to see any possible reductions. Due to the demand and obvious price embargo preventing retailers for selling at a discount it's unlikely you'll get any type of meaningful discount this holiday season.